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Browsing Category Home->Business , A-Z Filter: S
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  1. Pfizer whistleblower
  2. German fotograph, industriel heir, jet-set-hero, was married with Brigit Bardot
  3. Pakistani businessman, former chairman of Pakistan International Airlines
  4. Ceo of abm
  5. Online gambling mogul, previously married to Shannen Doherty, currently married to Pamela Anderson, involved in Paris Hilton Sex Tape Scandal
  6. Ceo Rite Aid Fortune 500 company (134)
  7. Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History; the acting secretary of the Smithsonian (2007-2008)
  8. COO of Facebook, Author
  9. Founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
  10. Former Administrator of the SBA
  11. businessman
  12. Granddaughter of Winston ChurchillBorn Dec 22,1938
  13. South Dakota Billionaire
  14. businessman
  15. Mike Santos  (2)
    San Antonio Rampage GM, AHL Hockey
  16. Ceo of amc
  17. President of Nation Abortion Fedweration
  18. Canadian Businessman
  19. CEO Macmillan
  20. publisher
  21. CEO of Dollar Tree Inc
  22. Sassoon heiress
  23. Hairdresser/Hair Care Product Line
  24. Russian-born US real estate developer, former director of Bayrock Group LLC, a real estate conglomerate based out of NY City/Bragged Moscow could get Trump elected & could get Putin's team in 2015 to buy in Moscow Trump Tower
  25. businessman
  26. 13th President of Idaho State University
  27. CEO of Gérard Saucier Ltée, a major group specialing in forestry products,[2] was Chairperson of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
  28. American Economist.Chairman of CEA during Eisenhower Administration 1956-1961. Born:09/20/1908
  29. television executive
  30. Hockey executive Buffalo Sabres' senior adviser
  31. Marketing executive for CBS
  32. president (nickelodeon, tv land tnn)
  33. On July 21, 2017, President Donald Trump appointed him the White House Communications Director, held position for 10 days and was replaced by Hope Hicks
  34. Philadelpia mob
  35. publisher
  36. businessman
  37. Game Developer, Lucasfilm Games
  38. Lawyer for OJ Simpson murder trial; Founder of Innocence Project, with partner Peter Nuefeld
  39. Founder/Creator of
  40. Career businessman who participated in the tech boom of the 1990s, produced the film 'Whatever It Takes', and helped set up a successful oil & gas company with his sons
  41. German political - Member of Bundestag
  42. President CEO Giant Food Stores
  43. Author of Business Brilliant: Surprising Lessons From the Greatest Self - Made Business Icons and Chairman of Birthing of Giants
  44. businessman
  45. Co-Founder of the St. Louis Brewery, which brews Schlafly Beer
  46. German economic expert
  47. Noted investor
  48. Eric Schmidt  (3)
    Google / Alphabet CEO
  49. Founder of Papa John's Pizza
  50. Edelweiss Resturant' founder, Singer, Bernd Schnertzinger since 1967 in Fort Worth Texas
  51. Head of the Shubert Organization; the Schoenfeld Theatre on Broadway is named for him
  52. Co-founder of Studio 54
  53. football executive
  54. ex DaimlerChrysler topmanager
  55. businessman
  56. businessman
  57. German TV-Cook and Restaurant owner
  58. buisnessman ceo starbucks coffee
  59. American economist, who was the 1979 winner (jointly with William Arthur Lewis) of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
  60. Author executive director of amnesty international usa
  61. Businessman, philanthropist
  62. American Economist Born: 11/11/1915
  63. Jeff Schwarz  (2)
    Star of Canadian reality show The Liquidator ; owns own business, Direct Liquidation
  64. Model, Ex-Wife of Till Schweiger
  65. German businessman and stuntman; bungie jumping pioneer with several world records
  66. Tech Writer
  67. President And CEO Of Wal-Mart
  68. Michael Scott  (8)
    First CEO of Apple
  69. Former HealthSouth CEO
  70. Creator of Right Side Broadcasting Network
  71. businesswoman
  72. businessman
  73. French advertising creator
  74. Inventors Hall of Fame
  75. Professional hairdresser and vice president of cosmetic giant Coty
  76. economics
  77. Vice President, Bangkok Airways airlines
  78. television executive
  79. Panera Bread Founder
