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Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: D
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  1. Boyfriend /Widower of Gianni Versace, Model/fashion Designer, born 1959 in Italy
  2. Designer
  3. WWII: PTO. Combat photographer in the South Pacific
  4. Painter, born in 1933
  5. British street artist
  6. painter, writer, actor
  7. Designer on TLC's While You Were Out
  8. Artist
  9. German illustrator
  10. Artist
  11. Artist
  12. Artist; illustrator
  13. Illustrator
  14. Owner of 'Rick's Restorations' in Las Vegas; frequently appears on Pawn Stars
  15. Spanish Painter
  16. Artist
  17. Oscar-winning British Costume Designer; worked on A Christmas Carol 1951, Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhavago among many
  18. Jim Daly  (3)
    Artist of Paintings
  19. Costume designer, fashion model, television personality, and author from New York City. Known for costume design and fashion styling on the American television series Sex and the City and Gossip Girl
  20. Photographer
  21. French artist. His 'Massa ne pleure plus' sold for $203 million
  22. Carpenter, TLC's While You Were Out; One of the 50 Most Beautiful People
  23. Bridge builder
  24. Fantasy Artist; often does work for Magic: The Gathering
  25. Fantasy artist
  26. Artist
  27. Artist whose design is currently featured on Lipton ice-tea bottles/cans
  28. Artist
  29. Artist
  30. photographer
  31. Comic book artist
  32. Photographer/Actress-The Deuce,The Wolf of Wall Street
  33. Lydia Corbett, formerly know as Sylvette David, born in 1934, lives in South Devon and is a painter and ceramicist. Sylvette was a muse for Picasso for many paintings
  34. Animator for film and TV commericals
  35. Artist
  36. Graphic Designer (Nike Swoosh)
  37. Animation writer
  38. Canadian artist of Haida heritage. Davidson?s Haida name is: Guud San Glans which means Eagle of The Dawn. He is a leading figure in the renaissance of Haida art and culture
  39. Kevin Davies  (3)
    American artist and illustrator; gained fame by showing and selling in art shows at science fiction and media conventions throughout the United States and Canada. Began co-publishing, art directing, and illustrating for Miriad magazine
  40. Artist
  41. illustrator
  42. Comic Book Artist
  43. former 'Disney Legend' Imagineer, Costumer & Designer, married to the late Marc Davis (Disney animator)
  44. Brad Davis  (7)
  45. Brandon Davis  (2)
    3D Artist/Supervisor
  46. Storybaord artist - The Loud House
  47. Dan Davis  (3)
    Comic illustrator currently co-penciling the Garfield comic strip He also contributes to Bongo Comics (The Simpsons and Futurama) as well as DC Comics, Warner Bros., BOOM, and a host of others, working on such characters as Batman, Harry Potter,
  48. Cartoonist / Illustrator - MAD Magazine, EC Comics, MANY magazine covers (including TV Guide, TIME, etc.)
  49. Creator of - 'Jimmy Neutron'
  50. lead singer of Korn
  51. Marc Davis  (2)
    Disney Animator - one of the '9 Old Men' of Disney animation, 'Cinderella', 'Sleeping Beauty', 'Alice in Wonderland', 'Peter Pan'
  52. Mike Davis  (7)
    Artist, Illustrator
  53. Artist
  54. Architect
  55. Animator
  56. Photographer
  57. Artist, has created over a dozen nature related US postage stamp editions
  58. Robert Dawson  (2)
    Title designer for numerous films including Colors,Hairspray,Remember The Titans among others
  59. Artist
  60. Author
  61. David Day  (4)
    Artist for marvel and DC Comics, Wizards of the Coast, TSR, Topps, Breygent. Trading card artist
