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  1. TV Series
  2. Actor
  3. Chinese Canadian actress. She is best known in Canada for her appearance in the television show Street Cents. Her most recent appearance is in the film Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins. She also appeared in Smallville, X-Men: The Last Stand, Psych, Paycheck
  4. Celebrity chef, winner of Fox TV's 'Masterchef'
  5. Jin Ha 
    Broadway - Starred in M. Butterfly (2017) with Clive Owen
  6. Actress
  7. Voice Over Talent
  8. German Actress born in 1897. 250 Movies & TV-Series 1915-1985.'Muenchhausen','Emil & Die Detektive','Rosen Resli','Das Schweigen im Walde','Wie einst Lili Marleen','Alraune'
  9. German TV Presenter
  10. German actress (Sturm der Liebe)
  11. Swedish Actor
  12. CBC Personality
  13. Actress
  14. Actor
  15. Actor
  16. Dead & Rotting
  17. German TV Presenter
  18. Director
  19. Actor
  20. News - KFSN - ABC30
  21. Female Impersonator. Actor - To Be Or Not To Be, The Morning After, Troop Beverly Hills, Clifford
  22. Actress
  23. Actor, Tyler Perry's If Loving You is Wrong
  24. Animator
  25. Actress
  26. Actress
  27. Actor
  28. Finnish actress
  29. Actress
  30. Dutch actor born 1981, 'New Kids'
  31. Male Voice Over Talent
  32. Costume Designer
  33. director - Girls' Town
  34. Playwright
  35. Actress
  36. Actress
  37. Stars in 'Fort Tilden'
  38. Actor
  39. Female Voice Over Talent
  40. Actor
  41. Actor
  42. Female Voice Over Talent
  43. German Actor - Lindenstrasse
  44. Actor: Witness, Lady in White, Solarbabies, Mars Attacks!, Testament, Music Box, The Ryan White Story, Rambling Rose, Leap of Faith, Brick, Boys, Material Girls, Convicts, Inception, While She Was Out, Red Riding Hood, Heavy Gear, 24
  45. Actor
  46. Female Voice Over Talent
  47. German actor: 'Aus gutem Haus'
  48. Actress
  49. German Voice Actress (Kim Basinger, Mia Farrow, Diane Keaton)
  50. Actress
  51. Austrian actress born in 1927.'Mariandl'(1961),'Mariandls Heimkehr'(1962),'Hofrat Geiger'(1947),'Im weissen Roessel'(1960),'Du bist die Rose vom Woerthersee'(1952),'Hallo Dienstmann'(1952),'Lumpazivagabundus'(1956).was married to actor Erwin Strahl
  52. Welcome Back (2015) Premam (2016) Race Gurram (2014) Ramaiya Vastavaiya (2013) Vedalam
  53. German Actress born in 1930. 'Unser Lehrer Doktor Specht','Unser Charly'. 80 Movies & TV-Series 1955-2012
  54. Actress in the TV shows 'How I Met Your Mother' and 'The Shop'
  55. Played the female bartender in 'Another 48Hrs'
  56. Actor
  57. Fack ju Göhte 1+2
  58. Author
  59. Actor
  60. Actor
  61. Actor in 21 TV series / movies, from: 1974 to 1985 including: Hunter, Trapper John, M.D., Battlestar Galactica: 'The Living Legend' Parts 1 & 2 as Tolar, Police Woman, Medical Center, and more like 'Legends of the Superheroes' (1979) as 'The Flash'
  62. Actress
  63. American diplomat
  64. Actor
  65. German Actor, Starred As Berengar In 'The Name Of The Rose'
  66. Set Designer
  67. Host of 'Cheaters' and 'Eye For An Eye'
  68. Actress known for Underemployed, Hostel 3, Whip It
  69. Italian actor
  70. Actor
  71. News Presenter
  72. Actor
  73. Zelda in 'Conquest of The Planet of The Apes'
  74. Actor
  75. Actor, 'Sex and the City' (2.7)
  76. Swedish actor; starred as Martin Beck in the Swedish 'Beck' crime movies
  77. Kursar from pirates of the caribbean
  78. Actor
