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  1. vocalist/songwriter
  2. '80s metal band - Animal: I F*ck Like A Beast, I Wanna Be Somebody, L.O.V.E. Machine
  3. Singer of songs like : I Love NYC, Get Ready To Die, Party Hard.
  4. Guitarist and singer from 80s synthpop group, A-ha.
  5. German Comedian, Ice Age and Ice Age 2 Meltdown as Sid the sloth (German voice cast); 7 Zwerge movies
  6. Conductor
  7. American radio personality, host of the 'Doctor Daliah' show. Wachs is a board certified family physician who started a radio show to allow callers to receive free medical advice on the air during the recession in early 2009 on KLAV in Las Vegas, Nevada
  8. Singer/Musician
  9. Drummer Bad Religion, Tenacious D
  10. Drummer for Frank Zappa & Allan Holdsworth
  11. Punk music from japan
  12. Actress - Hollyoaks, My Hero
  13. Opera Singer
  14. singer
  15. Elvis Impersonator
  16. Lead singer for the band Lifehouse: songs include Hanging By a moment, Sick Cycle Carousel. Album name is No Name Face
  17. Music
  18. Singer
  19. Former member of Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. They did Stay
  20. Singer-songwriter. He does voiceover work for WUUQ 97.3FM, a country station in Chattanooga, TN. He also hosts 'The big ass happy family review', a Sirius/XM show. Albums; All Likkered Up, Stoned Traveler, Deguello Motel, Too Fat To Fly
  21. Z100 Radio Announcer
  22. The Trammps: ' Disco's most soulful vocal group began in 1960s Philadelphia as The Volcanos (2), and were also called The Moods. Gene Faith was the original lead vocalist, with Earl Young, Jimmy Ellis, guitarist Dennis Harris, keyboardist Ron Kersey, orga
  23. German Songwriter/Musician
  24. Singer
  25. keyboards 5th estate (ding dong/witch is dead)
  26. TV Presenter - ORF
  27. concert pianist; performed at the White House as a pianist to Grace Bumbry on Feb. 20, 1962, meeting JFK
  28. Plays ukulele
  29. Female Singer
  30. Opera Singer
  31. Opera Singer
  32. Rock'n Roll Band started in 1991
  33. German singer born in 1949
  34. Singer/Musician
  35. Singer
  36. Opera Singer - Soprano
  37. Guitar player for Alice Cooper
  38. Singer, Born: 28/10/1970 (Nuenen) The Netherlands 'Mooie blauwe ogen', 'Mijn naam is Marina'
  39. Singer & Actor: Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Melrose Place, Moving Target, Swimsuit, Play Murder for Me, Lady Killer, Echo, Sunset Beach, Titans, The Bold and the Beautiful, Wedding March
