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  1. Pastor/Teacher on 'Grace To You' radio broadcast, also a prolific author
  2. Cardinal, former Archbishop of Krakow 1978-2005
  3. Scottish-born theologian, philosopher and Anglican priest
  4. Radio Broadcaster for the Patrick Madrid Show on Relevant Radio
  5. Archbishop of Los Angeles (1985-present)
  6. Archbishop of Detroit (1990-2009) and Superior of the Cayman Islands (2000-present)
  7. Vatican photographer, Personal photographer of Pope John Paul II. He is author of several albums dedicated to John Paul II
  8. Cardinal/Archbishop of the Roman Curia
  9. Christian Author
  10. Archbishop of Toledo, Spain (1995-2002)
  11. Cardinal
  12. President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, Vatican City (2002-present)
  13. Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey (1986-2000); Archbishop of Washington, DC (2000-06)
  14. Bishop McCarthy. The father of British gospel. He arrived in the UK from Jamaica in the 1950's as an evangelist. He was the first person to take singers and groups around the UK such as the Soul Seekers, Icilda Cameron. Lives in the UK
  15. Bishop of Manchester
  16. Archbishop
  17. Daughter of Dottie Rambo
  18. American Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church. Born 11/19/1912
  19. american indian actor/activist, starred in last of the mohicans, wagons east and buffalo girls.
  20. Cardinal
  21. Chief Rabbi of Paris, France since 1995.
  22. Televangelist
  23. Is a centenarian and was a suffragan bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of California from 1960 to 1978
  24. Leader of the Church of Scientology
  25. American religious scholar
  26. Host of 'The Albert Mohler Radio Program', president of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY, author of the books 'The Disappearance of God', 'Desire and Deceit', 'Atheism Remix', 'Culture Shift', and 'He Is Not Silent'
  27. Bishop of San Carlos, Philippines (1987-2001)
  28. President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Church (The Mormons)
  29. Founder of 'The Moonies' Born: 01/06/1920
  30. Founder of Living Proof Ministries, Singer/Musician
  31. Gospel Pianist/Singer
  32. Brother of Elijah Muhammed (Nation of Islam) born 1909
  33. National Director, Islamic Society of North America
  34. Evangelist
  35. Jewel Thief Minister
  36. TV Evangelist. President of Shepherds Chapel
  37. Bishop of Regensburg, Germany (2002-present)