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Browsing Category Home->Religion , A-Z Filter: W
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  1. WWII veteran, born 1924, one of the last few living vets to have served as an Assistant Chaplain in the war
  2. Archbishop of Sweden
  3. 105th Archbishop of Canterbury
  4. Oldest Orthodox Priest/Born:1897 - Deceased 2007
  5. Televangelist
  6. Dutch Cardinal
  7. Archbishop of Canterbury
  8. Pulitzer Prize-winning and prolific author, journalist, and historian, specializing in American politics and political history and the Roman Catholic Church
  9. christian speaker/author
  10. Lois Wilson  (2)
    Author of like a mighty river and first woman to be elected as a moderator of the united church
  11. Founder of, USCWM, US Center for world Missions
  12. Author
  13. German priest and musician
  14. Controversial Pastor of Barak Obama
  15. Archbishop of Washington, DC (2006-present)
  16. Bishop Emeritus of WI.