  80. publisher
  81. Founder and CEO of The Geek Factory, Inc and Help A Reporter Out, (HARO); motivational speaker; and author of 5 books including Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cutthroat Management is Over, and Collaboration is in
  82. businessman
  83. Businessman founded Kay Windsor
  84. Lawyer & President & CEO of Consumer Technology Association. Author of The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream. Inducted into the Academy of Digital TV Pioneers. Received award as most influential in advancing HDTV
  85. Former manager of the late comedian Andy Kaufman, Man on the Moon (1999)
  86. businessman
  87. Evan Sharp co-founded and is Chief Creative Officer of Pinterest
  88. Chairman & CEO of Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts
  89. businessman
  90. nobel economics laureate 1990
  91. publisher
  92. businessman
  93. businessman
  94. Kevin Sheehan  (2)
    Former CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line and was on Undercover Boss
  95. Danny Shelton  (2)
    Founder and President of Three Angels Broadcasting network. He currently owns 8 24/7 TV shows and owns over 100 television stations in the US. He is also a songwriter and best selling author
  96. businessman
  97. publisher
  98. businessman
  99. American businessman, former hedge fund manager, and convicted, currently incarcerated felon
  100. Owner of the Famous Andy's Deli in Historic Five Points - Columbia, SC
  101. CEO, The Topps Company
  102. Internet Billionaire and 'First African in Space'
  103. publisher
  104. President of MGM Grand and was on Undercover Boss
  105. businessman
  106. businessman
  107. businessman
  108. businessman
  109. Co-Founder of Starbucks, with Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker
  110. She is a corespondant for Americas Most Wanted
  111. CEO, Pinterest
  112. CEO Of Checker's & Rally's Fast Food
  113. publisher
  114. tv executive
  115. businessman
  116. Touted himself as 'the Realtor to the stars,' He catered to a seemingly endless string of A-list celebrities that started, according to Silverman, when he sold Frank Sinatra's house to Cary Grant.
  117. publisher
  118. American businessman, real estate investor and developer in New York City
  119. 1st president of ESPN
  120. publisher
  121. co-ownewr of the pacers
  122. Melvin Simon  (2)
    co-owner of the pacers
  123. Professional mountain guide since 1973 & has personally conducted over 100 major expeditions around the globe, including over 30 to Himalayas. Recognized internationally as one of the world's premiere mountaineering expedition leaders
  124. Billionaire/Business
  125. Former French tv man
  126. businessman
  127. Economist
  128. Entrepreneur, The Real Housewives of New York City
  129. Canadian Member of Parliament as the leader of the New Democratic Party since 2017
  130. Australian Media Magnate
  131. publisher
  132. German economist and President of the Ifo Institute for Economic Research
  133. Canadian businessman. He is the founder, controlling shareholder, Chairman and CEO of Telesystem Ltd., a Canadian private equity company
  134. publisher
  135. businessman
  136. Businessman founder CD Baby. Lives in Singapore
  137. Founder and President of The College Advisor of New York
  138. former CEO of Enron
  139. CEO of McDonald's
  140. ESPN President
  141. JetBlue fight attendant who dramatically quit his job by opening the E-chute on his plane and sliding down
  142. Mexican businessman; World's Richest Man
  143. Was CEO Of ABM and was on undercover boss
  144. Founder,'Constituion Project,' US watchdog group
  145. Former President and Chief Operating Officer of the Federal National Mortage Association; Secretary of the Smithsonian (2000-2007)
  146. Chairman & Founder of ghSMART and author of the bestselling 'Leadocracy: Hiring More Great Leaders (Like You) into Government .' Founder of SMARTKids Leadership Program. Has advised 3 sitting U.S. Governors & the President of the World Bank
  147. B. Mineral Wells, TX/Computer scientist who co-founded Lucasfilm's Computer Division, and Pixar, participating in the 1980s and 1990s expansion of computer animation into feature film/a founding member of the Lucasfilm Computer Division
