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Browsing Category Home->Business , A-Z Filter: D
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  1. Computer programmer and internet entrepreneur
  2. Cofounder and chairman of the Carlyle Group
  3. Belgium business billionaire
  4. CEO of Coca-Cola
  5. Actor: I Dream of Jeannie, The Bob Newhart Show, Bewitched, The Love Boat, Aloha Paradise, Starting from Scratch, ALF, Alligator II, Horrorween, Caroline in the City
  6. Billionaire hedge fund manager
  7. Australian Fashion Pioneer
  8. Greenlander businesswoman, chairwoman of the board, Air Greenland Airlines
  9. Canadian businessman. The founder of a successful generic drug company and a noted philanthropist, he has been awarded the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario
  10. businessman baseball executive
  11. Owner of the Coastal Plain League baseball team, Forest City Owls
  12. Co-Founder and President of Environmental Systems Research Institute
  13. Richest person on Africa continent(business man)
  14. Self made millionaire
  15. Entrepreneur presenter
  16. Grandson of President Harry Truman, born 1957
  17. President of Johns Hopkins University
  18. Billionaire co-founder and managing director of Susquehanna International Group
  19. CEO Triple AAA Automotive
  20. Inventor of Monopoly
  21. The 'boy wonder' of the drug store industry and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Dart & Kraft Inc
  22. businessman ceo northwest airlines
  23. French entrepreneur, conservative politician, son of Marcel Dassault, 56th richest person in the world
  24. 2013 inductee into National Inventors Hall of Fame
  25. CEO of Barnes and Noble
  26. Founder of the ABA, WHA & WFL
  27. Granddaughter of Harley Davidson, Harley Davidson's Motorcycles. Author of 'Growing Up Harley-Davidson'
  28. Pres. of Harley Davidson
  29. UK Businesswoman from Dragons Den UK
  30. Belgian politician, businessman, and former vice-president of the European Commission
  31. publisher
  32. Founder of
  33. Founder of Earthlink
  34. American politician, businessman, Presidential candidate
  35. Owner of the castle and Park of Thoiry in France
  36. Former Head of the IMF
  37. Entrepreneur, investment banker, and pioneer of micro financing in developing countries
  38. Co-Founder of Subway Lives in FT Lauderdale, Fl. Born in 1948
  39. French aristocrat, sahion icon and designer born 1929
  40. French Banker & Aristocrat
  41. Author, CEO and founder of Spartan races
  42. Bolivian businessman, Amaszonas Airlines CEO
  43. Publisher Dallas Morning News/Harbored animosity against JFK, told JFK in White House he was not ?the man on horseback? the country was searching for rather a wimp ?on Caroline?s tricycle.? Plaza where JFK was shot named after his family
  44. Author, speaker and the first African - American to win medals in Winter Paralympic competition as a ski racer. Her right leg was amputated below the knee when she was 5. She went on to excel as an athlete, a scholar, a mother and a businesswoman
  45. businesswomam/football executive
  46. businessman, football executive
  47. nobel economics laureate 1983
  48. Billionaire whom cofounded Black Diamond Capital Management
  49. Co-president of Smarties Candy Company
  50. Co-president of Smarties Candy Company
  51. Co-president of Smarties Candy Company
  52. President of Georgetown University
  53. Canadian Businessman
  54. Co-Founder and CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems, one of the world's leading hair care products companies
  55. CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line
  56. Polynesian businessman, President of Air Calin airlines
  57. John Delaney  (3)
    Representative from the state of Maryland. First to announce he is a candidate for the office of the President in 2020
  58. Owner of the Coastal Plain League baseball team, Macon Bacon
  59. Distinguished Professor of Law at Seattle University School of Law
  60. Inventor Of Dell Computers
  61. Argentina businessman, President of Austral Airlines (Austral Lineas Aereas)
  62. Invented the big mac for mcdonalds
  63. French actress, Laure in TV series 'Sous Le Soleil'
  64. DeLorean Motor Company
  65. President and CEO of DeMoulas Super Markets, Inc
