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  1. WW2 Veteran-The Last Voyage of The SS Henry Bacon
  2. WWII: Bataan Death March survivor
  3. Professor, Political Analyst/JFK Book; 'The Kennedy Half-Century: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy'
  4. USAF General
  5. Director of CAMMP, Professor of Chemical Engineering
  6. WWII: Survived the sinking of the USS McCawley (AP-10) off the coast of Guadalcanal Island, 30 June 1943
  7. One of the oldest women in the UK. Born: 1907. Recently celebrated her 109th birthday. Also one of the last surviving witnesses of Germany's Zeppelin raids in the UK, from 1914-1918. Lives in Stanmore, London, UK
  8. Military
  9. Amateur paleontologist, was responsible for the initial discovery of Stan's bone fragments, and as a result is the namesake for the T. rex. The Stan T.Rex is named after him
  10. 23-year-old American student in his senior year at California State University, Sacramento, who helped avert a massacre when an armed attacker began shooting on a train from Amsterdam to Paris; received France's Legion of Honor
  11. Sometimes They Come Back, Twister, Idle Hands, Disclosure, Frank and Jesse, Hellraiser: Inferno
  12. Russian explorer; appeared in Titanic (1997)
  13. Writer, Burlesque performer, worked at Exotic World in CA
  14. Indian Activist
  15. Inventor/Married professors Ugur Sahin and Ozlem Tureci developed science of Pfizer vaccine to treat Covid-19/German billionaire, physician, oncologist and entrepreneur of Turkish origin
  16. Former Turkish Air Force general born 1925, sentenced to life imprisonment in 2014 for his role in the 1980 Military Coup in Turkey
  17. 4-Star General
  18. Astronaut
  19. Japanese WWII Veteran
  20. WWII: 442nd Regimental Combat Team (all Japanese-American unit). Served from May 1944 until the end of the war, incl. the rescue of the Texas 'Lost Battalion'. Wounded 4 times, rcvd 2 Bronze stars.Served with Joe Sakato & Dan Inouye (MOH)
  21. Japanese naval aviator and flying ace of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II.
  22. Japanese Midget Sub Captain (Pearl Harbor Attack) US P.O.W. #1
  23. Former resident of Hashima Island a.k.a Battleship Island in Nagasaki, Japan. He and the rest of the population where evacuated in 1974, when the island was closed. It was recently seen on the documentary series 'Life After People'. He lives in Japan
  24. Congressional Medal of Honor, US Army, WWII
  25. Nobel medicine laureate 1991
  26. American former vintner, public official, and television personality. He and ex-wife, Michaele, gained national notoriety in November 2009 by crashing a White House state dinner in honor of India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh
  27. Battle of the Bulge Veteran
  28. American serial killer who murdered patients while working as a respiratory therapist.
  29. Convicted of murdering music star Selena Quintanilla
  30. WWII: D-Day. 20th Infantry Division
  31. One of the last survivors of the Armenian genocide of 1915
  32. Survivor of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps. Pictured in the famous photo of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen April 15 1945
  33. Wife of Pierre Salinger, Press Secretary in White House under JFK
  34. WWII Veteran, D-Day Veteran, Fox Company
  35. American Biologist - Inventor of Vaccine for Polio
  36. WWII - British D-Day veteran of the Pioneer Corps who had the job to clear the landing areas of obstructions, explosives and defences so that troops and armour could quickly get off the beaches
  37. Retired General
  38. JFK/Sang at Jack Ruby's Club The Carousel in 1963/Friend of Jack Ruby/Called after Assassination & was added to Warren Report/Lounge Singer/Sinatra & others impersonator
  39. Scientist
  40. WWII: PTO. Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Civilian underwater welder who barely survived the attack, rescued sailors from the USS Oklahoma and eventually was assigned to remove the main 16-inch diameter guns and three turrets
  41. WWII: British Arctic Convoy veteran
  42. German WWII Army Guard, born 1923. Last living witness to the July 1944 'Operation Valkyrie' briefcase bombing suicide attempt on Hitler's life at the Wolf's Lair( Wolfsschanze)
  43. When Kennedy was brought to Parkland Hospital, Dr. Kenneth Salyer, then a 27-year-old resident, was the doctor on duty & treated JFK/Contends JFK was wearing a back brace on the day he died. If he had not, he might have lived
  44. On the pioneer 10 spacecraft shot up in the 70s NASA included a gold disk so if aliens found it they see what we are like.Also on spacecraft was a Greetings drawing showing where to find us,what we look like etc.