  40. Opera Singer
  41. German Singer
  42. Singer/Musician
  43. Conductor
  44. Member of The Impalas, best known for their song Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)
  45. Singer/Musician
  46. General Manager of the Historical Pageants of Bayreuth/Germany. Grandson of the composer Richard Wagner.
  47. country singer
  48. Band
  49. Band
  50. Musician/Guitarist
  51. Singer & Actor: Dreamcatcher, Annapolis, Ransom, Band of Brothers, Runaway, SAW 2-5, Dead Silence, Boomtown.Also a member of music group New Kids on the Block
  52. Actor - Boogie Nights, Planet of the Apes, Fear, The Perfect Storm, The Three Kings, Rock Star, Invincible, The Yards, The Big Hit, Basketball Diaries, The Italian Job, The Departed, Max Payne, The Lovely Bones, The Fighter, Entourage. Former rapper
  53. Singer/Musician
  54. Singer/Musician
  55. Band
  56. Singer/Musician
  57. Band
  58. reggae group - i shot the sheriff, get up stand up
  59. 40's Big Band Singer. Born: 04/30/1917
  60. Actor - *M*A*S*H*, The Slugger's Wife, Jacknife, Big Fish, The Aviator, 40-Year - Old Virgin, Knocked Up; Singer/Songwriter - Dead Skunk. Emmy winner 2010 - Best Traditional Folk Album). 2 Grammy noms - 1985 (I'm Alright), 1986 (More Love Songs)
  61. Singer/Musician
  62. Singer/Songwriter: Latest cd:'Poses'. 'Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk'. Covers 'Across the Universe'
  63. Singer/Musician
  64. Actress/Singer - The Man Who Fell To Earth, Joanna (title role). Married to John Phillips of the Mamas & the Papas from 1972-1985. Mother of Bijou Phillips
  65. Singer/Songwriter - '80s hits - Missing You, Every Step Of The Way, Tears, Change
  66. Singer/Musician
  67. Singer/Songwriter (Emmy nom. for the soundtrack of One From Heart). Actor - Ironweed, Dracula '92, Rumble Fish, Short Cuts, Down By Law, Mystery Men, Queen's Logic
  68. Hip Hop singer
  69. conductor
  70. punk band sings Had Me At Goodbye
  71. Musician - Contestant on the Voice
  72. Singer/Musician
  73. Singer 'In Zaire'
  74. Singer, songwriter, guitarist; formerly with The English Beat and General Public
  75. English musician and the current keyboardist and rhythm guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne's band; he also plays keyboards and guitar off-stage for Black Sabbath
  76. musician, formerly with 'Yes'
  77. Jazz guitarist
  78. Model/Actress/Singer
  79. Singer
  80. Born 1978, is an American musical composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist. He has composed music for 'The Fault in Our Stars'. Currently (2016) touring with Red Hot Chili Peppers
  81. Band
  82. Conductor
  83. r&b singer ( i shoulda loved ya)
  84. West Wing Composer
  85. TV Presenter - ORF
  86. Austrian radio speaker
  87. Also know as Elisabeth Ann Dentzel. American violinist, composer, songwriter, conductor and ethnomusicologist
  88. Jazz Pianist
  89. String Quartet
  90. Band
  91. Music
  92. Radio Presenter - Hitradio Ö3 (Austria)
  93. Opera Singer
  94. Opera Singer
  95. Radio and tv host
  96. Alan Walker  (2)
  97. Singer/Musician
  98. Opera Singer
  99. Conductor
  100. Country Singer
  101. Singer/Musician
  102. singer guitarist (marvelous 3)
  103. Lead singer CAVO
  104. singer
  105. c&w singer songwriter (blue moon, turns to gold)
  106. country music singer
  107. 'Singer/Songwriter' 'Son of Jerry Jeff Walker'
  108. Male Singer
  109. Vocalist
  110. Singer/Musician
  111. Singer/Musician
  112. Conductor