  79. The Poland native also founded the 1939 Club, an organization of Holocaust survivors, and was a board member of the L.A. Museum of the Holocaust
  80. Voice Over Talent
  81. Actor
  82. Male Model
  83. Actor
  84. Actor
  85. Actress
  86. Director of Photography
  87. Voice actor in Red Dead Redemption 2
  88. Male Model
  89. Actress
  90. Actress-LEXX,Immenhof,Jungle Hospital,Star Command,SK Babies,Bombs Under Berlin,Angel Express,Pfeifer,Witness To Kill,Wilde Ezel,Der Clown
  91. Actress
  92. Playwright
  93. Actress
  94. Male Voice Over Talent
  95. Actor
  96. French actress 'I want to go home' 'L'ete de Mathieu'
  97. Actor
  98. Yours, Mine, and Ours
  99. Yours, Mine, and Ours
  100. 'Good Evening Arizona', Anchor
  101. Actress
  102. German Actor. Over 100 Movis & TV-Series since 1965
  103. German actress
  104. Presenter
  105. Actor - Chuck
  106. Actor
  107. Actor: David Carver In Stephen King's Desperation
  108. Actor, 'Ben & Arthur'
  109. T.V. Personality/Host/Actress
  110. Voice Over Talent
  111. Actress
  112. Director
  113. Actor
  114. Actress
  115. Actress
  116. Actress
  117. Actress 1930's-1990's Mildred Pierce(1945),Mask (1985). Born: 01/19/1939
  118. Actress: Star Trek Generations, The Brady Bunch Movie, A Very Brady Sequel, The David Cassidy Story, The Kids from Room 402, Any Day Now, Hey Arnold!, Gilmore Girls, Bratz, Avatar - The Last Airbender, Star Wars - The Clone Wars, Care Bears
  119. Actress - Charlie's Angels, Annie Hall, If I Ever See You Again, Time After Time, Death Car on The Freeway, The King of Comedy, Troll,Jack and Mike, The Stepfather, Me Myself and I, Seaquest DSV
  120. Actor - The Mentalist, Brian McNally on Weeds
  121. Actor
  122. Screenwriter & producer: Becker
  123. German Radio Presenter
  124. Charlie's Angels, Remington Steele, Matlock, Quantum Leap, 24
  125. Actor
  126. Actor
  127. Actor
  128. German Actor born in 1940. 34 Movies & TV-Series 1975-1997
  129. Actor - ...Mad World, The Music Man, God's Little Acre, The Love Bug, ...Brothers Grimm, Muscle Beach Party, Scrooged (as Scrooge), Bud & Lou (as Lou Costello), Stanley (title role), Action, The Little Mermaid 1&2 (v/Scuttle), Fish Police (v/Crabby)
  130. Actress - plays Doris in TV's William & Mary
  131. olympic long distance swimmer
  132. Director (Animation)
  133. Actress - Nominated for an Oscar for 'Only When I Laugh' Died in 1983
  134. Actress
  135. Actress - plays Tina McQueen in TV's Hollyoaks
  136. Female Voice Over Talent
  137. actress - star trek: voyager (t.v. series)
  138. Actress
  139. Actor - Jonah Hex, The Mandalorian
  140. Producer/Director - Ray, Dolores Claiborne, Proof Of Life, The Devil's Advocate, Against All Odds, White Nights, Everybody's All-American, Bukowski. Director - An Officer & A Gentleman, The Idolmaker. Writer
  141. Writer/Screenwriter
  142. Australian actress
  143. Actress
  144. German actor
  145. Comedy Duo
  146. Actress
  147. Actor - The French Connection 1&2, Bonnie & Clyde, The Conversation, The Poseidon Adventure, Superman 1&2, No Way Out, Mississippi Burning, Unforgiven, The Birdcage, Hoosiers, Crimson Tide, The Firm, Get Shorty
  148. Male Voice Over Talent
  149. British Actress born 1916.'Coronation Street','Are You Being Served','The Wackers','OH,Father!','Something in the City'.She was married with actor Eric Baker
  150. Actress
  151. Actor: Played Baron Von Espy In Intolerable Cruelty
  152. Actor
  153. Actress