  45. Dallas Cowboys Defensive End; 2013 SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year with the University of Missouri
  46. Former president of the International Olympic Committee
  47. WWII: Highly decorated Azerbaijanian veteran of the war, who fought for the Soviets. He received the Order of Glory 3rd degree in 1942 for heroic actions, and went on to fight in other battles including the Battle of Berlin. Now 96
  48. Oberscharführer in the Waffen SS who was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. WWII
  49. WWII: One of the last 4 Monuments Men, who rescued artwork and cultural pieces during and after WWII
  50. 101st Airborne soldier who helped guard the Little Rock Nine students integrating their high school in 1957
  51. Only inhabitant of America's smallest town Buford, Wyoming and self-proclaimed mayor of the town of one
  52. Translator for Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya who meet with Donald Trump Jr. July of 2016 offering damaging information on Hillary Clinton to interfere with 2016 Presidential Election
  53. WWII - Iwo Jima survivor, USMC
  54. Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History; the acting secretary of the Smithsonian (2007-2008)
  55. American WWII Marine, born 1926. Saw action at Peleliu
  56. WWII: USMC. Radio operator, saw active service in Kwajalein, Iwo Jima and Saipan, where he was wounded
  57. attorney
  58. Nobel Prize winning economist. Born: 05/15/1915
  59. Swedish nobelprize winner
  60. Pussy Riot Member/Political Activist
  61. Born:07/20/1896 The Oldest Living person in the World. Lives in Texas. One of only 5 people documented born in the year 1896 still living
  62. Turkish biochemist and molecular biologist. In 2015, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Tomas Lindahl and Paul L. Modrich for their mechanistic studies of DNA repair
  63. Spanish fighter ace from WW2
  64. Born 1930 Richard Nixon's Valet until about 1980. Born in Spain and might have returned there after 1980
  65. WW2 Veteran : 30th Infantry Division Sharpshooter at Omaha Beach
  66. Scientist
  67. Highest ranking member of the SS known to be alive. Born: 08/17/1911
  68. Daughter of the Famed American poet Carl Sandburg
  69. Deepwater Horizon Explosion Survivor/Crane Operator
  70. Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy MCPON #5
  71. David Sanders  (2)
    Orderly who assisted in Trauma Room 2 at Parkland Memorial after assassination of President kennedy
  72. One of the world's oldest persons, born January 9, 1902. She remembers The Great Depression of the 1930's and seeing Halley's Comet, when it made its first pass of the 20th century in 1910. She is now 110 and lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
  73. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor. Anti-aircraft gunner, 251st Coastal Artillery (California National Guard) on Hospital Point, where the Nevada went aground. He shot down a Japanese Zero fighter plane headed toward the local hospital
  74. American WWII Merchant Marine veteran of WWII, born in 1925. Part of 'Murmansk Run' convoys bringing supplies to and from the Russian port by international forces challenged by arctic conditions
  75. WWII - Navajo Code Talker, enlisted 1943, 2nd and 5th Marine Division
  76. WW2 Navajo Indian Code Talker, 1 of only 13 remaining
  77. WWII: Navy veteran. Battle of the Coral Sea, Battle of Midway. USS Hammann
  78. JFK - Witness to the famous Parking Lot Speech in Fort Worth by President Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963, got to meet and shake hands with JFK, and pictured in a well-known photograph by Gene Gordon
  79. Fmr First Lady of South Carolina
  80. WWII: PTO. Survivor of the sinking of the USS Liscome Bay in the Battle of Tarawa on 23 November 1943 when 687 got killed
  81. Nobel chemistry laureate 1958 & 1980. Only person alive to have won two Nobel Prizes. Born: 08/13/1918
  82. One of Britain's last surviving 'Canary Babies', born yellow because of dangerous chemicals poured into ammunition shells during WW1. She is now 97 years old and lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK
  83. Oldest Person in Italy Born 1893
  84. WWII Canadian Lieutenant General
  85. Italian WWII Biplane Ace, with 12 Victories
  86. Air Force General
  87. JFK - Contemporary witness to the Nov. 22, 1963, Dallas motorcade of President John F. Kennedy; saw the President from the 5th floor of the Neiman Marcus building
  88. Puerto Rican criminal, shooter at Fort Lauderdale Airport on January 7, 2017
  89. Spanish Civil War Veteran, Partido Obrero de Unificacion, Lives in Catalan. Born: 1916
  90. Unverified Italitan World War 1 Veteran. Born: 09/08/1902. Lives in Montecchio Precalcino
  91. Author of 1981 book nominated for National Book Award 'Everything we Had': an oral history of the Vietnam War by the men who fought it. Born 1949,founder Asia America Iniative, an Adjunct Professor in the Institute of World Politics
  92. US Marine vet, born 1931. Korean War vet saw action at Inchon, and one of the Chosin Few
  93. Decorated by Gen William Westmoreland, with Silver Star a company commander and Lt. in the US Army during the Vietnam War, graduate of OCS, author of the book 'Letters Home from Vietnam' insturmental in the construction of the NTC Vietnam Veterans Memoria
  94. Employed by KLIF in '63 , she was dispatched to Dallas Police Station after initial reports of shooting
  95. General George Pattons Driver from the invasion of Normandy, France to the end of World War 2. Born: 10/25/1918
  96. Survivor of 1944 Hartford Circus Fire
  97. President of Nation Abortion Fedweration
  98. Columbo mobster
  99. (1942-2005)Was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 15 spaceflight in 1974. This mission was intended to dock with the space station Salyut 3, but failed to do so after the docking system malfunctioned
  100. Flight scientist, NASA flight director
  101. Portuguese Historian and Jurist. Born: 10/03/1919
  102. Portuguese military officer and politician, was the chief strategist of the 1974 Carnation Revolution in Portugal
  103. French scientist and oceanograph
  104. Italian World War One Veteran.
  105. Organic Chemist,(1917-1999) Invented Process of Treating Pregnene Compounds Cortisone & the Sarett Oxidation process is named after him. Received the National Medal of Science in 1975 & Perkin Medal in 1976. 1980 was inducted into National Inventors HOF
  106. Ww2 womens army service pilot, Flew the pt-19, bt-13, bt-15, at-6, c-78, /SBO Dauntless, AT-9, at-11
  107. American economist, 2011 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
  108. Scientist
  109. WWII: Battle of the Bulge, Rhineland. 290th Infantry Regiment, 75th InfDiv (aka 'Bulgebusters') . Wounded in the Battle of the Bulge. Also joined the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) before the war
  110. Turkish born farmer who in 1948, discovered the remains of Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat. He lives in the village of üzengili, Turkey