  62. Artist
  63. Laura Day  (2)
    Designer On Trading Spaces
  64. Lucienne Day (born January 5, 1917), RDI is a British textile designer born in Coulsden, Surrey, England.
  65. Artist
  66. Robin Day FCSD (born 25 May 1915) is a British furniture designer. Married to textile designer Lucienne Day.
  67. Artist
  68. Israeli activist and fashion designer. Ex wife of Moshe Dayan
  69. American sculptor, is living in Denver, CO, USA
  70. French author and illustrator (sun of Babar creator).Living in the U.S.A
  71. Designer
  72. Actress - The Rachel Papers, 4 Rooms, Implicated, Fall, Brokedown Palace, Playboy August 1991; Photographer
  73. French fashion designer
  74. Painter, Author
  75. Photographer
  76. French fashion designer
  77. Model/Jewelry Designer/Former Lead Singer Of Army Of Lovers
  78. French fashion designer, former model for Yves Saint-Laurent
  79. fashion designer
  80. Architect
  81. German Fashion Designer. Invented Capri Pants
  82. Comic Book Artist - Blood & Roses (BluelinePro) and Nightmare World (Golden Goat Studios) she has also done sketch cards for Lord of the Rings: Evolution, Marvel: Complete Avengers, Shrek the Third and Hellboy Animated
  83. Painter, born in 1935
  84. Author
  85. Artist
  86. Artist
  87. life magazine photographer
  88. Michael Dean  (4)
  89. Artist did the album covers for YES and Uriah Heep
  90. Artist
  91. Film/TV Costumer (1901-1966). Worked as a Broadway performer in his early years, then became a Hollywood costumer, often with Abbott and Costello productions
  92. American Artist, born 1956. Painted multiple Time covers, over two dozen US Postage Stamps, and the updated Columbia Pictures logo
  93. Writer - MAD Magazine ('MAD's Maddest Writer'), The Match Game, To Tell The Truth
  94. Painter
  95. pin-up artist
  96. American Photographer. Born: 12/09/1919
  97. Artist for archie
  98. A four decade veteran of the Comic Industry. Trained by the legendary Dick Giordano. Worked as a penciler, artist and inker for Marvel, DC, The Simpsons, Disney, BOOM Studios, Warner Communications and Archie
  99. Fantasy artist
  100. Reality TV Star on 'Pretty Wicked Moms', owner of SWANK, a high- end women?s boutique, Fashion Designer, Stylist & MOM!!
  101. Storybaord artist/retake director- The Simpsons
  102. Actor - Carousel, The Roaring '20s, The Doris Day Show, The Virginian, Baileys Of Balboa, The Left-Handed Gun, The Boys From Brazil, lots of TV ('52-'88 -inc. Twi. Zone-3, Gunsmoke-12). Radio - Have Gun-Will Travel (Paladin). Disney Animator - Fantasia +
  103. Comic books, artist
  104. animator (beauty & the beast, the lion king)
  105. Artist, Garbage Pail Kids, Hollywood Zombies, etc
  106. Comic Book Artist, Illustrator
  107. Animator, Illustrator
  108. Artist and founding member of band Massive Attack
  109. Comic Book Artist - Scarlet Witch, Daredevil, Spiderwoman, Wolverine
  110. Fashion Eyewear Designer
  111. childrens author/illustrator (the nathan books)
  112. French Actress born: 12/31/1917.'Adventures of Rabbi Jacob','Jenny Lamour','Utopia','Pattes Blanches,'Last of the Six','Lost Souveniers','Fernadel the Dressmakers','Defese DAimer'
  113. Artist
  114. Creator of Ultraduck, colorist and writer for Marvel Comics
  115. Comic book inker for DC comics
  116. Nyack NY colorist for independent comics
  117. Comic book artist
  118. Artist
  119. Comic book illustrator
  120. Artist
  121. Belgian artist
  122. Sculptor, photgrapher & filmmaker. Known for making photographs of three-dimensional models that look like real images of rooms and other spaces
  123. Lawrence E. DeMar (also known by his initials L.E.D.) is a video game and pinball designer and software programmer. He is known as one of the co-designers of the classic arcade game Defender
  124. Artist
  125. Photographer
  126. Master Sculptor
  127. Illustrator; Playboy magazine
  128. Cartoonist, illustrator
  129. Artist
  130. Created the original Care Bears with Elena Kucharik in the 1980's
  131. Fantasy artist
  132. Illustrator
  133. Photographer
  134. Storyboard artist
  135. Artist
  136. Children's Author
  137. Comic book artist- independent. wrote trashed and my frined dahmer
  138. Disney animator
  139. Animation artist
  140. Designer
  141. Fantasy artist
  142. French artist
  143. Artist
  144. Artist/Illustrator for New Yorker, Newsweek and other magazines
  145. Pultizer Prize winning Photographer. Aged 103 and has taken many iconic photos in his lifetime. Also was a Korean War veteran
  146. Interior Designer
  147. French artist
  148. MTG Artist
  149. Character designer
  150. Graphic Artist
  151. Artist, Batman:No Man's Land
  152. Dave DeVries  (2)
    Fantasy artist
  153. Carpenter On Trading Spaces
  154. Comic book illustrator
  155. Born 1947, french designer, writer and director
  156. Artist/Painter Star Wars Boba Fett Costumes Ep.V-The Empire Strikes Back
  157. Artist
  158. Artist
  159. Comic book artist and Cover artist
  160. Artist; best known for his sculpture Charging Bull (also known as the Wall Street Bull) in NYC
  161. Artist
  162. Artist