  148. businessman
  149. Founder and Director of Walt Disney Archives
  150. Owner of Fed Ex, former United States Marines
  151. publisher tennis executive
  152. publisher
  153. publisher
  154. businessman ceo general motors
  155. Former Porn Star, Now Owner Of 'Risque' And Manager Of Juli Ashton (among Others)
  156. Mike Smith  (17)
    Owner of 'Mikes Carpets' - well known british commercial
  157. businessman
  158. Owner of PRS Guitars
  159. buisnessman ceo bell atlantic
  160. publisher
  161. computer software designer
  162. businessman
  163. Animation studio
  164. businessman, Secretary of Treasury, 2003-2006
  165. Owner of In and Out burger
  166. publisher
  167. Billionaire husband of Elle McPherson
  168. businessman
  169. Personal Finance Expert / Editor of Moneyweek.
  170. CEO and founder of Kate Somerville Skin Care
  171. Animation company
  172. businessman
  173. Aviation pioneer W/Fred Sigrist, others set up Sopwith Aviation Company which produced 18,000+ British WWI aircraft for allied forces, including 5747 of the famous Sopwith Camel single-seat fighter/awarded the CBE 1918
  174. American journalist and author. He is a financial columnist for The New York Times and a co-anchor of CNBC's Squawk Box. He is also the founder and editor of DealBook, a financial news service published by The NYT. . Co-Creator, Billions (Showtime)
  175. entrepreneur, philantropist, financier, business man
  176. Former president of Indian Motorcycle
  177. Former Sony executive; DVD producer Hellboy/Hellboy 2 DVDs
  178. businessman
  179. Entrepreneur, co-founder of Kate Spade New York, brother of David Spade, ex-husband of Kate Spade
  180. Philadelphia buisnessman and philanthropist
  181. Author and founder of the viral media company Dose and the founder of MuggleNet, a Harry Potter fansite (at age 12)
  182. Founder of Spector Bass Guitar Company
  183. nobel economics laureate 2001
  184. Norwegian businessman
  185. Founder of Snapchat, married to Model Miranda Kerr
  186. Inventor of the board game Operation
  187. The Sporting News publisher
  188. Writer/Lawyer
  189. Coyoto Ugly New York
  190. Thai billionare. CEO and Founder of King Power Duty Free
  191. Official photographer for the Dallas Cowboys for 30 Years
  192. businessman
  193. businessman
  194. businessman
  195. Army Air Corp pilot, owner of Capitol Air
  196. Game programmer: Viva Pinata
  197. Game programmer - Viva Pinata
  198. The Skydeck GM
  199. Philadelphia mobster. in prison
  200. president of CBS Inc. for 26 years, from 1945 to 1973
  201. Animation company
  202. Born in 1938 Inventor of Laser Printer
  203. businessman
  204. businessman
  205. From now defunct, Bear Stearns Co
  206. Born July 2, 1984 Youngest Serving Current Senator Lives in Willsboro, N Y
  207. businessman
  208. The real Jerry McGwire
  209. businessman
  210. Baseball co owner with Hank Steinbrenner and son of NY Yankees owner George Steinbrenner
  211. Son of New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and part owner of the New York Yankees now
  212. Founder of Steiner Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles
  213. Ceo of waste management
  214. businessman
  215. Managing Editor of Time magazine
  216. businessman
  217. Dutch politician
  218. Principal owner of the Tampa Bay Rays
  219. businessman
  220. CEO of Longevity Benefits. Author of The War on Medical Terrorism. Employee benefits visionary offers a fix for what's broken
  221. Invented magnetic computer disc drive
  222. Co-Founder of Stax Recordsrock and roll hall of fame inductee
  223. CEO of Ihop
  224. NY socialite, billionaire business woman - Martha Stewart Living (company, t.v. series and magazine), soon-to-be star of own reality show
  225. CEO and founder of Common Sense Media
  226. American hedge fund manager, philanthropist, environmentalist, progressive activist, and fundraiser
  227. businessman
  228. publisher
  229. Billionaire businessman
  230. businessman
  231. Reality star on pawn master on Pawnathon Canada;
  232. President and CEO Planned Parenthood, Minnesota
  233. Writer & was vice president and managing editor of The New York Sun, which was published from 2002 to 2008/'JFK , Conservative'
  234. Author also the co-founder of Twitter
  235. Michael Stone  (3)
    Psychologist/doctor on the history televisions hit tv series 'Most Evil'
  236. businessman
  237. Norwegian businessman owning lots of hotels
  238. businessman
  239. television executive
  240. Austrian and Canadian businessman and politician. Founder of the Austrian political party Team Stronach
  241. businessman
  242. Baseball Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Fresno Grizzlies AAA team of the San Francisco Giants
  243. Multi Millionaire - The Apprentice
  244. Former Editor The Ring Magazine
  245. Animation production studio
  246. businessman
  247. Infomercial Pitchman (Smart Chopper, Swivel Sweeper, Foodsaver, One Sweep, Taplight, First Alert, Magikan). Co-host with Billy Mays - Pitchmen
  248. Racing team owner; also co-founded sports nutrition supplement firm Protein Bullet and the Dallas-based private equity fund Modena Capital Group
  249. businessman
  250. businessman
  251. businessman publisher
  252. businessman
  253. Kiribati businessman, CEO of Coral Sun Airways
  254. Businessman and Co-founder of Lime Bikes
  255. Motivational speaker, president of Jeffrey Sussman Inc (a marketing/publicity firm) and author of 13 books including Max Baer and Barney Ross: Jewish Heroes of Boxing
  256. businessman
  257. Nintendo employee who served as the Senior Editor of Nintendo Power, voice actress, and Nintendo of America localization manager at Treehouse for numerous titles both within and outside the Mario franchise from 2000-2015
  258. Tim Sweeney  (3)
    CEO of Epic Games
  259. businessman
  260. businessman
  261. Created the Keurig instant coffee system in the early 1990s