  111. Activist
  112. Italian World War One Veteran.
  113. Former chairman of the Libertarian Party, and former candidate for Mayor of Phoenix
  114. Nun who claims to have been visited by the Virgin Mary in Yuzawadai, near the city of Akita, Japan in 1973 after which she was cured of her deafness; the Vatican has approved the events and messages she received as reliable and worthy of belief
  115. One of the many survivors of the dropping of the first Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima by the Enola Gay on 6 August 1945. She is now 83
  116. US Air Corps 1942-1945
  117. medal of honor army vietnam
  118. WWII veteran of the Aleutian campaign, and the Battle of Attu in Alaska
  119. The man credited with inventing the first digital camera,
  120. Member of a Band of Brothers
  121. Last Turkish Veteran of World War One. Born: 03/11/1898
  122. Former Surgeon General 1998-2002
  123. Astronaut
  124. Russian-born US real estate developer, former director of Bayrock Group LLC, a real estate conglomerate based out of NY City/Bragged Moscow could get Trump elected & could get Putin's team in 2015 to buy in Moscow Trump Tower
  125. Supercentenarian born 1896 Lives in Fukuoko prefecture japan
  126. WW2/Served in the 4th Armored Division of the United States Army, and participated in battles in Belgium, Germany and Czechoslovakia/Drove tank & loader/Worked with M4A1 Sherman Tank/Battle of the Bulge/Age 97 in 2020
  127. WWII - 4th Marine Division; fought at Roi Namur, Tinian, Saipan, and Iwo Jima. His platoon leader was Henry Bellmon, former governor of and later United States Senator from Oklahoma
  128. Tuskegee Airmen
  129. Explorer
  130. Paul Saunders  (2)
    Saboteur from the U.S.S. Barb WWII
  131. WWII: Survivor of the sinking of the SS Leopoldville on December 24, 1944
  132. Author of 'Twin Platoons' and 1 of 100+ young men and women sworn into the Marine Corps at a Minnesota Twins baseball game on June 28, 1967
  133. French coordination chemist. He has specialized in supramolecular chemistry for which he has been awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Sir J. Fraser Stoddart and Bernard L. Feringa
  134. 1965 lx ray namwas in columbus,ga but not now
  135. A driver with Continental Trailways in '63 , Savage drove the first White House Press bus in the motorcade in Dallas
  136. British environmentalist rowing solo across Pacific. Already has rowed Atlantic Ocean
  137. Activist provided information that led to exposure of Catholic Church Coverup which became the basis for the film Spotlight. Played by Neal Huff in the film
  138. long distance rower explorer
  139. long distance rower explorer
  140. WWII: Pacific Theater, Marine Corps
  141. 1960's free speech movement, Berkley
  142. Born August 8, 1948. Former Soviet cosmonaut (Soyuz T-7) in 1982; second woman in space, first woman to spacewalk.
  143. WWII: last Polish pilot of the Battle of Britain
  144. Cosmonaut
  145. A First Lieut. with the U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Div. , he commanded a Death Watch Rotation at the White House prior to President Kennedy's funeral
  146. Audience member and witness to Lincoln's assassination in Ford's Theater April 14, 1865. US Senator (R-SC, 1868-73). Born 1822, died 1891
  147. 'Tuskegee Airmen' '332nd Fighter Group, Overseas Pilot'
  148. WWII: Survivor of the sinking of the SS Leopoldville on December 24, 1944
  149. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Antares (AKS-3). The back then unarmed Antares detected a suspicious object near the harbour, informed the USS Ward which then identified it as a Japanese submarine and fired the first US shots of WWII
  150. WWII - Pearl Harbor 7 Dec 1941 survivor
  151. doolittle's raiders crew #15 engineer
  152. He is known as the modern day nostradomus because of his prophecies and predictions, His most famous book is 'notes from the cosmos'
  153. Member Early Birds of Aviation/devoted to history of early pilots. Started 1928 & membership totaled 598/Membership limited to the pilots of glider, gas balloon, or airplane, pre-12/17/1916. Time of Wright Bro's 1st flight-1916 when many trained for W
  154. US army general
  155. On July 21, 2017, President Donald Trump appointed him the White House Communications Director, held position for 10 days and was replaced by Hope Hicks
  156. animal ambassador (busch gardens), Has segment in Jack Hanna's show called 'Animal Wise'
  157. WWII: D-Day, Utah Beach. Battle of St. Lo. 90th Infantry Division, 359th Infantry Regiment. 2 Purple Hearts
  158. Philadelpia mob
  159. Ex leader of the National Union Of Mineworkers
  160. Mobster in the Columbo crime family, the son of Gregory Scarpa
  161. Youtuber and Adventurer
  162. Convicted murderer who, while in prison, murdered notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer and convicted murderer Jesse Anderson. He described the killings as 'the work of God'.
  163. Legally blind musher in the Iditarod Dog Race
  164. TV host (Weird US), author (Weird NJ, Weird US), co-founder and editor of WeirdNJ magazine
  165. Supercentenarian Born 1906
  166. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Schofield Barracks
  167. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Petty Officer 1st Class Schab, a sousaphone player in the admiral's band, served at the USS Dobbin, a destroyer tender. He saw the Utah capsizing and the USS Arizona explode
  168. Ww2 luftwaffe ace
  169. Ww2 german fighter ace 27 kills
  170. Egyptologist
  171. Paul Schaefer  (2)
    Director for Strategy ECJ5/J-8HQ EUCOM
  172. Iran Hostage Crisis/444 days of captivity as a hostage in Iran/USAF Attaché
  173. WWII - Medic on D-Day
  174. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor and a pilot in the first wave of planes in the Battle of Midway during World War II
  175. Centenarian (1896-2004). One of the last woman voters of the 1920 election, and campaigners for the right to vote beforehand. A WWII Goldstar mother, and a competitive ballroom dancer into her 100's who appeared with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show
  176. Mathamatician/Born:1915
  177. WWII: Marine Corps veteran ( A-1-6, 2nd MarDiv ) of the Battles of Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Saipan
  178. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941; USS Arizona
  179. WW1 Balloonist/Deployed on land and sea for use in observing enemy troops, artillery spotting, & locating submarines. Importance as observation platforms, balloons were heavily defended by anti-aircraft guns and patrolling fighter aircraft
