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Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: W
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  1. German Comedian, Ice Age and Ice Age 2 Meltdown as Sid the sloth (German voice cast); 7 Zwerge movies
  2. Character designer on the simpsons
  3. Artist
  4. Artist
  5. Artist/Contestant on SyFy series 'Face Off'
  6. Artist
  7. Artist
  8. British landscape photographer
  9. fashion designer
  10. Illustrator
  11. Artist
  12. Artist
  13. fashion designer
  14. Designer and Sewing Coordinator on Trading Spaces; Wedding/Couture Dress Designer
  15. Animation director
  16. Artist
  17. Native American painter and educator of Ho-Chunk descent. Currently resides in New York and was a Professor of Art at Cornell University from 1988-2005
  18. Artist
  19. American photographer (1905-97) Made iconic D-Day photos, until shrapnel destroyed his left leg which had to be amputated. Post-war career as illustrative photographer for Life, Sat. Evening Post, Time, and others
  20. Canadian photographer
  21. Journalist, photographer, historian and author
  22. Children's Author
  23. Board Game Designer
  24. Animation writer & story artist
  25. Artist
  26. Artist
  27. Artist
  28. Graphic designer
  29. costume designer (the wiz, muder/orient express)
  30. Character designer
  31. Color stylist at nickelodeon
  32. fashion designer
  33. Polish Artist/Born:10/28/1906
  34. Artist. Draws Peyton's Art On 'One Tree Hill'
  35. Artist
  36. Simon Ward  (4)
  37. Artist - born 1928, died 1987
  38. fantasy/sci. fi. artist andy warhol's nephew
  39. Adam Warren  (3)
    Dark Horse Comic Artist
  40. Frank Warren  (4)
    Author/artist - PostSecret
  41. Jim Warren  (2)
    Fine Artist
  42. Artist
  43. Took color film of President and Mrs. Kennedy arriving on Air Force One that fateful day time of the assassination
  44. Created Yars Revenge and E.T. the video game for Atari
  45. Born July 30, 1957 - is an American psychotherapist and former game designer who is best known for his work at Atari in the early 1980s. He designed the Atari 2600 games Yars' Revenge, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
  46. production designer - la la land (acadamy award 2017), pulp fiction, reservoir dogs
  47. Graphic Artist
  48. Photographer/Explorer
  49. Artist
  50. Artist
  51. Animation storyboard artist
  52. Artist
  53. Animation executive producer
  54. Artist
  55. Card Artist
  56. Fantasy Illustrator, including Magic: The Gathering
  57. 3D Artists/Supervisor
  58. Artist
  59. Animator
  60. Tom Watson  (4)
    Author and draws the original sketches for all the Stick Dog stories. His first jobs out of college were in politics. He worked for U.S. Senator John Glenn and as the Chief Speechwriter for the Governor of Ohio
  61. manga-ka, author of Rurouni Kenshin
  62. photographer
  63. Lithographer
  64. Actress, artist, widow of John Wayne
  65. Co-founder Apple and creator of the first Apple Logo
  66. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  67. Historian/Photographer/Author/'Time Was in Mineral Wells A Crazy Story but true...'