  154. Actress (b: 1965) - One Life To Live, Knightwatch, Guiding Light
  155. Actress - Monk
  156. Actress - Played Josie Jump In Balamory
  157. Actress on The Society tv show
  158. Actress
  159. Actress
  160. Lost
  161. Certified Speaking Professional, author, and leadership consultant who focuses on the connection between people and profit. Co-author of the popular Contented Cows leadership book series
  162. Male Voice Over Talent
  163. Actress - played Nina Yorke in Holby City, Bad Girls
  164. Comedienne
  165. Voice Over Talent
  166. Actress, Prestamela Esta Noche, Cristina Bazan
  167. Actor
  168. Cindy in 'The Facts of Life'
  169. Actress who appeared as Natasha in the UK Comedy/Drama, Monday Monday and Bethan in The Colour of Magic
  170. Actress-Silence Like Glass,Sex With a Smile,Bedroom Eyes,Paperback Hero,Madame Claude,The Worlds Greatest Athlete,North Dallas Forty,,Fiesta,Playboy April 1973 December 1979,Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
  171. Franklin Horner on Dallas/Eric's first lawyer Charles on The Bold and The Beautiful
  172. Actor
  173. Actress-Taboo,Kiss Me First,The Living & The Dead
  174. Actress
  175. Australian Actor born in 1929. 115 Movies & TV-Series 1955-2015
  176. Actress - Neighbours
  177. Face Off Contestant: Make-Up Artist
  178. Actor
  179. Actress
  180. Actress
  181. Male Voice Over Talent
  182. Actor, played Louis in ' Desire'
  183. Actress - Andy Hardy films (as Aunt Milly), Capt. January, The Shop Around The Corner, Mad Love, She-Wolf Of London, Mag. Obsession, Lost Angel, Love Crazy, Poor Little Rich Girl, Boom Town, Rachel & The Stranger, Anne Of Green Gables, Spitfire
  184. SNL, Superbad, Hot Rod, Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  185. German Comedian & Actor
  186. Voice Over Talent
  187. Actress - Deception, The Blacklist, Show Me A Hero, Chicago Fire, Billions, Conviction, Master of None, The Punisher, She's Gotta Have It, Baywatch
  188. Actor
  189. Broadway Show
  190. Retired Canadian astronaut who was the first Canadian to walk in space. An Engineer and former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot, Hadfield has flown two space shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space Station
  191. Actor
  192. Actor - The All New Alexei Sayle Show, People Like Us, The Bill
  193. Model-Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
  194. Actor - The Walking Dead
  195. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  196. Actress
  197. Actress
  198. Actor
  199. Production Designer
  200. Actor
  201. Actor
  202. Actor
  203. Actor
  204. French actor and singer
  205. British actress - Miranda, Waterloo Road, Ocean Sky Receptionist in 'James Bond - Quantum of Solace'
  206. New Zealand Cricketer
  207. Voice Over Talent
  208. Actor: The Young and the Restless, The Mad Bomber, Maid to Order, Highway to Heaven, Next of Kin, The Babe, Funny Lady, Police Story, Marcus Welby MD, McMillan & Wife, The Rockford Files, The Incredible Hulk
  209. Actress
  210. Actor
  211. Actress in I'll Kill You, I'll Bury You And I'll Spit On Your Grave
  212. US Voice Over Talent
  213. Actress, 'General Hospital' (1997-2000), Rachel - Gilmore Girls
  214. Sin-Jin Smyth - Producer
  215. Actor - The Bill, Ultraviolet
  216. TV Actress - The Joey Bishop show ('61-'65), The Brothers ('56-'57), many TV guest appearances ('55-'72)
  217. Female Voice Over Talent
  218. Actress