  180. Flight attendent in the D. B. Cooper flight in 1971. Now lives in Lexington, South Carolina
  181. Apollo engineer; worked on Portable Life Support System; helped develop, troubleshoot and verify procedures used by astronauts use of space suits. Stowed Armstrong and Aldrin lunar suits in LM night before launch
  182. Former East German politician and trader, Special officer of the Ministry of State Security of the GDR, lives now in Rottach-Egern, Germany
  183. Noted author, scientist, and conservationist. Inspired Dian Fossey to study the mountain gorilla, now has a large conservationist organization
  184. US Army WWII vet. Fought in the Hurtgen Forest, the Bulge, and held as a POW by the Germans for 4 1/2 month in Stalag 9b
  185. Nobel medicine laureate 1977
  186. Historian / Television Presenter
  187. WWII: USS Helena
  188. American centenarian, born 1918. Double survivor of the 1918 Flu at 10 months old, and then Covid-19 at 102 years old
  189. WWII - Navy corpsman at the Battle of Iwo Jima who piloted an LST (landing ship tank) ashore. Also fought at the Battle of Okinawa
  190. German WWII Interrogator
  191. Centenarian (1895-2001). US WWI veteran, served in France
  192. Works with Cloning
  193. USAF General
  194. United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United States military's highest decorationâ-'the Medal of Honor-'for his actions in World War II
  195. Author/America's foremost pop historian of serial murder
  196. Lawyer for OJ Simpson murder trial; Founder of Innocence Project, with partner Peter Nuefeld
  197. Founder of the 'Deutschen Krebshilfe'. Wife of German Ex-President Walter Scheel. Very honoured german doctor. Died young at age 54 on cancer
  198. Debuted for Cubs in 1941 as right-handed-hitting catcher, but then served in military during WWII, finishing his career in 1951 with Cardinals. He managed Cubs 1957-59 and then managed the Tigers in 1961, 1962, and part of 1963
  199. German priest, Holocaust survivor and lecturer.Born 07/24/1913
  200. American cell biologist at the University of California. Sheckman was one of three researchers sharing the 2013 award of the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine
  201. Nobel Laureate Economics
  202. A Dutch historian who was the last insurgent of the Nazis'
  203. Supreme Court: Lead plaintiff in the landmark First Amendment case Abington School District v. Schempp (1963)
  204. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, Submarine Base, Torpedo Shop
  205. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941; later fought at Normandy
  206. Flight astronaut candidate
  207. Flight scientist, Kennedy Space Center Director
  208. Landed on Utah Beach on D-Day, June 6th 1944/Combat Engineer, Mine Detector, 531st Amphib Eng Battalion, 279th, D-Day
  209. Professional Speaker, Attorney / Writer
  210. Ww2 german fighter ace 18 kills
  211. Designer of the Taifun missile
  212. Former Alcatraz Inmate/US Navy Scuba Diver/Bank Robber
  213. (16 July 1877 - 6 December 1967) was a Hungarian-born American pediatrician. He is the founder of the Schick test/invented between 1910 and 1911 is a test used to determine whether or not a person is susceptible to diphtheria
  214. WWII: Navy fighter pilot at Guadalcanal (VF-14). Distinguished Flying Cross
  215. television director writer/Photographer on Robert Kennedy's presidential campaign staff, Schiller captured iconic images of Senator Kennedy during the months prior to his assassination
  216. Part of raid of WWII POW camp Cabanatuan
  217. WWII: PTO. Survivor of the sinking of the USS Liscome Bay in the Battle of Tarawa on 23 November 1943 when 687 got killed
  218. WWII Fighter Pilot, 357th Fighter Group
  219. Holocaust survivor, author of 'To See You Again - A True Story of Love in a Time of War'
  220. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor. Radar Operator at Opana Radar Station where they detected the incoming Japanese planes on Dec. 7, 1941. Schimmel, did not see the planes coming, but was told by other operators thus was the 5th person to know of the attack
  221. Norwegian lawyer
  222. One of the last 3 people known to have flown on the Hindenburg. Son of Max Schirmer, its aeronautical designer. Flew in 1936 over Switzerland when 5 year sold
  223. Astronaut: only man to participate in the Mercury,Gemini and Apollo space programs.
  224. women's activist
  225. Veteran
  226. Fox News Political pundit, head of the American Conservative Union, husband of Mercedes Schlapp (White House Director Of Communications)
  227. test pilot
  228. German physicist and ESA astronaut
  229. WWII: D-Day paratrooper, 508th PIR
  230. Army Private part of the 'Mountain Troops' caring for the horses and mules on the base. On the day of the attack at Pearl Harbor during WW2
  231. German pilot
  232. Centenarian and has published two volumes of her memoir, Snatched from Oblivion: A Cambridge Memoir and I Remember: A Life of Politics, Painting and People, as well as five children's books, which she also illustrated
  233. Author and historian - '1000 days: The presidency of JFK'
  234. Secretary to Wernher von Braun, from Pennemuende to Huntsville, from WWII and V2 to Apollo and Saturn V
  235. Flight scientist engineer in WW2
  236. Anne Frank's stepsister
  237. WWII: German fighter ace (8 victories)
  238. WW2 German Pilot
  239. WWII German Knights Cross Recipient
  240. American astrophysician, 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics with Saul Perlmutter and Adam Riess for providing evidence that the expansion of the universe is accelerating
  241. Ww2 ace-6 kills
  242. Canadian Ace of WWII, Pilot
  243. German ww2 pilot
  244. Inventor of the Schmidt sting pain index. Has documented over 80 stings from different insects, describing the pain and the insect world through his book titled, The Sting Of The Wild
  245. Scientist
  246. Steve Schmidt  (3)
    Republican campaign Strategist. Worked on John McCain's 2008 Presidential Campaign. Played by Woody Harrelson in the film Game Change
  247. Inventor of Prozac
  248. Author of Silent Impact Influence Through Purpose, Persistence and Passion,' award-winning sports broadcaster, community leader and popular keynote speaker. Joined KSTP-TV in 1985 and has won 18 Emmys from the National Television Academy
  249. Former U.S. Senator from New Mexico (1977-1983); Former Astronaut/Moonwalker
  250. WWII: 1st Marine Division, Battle of Okinawa
