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  1. Artist
  2. Children's author/illustrator - Mäusebande, Telephone Cards (illustration)
  3. Artist
  4. Artist
  5. Comic Artist
  6. Chris Hacker  (2)
    Color stylist - mickey mouse shorts
  7. Artist
  8. Architect
  9. Artist
  10. Artist
  11. Comic artist
  12. Montana Western Artist
  13. Artist
  14. German Ingenieur & Professor born in 1940. Author of some technical books
  15. Artist / Painter
  16. Artist
  17. Photographer; author of the A DAY IN THE LIFE series with Daniel Radcliffe, Rufus Wainwright, others
  18. comic artist (star wars +)
  19. Comic book illustrator
  20. Filmation animator. Worked in animation from the early 1960s through the early 1990s
  21. Designed the 1965 Ford Mustang
  22. Artist
  23. Jeff Hall  (2)
    Animation director
  24. A/k/a 'Jennifer Caron Hall. ' / played Helena in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', ' journalist,' artist; 'The Love Boat - The Christmas Cruise'; 'Soundtrack: ' The Love Boat (performer: 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'
  25. fashion designer
  26. Disney animation artist
  27. Nigel Hall  (2)
  28. Author
  29. Born July 1, 1916 in New York City) is a prolific and accomplished American landscape architect and educator.
  30. Artist
  31. American comic book writer, artist, actor and musician who has worked in the fields of entertainment and publishing since the 1960s.He is best known to American comic book readers as a writer and editor for Marvel Comics, where he wrote the licensed comic
  32. Photographer
  33. British born photographer, is living in Paris, France
  34. British Artist
  35. Wildlife Photographer & Camerman
  36. Artist
  37. Artist
  38. Audio Designer for Toys for Bob
  39. Animation director /storyboard artist
  40. Painter, writer, lecturer, and family historian. Grandson of Oscar Hammerstein. He has devoted much of his life to studying and preserving his family's heritage and their contribution to American culture
  41. Artist/Character Designer Nickelodeon
  42. Artist
  43. Artist, born 1943
  44. fashion designer
  45. Artist
  46. Played in In Search of the Castaways (1962) and Play It Cool (1962) Was a still photographer for Superman II and III, Willow, Golden Eye, Indiana Jones Temple of Doom, Star Wars Episodes 1-3, Black Beauty, and Die Another Day
  47. Cosplayer, fashion designer & Model
  48. Freelance costume concept artist for film and television, and member of The Costume Designers Guild (CDG); Local 892
  49. Artist
  50. Artist
  51. Artist
  52. Producer, director, author, photographer and pilot. President of Handleman Filmworks. Owner of Handleman Sky Ranch. Director of the Michigan Air Guard Historical Association. Has served on more than thirty civic and charitable boards
  53. American Painter His work depicts ships, the sea and the Maine landscape in oil and pastels
  54. Filmation animator. Worked in animation from the 1970s all the way through the early 2000s. 39 animation credits
  55. Photographer
  56. Award Winning Architect
  57. Illustrator/Art Director
  58. Comic book artist
  59. Co Creator of Hanna Barbera ( Scooby Doo , Tom & Jerry , Yogi Bear , The Flintstones , Smurfs to name a few )
  60. David Hannah  (2)
  61. Born November 16, 1916 in Boden in Överluleå parish is a Swedish sculptor and centenarian
  62. American writer, artist and editor of comic books for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics
  63. Author, illustrator, and also was an electronic instrument technician for NASA for 36 years
  64. Animation production supervisor hanna-babrera
  65. Children's author and illustrator from the 70's; 'The Monster's Nose Was Cold', 'I Don't Like Timmy'
  66. Artist
  67. Mondo Artist
  68. Illustation art
  69. Artist for DC comics
  70. Puppeteer, artist, and former Disney Imagineer. Worked on Ghostbusters, Dinosaurs, The Country Bears, The Puzzle Place, and others
  71. American artist raised in Southern California. Hardy is best known for his tattoo work and his eponymous apparel and accessories brand Ed Hardy
