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  1. Celebrity chef, winner of Fox TV's 'Masterchef'
  2. Swedish Actor
  3. Author
  4. Author
  5. Co-author of easy low carb living
  6. Co-author of easy low carb living
  7. President of Gettysburg College, article in My America book
  8. Author
  9. Children's author/illustrator - Mäusebande, Telephone Cards (illustration)
  10. Author and Titanic expert; president and co-founder of the Titanic International Society
  11. Charlie Haas  (2)
    Author - The Enthusiast
  12. Author
  13. Author
  14. Children's Author
  15. Author
  16. Author
  17. Author
  18. American diplomat
  19. Dutch author. Wrote In a Dark Wood Wandering. Born: 02/02/1918
  20. Author
  21. Author
  22. Philosopher and Sociologist
  23. Author
  24. Comic Artist
  25. Comics
  26. Italian Astrophysicist and popular science writer
  27. German journalist and author - Die Tage, die ich mit Gott verbrachte
  28. Author
  29. Author
  30. Author
  31. (born November 27, 1942) is an American poet, translator and critic. She is Professor of English at the City College of New York. Her books of poetry include Going Back to the River (1990), Love, Death, and the Changing of the Seasons (1986), and Pres
  32. Dave Hackett  (2)
    Cartoonist - Cartoon Dave's
  33. Genesis guitarist
  34. Journalist, Author - Slaphappy
  35. Writer/Screenwriter
  36. Author
  37. Author
  38. American businessman, political aide and author, born 1928. RFK assistant during the 1960 JFK campaign, and first Associate Director of the Peace Corps. Later an executive for the DeLorean car and pharmaceutical companies
  39. Author
  40. Texas Author/'A Little Something' 'Science of the Soul'
  41. Certified Speaking Professional, author, and leadership consultant who focuses on the connection between people and profit. Co-author of the popular Contented Cows leadership book series
  42. Comedienne
  43. Author
  44. Author
  45. Author
  46. Retired Canadian astronaut who was the first Canadian to walk in space. An Engineer and former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot, Hadfield has flown two space shuttle missions and served as commander of the International Space Station
  47. Author of more than 1,000 published songs, which have been recorded by George Jones, Roger Miller, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Reed, Garth Brooks, Dixie Chicks, Linda Ronstadt, Trisha Yearwood, Joe Cocker, George Burns, Dean Martin, and others
  48. Author of book 'Free Love'
  49. Pop star, lead singer of Spandau Ballet
  50. Author
  51. Author
  52. Author
  53. Author
  54. Writer
  55. Author
  56. French writer
  57. German author - Perry Rhodan
  58. Comic artist
  59. Authors - Fiction
  60. Autor
  61. Author
  62. Children's Author
  63. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist - Van Halen, Montrose
  64. german manga cartoonist - Gothic Sports
  65. Author
  66. Author
  67. First Spaceship on Venus
  68. Author
  69. Author
  70. Author
  71. Author
  72. Author
  73. Author
  74. cartoonist (ground zero)
  75. German Comic Artist
  76. Actor: I Dream of Jeannie, Search for Tomorrow, The Cavern, Fail-Safe, Up in the Cellar, The Good Life, Beware! The Blob, Here We Go Again, The Rhinemann Exchange, Superman, Dallas, Knots Landing, Nixon, Nip/Tuck
  77. Writer, Literary Critic, Historian. Born: 09/05/1908
  78. Author
  79. Children's Author
  80. Author - Crime and Thrillers
  81. Author
  82. Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (2010-2014); Leader of the Conservative Party (1997-2001); Member of the House of Lords
  83. Author
  84. Sports talk radio host on ESPN New York and studio analyst on the MSG Network
  85. Saarlodris
  86. German Ingenieur & Professor born in 1940. Author of some technical books
  87. Children's Author
  88. American theologian, apologist and author
  89. German author
  90. News host, zdf
  91. Author
  92. British actor: Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Thin Blue Line, My Boy Jack, Doctor Who, Alan Bennett's Talking Heads, The Thick of It, Soldier Soldier
  93. Author
  94. Author
  95. Photographer; author of the A DAY IN THE LIFE series with Daniel Radcliffe, Rufus Wainwright, others
  96. Author - Airport, Hotel, Runway Zero-Eight, Wheels, The Money Changers
  97. 'A Woman of Independent Means'
  98. British Politician