  219. Radio Broadcaster
  220. Actor - Racket Squad, Public Defender, Zorro's Fighting Legion (title role), Red Ryder (title role - radio), The Bank Dick, A Bell For Adano, Leave Her To Heaven, Shock, The Dark Corner, I Shot Jesse James (title role). Narrator in MANY projects
  221. Actress
  222. Pop star, lead singer of Spandau Ballet
  223. The Hobbit, King Kong
  224. actor
  225. French director and writer
  226. The new guy
  227. Male Voice Over Talent
  228. Actress
  229. Explorer, Yachtsman
  230. Actress
  231. Actress-The Soloist,Spread,The Ugly Truth
  232. Movie Director
  233. Actress 'Murder Loves Killers Too' 'Chillerama' 'Millennium Bug'
  234. Actor
  235. Playwright
  236. Actor
  237. French actress, e.g. 'Water Lilies'
  238. Actor
  239. X factor 2014 winner
  240. Finalist German Idol (Deutschland sucht den Superstar)
  241. Magician
  242. Actress
  243. Actor
  244. Screenwriter
  245. Director
  246. Allen Haff  (2)
    Auction Hunters show
  247. Director
  248. Actress
  249. Actress
  250. Actor
  251. Film Editor
  252. Actor, 'Extinction'
  253. Author
  254. Australian TV Presenter
  255. Film Director
  256. Screenwriter & Director
  257. Actor, starred in Escape from Sobibor & Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes
  258. Voice Over Talent
  259. Dead Zone, X-Files, 4400, Highlander TV
  260. Male Voice Over Talent
  261. Actress in two as a child 1925 A Kiss for Cinderella and 1931 The Struggle. born 12/29/1922
  262. Singer/Actress-Geordie Shore
  263. Voice Over Talent
  264. Actor
  265. Actor, 'Shortbus', the sexy dimwitted guy in the 'Oceanspray' commericals
  266. Voice Actress
  267. Actress: 'Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers', 'Dressed To Kill', guest starred on 'Law & Order' and 'Friends'
  268. Actor
  269. Actress (b:'61) - TV series: Hermans Head (72 eps as Angel Sensitivity), The Nutt House (Sally), Unfabulous (Sue), Lifes Work (Dee Dee). Films: Election, Code Of Silence, The Dentist, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Fresh Horses, Dallas: The Early Yrs (as Ellie)
  270. Male Model
  271. Millie on Freaks and Geeks, Amanda a will-be-slayer on Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  272. actor from Northern Ireland, born 1985 (James Nesbitt's younger brother Rich in 'Stan Lee's Lucky Man', 'Risen', 'Zoo', 'A Royal Christmas', 'The Cut' as well as many roles on stage (e.g. 'End of the Rainbow')
  273. Austrian actor and singer
  274. TV talk show host
  275. Former Republican U.S. Senator from Nebraska (1997-2009), 24th United States Secretary of Defense
  276. Swedish Actress
  277. Actress - Dawson's Creek (Student), Main Street Salon
  278. Actress
  279. Actress
  280. Voice Over Talent
  281. Actress
  282. German Actress. Hildegard Sonnbichler in 'Sturm der Liebe'(since 2005). 70 Movies & TV-Series since 1961
  283. Actor
  284. Actress-Spaceballs,Fantasy Island,Unfaithfully Yours
  285. German Actress
  286. Actress - Love Scenes From Planet Earth, Sweet Little 16, Marlene, Rosa Path, Seven Dwarfs, Short Order
  287. Actor in For Love or Money, Bonfire of the Vanities, The Super
  288. 70's actress (Soylent Green, Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, Land of the Lost)
  289. First Spaceship on Venus
  290. Actor
  291. Actress - Singin' In The Rain (Oscar nom.), The Asphalt Jungle, The Danny Thomas Show, Side Street, Carbine Williams, Adam's Rib, The Big Knife, Ambush, The Shaggy Dog, Sunrise At Campobello, Panic In The Year Zero, Dead Ringer, lots of TV