  72. Special Effects Supervisor - Doctor Who (2005), Sherlock (2010-), Killer Elite (2011) and Submarine (2010)
  73. Artist
  74. Illustrator
  75. Comics artist; Has worked forMarvel Comics; Eclipse; Dark Horse; DC; Bongo
  76. Artist
  77. Designer
  78. Irish street artist
  79. comic sci fi artist
  80. Artist, Illustrator, Painter
  81. Professional comic book artist. He began his career in 1993 working for Dark Horse Comics on the title Dark Horse Comics. His first work for DC Comics was in 1993 in the title Showcase '93 (Volume 1)
  82. Artist
  83. Todd Harris  (2)
    Storyboard Artist
  84. Tony Harris  (5)
    Nineteen-time nominee and two-time winner of the Will Eisner Comics Industry Award, Tony Harris began his professional career as an illustrator at the age of 19, self-publishing B.L.A.D.E. through his own label Buccaneer Publications. Tony moved on to co-
  85. Mark Harrison  (3)
    2000AD and Judge Dredd Comic Artist
  86. Illustrates The Who was books covers. And does art for kids books
  87. Kevin Hart  (4)
    Australian Painter
  88. artist
  89. Animator
  90. Artist
  91. Wildlife Painter and Conservationist
  92. Artist
  93. Artist
  94. Illustrator
  95. Wood engraver and book illustrator
  96. Belgian Artist. Born: 03/22/1906
  97. WWII combat photographer, including Tarawa and Iwo Jima. His color documentary of the Tarawa battle won an Oscar in 1944. Later called to Washington to give details of his friend Joe Rosenthal's iconic Iwo Jima flag photo and convince the Marines to let i
  98. Nike shoe designer
  99. Artist
  100. Artist
  101. Comic Book Artist
  102. Programmer for Grand Theft Auto with his brother Sam Hauser. English
  103. Architect/Engineer -- Designer of the Hydropolis Hotel
  104. English programmer who programmed Grand Theft Auto. Founder of Rockstar Games
  105. Children's book illustrator, and author/'Mocha The Real Doctor'
  106. Artist
  107. Artist
  108. Interior Designer. Daughter of director Howard Hawks
  109. Artist
  110. Animator - Has worked at Warner Bros. and currently works at Walt Disney Animation Studios where he has been for the past 20+ years
  111. Artist
  112. 3D Artist/Supervisor
  113. Artist
  114. Elvis Presley's personal jeweler from 1969 to 1977
  115. Ukrainian-American street artist
  116. MTG Artist
  117. American comic book artist, known primarily for inking. Hazlewood has primarily worked for DC Comics during his career, often partnering with pencilers Tom Grummett and Nicola Scott
  118. Artist
  119. Artist
  120. Filmation animator. Worked in animation through the 1960s
  121. Joe Healy  (2)
    Character designer
  122. Graphic designer and illustrator from Kentucky
  123. English designer known for innovative use of engineering and materials in public monuments and sculptures
  124. John Hebert  (2)
    Comic Artist
  125. Famous French fashion designer
  126. Painter
  127. Graphic Designer (Starbucks and Panera Bread logo)
  128. Illustrator
  129. Photographer
  130. Artist
  131. U.S. Flag designer - current design from '50s
  132. Artist for the Sweet Pickles book series
  133. German painter
  134. Grammy Award winning graphic artist who has designed over 350 album covers, including Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' as well as for Don Henley, Tina Turner, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Cher, Neil Diamond, The Eagles, John Mayer, Tom Petty
  135. German Photographer (born 1906)
  136. JFK - Photographer; took the iconic image of the Kennedy motorcade turning onto Main Street in Dallas, 22 Nov 1963, with Clint Hill riding the back of the presidential limousine. Covered the White House for 20 years, Johnson to Clinton
  137. Artist
  138. Artist
  139. German children's book author - Na warte, sagte Schwarte (Just wait, said Schwarte)
  140. Artist
  141. Animator/artist, worked on the Mr Magoo TV show, Freakazoid!, Rugrats, The Critic, and others
  142. Painter, Sculptor, does earth art/land art
  143. Artist
  144. Austrian Stylist