  66. Jeff Denton  (2)
    Fitness Model, Speaker
  67. President and CEO of 7-11. Was also on Undercover Boss
  68. Canadian Businessman & Financier
  69. Hockey Red wings executive and Hall of famer 2010
  70. Businesswoman - The Business Inspector, Dragon's Den
  71. Owner of the AHL hockey team, Grand Rapids Griffins
  72. Co-Founder of Amway
  73. Boxing promoter, television producer and owner of the minor league baseball teams Richmond Flying Squirrels and Montgomery Biscuits,
  74. Author, businessman
  75. U.S. Virgin Islander businessman, CEO Four Star Cargo Airlines
  76. Founder of The Promotion People
  77. Puerto Rican lawyer and business owner, Borinquen Air airlines
  78. Owner of Venture Communications, author, hostess of tvs' Dragon's Den (Canada)
  79. Co-owner of the minor league baseball team, Lansing Lugnuts
  80. Investigative reporter (in TV, radio, and print), Amityville Horror journalist, professional writer, and documentary film producer
  81. Big Rich Texas
  82. Philip Diehl and former monetary policy advisor who served as the 35th director of the United States Mint
  83. Politician
  84. 2014 inductee for National Inventors Hall of fame
  85. Founder of Ron Jon surf shop
  86. Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase
  87. Australian Fashion Designer
  88. American civic leader, businessman, attorney, and author
  89. Nephew of Walt Disney, Former Vice-Chairman of the Walt Disney Co.
  90. Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, Disney World parks
  91. Animation company
  92. Gubernatorial candidate
  93. Dean of the USC Marshall School of Business for a decade, then became a forward-looking banker
  94. Investor and venture capitalist
  95. Tom Doherty  (2)
    (born April 23, 1936/ is an American publisher, and the founder of Tor Books)
  96. Ex owner of Neopets
  97. CEO Cablevision (Owner of Madison Square Garden(Rangers/Knicks))
  98. President of the Cleveland Indians
  99. Economist
  100. Disney Legend
  101. Founder of Domini Social Investments..And one of Time Magazines most influential people
  102. CEO of eBay
  103. John Donahoe  (2)
    CEO of Nike
  104. An American invertebrate paleontologist who became known for his discovery in 1909 of well-preserved fossils in the Burgess Shale of British Columbia, Canada; Secretary of the Smithsonian (1907-1927)
  105. Co-Founder of Twitter
  106. German-Finnish Internet entrepreneur and political activist who resides in Queenstown, New Zealand
  107. Former President of Doubleday, Former owner of New York Mets
  108. Donald Trump's lawyer/Special Counsel to the Commissioner of Baseball and author of a report that led to the banning of Major League Baseball player Pete Rose
  109. Internet industry analyst and author on business strategies and information technology. Wrote Unleashing the Killer App which the WSJ deemed 1 of the 5 most important books on business and the Internet ever published
  110. publisher
  111. President & CEO of Wilson Sporting Goods
  112. President of the European Central Bank
  113. Venture capital investor, and founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson
  114. Classic Bodybuilder, business partner with Glenn Bishop who published and distributed Physique magazines
  115. Animation company
  116. publisher
  117. St. Louis icon; Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard
  118. Former chairman and president of Duquesne Capital
  119. Naughty Dog, Video Game Creator/Artist
  120. Founder of the Drudge Report, was on front of Time Mag. One of Americas most interesting people
  121. Billionaire hedge fund manager
  122. CEO of Him and Hers
  123. Mississippi Billionaire
  124. Mississippi Billionaire
  125. Billionaire businessman in the software industry
  126. Former Cheif Chairman of Walmart 2009-2013
  127. Owner of the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes
  128. President of ABC
  129. Media Tycoon
  130. CEO, Hawaiian Airlines
  131. Engineer 1st working American gasoline-powered car & co-founder of Duryea Motor Wagon Company. In Springfield Charles & his brother Frank produced & road-tested America's 1st gasoline-powered car
  132. Radio Host - Created World Cafe in 1991; Author - The Best of World Cafe, World Cafe Playlist Book
  133. Inventor of the Dyson sweeper