  163. Architect
  164. Female Model/Fashion Designer
  165. Freelance digital artist from Manila, Philippines
  166. children's book illus. (smoky night)
  167. Artist
  168. Digital Artist
  169. Author
  170. Artist
  171. Artist
  172. Storyboard artist
  173. Artist
  174. German author/illustrator, created 'Die Olchis'
  175. Artist
  176. Chief photographer for the Dallas Morning News in 1963, Dillard was riding in a press car in the presidential motorcade and took photos of the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository immediately after the shooting
  177. Childrens book illus. (why mosquitoes buzz)
  178. childrens book illus. (why mosquitoes buzz)
  179. Animation background designer - the simpsons
  180. Norwegian Artist
  181. Artist
  182. Fashion designer
  183. Graphic Designer (MLB logo)
  184. Animator
  185. Comic book artist
  186. Michael Dixon  (2)
  187. Artist and social activist, born 1969. Wrongfully convicted of murder after a trial with no evidence or motive, exonerated after serving 27 years. Acclaimed for his golf course artworks
  188. DJ,Model,Artist,Playboy September 2005
  189. Comic Artist
  190. Burlesque performer, model and photographer
  191. Costume Designer
  192. Artist
  193. Illustrator
  194. Illustrator
  195. Sculptor born in 1923
  196. Animator, worked with Hanna Barbara studios in the 1980s
  197. Artist
  198. Doink  (2)
    Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  199. Artist - most known for his James Dean Cinemabilia poster
  200. fashion designer
  201. Writer, graphic novelist, podcaster. His debut comic book was a self-published comic book called Crossfire: The Beginning, the pre-cursor to what would later become The Sire
  202. Artist
  203. Fantasy artist
  204. American Surrealist Painter/Born' 02/19/1909
  205. Irish stamp designer
  206. costume designer (days of wine and roses)
  207. Actor, Train to Busan, Eternals, Chronicles of Evil
  208. Brooklyn-based artist widely known as KAWS
  209. Artist
  210. Dan Donohue  (2)
    Graphic designer; BOOK COVER ART
  211. Artist
  212. artist
  213. Cosplayer
  214. Works on the Ninja Turtle Comics
  215. (Born 12 April 1910) is an Italian art critic, painter, and philosopher
  216. A German Comic Artist, born 1957 in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, study in Duisburg Art Pädagogyk and ev. Theology, Illustrator for Geo, die Zeit, Bild der Wissenschaft, SZ-Magazin, FAZ and New York Times, Professor in Kassel
  217. Writer for SPace Ghost, Creator of 'Milk and Cheese' and 'Dork!' comics
  218. comic artist (star wars comics +)
  219. Artist
  220. Walt Disney Artist
  221. Photographer & Singer
  222. Contractor, reality star, 'Tacky House', 'Rent my space', 'Top Design'
  223. Larry Dotson  (2)
    Disney Artist
  224. Costume designer; designed and made many jumpsuits for Elvis
  225. Animation director
  226. British artist
  227. Filmmaker, photographer, social media influencer
  228. Artist
  229. Comic book illustrator
  230. Artist
  231. Artist
  232. Tim Doyle  (2)
  233. animatics supervisor - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones (pre-visualization supervisor)
  234. Artist
  235. Lead singer for the band Disturbed
  236. Artist
  237. Chief White House Photographer (2001-2009)
  238. Artist
  239. German illustrator - Perry Rhodan
  240. The Goonies make up artist
  241. Artist
  242. Exhibiting artist since 1949 & educator 1952-1991/Studied with Mauricio Lasansky & Stanley William Hayter/Exhibited in over 250 one man shows & a very large number of national & international juried & invitational exhibitions and works
  243. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Designer, Customizer aka DrilOne
  244. Artist
  245. Artistdid many New York covers
  246. Artist
  247. cartoonist (ort)
  248. Naughty Dog, Video Game Creator/Artist
  249. Storyboard Artist
  250. Impressionist, married to Squire Rushnell
  251. Cartoon art for grateful dead art
  252. Graphic artist
  253. One of the leading figure in the world of contemporary decorative art. His work can be found in the some of the most important museums in the world. Made famous in 1986 by his Spine chair
  254. Animation director
  255. Sculptor.Born: 04/10/1919
  256. Artist
  257., scream action queen
  258. Sean Duffy  (3)
  259. Artist
  260. Artist
  261. Known also as Ultra Violet. She is a painter, author
  262. Story board animator for rankin bass
  263. Artist
  264. Fashion Designer for Halston
  265. Painter And Artist, Living In Amsterdam
  266. Comic Artist, Podcaster
  267. Photographer/Writer. Born: 01/22/1916
  268. Ken Duncan  (2)
    Disney Animator
  269. Robert Duncan  (6)
  270. American painter
  271. Illustrator
  272. Artist
  273. Artist; specializes in reimagination of movie posters
  274. Artist
  275. Children's Author
  276. American sculptor, poet
  277. Legos Master TV Show Contestant Lego Artist
  278. (d. 19 Eylül 1984, Ankara), Türk Oyuncu
  279. Artist
  280. Architect
  281. Animation design artist - the simpsons
  282. Artist
  283. Artist
  284. Artist