  113. Gary Walker  (2)
    Drummer for The Walker Brothers
  114. composer (lilacs) pull. prize 1996
  115. Scorewriter
  116. Singer - Gospel Artist
  117. Singer/Musician
  118. German singer
  119. Country singer and songwriter 'Mr. Bojangles', 'Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother', Host of 'The Texas connection'
  120. Singer/Musician
  121. Mezzo-Soprano
  122. singer guitartist
  123. BBC Radion 2 DJ
  124. Singer/Musician
  125. motown R&B band (shotgun, what does it take)
  126. Singer/Musician
  127. Author of growing somewhere and singer/ songwriter
  128. Kim Walker  (3)
  129. Trumpet Player, Author - The Big Band Almanac
  130. Musician
  131. Mike Walker  (5)
  132. Nick Walker  (2)
    Sound Recordist
  133. Singer/Musician
  134. Ray Walker  (2)
    Bass singer of the Jordanaires since 1958
  135. opera singer
  136. Scott Walker  (3)
    British singer-songwriter
  137. Singer/Musician
  138. film/tv scores (esc. from A space above/beyond)
  139. Radio Personality - K-Earth 101 FM
  140. Singer/Musician
  141. Singer/Musician
  142. TV/Radio Presenter and Wife of Spurs Goalie Ian Walker
  143. Blues Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter. One of the most influential pioneers & innovators of the jump blues & electric blues sound. He is the first musician recorded playing blues with the electric guitar. #67 on Rolling Stones list of 100 Greatest Guitarists
  144. Tom Walker  (4)
    English singer / songwriter
  145. Singer/Musician
  146. Tommy Walker  (2)
    American producer of live entertainment events who was director of entertainment at Disneyland during its first twelve years of operation, and later produced spectacular events at celebrations including three Olympic Games and the centennial of the Statue
  147. Wayne Walker  (2)
    American Country & Rockabilly singer/songwriter born 13 Dec. 1925. How Do You Think I Feel (rec'd by Elvis), Are You Sincere (Andy Williams, Elvis), Cut Across Shorty (Eddie Cochran), Leavin' On Your Mind (Patsy Cline), All The Time
  148. Demonic Blue Grass Band
  149. Band
  150. Country music duo
  151. Irish Alternative Rock Band
  152. Singer blues man from Spain . Music Blues
  153. Singer/Musician
  154. rock quintet (wake up/saturn ion commercial)
  155. Indie rock band
  156. Country Music Singer
  157. Vocalist
  158. Composer
  159. Rapper, swishahouse records
  160. Guitarist and producer for the band Death Cab for Cutie
  161. Actress
  162. Composer
  163. Chris Wallace  (4)
  164. Actor/Singer. 1930's-50's. 'The Devils Daughter'. 'Stormy Weather'. Born: 06/24/1909. Lives in Actors retirememt home in New Jersey
  165. singer/primrose lane
  166. Dropkick Murphys' bagpipe player
  167. Member of the band Dropkick Murphys
  168. Musician/guitarist for the band 'The Cramps'
  169. Canadian singer
  170. Singer/Musician
  171. Singer/Musician
  172. New Zealand TV weather man and Radio Host
  173. Composer/Songwriter
  174. Rock band who sang 'Daydream'
  175. Band
  176. American country music artist. He is signed to Big Loud Records and has released three singles: 'The Way I Talk', 'Up Down', which features Florida Georgia Line, and his current single 'Whiskey Glasses'
  177. guitarist - classic country gentlemen
  178. Pop Singer (British Invasion duo, Peter & Gordon) - A World Without Love, Nobody I Know, I Don't Want To See You Again, I Go To Pieces, True Love Ways, Woman, Lady Godiva, Knight In Rusty Armour