  145. Actress: Desire in the Dust, The Magic Sword, The Couch, Follow That Dream, The Interns, The Swingin' Maiden, Honeymoon Hotel, Run for Your Life, Nightmare in Wax, Hide in Plain Sight, General Hospital // Children's Book Author & Illustrator
  146. Tattoo Artist
  147. Transgender activist, author, and veteran of the United States Navy. She is the creator of the Transgender Pride Flag
  148. Artist - most known for his Boulevard Of Broken Dreams paintings featuring James Dean & Marilyn Monroe
  149. Jeweler
  150. Illustrator for DC & Marvel comics
  151. fashion designer
  152. fashion designer
  153. Artist
  154. Artist
  155. Painter
  156. Artist, mostly known for sketch art cards in various cards sets
  157. fashion designer
  158. Character designer on the simpsons
  159. Artist, Illustrator, Children's Book Author
  160. Artist
  161. Disney Animator
  162. Artist
  163. Comic Book Artist- DC Comics
  164. Courtroom artist - prominently featured on ABC, BBC, CNN, FOX News & NBC
  165. Artist
  166. Photographer that photographed Robert Kennedy, Fidel Castro, the Cuban Revolution, Harry Belfanote, Marilyn Monroe and many others
  167. French artist who is living and working in New York
  168. fashion designer
  169. Graphic Artist
  170. Creator of 'Love and Rockets' comic
  171. Artist
  172. Dutch Illustrator
  173. Artist
  174. penciller for marvel
  175. Famed Cuban born painter reconized in international circles. Sold her first work at age 89. Born: 05/31/1915
  176. fashion designer
  177. Artist
  178. American photojournalist, born 1927. Covered the Korean War, presidents, Krushchev, sports, NASA, and more. Named one of AP's Top 10 Civil Rights photographers. Took iconic photos of Rosa Parks' and Martin Luther King's arrests
  179. British theatrical costume designer (Born:1959) who became famous in the 1960's as the infamous Test Card Girl. In 1967, aged 8 she became the centerpiece of test cards that were broadcast by the BBC. She is now 57 and lives in the UK
  180. Artist
  181. Animator, Billy's Balloon, The Meaning of Life
  182. French Architectural Photographer
  183. Artist
  184. WWII - World War II combat photographer (167th Signal Photographic Company ) who documented the Battle of The Bulge and evidence of Nazi war crimes
  185. German illustrator and author of childrens books
  186. Actress, Wife Of Charlton, Photographer
  187. Artist for Toys for Bob
  188. 2D Artists/Supervisor
  189. Domino Artist - Hevesh5
  190. Artist
  191. Fantasy artist
  192. Architect of President George W. Bush's home in Crawford, TX. He is currently a professor for several architecture courses at the University of Texas
  193. Artist
  194. Animator, visual effects animator for Industrial Light & Magic
  195. Designer on TLC's Trading Spaces
  196. Artist
  197. Author of us little people. also photogragher
  198. Born in 1940. Steve was an English photographer, based in Paris
  199. Cartoonist
  200. American photographer
  201. David High  (2)
    Animation background supervisor
  202. Fantasy artist
  203. comic artist (star wars comics +)
  204. Comic artist (star wars comics +)
  205. American fashion designer, best known for founding the lifestyle brand 'Tommy Hilfiger Corporation' in 1985
  206. Artist
  207. Artist
  208. Creator of Spongebob and Rocko's Modern Life
  209. Star Trek & Star Wars artist
  210. Storyboard Artist
  211. Writer and illustrator who has provided material for Pokémon since the early years of the franchise
  212. children's author/illustrator
  213. Popular singer, model, cosplayer, artist, actress, and more
  214. Yoshi Creator
  215. 2D Artists/Supervisor
  216. Artist
  217. Animation writer
  218. Swiss Artist
  219. British Artist
  220. Seattle construction equipment manager, born 1934. Worked on the construction of the Space Needle in 1961/1962
  221. British comics artist and writer
  222. Sculptor, fitness trainer
  223. Artist
  224. German painter
  225. Artist
  226. Hob 
  227. political Cartoonist
  228. Artist
  229. Artist
  230. Children's Author
  231. Irish stamp designer
  232. Artist
  233. Character Designer at Warner Bros. Animation
  234. Matte Painter / Concept Artist