  99. Belgian tv journalist
  100. Author
  101. Was an American journalist. Her current work centers politics, civil rights, voting rights, and race. She was the national writer on race for Associated Press from 2017-2020
  102. John Haines  (2)
    Poet and essayist, author, Descent: Essays and Letters; For the Century?s End: Poems 1990-1999
  103. Singer/Musician
  104. True Crime Author
  105. Children's Book Author
  106. Author
  107. Canadian poet and jazz lyricist
  108. Author of 'Coming Home: The North Carolina Outer Banks'
  109. Author
  110. Author
  111. Author
  112. Author, Celebrity Chefs
  113. Author
  114. Author
  115. Ann Halam  (2)
    Children's Author
  116. Author, Heart of America Founder
  117. Author
  118. Author
  119. French producer and writer
  120. Author
  121. Author
  122. Author
  123. Author
  124. SF Author of 'Forever War'
  125. Author
  126. Author
  127. Children's Author
  128. Author
  129. American Actress,Writer and Model born 1905.'Miss Chicago' in 1922.'Charlie Chaplin-Gold Rush','Man of the Forest','Gypsy of the North','Salvation Hunters','Great Gatsby','Hills of Peril'
  130. Author - Ottawa with Kids
  131. Children's Author, co-founder of the Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out series
  132. Author of never walked alone
  133. Author & award winning columnist for Houston Chronicle. He moved to The Chronicle after writing a column in the Houston Post for 32 years/'Easy Going' 'Paper Hero'
  134. New York Times bestselling author of the Cats and Curios mysteries, including How to Paint a Cat and How to Wash a Cat, as well as the Mystery in the Islands series, including Adrift on St. John and Afoot on St. Croix
  135. Author of the young adult fantasy The Goose Girl
  136. Author
  137. Author
  138. Author
  139. American-born Israeli author/journalist. Has been active in Middle East reconciliation efforts. Chairman of Open House, an Arab-Jewish educational project in the working class town of Ramle. Featured in the 1984 documentary film Kaddish
  140. Voice actor and author of 'Haley's Hints'
  141. Historian & writer of numerous books on Texas & Western history/2 Spur Awards/Texas: An Album of History: From the Frontier to Spindletop/Texas: From Spindletop through World War 2/Sam Houston/Passionate Nation: The Epic History of Texas
  142. Author
  143. Shawn Haley  (2)
  144. Actress
  145. Writer
  146. Adam Hall  (2)
    Author - Quiller Memorandum
  147. Travel Book Author
  148. Author
  149. Children's Author
  150. Comic Book Artist
  151. Brian Hall  (3)
  152. Author
  153. David Hall  (5)
  154. Author, Chairman of the Council for Scottish Archaeology Churches Committee
  155. Poet Laureate 2006-07
  156. Author
  157. Canadian animator, storyboard artist, writer, and voice actor
  158. Author
  159. Author
  160. Oceanographer/filmaker of IMAX films
  161. James Hall  (2)
    Author - Sinister Developments
  162. Author - 'bones of coral', 'hard aground', 'body language', ' rough draft', 'forests of the night' & 'thorn series'
  163. A/k/a 'Jennifer Caron Hall. ' / played Helena in 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', ' journalist,' artist; 'The Love Boat - The Christmas Cruise'; 'Soundtrack: ' The Love Boat (performer: 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'
  164. John Hall  (3)
    Children's Author - Is He Or Isn't He?
  165. John Hall  (5)
    Poet/Author - Apricot Pages
  166. Author - Betrayal and Escape
  167. 'The Running Man' for Discovery
  168. Justin Hall  (4)
  169. writer
  170. Children's Author
  171. Wall Street Journal bestselling author and international keynote speaker. She speaks for and teaches leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs across countless industries to harness and leverage the power of their stories
  172. Author
  173. Author
  174. Singer/Musician
  175. Author
  176. Author: Wirewalker
  177. Children's Author
  178. Author of The Sky's the Limit. Self-help expert
  179. Michael Hall  (2)
    Children's author
  180. Monty Hall  (2)
    UK explorer; Author - Dive: The Ultimate Guide / Presenter - Super Humans
  181. Author
  182. Author - Fiction
  183. Author
  184. Author - Urban and Regional Planning
  185. Mystery Writer/'These Toxic Things' 'Land of Shadows' 'They All Fall Down' 'Skies of Ashe' 'Trail of Echoes' 'And Now She's Gone'