  251. Ww2 tank ace- panzers
  252. JFK - Motorcycle cop that was assigned to President Kennedy for his motorcade in San Antonio, Nov. 21, 1963
  253. Test Pilot
  254. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Defended Hickam Air Field during the attack. Witnessed the first atomic bomb test from afar
  255. army general
  256. Retired German general
  257. Civilian Pearl Harbor Survivor
  258. Worked in the advertising department at The Dallas Morning News in 1963 and was with Jack Ruby at the time of the assassination. His wife, Marjorie, was a volunteer at the Trade Mart luncheon
  259. WWII: Luftwaffe radio operator who risked his life to give a Channel Island family some rations. Made international news in 2017. Now 97/98 and living in Essex
  260. James A. Schoke was part of the Special Engineer Detachment that worked at the Met Lab at the University of Chicago on the Manhattan Project. He worked for the instrument group, inventing instruments to detect uranium, alpha rays, and more
  261. Canadian economist, Nobel Prize in Economics 1997
  262. Spanish Civil War Veteran, Germany, Legion Condor, Born: 1911
  263. Tunnel Rat Vietnam War 25th Infantry Div./Author 'In There Own Words: Vietnam'/Wife named Gail, lives in maybe Colorado or Texas
  264. Chief of Staff of the Army (2003- )
  265. WWII Marine veteran of Guadalcanal and Peleliu
  266. medal of honor army karean war
  267. Flying Tigers-crew chief
  268. WWII Pearl Harbor survivor. USS Henley
  269. WWII B-17 Ball Turret Gunner of B-17 'Pot O'Gold' (42-31377), 327th Bomb Squadron, 92nd Bomb Group, damaged but on purpose not shot down by German ace Hans Hermann Muller on Feb. 22, 1944. (They later became friends)
  270. Nobel physics laureate 1972
  271. air force general
  272. Scientist Chemistry, 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  273. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Ash
  274. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor 7 December 1941. USS Ash
  275. WWII - D-Day; Company F of the 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division. First American soldier to come ashore from a landing craft at Utah Beach
  276. WW2 Luftwaffe Ace and Me262 pilot/Shot down by Joseph Peterburs & later became friends
  277. Former Dept. of Defense graphics supervisor; airborne radio operator-gunner in WWII (464th Bomb Grp, 15th AF; Africa/Italy); also painted nose art. After the war, Army cartoonist who did decades of Army cartoons incl. the Berlin Air Lift
  278. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor (December 7, 1941) USS Phoenix (CL-46)
  279. Supercentenarian. Born: 09/05/1897. Currently 7th oldest person in the world
  280. WWII: D-Day. Omaha Beach. Landed with LST-510 on Omaha Beach around noon of June 6, 1944. 90-millimeter artillery gunner of Battery B of the the 110th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Gun Battalion. Battle of the Bulge
  281. Memoir, The Ghost in General Patton's Third Army. The ghost soldiers were members of the XX Corps, which earned the title Ghost Corps when, during combat/Typist for a Colonel in G-3
  282. German ww2 pilot
  283. Co-invented optical fiber; Inventor Hall of Fame inductee; President Natl Academy of Engineering
  284. Canadian Ace of WWII, Pilot
  285. WWII: Marine Corps veteran of the Battles of Tarawa, Tinian
  286. WWII Veteran in General Patton's 3rd Army. Wrote a Book
  287. WWII: German bomber and fighter communications, pilot 1940-1945 (103 missions). 23 night bombing misions (DO-217) over England incl. London (1942/1943). Bf-109 pilot for JG 5 in 1944 in Finland. POW, 3 victories. Also flew ME-109G, ME-110C and JG51
  288. Daughter of Walter Schulze-Mittendorff, who created the robot in the 1927 movie 'Metropolis'
  289. USS Pueblo
  290. North Poal Explorer. Author
  291. vietnam war air force hero
  292. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Medusa
  293. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  294. Holocaust survivor had book written about her called hiding edith
  295. President of the European University Viadrina
  296. One of the two first official guests of Disneyland (July 18, 1955)
  297. One of six teens that went to JFK Airport to see the Beatles in 1964 and Ringo Starr took a picture of them. Pictured in Starr's book 'Photograph'
  298. Director of forensic psychiatry at Kings County. Evaluated Mark David Chapman after he killed John Lennon
  299. WWII veteran, POW, born 1915. Captured by the Japanese 12/9/41 when they invaded Guam, he was held POW for 1367 days--the entire war!
  300. air force general
  301. WWII: Army Air Corps in the Phillippines. Surrendered and was part of the Bataan Death March (9 April 1942). Spent the rest of the war as a POW. After the war, he went on the be a jeweler and sold Elvis' the first of the famous TCB necklace
  302. army general
  303. Retired Army General
  304. Medical Expert, Founder of the Endocrinology Institute
  305. German social activist, author
  306. U. S. General - Desert Storm Fame born 1934
  307. Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 9, and performed the first in-space test of the Portable Life Support System that was used by moonwalkers
  308. Flight aviator, NASA astronaut candidate
  309. German businessman and stuntman; bungie jumping pioneer with several world records
  310. Non-commissioned officer who served in the German army during World War II. He was a recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves
  311. WWII - German paratrooper of Fallschirmjäger-Regiment 6 (6th Paratrooper Regiment); fought in the Battle of Carentan where his regiment had a direct frontline to the famous 'Band of Brothers' of Dick Winters
  312. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Trever
  313. WWII: Battle of Coral Sea, Battle of Midway
  314. US Army General
  315. Was a German Officer in WWII, was in the Fuhrerbunker with Hitler. Born: 07/24/1915
  316. Legedary writer and history expert
  317. One of the last crew members and survivors of MV Wilhelm Gustloff, which sank after being torpedoed by submarine in 1945 resulting in the greatest ship disaster in history. He is now 86 and recently wrote the book "The Sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff"
  318. German ww2 pilot
  319. New England Mobster
  320. Was a United States Navy officer and a NASA astronaut. He is credited with conducting the first unscheduled extra-vehicular activity of the space program during Space Shuttle mission STS-51-D.