  68. Artist
  69. New Zealand based artist, author and social media giant. Her work has been recognised by many mainstream celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Tyra Banks, etc. She is a mental health advocate and battles depression and anxiety
  70. fashion designer
  71. Amy Weber  (2)
    Fantasy artist
  72. Bruce Weber  (2)
    Photographer, Director; known for his ad campaigns for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, Revlon, and Gianni Versace, as well as his work for Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Elle, Life, Interview, and Rolling Stone magazines
  73. Artist
  74. Illustrator
  75. Tom Webster  (2)
    British Cartoonist
  76. Animation layout artist
  77. Animation designer - the simpsons
  78. Lee Weeks  (2)
    Comic Book Artist
  79. Artist
  80. Weimaraner dog photographer
  81. Painter comics
  82. Movie still photographer
  83. Artist
  84. Animation storyboard artist
  85. fashion designer
  86. costume designer (12 monkeys, steel magnolias)
  87. One of the most famous Chinese artist
  88. author/photographer
  89. prod. designer (man in black, batman returns)
  90. Author
  91. Painter. Did the Super Bowl VII official painting
  92. Artist. Daughter of Orson Welles
  93. Children's author & illustrator
  94. Naughty Dog, Video Game Designer/Creator
  95. Australian weather girl and interior designer. Miss Universe 1972
  96. artist
  97. Inker on 'Chew' from Image Comics
  98. Author/Photographer
  99. Artist
  100. Artist
  101. Artist for Plants Vs Zombies
  102. John Wesley  (3)
    American painter
  103. Allen & ginter
  104. Artist
  105. Artist
  106. Designer for Toys for Bob
  107. creator of g. i. joe
  108. Fashion Designer from the United Kingdom
  109. Artist
  110. Artist
  111. children's book illus.(ugliest dog in the world)
  112. Garbage Pail Kids artist
  113. Artis, bart simpson comic books
  114. Artist
  115. Costume Designer
  116. MTG artist
  117. Artist
  118. erotic photographer
  119. Kennedys photographer
  120. Todd White  (2)
    Fine Art
  121. Artist
  122. Illustrator
  123. Pop artist
  124. Photogragher author of in a blink of an eye
  125. Illustrator
  126. Animation art director - Moon girl and devil dinosaur
  127. Appeared in a notable photo in 1974 at the exact moment he as a five-year-old boy who was born deaf hears sound for the first time. The image by photographer Jack Bradley and was published in the February 1974 edition of Reader's Digest
  128. Actress - Sister Act 1&2, The Man Who Came To Dinner, Now Voyager, White Christmas, The Music Man, The Trouble With Angels. TV: Dennis The Menace (as Miss Cathcart), Father Dowling Mysteries (as Marie Murkin), 1 classic episode of I Love Lucy
  129. Writer/illustrator of science comics. First Second Book, Spongebob Comics, Marvel Comics, and DC Comics. Wicks is the illustrator of Primates (2013), written by Jim Ottaviani. Also Human Body Theater (2015) and Coral Reefs (2016)
  130. Artist, Calendar Savant
  131. 'tank man' photographer
  132. fashion designer
  133. American Sculptor, from Missouri
  134. Western Artist
  135. German architect and centenarian. Designed the Dresden Palace of Culture. Born 14 May 1916, making him one of the oldest living architects at 105
  136. Artist
  137. Artist
  138. Artist/Illustrator
  139. Artist, 'The Science Fiction Art of L. Ron Hubbard'
  140. Animation background designer
  141. Took the picture of suicide victim Evelyn McHale, titled 'The Most Beautiful Suicide', in 1947
  142. Artist
  143. Artist
  144. Artist
  145. Artist
  146. Mark Wilkinson (their cover artist for the past 16 years) for JUDAS PRIEST
  147. Artist
  148. 3D Artist/Supervisor
  149. Alex Williams  (4)
    Animator - Has worked with Warner Bros., Disney, DreamWorks, Sony and even contributed to the last few Harry Potter films
  150. Disney artist
  151. Illustrator
  152. Artist
  153. Artist
  154. Graphic Artist, Magic the Gathering, Shadowfist
  155. Animation designer
  156. animator (pink panther roger rabbit)