  186. Author
  187. Author - Empires of the Monsoon
  188. Author
  189. Sarah Hall  (2)
    Author - The Electric Michelangelo, The Carhullan Army
  190. Author
  191. Author
  192. Author - The Raw Shark Texts
  193. Author
  194. Author
  195. Author
  196. Author
  197. art dealer, Author
  198. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - Arctic Circle
  199. Author
  200. Dancer
  201. Author
  202. Author
  203. Author
  204. American adventurer and author
  205. Editor, Author
  206. Author
  207. Author
  208. Author - Calligraphy Masterclass
  209. Author - Non-Fiction
  210. Author
  211. Economics Editor, Sunday Telegraph.
  212. Author
  213. journalist
  214. Author
  215. Author
  216. journalist
  217. Author
  218. Child and adult psychiatrist, Children's Author
  219. Author
  220. Children's Author
  221. Author
  222. Author
  223. Canadian investigative journalist and writer from Montreal, Quebec whose 2009 book, Unmasked: The Final Years of Michael Jackson was a #1 best-seller on the New York Times list on July 24, 2009
  224. Founder
  225. Author
  226. Author
  227. Author
  228. Author
  229. Author
  230. Author
  231. Internet Celebrity - ShitMyDadSays twitter feed
  232. Author
  233. Children's Author
  234. Is a New Age musician
  235. Author
  236. Zabriskie Point
  237. Children's Author
  238. 'Soul Sister: The Journal of a White Woman Who Turned Herself Black and Went to Live & Work in Harlem and Mississippi' (1969) 'Evers: A Biography of Charles Evers' (1971)'Black-White Sex' (1972)'Bessie Yellowhair' (1973)
  239. Author
  240. Writer
  241. Author
  242. CBC Personality
  243. Author of The Chosen Place, a memoir of a young girl growing up on a 1940s homestead in Old Chugiak, Alaska
  244. Children's Author
  245. Children's Book Author
  246. Healthcare executive, author
  247. Author
  248. American comic book writer, artist, actor and musician who has worked in the fields of entertainment and publishing since the 1960s.He is best known to American comic book readers as a writer and editor for Marvel Comics, where he wrote the licensed comic
  249. Author
  250. Children's Author
  251. Author
  252. Presenter - 10 Years Younger
  253. Author
  254. John Hamblin  (2)
  255. Sci Fi - Fantasy Writter, Star Wars author
  256. Author
  257. Bloodline/British writer Clementine 'Clemmie' Hambro, a great-granddaughter of Sir Winston Churchill, who was a young bridesmaid at the 1981 royal wedding of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana
  258. Comic Artist / Cartoonist - The Brilliant Mind of Edison Lee
  259. British pianist,Author
  260. Comic Book Writer
  261. Former FBI undercover agent, author of The Last Undercover
  262. Author
  263. Author
  264. Figure Skater/1976 Olympic Gold Medalist
  265. Writer
  266. Actor: Luke Skywalker in the 'Star Wars' series, Corvette Summer, The Big Red One, The Flash, Sleepwalkers, Batman The Animated Series, Justice League, Village of The Damned
  267. journalist (the gift) author (forever) editor
  268. Writer, actor & comedian - BBC7's Old Harry's Game, The Million Pound Radio Show & co-writer of Drop The Dead Donkey
  269. Author (Fiction) - Consumed
  270. Author. Flamboyant autograph dealer and handwriting expert who invented the term philography
  271. (born 1929) is a political scientist, civil rights leader, and the W. S. Sayre Professor Emeritus of Government and Political Science at Columbia University/Most noted work is Black Power: The Politics of Liberation in America
  272. Dave Hamilton  (2)
    Author, website
  273. Cookbook author
  274. american thriller writer, created Matt Helm
  275. Author
  276. American chef and author. She is the chef and owner of Prune, a restaurant in New York City, and the author of Blood, Bones, and Butter, a memoir. Received the James Beard award for best chef in New York City in 2011 and 2012
  277. Author
  278. Author
  279. Author
  280. Author
  281. author (a map of the world, the book of ruth)
  282. Author
  283. author (narclssus in chains)
  284. Canadian Author
  285. Author
  286. syndicated cartoonist of dennis the menace
  287. Author
  288. Author
  289. Author of wings of courage
  290. Author - Non Fiction
  291. Author and playwright - Hangover Square and Rope
  292. Author - Nano Flower; Web: Lightstorm
  293. Children's Author
  294. Author
  295. Author
  296. Author - Cold Day In Paradise; Winter of the Wolf Moon; North of Nowhere; Hunting Wind