  235. Artist...illustrator
  236. Animator - Has worked on many projects at Disney, Warner Bros., Sony and Reel FX
  237. Artist
  238. Artist
  239. Architect
  240. Painter
  241. Artist
  242. Production Designer
  243. Tom Holland  (2)
    Author - Rubicon, Persian Fire, The Forge of Christendom
  244. Tom Holland  (5)
  245. cartooniat (sylvia)
  246. Architect
  247. Cartoonist...Ponytail
  248. Artist
  249. Artist
  250. Architect
  251. Animation director
  252. Artist
  253. Artist
  254. Film Illustrator Gone with the Wind
  255. Color stylist
  256. Artist, Conceptual Design
  257. Photographer; 2006 recipient of Robert Capa Gold Medal
  258. Fantasy artist
  259. Artist ,Magic the gathering
  260. Sculptor, son of Mark Hopkins
  261. Sculptor
  262. Artist, Illustrator
  263. Artist
  264. Interior Designer
  265. Magic The Gathering card artist, and HP card artist
  266. Marvel comic cover artist
  267. Artist
  268. Artist
  269. Children's Book Author
  270. costume designer (barton fink nixon)
  271. Artist
  272. Artist
  273. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  274. Designer and model
  275. Programmer for Toys for Bob
  276. Artist
  277. Josh Howard  (3)
    Artist, Illustrator
  278. Actor: Death Wish II, Sudden Impact, Roadhouse 66, Full Metal Jacket, War Party, Alien Nation, The A-Team, Magnum PI, Superboy, CHiPs, MacGyver
  279. Artist
  280. Artist
  281. Author /illustrator - Sebastian Reckless
  282. Todd Howard  (2)
    American Video game designer, director and producer
  283. Illustrator, Conceptual Artist of The Lord of the Rings
  284. Jay Howell  (2)
    Creator of sanjay and craig
  285. Artist
  286. fashion designer
  287. Children's Book Author
  288. Toy inventor; invented the Easy-Bake Oven, Play-Doh and Spirograph
  289. Uk calligraphy
  290. Sculptor
  291. Artist for Toys for Bob
  292. Children's Author
  293. Star trek artist skybox cards
  294. Animation designer
  295. French painter
  296. Animator for Toys for Bob
  297. Comic Book Artist for DC Comics
  298. Artist
  299. Artist, Illustrator
  300. sci-fi illustrator, magic the gathering
  301. Costume designer for many DOCTOR WHO stories
  302. Children's author and illustrator
  303. Artist
  304. Animation director
  305. Primarily known as a 'good girl' artist, Adam Hughes has worked on a myriad of books. Some of his credits include the 'Justice League', 'Legionnaires', 'Star Trek', 'Ghost' and 'Gen 13' as well as doing countless covers and pin-ups for just about every co
  306. Photographer that covered JFK's visit to Fort Worth, catching the eye of the President as Hughes tripped in front of him, and later one of the very few who covered Oswald's funeral
  307. Illustrator and multimedia designer
  308. Costume Designer on the films: Return to Oz (1985), Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), The Musketeer (2001)
  309. Artist
  310. Cosplayer
  311. Comic Book Artist
  312. Artist
  313. Children's Author
  314. Animation Layout Artist
  315. Artist
  316. Artist
  317. Artist
  318. Columbia Records photographer also shot album covers for Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin
  319. Bryan Hunt  (2)
  320. Bryan Hunt  (3)
  321. Artist - Star Wars, Game of Thrones sketch cards
  322. Richard Hunt  (2)
  323. Artist
  324. Did cover art for DIO album HOLY DIVER
  325. Gay porn performer, born 1973. Also worked under the name Keith Evans. Career as costume designer, theater school faculty, and performance artist
  326. Sculptor and caricaturist
  327. Photographer - Beatles, James Bond
  328. draws rocky & bullwinkle
  329. South African artist, living in London. He does Nano-Sculptures, among other types of art
  330. Artist and illustrator
  331. Artist
  332. Cover art for dio album DREAM EVIL
  333. Animation director
  334. Artist
  335. Album cover artistdid bostons 1st album cover, and more im sure
  336. Artist
  337. Artist
  338. New York Designer
  339. Children's book illustrator
  340. German gaming designer PC game The Settlers at Blue Byte
  341. Artist, 1995 Hasselblad Award
  342. Artist