  157. Artist
  158. Founder of Sierra Entertainment and designer/programer for the King's Quest computer game series.
  159. Sam Williams  (2)
    Children's Author
  160. Sue Williams  (3)
  161. American Painter. Professor of Art at Brooklyn College
  162. Comic Book Artist
  163. Comic artist
  164. Fine Art Artist
  165. fashion designer
  166. Illustrator; has many cards in Magic: The Gathering
  167. An American writer and artist of comics, known for his work on the series Elementals and Fables
  168. Designer of the famous 'Welcome To Las Vegas' sign
  169. Full time freelance artist living in Jacksonville, Florida
  170. Eyewitness & Photographer at JFK Shooting
  171. Swedish car-designer, born 1930, living in Gothenburg, Sweden
  172. Comic Book Artist
  173. Oklahoma Artist
  174. Fantasy artist - book covers for Nancy Kress, Craig Shaw Gardner, Jack Vance, and many others
  175. designer on 'Trading Spaces'
  176. Fred Wilson  (2)
  177. cartoonist writer
  178. Jane Wilson  (2)
  179. Animator: Grease, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, Fraggle Rock, The New Adventures of Madeline, Shinbone Alley, Laugh-In, The Carol Burnett Show, Disney's Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp. Born: 08/08/1919
  180. Laura Wilson  (4)
    Photographer/Completed four books of photography and text: Watt Matthews of Lambshead (1989), Hutterites of Montana (2000), Avedon at Work: In the American West (2003) and Grit and Glory: Six-Man Football (2003)
  181. Mark Wilson  (7)
  182. Sculpted And Played Slimer In Ghostbusters
  183. Magic CCG Artist
  184. Artist
  185. British sculptor
  186. Ron Wilson  (3)
    Comic Book Artist - The Thing, Black Goliath, Power Man, The Hulk, Captain Britain
  187. Cartoonist (Playboy Magazine). Animator
  188. Artist
  189. Poster Artist
  190. Children's Illustrator/Author
  191. Autistic British artist known for his ability to draw from memory a detailed cityscape or landscape after seeing it just once
  192. Animation director
  193. Writer-illustrator, creators of books for children, tweens, and young adults
  194. American automotive customizer and designer. Constructor of the Star Trek TOS shuttle
  195. Children's author/illustrator
  196. JFK - A longtime photographer with the Dallas Morning News, Winfrey was heavily involved in covering the events of the whole weekend; later covered the Ruby trial; captured one of the iconic images of Lee Harvey Oswald in arrest
  197. Artist
  198. Artist, FX Designer
  199. Children's Author
  200. Illustrator
  201. Artist
  202. Illustrator
  203. British painter
  204. Designer
  205. German author and illustrator
  206. Children's Author
  207. Comic Creator/Artist-Grave Grrls, Musician-Earth X
  208. Still photographer for film and TV
  209. Artist
  210. Photographer
  211. Costume Designer for October Road
  212. Children's books Author and Illustrator
  213. James Wong  (3)
  214. Artist for Toys for Bob
  215. Tyrus Wong (Chinese: ???; born October 25, 1910) is a painter, muralist, ceramicist, lithographer, designer and kite maker. As film production illustrator in the film industry, Wong has worked for Disney and Warner Bros.. Wong's most famous work was for t
  216. Designer, Trading Spaces
  217. American artist and studio potter
  218. Ben Wood  (2)
  219. Contemporary Artist
  220. Artist for hot wheels
  221. Comic book artist
  222. E.c. comics artist
  223. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  224. Artist
  225. Richard Woods  (2)
  226. Artist
  227. Comics and sketch artist
  228. Illustrator
  229. Pop artist
  230. I of the Wolf
  231. fashion designer
  232. Artist
  233. Modernist architect
  234. New Zealand art designer
  235. Native Alaskan artist who designed the 'Raven's Story' stamps for the U.S. Postal Service
  236. Artist - comic books, sketch cards
  237. Animator, actor, director, writer - The Super Popular Show, Corn & Peg, Nature Cat, Wild Kratts, The Dating Guy, Hotbox, Total Drama Revenge of the Island
  238. American Photographer - most known for his candids of James Dean on the set of 'Giant' - one of a handful of photogs to have befriended Dean
  239. Painter, born in 1920
  240. Cartoonist - MAD Magazine (Monroe series), Hellboy Jr., The Ren & Stimpy Show, Samurai Jack. Landscape Painter (Urban Landscape series)
  241. Sculptor - son of Actress Meg Westergren and Tore Wretman
  242. Architect
  243. Artist
  244. costume designer (the terminator)
  245. Artist
  246. Joshua Wright  (2)
  247. Artist, author, TV host; appeared in the documentary 'Grey Gardens'
  248. Paul Wright  (3)
  249. Artist
  250. Artist
  251. Tom Wright  (5)
  252. Creator of the sims and Spore
  253. American artist known for his horror illustrations and comic books
  254. german illustrator & cartoonist
  255. Disney artist
  256. Artist
  257. Artist
  258. Austrian Animator 1970's. Born: 01/26/1912
  259. 3D Artists/Supervisor
  260. American Realist Artist
  261. Realist Painter, son of Andrew Wyeth
  262. Musician,Composer and Artist
  263. Artist who specializes in sea life art
  264. Artist
  265. Interior designer
  266. Artist