  297. Tim Hamilton  (2)
  298. Voice Over Talent
  299. Author
  300. US Women's Soccer Star, Olympic Gold Medalist, 2007 National Soccer Hall of Fame Inductee
  301. Author
  302. Author
  303. Author
  304. Writer of Military works/military historian, with a focus on the military campaigns of the United States Marine Corps, and military action in World War II
  305. One of the founders of the management theory of Business process reengineering, Author
  306. Painter, writer, lecturer, and family historian. Grandson of Oscar Hammerstein. He has devoted much of his life to studying and preserving his family's heritage and their contribution to American culture
  307. Children's Author
  308. Lead Guitarist of Metallica
  309. Presenter
  310. Author
  311. Author
  312. Playwright
  313. Lisa Hammond  (2)
    founder and CEO of Femail Creations, Author - Dream Big
  314. Author
  315. Author - Fiction
  316. Author - Twentieh-Century Wildlife Artists
  317. Author
  318. Top Gear Presenter
  319. American comic book artist, known for his work on such books as Green Lantern, Blue Beetle, Black Lightning and Detective Comics. He is also the co-creator and illustrator of the 2003 graphic novel Red
  320. TV Writer - The Waltons (210 episodes - creator & narrator), Falcon Crest (198 episodes), Apples Way (28 episodes), The Twilight Zone (8 episodes). Author - Spencer's Mountain. Executive Producer - The Waltons, Falcon Crest
  321. Author
  322. Author of the novel Rivethead: Tales From The Assembly Line
  323. Author
  324. Author- Watching Baseball Smarter. How to Snag Major League Baseballs
  325. Author
  326. Author
  327. Creator of 7th Heaven
  328. wildlife biologist , author - The Great American Wolf
  329. Retired Hall of Fame lineman from the 1985 Super Bowl Champs Chicago Bears.
  330. Author
  331. Journalist, Reporter, columnist
  332. Dallas UPI reporter, took phone call from on-scene reporter with the famous first 'Three shots fired' message. Later at Parkland, made the phone call announcing JFK death's was official, leading to Cronkite's famous announcement minutes later
  333. Film Producer & Author
  334. Author
  335. Author
  336. Reporter-WPVI Channel 6 Action News(Philadelphia)
  337. Mangaka/authors
  338. Cartoonist - LOUIE
  339. Author
  340. Author, website
  341. Josh Hancock  (2)
    Director of 'Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders' & 'Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders Part 2', Author of a book on the Keddie Murders
  342. Author looking for the wild
  343. Author
  344. New York Times bestselling author of several books for teens, including the UNEARTHLY trilogy, THE LAST TIME WE SAY GOODBYE, MY LADY JANE and MY PLAIN JANE (with fellow authors Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows)
  345. Author/Actress/Chef: author of 'Recipe's For Life: A Cookbook For The Heart and Soul With Edie & Friends', co-author of the book 'The Genuine Elvis' with Ronnie McDowell and Joe Meador
  346. Star Wars author
  347. Author
  348. Author
  349. editorial cartoonist pulitzer prize 1997
  350. SNL's Deep Thoughts writer, narrator
  351. cartoonist (where's waldo)
  352. Austrian novelist, playwright, translator, poet, film director and screenwriter. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2019
  353. Producer, director, author, photographer and pilot. President of Handleman Filmworks. Owner of Handleman Sky Ranch. Director of the Michigan Air Guard Historical Association. Has served on more than thirty civic and charitable boards
  354. Actress/Comedienne - Girls Behaving Badly, The Bernie Mac Show, Totally High, Chelsea Lately
  355. author of the 'Series of Unfortunate Events ' books
  356. Author
  357. Author
  358. Photographer/Photojournalist/ 9/11 photos - Adjunct Professor of Photojournalism at New York University since 1994
  359. Author
  360. Author
  361. Blues composer and musician
  362. The bible answerman, author
  363. German born film direcor, naturalized Austrian 'Funny Games' 'La pianist' 'Le temps du loupe' 'Caché'- Winner of the golden palm Cannes 2009 for the movie 'Das weisse Band'
  364. Author - Soccer Head, the Book
  365. Author
  366. Retired Command Sergeant Major, Author of the book 'Inside Delta Force'
  367. golf instructor and TV personality
  368. Author
  369. Author
  370. Author
  371. German Author