  179. Singer/Musician
  180. Band
  181. Composer - V for Vendetta, The Brothers Grimm, Pride & Prejudice
  182. Baroque/Classical violins
  183. Cellist
  184. rock band
  185. Songwriter
  186. Music supervisor for The Goonies
  187. Band
  188. Band
  189. Band
  190. Singer
  191. Singer, songwriter
  192. The Lemon Pipers bassist, 'Green Tambourine'
  193. singer songwriter yodeler
  194. Actress, Former MuchMusic VJ In canada
  195. Pianist
  196. Donnie Walsh  (2)
    Musician/original member with Canadian blues band Downchild
  197. Radio personality; worked at WOR, WCBS and WINS in New York City and WBZ in Boston
  198. Ed Walsh  (2)
  199. Female Singer
  200. Ian Walsh  (2)
  201. James Walsh  (3)
    Singer songwriter
  202. guitarist, singer / songwriter - the james gang, the eagles
  203. Kate Walsh  (2)
  204. Singer from the band Girls aloud
  205. Irish pop promoter - one of the judges on Popstars: The Rivals.
  206. English singer and theatre actress
  207. Singer/Musician
  208. Peter Walsh  (2)
    Record producer - Simple Minds album 'New Gold Dream'
  209. Composer
  210. Singer/Musician
  211. Steve Walsh  (2)
    Lead Singer for Kansas
  212. Singer/Musician
  213. Band
  214. Singer/Musician
  215. Singer/Musician
  216. Singer and actor 'Beverly Hills 90210'
  217. Sound Recordist
  218. Mark Walters  (4)
    Opera Singer
  219. Singer/Musician
  220. Actress/Singer
  221. Band
  222. TNA wrestler, former WWE superstar 'X-Pac'
  223. Singer
  224. jazz pianist
  225. Composer/Songwriter
  226. German singer of the 50/60tys
  227. Music
  228. Guitar Player
  229. Actress
  230. Band
  231. Violinist
  232. Band
  233. Singer; dubbed some of the singing for Rita Moreno in 'West Side Story'; also sang in the films 'Gigi' and 'South Pacific'
  234. Austrian band
  235. Composer
  236. Composer
  237. first album--'Begin'
  238. Cellist
  239. Conductor
  240. Singer
  241. Composer
  242. Musician
  243. pop-rock group (everybody having fun tonight)
  244. Band
  245. Author
  246. German Radio Presenter
  247. German Radio Presenter
  248. Singer
  249. Songwriter
  250. Band
  251. Music Editor
  252. r&b keyboards & synthesizers
  253. Belgium group
  254. New boyband formed in 2010
  255. Band
  256. War 
    r&b band (spill the wine, cisco kid, low rider)
  257. vocalist/actress
  258. Band
  259. Band
  260. film scores (shakespeare in love)
  261. Band
  262. Band
  263. Alan Ward  (2)
    Musician Band The Honeycombs
  264. R&B disco singer (ring my bell 1979)
  265. Black Sabbath drummer, solo artist
  266. Musician, Engineer, Producer founded Rockfield Studios
  267. singer
  268. Opera singer
  269. Actor
  270. Australian singer of the sixties - Bobby Limb's Sound of Music
  271. Musician, engineer, producer founded Rockfield Studio
  272. Singer/Musician
  273. Actor
  274. Founding member of Stuck Mojo, Lead guitarist of heavy metal band, Fozzy
  275. composer
  276. Female singer one hit wonder with 'Wonderful Summer'; session singer active 1954-1979; dozens of tv theme songs such as Flipper, Batman and The Partridge Family. Sang in hundreds of tv commercials most notably for Rice-a-Roni (
  277. Frontman of the band 'COLD'... grunge metal.
  278. Singer Winner Of X-factor
  279. Youtube Celebrity
  280. Blues-soul musician
  281. British Country Duo
  282. Band
  283. Singer/Musician
  284. Frontman of UK band My Vitriol.
  285. Singer/Musician
  286. Singer
  287. Soul singer, songwriter and producer (Marvin Gaye)
  288. Singer (soundtracks of Sideways, Margot at the Wedding); Actor (Mr. Jealousy, Law & Order, Mr. Piggy); Composer (The Squid & The Whale)
  289. Concert Baritone / Actor - Show Boat '51 (as Joe, who sang Ol' Man River)
  290. band
  291. best known as the drummer in seminal Australian group Rocket Science
  292. Singer
  293. Country Singer
  294. Versatile jazz saxophonist who played with Humphrey Lyttelton, Ronnie Scott and Stevie Wonder
  295. Heavy Metal Band
  296. Actor/Musician: Boom Box Boy in 'Halloween II', son of actor/stuntman Dick Warlock (The Shape in 'Halloween II')
  297. Norwegian Hip Hop Group
  298. Heavy Metal Band (The Holy Empire)