  321. air force general
  322. Current Director of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (Since March 5th, 2012)
  323. Educator (Scopes Monkey Trial)
  324. WWII - Iwo Jima survivor. Radioman at 28th Regiment of the Fifth Marine Division. He landed in the first 35 minutes of the battle. His duties also included protecting the Navajo Code Talkers
  325. RAF fighter ace 5 victorys test pilot
  326. Countrys Oldest Licensed Pilot Born:1905
  327. Artist and Granddaughter of Robert Falcon Scott, the legendary Antarctic explorer
  328. Flight astronaut gemini 8 apollo 9 apollo 15
  329. Air Force General
  330. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  331. British mountaineer and explorer
  332. Scientist and TV presenter
  333. James Scott  (4)
    Lz xray 1965 nam
  334. Author, The Iran Contradiction. Former Military Officer Vietnam 1967. 101st Airborne Divison. Wounded during North Vietnamese Army's Tet Offensive of 1968
  335. NASA Astronaut candidate Group 3-1963'Early in Space Program'
  336. Blue Angels, U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron FA-18 Flight Demonstration Pilot
  337. Former CIA agent who served in the Cold War; trained Tibetans for paratrooper service, trained South-Vietnamese, many missions, including Operation Cold Feet in 1962, where he operated the Skyhook system (007 movie 'Thunderball')
  338. Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) 10, from 2002-2006
  339. Walter Scott  (3)
    A captain in the 3rd U.S. Inf. Reg. in '63 , Scott was stationed in Washington the weekend of the assassination and was assigned outside St. Matthew's Cathedral during the funeral . Was standing close to John Jr. at the time of his salute
  340. Retired Astronaut
  341. Ace and member of the AVG-Flying Tigers
  342. Brigadier general in U.S. Air Force. Scott known for autobiography God is My Co-Pilot about exploits in WW II with Flying Tigers & the United States Army Air Forces in China & Burma. The book was eventually made into a film of the same name
  343. army general educator
  344. British Major General, born in 1920, participated in the D-Day invasion
  345. JFK - Secret Service, later household staff director at the White House. Served from Truman to Clinton. Assisted Jackie Kennedy in the funeral preparations
  346. Canadian Lawyer & Judge. Member of the Order of Canada
  347. Morgan Stanley employee working in Tower 2 of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. He bravely led the evacuation of 276 fellow employees
  348. British born rocket scientist who worked on the construction of The Black Knight Rocket, the United Kingdom's first rocketry project after WW2. Lives on the Isle of Wight or in the UK
  349. A stenographer with South-Western Pub. Co. in '63 , she worked on the 2nd floor of the TSBD . Standing on the north side of Elm St. , she witnessed the assassination and can be seen on the Zapruder film
  350. Spitfire Ace - North African desertand Italy
  351. Australian born Astronaut scientist, flew on STS-41 G Challenger as Payload Specialist
  352. D-Day landings veteran. Born: 1924. He is now 90 and lives in London, UK. Also a HMS Belfast crew member
  353. Astronaut
  354. Canadian Lawyer & Politician
  355. Rowing
  356. Fort Worth Police Officer , worked the Kennedy motorcade route to Hotel Texas on Nov. 21 . After the assassination he guarded the Oswald remains at Miller Funeral Home
  357. WWII: US Navy. Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Reid. Aleutian Campaign. Philippines
  358. WWII: Last survivor of the sinking of the HMS Exeter, 1 March 1942. Also served during the Battle of the River Plate (1939). Spent 3 years as a Japanese POW
  359. WWII: PTO. Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima
  360. Wasp, Flew the A-24
  361. army general
  362. American serial killer who struck New York City from 1990 to 1993. Before being caught in 1996, he killed three people and critically wounded four. Seda is believed to have admired San Francisco?s Zodiac Killer for avoiding capture
  363. Flight astronaut sts-51d,40,58
  364. leading physicist of the Soviet Union
  365. German pilot
  366. German World War 1 (lives in USA)Veteran/Born:12/12/1899
  367. WWII: PTO. Battle of Peleliu
  368. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor (Schofield Barracks); Guadalcanal; New Georgia. 25th ID
  369. astronaut
  370. Female French Resistance Fighter in WWII
  371. Pearl Harbor vet, USS Nevada, born 1923. Stayed on the Nevada through most of the war, supporting the landings of D-Day, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa
  372. Canadian Scientist. Member of the Order of Canada
  373. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Robin in a long series of battles all over the Pacific
  374. WW2 POW, 'Bridge over the River Kwai' prisoner
  375. German World War One survivor
  376. German politician
  377. Co-pilot on flights backing up Air Force 1 during JFK presidency.Former U.S. Air Force captain. Met Kennedy family & spent time with Caroline & John Jr. During Cuban missile crisis, his plane carried a JFK decoy during a top-secret flight
  378. German WWII-Pilot, Ju88 pilot, Mistel mission of WWII
  379. WW2/Japanese American/Go For Broke/US Army Units served 442nd regiment, 3rd battalion, Company L/Purple Heart; 2 Unit Citations; O'Connor Task Force; Bruyeres
  380. Japanese fighter ace from WW2, 7 kills
  381. Attorney/Host/Pundit/Author - The Rise Of ISIS. Has done studies on the rise of terrorism, host of Jay Sekulow Live!