  372. Actor:Money Pit, Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Sleepless in Seattle,Splash,The Green Mile, Bosom Buddies, Castaway, Big, A League of Their Own, Philadelphia, Toy Story, The Polar Express, The Da Vinci Code, Apollo 13
  373. Author - Fiction
  374. Author
  375. Children's Author
  376. Author
  377. Comic book artist
  378. Author
  379. Co Creator of Hanna Barbera ( Scooby Doo , Tom & Jerry , Yogi Bear , The Flintstones , Smurfs to name a few )
  380. Author, scientist and public health advocate whose research exposed the Flint water crisis. Her book What the Eyes Don't See, was named 1 of the NY Times 100 most notable books of the year. Founded the Pediatric Public Health Initiative
  381. Sports Writer For WEEI 93.7 FM
  382. American business consultant and author who was a political consultant to California Governor and U.S. President Ronald Reagan
  383. Author
  384. Author
  385. Author
  386. Author
  387. British author and poet; she has written a series of novels based on Agatha Christie's detective Hercule Poirot
  388. author, Professor in the Leadership Division of Nova. Southeastern University
  389. American investigative journalist for the New York Times, creator of the 1619 Project
  390. Author
  391. Author
  392. The creator of the Nickelodeon Show, CatDog
  393. Sports columnist with The Sunday Tribune, the Evening Echo and New Yorkâ-™s Irish Echo. Author of The Big Fight: Muhammad Ali v Al 'Blue' Lewis
  394. Comic Book Artist
  395. American writer, artist and editor of comic books for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics
  396. Author
  397. Children's Author
  398. Author
  399. Author
  400. Author
  401. Author
  402. Newsmaker news journalist and actress; ex wife of form NYC Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
  403. Author, illustrator, and also was an electronic instrument technician for NASA for 36 years
  404. Author
  405. Author
  406. Author
  407. Author
  408. Author of First Man
  409. Author
  410. Children's Author
  411. Author
  412. Author
  413. Professor of economics. In 2013, he was awarded the The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel - Nobel Prize in Economics, jointly with Robert J. Shiller and Eugene Fama
  414. Author
  415. swimming olympics
  416. Pushed his wheelchair across Canada, Author & Motivation Speaker
  417. Ron Hansen  (2)
    Author - Exiles, Desperadoes, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, Mariette in Ecstasy, and Atticus
  418. Captain of the Northwestern on 'Deadliest Catch' on Discovery
  419. Author
  420. Amy Hanson  (2)
  421. JFK - Dallas Times Herald veteran photojournalist who covered the Ruby trial
  422. Author, Editor of two successful adult magazines 'Leg Show' and 'Juggs' also starred or appeared in at least two movies 'Crumb' and 'Sex T.V. '
  423. Cartoonist and illustrator; has done animation work for the TV series Babar, Beetlejuice, Daria and Spy Groove; co-creator of the comic strip 'Chelsea Boys'
  424. Children's author and illustrator from the 70's; 'The Monster's Nose Was Cold', 'I Don't Like Timmy'
  425. Author
  426. Author
  427. Children's Author
  428. Article in My America book
  429. Children's Author
  430. Author
  431. Mondo Artist
  432. Author
  433. Children's Author
  434. Author
  435. Author
  436. Author
  437. Author
  438. Author
  439. Author
  440. Author
  441. Author
  442. Author - The Art of Fielding
  443. Talk show host, commentator, author, and television personality
  444. Ophthalmologist with a specialty in glaucoma at Eye Consultants of Atlanta. Clinical Professor Emeritus at Emory University. Author of Waking Up Blind: Lawsuits over Eye Surgery amongst other works
  445. Author
  446. Ladette To Ladies headmistress
  447. 30th Premier of British Columbia, Canada
  448. Author
  449. American journalist and author. His 2012 book Escape from Camp 14 is an official biography of North Korean defector Shin Dong-hyuk. Worked for 28 years for The Washington Post as a correspondent in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia
  450. Children's Book Author
  451. Author
  452. Poet
  453. Author
  454. Children's Author
  455. Author
  456. Author
  457. Author
  458. Author
  459. Author
  460. Author
  461. John Harding  (2)
    Author - What We Did on Our Holiday, While the Sun Shines
  462. Author - Wine Grapes
  463. Pulitzer Prize Winning Author - Tinkers
  464. Author - Fiction
  465. Children's Author