  292. Actor: Dr. Hiram Baker on 'Little House On The Prairie', also appeared in the series 'Land of The Giants', guest starred on 'Lost In Space' and 'The Twilight Zone', appeared in the TV movie 'Bonanza: The Next Generation'
  293. Actress (Night and Day) and Stage Actress - including pantomime
  294. singer/actress
  295. German director born 1929, famous for his East German espionage show 'The Invisible Visor'
  296. Actor - Daktari (TV), Speedway, almost 20 films for exploitation director Fred Olen Ray, Avenging Angel, The Mini-Skirt Mob, Night Creature, Dinosaur Island, Alienator, 5 The Hard Way, The Hellcats, Bad Charleston Charlie, Blood Game, Armed Response
  297. Actress - Broadway: The Country Girl (1950 Tony win), ...Virginia Woolf? (1963 Tony win). Films: The Other, The Boys From Brazil, Reversal Of Fortune. Acting Teacher
  298. Actress
  299. Actor
  300. Female Voice Over Talent
  301. Voice Over Talent
  302. Dutch TV Host
  303. Female Voice Over Talent
  304. Aliens vs Predator Requiem,Wild Roses
  305. Actress known for It's Kind of a Funny Story, Mad City and Goodbye Lover as well as the Broadway show, Waitress
  306. NBC News Correspondant
  307. c&w duo on hee haw
  308. Male Voice Over Talent
  309. American actor born 1932.'The Horse Soldiers','Sky King','Force of Arms','Jeffs Collie','Twilight Zone','Lone Ranger','City That Never Sleeps'
  310. Actor
  311. Actress: Airplane 1-2, What About Bob?, Lost In America, Bad Medicine, Bloodhounds of Broadway, Noises Off, U Turn, Freddy Got Fingered, A Guy Thing, Rude Awakening, Murphy Brown, Confessions of a Shopaholic, Family Guy
  312. Actress in Killer Workout
  313. Davy in 'Wayne's World'
  314. Actress-Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix,Episodes
  315. Actor
  316. Director
  317. Actor
  318. Actor
  319. German Voice Over Talent
  320. Zombie In Fulci's Zombi 2
  321. Actor: Grizzly Adams, Abducted 1 & 2, Elves, Muscle Beach Party, King of the Mountain, The Chilling, Mind Trap, Macon County War, Repo Jake
  322. actor
  323. Actor
  324. Humor Coach: Borat
  325. British Actress - Face the Music, Freak
  326. Dancer
  327. Actor
  328. Director/Screenwriter/Producer: Crash, In the Valley of Elah, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers, Letters From Iwo Jima, Walker Texas Ranger, Due South, Show Me a Hero
  329. actress - The Thing Below
  330. Actress
  331. guest starred on The Golden Girls as Libby Wagner
  332. Actor/Voice actor. 'How I meet your mother', 'Teenage mutant ninja Turtles (2012)', 'Avatar - The last airbender'
  333. Actor
  334. Actor: The X-Files, The Lone Gunmen, Mask of Death, Spectres, Face of Terror, Dead & Deader
  335. Director
  336. Swedish Actress 1940's-90's. Born: 07/04/1919
  337. Actor: I Dream of Jeannie, Search for Tomorrow, The Cavern, Fail-Safe, Up in the Cellar, The Good Life, Beware! The Blob, Here We Go Again, The Rhinemann Exchange, Superman, Dallas, Knots Landing, Nixon, Nip/Tuck
  338. Actress
  339. German Actress
  340. Actor, 'Besser als Schule'
  341. Director
  342. Actress
  343. Actress - 'As The World Turns'
  344. Actor/Voice Work: Star Wars: A New Hope, Doctor Who, The Hired Gun, Batman, The Adventurer, The Spy Who Loved Me, Henry V, The Bretts, A Perfect Spy, War and Remembrance, Scarlett