  299. Australian singer
  300. Band
  301. Band
  302. Singer/Musician
  303. Singer
  304. Musician - The Stranglers
  305. Singer/Musician
  306. Alan Warner  (2)
    Founding member of the Foundations, who sang 'Build Me Up Buttercup' in 1968
  307. Composer
  308. Australian singer from 'Dave Warner from the Suburbs'
  309. Half of the singing group Jason & deMarco
  310. Music
  311. Nikki Warner  (2)
  312. Singer
  313. Singer/Songwriter: 'The Right Time of Night', 'Up Where We Belong', 'I've Had The Time of My Life'
  314. Singer/Musician
  315. Singer
  316. Band
  317. Indie band from Tucson AZ
  318. pop-metal band (heaven, cherry pie, i saw red)
  319. Amy Warren  (2)
  320. Country Singer & Songwriter, is a part of The Warren Brothers is an American country music duo composed of brothers Brett Warren and Brad Warren
  321. Songwriter: 'Because You Loved Me' by Celine Dion, 'I Turn To You' by Christina Aguilera, 'Rhythm Of The Night' By DeBarge
  322. Doug Warren  (2)
    Piano player recoding artist
  323. Member of The Spaniels. They did (Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight)
  324. singer
  325. Last living singer (b. 1915) from the ground-breaking 1927 'Bristol Sessions' recordings which helped put country music on the map. She sang with a group dubbed 'The Tennessee Mountaineers' for the recordings
  326. Helen Warren  (2)
    '40s jan savitt orchestra singer helen warren (blaum) now 95 yrs old
  327. Pianist/Composer
  328. Lead Vocals/Keyboards - early '60s Doo-Wop group, also appeared on 'Make Room for Daddy' (1964)
  329. Asheville,N.C's Paranormal Investigator,radio talk show host and author of several haunted Asheville books
  330. Singer/Musician
  331. Composer
  332. Singer/Musician
  333. US jazz musician
  334. Bawdy 1950's entertainer and recording artist
  335. Singer/Musician
  336. rapper, sings regulate
  337. conductor violinist
  338. Musician
  339. Singer/Musician
  340. Band
  341. Singer/Musician
  342. Band
  343. Andy Warstar & the Warstars - Punk Band from Holland Park, QLD, Australia. Andy Warstar is a second wave punk folk and alternative rock musician. He founded the punk band Warstars (a.k.a. Andy Warstar & the Warstars) in 1998
  344. R&B Singer - Foolish Fool, I Want To Be With You. Dionne Warwick's younger sister
  345. Grammy Award winning Singer; had hits with Walk On By, Alfie, Do You Know The Way To San Jose, I Say a Little Prayer, Don't Make Me Over, I'll Never Fall In Love Again, That's What Friends Are For; I'll Never Love This Way Again. Cousin of Whitney Houston
  346. Country singer
  347. Singer/Musician
  348. Singer/Musician
  349. Composer / Producer / Musician
  350. R&B group (walk the dinosaur 1989)
  351. Member of the 80's 'Weather Girls'
  352. Singer/Musician
  353. Washington  (2)
  354. Opera Singer
  355. Singer - What A Diff'rence A Day Makes, Unforgettable, September In The Rain, Baby (You've Got What It Takes) w/Brook Benton, Rockin' Good Way w/Brook Benton1993 rock and roll hall of fame inductee
  356. R&B singer known for song 'He Called Me Baby'. Later went into ministry in Opa Locka Florida
  357. English singer and actress. Played principal Christine Daaé in Phantom of the Opera in West End in the first years of '90, The Phantom of the Opera at The Royal Albert Hall (2011)
  358. R&B singer/pianist (only those in love)
  359. Musician
  360. Singer/Musician
  361. US jazz musician
  362. Lyricist - When You Wish Upon A Star (AA), High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)(AA), Stella By Starlight, Smoke Rings, I'm Getting Sentimental Over You, I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You, The Nearness Of You, My Foolish Heart, Rawhide
  363. Actress/Singer, wife of Denzel Washington, mother of John David, Katia, Malcolm & Olivia Washington
  364. Musician. Singer. Member of the 'The Original Elvis Presley tribute'
  365. Musician/Guitarist
  366. Singer/Musician
  367. Singer/Musician
  368. Contemporary folk and acoustic singer sonqwriter performing in the NYC and Washington DC areas - released CD 'Love and Fire' 30 Jan 2020. Featured on NPR show 'Acoustic Connection' 7 February 2020