  382. American lawyer, radio talk show host, political consultant, Executive Director at the American Center for Law & Justice, a conservative international public interest law firm and watchdog group founded by his father, Jay Sekulow
  383. JFK - Chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine at Parkland in 1963 and part of the team trying to save President Kennedy on Nov. 22, 1963. Also summoned to Dachau to testify as an expert witness in the trial of a Nazi doctor in 1947
  384. Lz xray 1965
  385. Author and CNN analyst
  386. astronaut
  387. B-17 bomber pilot, WWII, 8th Air Force. Shot down by a FW-109 over Ruhland, Germany, 12 September 1944. Sole survivor in a crew of ten. P.O.W. for 9 months. PH AM POW medals
  388. Nobel economics laureate 1994
  389. WWII: 4th Battalion, 29th Infantry. A communications specialist that served on D-Day (3rd or 4th wave, Omaha Beach), The Battle of the Bulge, Liberation of Dachau
  390. WWII: ETO. 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, the 'Ghost Army'. The Ghost Army deceived enemies into thinking that there were unaccounted divisions out there
  391. Actress including: 'I Dream of Jeannie' (1966) in the episode of: 'Richest Astronaut in the World' as Helga; and as Linda in the 1970 movie: 'Horror of the Blood Monsters' aka 'Creatures of the Prehistoric Planet'; plus as Anna in 'Run for Your Life.'1965
  392. American Nobel Laureate who is the professor of pediatrics. He shared the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for 'discoveries of how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability' with William Kaelin Jr. and Peter J. Ratcliffe
  393. WWII: D-Day veteran
  394. Is a centenarian and is India's oldest living cinematographer. Known for over 18 films
  395. Member of the French maquis in WW2
  396. Polish Social Worker Saved Jewish Children during Holocaust
  397. Mobster
  398. WWII: PTO. 5th Air Force
  399. American physicist born March 14, 1909, at the 'Manhattan Project' (Trinity). Wrote 'The Los Alamos Primer' who was a printed project 'Wiki' for new team members.
  400. Russian cosmonaut. 4 space flights. 1st to fly the Soviet 'flying armchair' maneuvering unit called 'Ikar'
  401. Paleontology superstar, discovered Afrovenator, Jobaria
  402. Hungarian fighter ace from WW2
  403. Italian veteran from WW1
  404. The fourth Russian woman cosmonaut in space, and the first Russian woman to go to the International Space Station
  405. Former NYPD Police Officer who exposed police corruption. Al Pacino played him in the movie 'Serpico.'
  406. San Francisco area attorney
  407. American Child Actress,Author and Historian born 1918.knowed as BABY PEGGY in silent movies 1920-28.'Helens Babies','Family Secret','Jack and the Beanstalk','Little Rascal','Hansel and Gretel','Cpt.January' Born: 10/26/1918
  408. French mathematican, born 1926
  409. 98-years old British veteran of the Spanish Civil War; living in the United Kingdom, featured in the documentary, 'The First Will Be The Last' by Pasquale D'Aiello
  410. Carmine Sessa, alias Carmine Marletta (born 1951) is an Italian-American mobster, chef and hitman who became the consigliere of the Brooklyn-based Colombo crime family and played a key role in the family from 1991 to 1993
  411. WWII: CBI. He flew 30 roundtrip missions in C-46s and C-47s over the Hump
  412. (1935-2010) Was a Soviet cosmonaut who flew on the Soyuz 9 and Soyuz 18 missions. He worked in ground control for the Salyut 6 station before returning to spacecraft design in the 1980s to work on the Buran project
  413. Saboteur from U.S.S. Barb WW II
  414. WWII - Iwo Jima. CO of Company E, 2nd Battalion, 28th Marine Regiment, 5th Marine Div. His 3rd Platoon, led by 1st Lt Wells, is the most decorated Marines Platoon in history. He is the CO who selected the men who went up Mt. Suribachi
  415. Honor Guard For President Ford
  416. (born 1973, Aalborg, Denmark) is a four-time World Champion freediver and holder of two Guinness World Records
  417. Army General
  418. One of the oldest people in the world; born in 1896; Rutgers University Class of 1917 - Deceased 2008
  419. John Edward Sexton is an American lawyer and academic. Sexton served as the 15th President of NYU, from 2002 to 2015. He also authored Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game with Thomas Oliphant & Peter J. Schwartz
  420. Female WWII veteran, WASP pilot (1917-2017). One of the 'Lucky Thirteen' WASP pilots to train and fly the B-17 'Flying Fortresses'
  421. WWII: US Navy veteran. Battle of Midway (June 1942), Battle of Santa Cruz (October 1942), Battle of Formosa (1944), a.o. Served on USS Russell (DD-414) and USS Houston (CL-81)
  422. The Air Force first female enlisted Global Hawk drone pilot
  423. Granddaughter of the famous Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton
  424. English archaeologist best known for her studies of The Yeti aka The Abominable Snowman and The Almas, the wild man of Mongolia. Now lives in North Yorkshire, England
  425. Lz xray 1965
  426. WWII - D-Day U.S. Navy Seaman U.S. Navy 2nd Class Motor Machinist's Mate. Shaeff was USS LST-290 on D-Day to carry troops and equipment to the shore
  427. Ace (5 kills - 2 in WWII & 3 in Korean War)- USAAF/USAF, p-47, f-86, me 109
  428. WWII: Served on LST-474 in the Pacific
  429. Fictionalized as Radar O'Reilly in 1968 novel MASH by Richard Hornberger. Vietnam/Korean Vet, Spent his last 20 years in military intelligence
  430. Criminal: accused of helping to kill his three sisters and mother
  431. Criminal killed his 3 daughters and first ex-wife
  432. Woman who claimed to be the nurse being kissed by the sailor in Alfred Eisenstaedt's famous VJ Day 1945 photo on the cover of Life Magazine
  433. Former Israeli soldier who was held captive by Hamas for five years
  434. WWII: One of the last 'Rats of Tobruk'. The Rats of Tobruk was the name given to the soldiers of the garrison who held the Libyan port of Tobruk against Rommel's Afrika Corps, during the Siege of Tobruk, Lybia
  435. 'Band of Brothers' '101st Airbourne Division, 506th Parahute Infantry Regiment, Easy Company' 'Battlefield Commission- Normandy'
  436. Retired Navy Admiral
  437. Acting Secretary of Defense Jan 2019 -
  438. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941, USS Medusa
  439. Security Officer at Parkland Memorial on Nov.22 , 1963 when President Kennedy and Governor Connolly were brought there after assassination