  345. plays Pete Keeley in 'The Forest Rangers' 1963-1965
  346. Actress
  347. Actor
  348. Actor
  349. Male Voice Over Talent
  350. Actor - Fame (film & TV series - Mr. Benjamin Shorofsky). Songwriter - Young & Foolish, Follow Your Heart, One Is A Lonely Number. Scores - Plain & Fancy, Redhead (Tony & Grammy awards, 1959), How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  351. Actor
  352. Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (2010-2014); Leader of the Conservative Party (1997-2001); Member of the House of Lords
  353. Star Trek as Wadi - Prometheus ensign - Paradan guard all in DS9:#The Gentleman Don La Mancha (2004) .... Rancher# Jesus 2000 (1998) .... Dave Grant# Redboy 13 (1997) .... Reporter# Bed of Lies (1992) (TV) .... Deputy
  354. you can't do that on televison
  355. Actress
  356. Actor
  357. Sports talk radio host on ESPN New York and studio analyst on the MSG Network
  358. Director
  359. Actor - Remington Steele
  360. David Hahn  (2)
    Voiceover Artist
  361. Don Hahn  (2)
    Award-winning Disney producer of Beauty and the Beast (only producer to be nominated for Best Picture Oscar for animated film); also produced The Lion King, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Emperor's New Groove. Director of Waking Sleeping Beauty (2010)
  362. Actress
  363. Voice of Bonnie in Toy Story 3
  364. Actress - Alles Ausser Sex
  365. Comedian
  366. Actress
  367. Presenter
  368. Actress
  369. Actress/Model - Playboy covers plus pictures in November 1987 and September 1988
  370. Lily on 'Crossing Jordan' and Michelle in 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days', Parks and Recreation , Wandavision
  371. Actor
  372. Actress
  373. Actress - NCIS: Los Angeles
  374. Tv writer - three's company
  375. German Actress
  376. Actress: Return to Sleepaway Camp, Blood Night, Guiding Light, As the World Turns, Bloody Slumber Party
  377. Actor
  378. Actor
  379. Director
  380. News host, zdf
  381. Author
  382. Actor & Director: Hill Street Blues, The Choirboys, Delvecchio, Who'll Stop the Rain, Oliver's Story, Altered States, Cop, The Rescue, The Great Escape II, Nightbreed, Storyville, Broken Trust, Home on the Range, Third Watch, Sensitivity Training
  383. Stars in 'Girl Lost'
  384. Austrian TV Presenter
  385. Actor
  386. Actress
  387. Actor
  388. Actor
  389. Actor/Stuntman; 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23', 'Hercules Unbound', 'Hollywood Heights', tiny role in 'Argo'
  390. Actor
  391. Actress
  392. Actress:NCIS,Mary Jane Benson on The Young and the Restless,Melrose Place,Superboy,Seaquest DSV, Kindred:The Embraced
  393. Actress-Jean Claude Van Johnson,The Love Machine
  394. British actor: Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Thin Blue Line, My Boy Jack, Doctor Who, Alan Bennett's Talking Heads, The Thick of It, Soldier Soldier
  395. American Silent Child Actor 1920's-30's. Born: 03/09/1920
  396. Actress-Fringe, Elsa on Once Upon a Time
  397. Roger Leclerc in Allo Allo
  398. Actor - Riverdale, Once Upon a Time
  399. Actor: Blood Bath, Point Blank, The Big Doll House, Diamonds Are Forever, The Big Bird Cage, Wonder Women, Coffy, Foxy Brown, Jason of Star Command, Galaxy of Terror, Jackie Brown, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, Halloween, Hatchet III
  400. Female Voice Over Talent
  401. Actress
  402. Actor