  369. Singer/Musician
  370. Opera Singer - Tenor
  371. Director and conductor of the Trapp Family Singers
  372. Singer/Musician
  373. Singer/Musician
  374. jazz bassist
  375. Austrian Radio Presenter
  376. Country Singer // Doc Walker
  377. Singer, songwriter, comedienne, The Patty Waszak Show in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
  378. Band
  379. Conductor
  380. Violinist
  381. jazz saxophonist
  382. Band
  383. Band
  384. Band
  385. Bands: Dublin City Ramblers, The Dubliners, The Dublin Legends, Patsy Watchorn Agus A Chairde. Hits: 'Dublin In The Rare Ould Times', 'The Ferryman', 'Flight Of Earls', 'Luke Kelly's Land'
  386. Band
  387. Pop Group
  388. Band
  389. Country music duo
  390. Music producer, Pop Idol judge; formerly of the English songwriting and record producing trio Stock Aitken Waterman (aka SAW)
  391. Christian music group
  392. Singer/Musician
  393. Rock Band
  394. Singer/Musician
  395. Chris Waters  (3)
  396. singer
  397. Musician
  398. Orchestrations, Arrangements and Music Supervision
  399. American blues and jazz vocalist
  400. Composer/Songwriter
  401. Musician/Guitarist - Annihilator
  402. John Waters  (3)
  403. Opera Singer
  404. R&B Sax Player
  405. Blues Musician - I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man, Mannish Boy, Walkin' Blues, Rollin' Stone, Louisiana Blues, Rock Me, Honey Bee, I Just Wanna Make Love To You. Father of Modern Chicago Blues. Major inspiration for the '60s British Blues Explosion. R&R HOF
  406. R&B singer (rhythm heritage)
  407. Co-lead singer/bassist - Pink Floyd
  408. Author/Opera Singer
  409. Rapper
  410. UK Traditional/folk Singer
  411. Music
  412. Singer
  413. Singer-The Inspirations
  414. American blues guitarist
  415. Singer/Musician
  416. Musician
  417. H in steps pop group
  418. Singer - nicknamed 'The Black Sinatra', 'The Greatest Entertainer on Earth', 'The New Elvis'. Especially popular in Europe, South Africa & Las Vegas
  419. Paul Watkins  (2)
  420. Soprano
  421. Jazz trombonist
  422. Wind Player
  423. Singer/Musician
  424. Member from Nickel Creek
  425. Singer/Musician
  426. Singer
  427. Singer-Shalamar/Solo Artist,Dancer on Soul Train,Playboy April 1998
  428. Musician
  429. jazz trombonist
  430. Soprano, actor and voiceover, The Phantom of the Opera at The Royal Albert Hall (2011)
  431. American country music singer/songwriter, active since 1999. His 2015 album The Underdog reached No. 1 on Top Country Albums, and in 2017, Watson had his first major radio airplay hit with 'Outta Style', which reached top 10 on Country Airplay
  432. Opera Singer - Soprano
  433. Bob Watson  (2)
  434. Bobby Watson  (2)
    American jazz alto saxophonist, composer, producer, and educator
  435. Actor
  436. Singer/Musician
  437. Chris Watson  (4)
  438. country music singer based in Austin, Texas
  439. Debbie Watson  (2)
    Country singer
  440. Musician, singer
  441. country singer
  442. Singer/Musician
  443. Opera Singer - Soprano
  444. Guitarist for '80's band Night Ranger
  445. Jim Watson  (4)
    Pianist and composer
  446. Singer/Musician
  447. Opera Singer
  448. Recording Artist
  449. Singer/Musician
  450. Opera Singer - Soprano
  451. Opera Singer
  452. Canadian Popstars SugarJones
  453. Opera Singer
  454. Singer/Musician
  455. Gospel Singer, sang with the Roberta Martin Singers at a young age
  456. singer
  457. Sean Watson  (2)
    Opera Singer - Baritone
  458. Singer/Musician
  459. Singer
  460. Contemporary Christian singer
  461. guitarist singer songwriter
  462. Mike Watt  (2)
    Bass Player (Minutemen, FIREHOSE)
  463. Composer/Songwriter
  464. Austrian Radio Presenter
  465. Actor,songwriter, music producer, and musician known for The Sopranos
  466. Canadian rock singer
  467. Member of the 1950s Rock 'n' Roll group 'The Magnets' who released their only 45, 'When The School Bell Rings / Don't Tarry Little Mary', in 1958 on RCA. Often erroneously mixed up with an Italian Doo Wop group 'Magnets' from the 1960s
  468. Composer
  469. Music Producer
  470. Singer/Musician
  471. concert pianist