  440. Went to same school as Lee Harvey Oswald for two grades ? third and 11th/ Oswald soon dropped out, and Shannon wouldn't? really think about him again for a few years until the Assassination of JFK
  441. Chaired first meeting with the Network Working Group to create the final version of the Interface Message Processor (IMP) specifications. Pioneer of the internet
  442. Lawyer & President & CEO of Consumer Technology Association. Author of The Comeback: How Innovation Will Restore the American Dream. Inducted into the Academy of Digital TV Pioneers. Received award as most influential in advancing HDTV
  443. Lawyer
  444. American attorney, sports agent, author, negotiator, educator, speaker, and civic leader. Founded Shapiro Advisors, the Shapiro Negotiations Institute and Shapiro Sher. Appeared on GMA, CNBC, Larry King, NPR, etc. Hosted a weekly TV show
  445. Merican mathematician and economist. With Alvin E. Roth, Shapley won the 2012 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 'for the theory of stable allocations and the practice of market design
  446. Flight scientist, NASA Official
  447. WWII veteran. At a retirement home in Florida, he discovered his good friend and neighbor was a German WWII veteran who'd fought against him at the Bridge at Remagen, and whose outfit had taken the neighbor POW
  448. Israli politician and writer
  449. Gerald Shargel (born October 5, 1944) is an American defense attorney based in New York City who has been a member of the New York Bar since 1969. He is widely regarded as one of the best lawyers in America - The New Yorker in a 10,000 word profile said h
  450. Spitfire Pilot, one of the few female Air Transport Auxiliary pilots
  451. First Indian In Space
  452. Worlds most flexible man. Lives in India
  453. cosmonaut
  454. 2015 inductee for National Inventors Hall of Fame
  455. Was A Honor Guard For JFK FuneralHe lives in Columbus, NEB
  456. Guinness World Records holder for the longest-lasting hip replacement. He was the first patient on the NHS to have hips replaced 67 years ago. He is now 91 and lives in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, UK
  457. nobel med. laureate 1993
  458. Californian geologist, best known for his studies of The Moving Rocks of Death Valley
  459. 4 Star General
  460. USS Indianapolis survivor
  461. nobel chemistry laureate2001
  462. Reverend, Civil Rights Activist, Former Presidential Candidate
  463. Cosmonaut; among other missions, crew member of Soyuz 10, the world's first mission to the world's first space station (Salyut 1) in April 1971
  464. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Patterson. The Navy credited him with shooting down a Japanese plane during the attack on 7 December 1941
  465. air force general association executive
  466. Co Founder and the face on the Burt's Bee's packaging
  467. Andy Shaw  (3)
    Member Sioux Tribe stationed Japan 24th Infantry Div./Survivor Korean Death March/29th Reg. Combat Team/Captured Oneui 7/26/1950 marched 40 miles south of Manchurian border, some 600 miles. POW 3 months one of 23 survivors of 1,500 captured
  468. An army helicopter pilot , on Nov. 21 he took Pres. and Mrs. Kennedy from the White House to Andrew's Air Base
  469. astronaut
  470. Jack Shaw  (2)
    'Spanish Civil War Veteran' 'International Brigade' 'British'
  471. John Shaw  (2)
    Artist, Aviation Art, Band of Brothers paintings
  472. Honor Guard for PresidentsGerald Ford & Richard Nixon
  473. JFK - Main surgeon to treat Gov. Connally at Parkland after being shot in assassination of President Kennedy, Nov. 22, 1963
  474. Disarmed a gunman at the 2018 Nashville Waffle House shooting
  475. British Chief Prosecutor Nuremberg Trials/His most famous line 'There comes a point when a man must refuse to answer to his leader if he is also to answer to his own conscience.'
  476. WWII: D-Day, Omaha Beach, first wave. A Penobscot Indian who was a medic in the 1st U.S. Infantry Division (16th Infantry Regiment). D-Day was his first day in combat
  477. former member of the British Security Service (MI5)
  478. Florida Skunk Ape Specialist
  479. USS Indianapolis survivor
  480. WWII: Melvin served in the US Army in the 6th Ranger Battalion where participated in the Great Raid at Cabanatuan in the Phillipines and was awared the Bronze Star Medal for his actions
  481. Israel professor of Materials Science. He was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 'the discovery of quasicrystals'.[3]
  482. Iraq War/George Bush protester, peace activist
  483. Oldest living Navy World War 2 Veteran. Born: May 17, 1906
  484. WW2 Lt.Col./served with the 38th Cavalry Squadron of 102nd Cavalry Group during the Battle of the Bulge/Born Sept. 18, 1919/a reconnaissance unit tasked with patrolling the forests of the Ardennes region when battle broke out on 12/16/1944
  485. Judge, 'The People's Court'
  486. Emergency Room Nurse at Parkland Memorial when President Kennedy and Governor Connolly brought there on Nov. 22 , 1963
  487. English scientist. He is known for having proposed an unorthodox account of morphogenesis and for his research into parapsychology and telepathy
  488. WWII - Ball-turret Gunner of B-17 "Big Yank", 483rd Bombardment Group, 840th Bombardment Sq. Base: Sterparone, Italy; on March 24, 1945, they flew the longest escorted European bombing mission to Berlin, credited for destroying 3 Me-262's
  489. Danny Shelton  (2)
    Founder and President of Three Angels Broadcasting network. He currently owns 8 24/7 TV shows and owns over 100 television stations in the US. He is also a songwriter and best selling author
  490. Longtime political reporter for the Dallas Times Herald, Shelton traveled with the presidential party during the November 1963 trip to Texas and later covered the Jack Ruby trial
  491. WWII: ETO. Battle of the Bulge. 99th Infantry Division
  492. 4-Star General, Born Feb 25, 1954
  493. WWII: D-Day paratrooper. Flew into Normandy aboard C-47 Skytrain 42-92841 'Turf & Sport Special' and dropped to St. Mere-Eglise on June 6, 1944.Normandy, Operation Market Garden, Battle of the Bulge. E Co, 2nd Bn, 508th PIR, 82nd AB
  494. First American in space, Apollo 14 moonwalker
  495. Police officer during the 1966 University of Austin shooting
  496. Scientist and author that invented the Shepard's Tone
  497. JFK - US Navy rear admiral; naval aide to President John F. Kennedy.