  403. British Actor born 1931.'Cleopatra','Twilight Zone','A Walk in the Sun','Robin and Marian','The Deadly Affair',Joe Lampton on'Man at the Top'(1970-72),'Lorna Doone','Blackheath Poisonings','The Search for the Nile'
  404. Actor
  405. Starred as Eric in the BBC TV series 'All Quiet on the Preston Front'
  406. Female Voice Over Talent
  407. Voice actor. Psyduck on Pokemon. Voice actor for Pokemon Snap ( video game)
  408. German actress and singer
  409. Actor - Eastenders
  410. Actress
  411. actress/singer-L Word/Murmurs
  412. Actor - The Lost Boys, Silver Bullet, Lucas, License To Drive, Last Resort, Dream A Little Dream 1&2, Fast Getaway 1&2, Murphy's Romance, Blown Away, Just One Of The Girls, Firstborn, Dream Machine, Demolition High, Fever Lake, Roomies, The Edison Twins
  413. Director
  414. Screenwriter
  415. Actress
  416. Actor; 'Windfall', 'Drake & Josh'
  417. Actor
  418. Actress
  419. Actor
  420. Actress
  421. Actor
  422. Deadpool, Tully, The 100, Fargo, Unspeakable, Van Helsing
  423. Actress
  424. Actress
  425. Our gang child star
  426. Actor
  427. Actress
  428. Actress-Supergirl,The Magicians,IZombie
  429. Emmy Winning Actor from 'Search For Tomorrow', in movies and radio of the 30's, starred as Speed in 'The Odd Couple' (1968)
  430. comic artist (star wars +)
  431. Mark Haines  (2)
    Co-anchor of CNBC’s Squawk on the Street
  432. Actress
  433. Director - Children Of A Lesser God (DGA nom.), Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, The Doctor, Something About Amelia (Emmy nom.), The Ron Clark Story (DGA nom.), Dance With Me
  434. Degrassi Junior High
  435. Director 'Splatter University', 'Class of Nuke 'em High'
  436. The View
  437. Actor, 'A Warm Wind'
  438. Actress
  439. Silent actor, born 2. January 1900 - died 26 december 1973, Little Annie Rooney, Spring Fever, West Point, Show People, Speedway. After his film career ended, his interior design career blossomed and had a relationship with Jimmie Shields for 50 years
  440. American child actress and singer born movies from 1935-43.'Dimples','Dinky','All This and Heaven Too','Billy the Kid Returns','Star Dust'
  441. Actress: Loving, As the world turns, Top of the world
  442. Film Editor
  443. Waterloo Road
  444. Actor
  445. Actress
  446. Actor
  447. Actress
  448. Headless Horseman
  449. Male Voice Over Talent
  450. Actress in 'Cinema Insomnia With Mr. Lobo' and 'Area 49'
  451. Actress
  452. Actress
  453. WCAU / NBC Philadelphia
  454. Playwright
  455. Known for The Woman in White (1948) and Too Young to Know (1945)
  456. Author, Celebrity Chefs
  457. Host on g4tv
  458. WTAE News Team
  459. Cinematographer: Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hidden, Wishmaster, The House Where Evil Dwells, Galaxy of Terror, Shocker, Cherry 2000, Maniac Cop 3, The Ambulance, 12 Days of Terror
  460. Actor
  461. TLC's While You Were Out fill in for Leslie Segrete
  462. Actress
  463. Actress
  464. Director
  465. Actress
  466. Actress
  467. Actor
  468. actor, 'Caligula'/Director
  469. Voice Over Talent
  470. Actress: Head of the Class, Cyborg 3, Scanner Cop 2, Bates Motel, Morella, Attack of the 5 Ft. 2 Women, Demolition University, Man of the Year, Law & Order
  471. German Voice Over Talent
  472. Actor: V: The Original Mini-series
  473. Actor
  474. Actor - the Hobbit
  475. Actress-Faster Pussycat Kill!Kill!,MotorPsycho,Beyond the Valley of the Dolls,Supervixens,The Double D Avenger,Playboy July 1970