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  1. Nobel physics laureate 1999
  2. First Women to climb MT Everest
  3. Alleged thief of Binion silver
  4. Son of Anthony Taccetta
  5. Mobster
  6. Born 1895. One of oldest people in world. Lives in Guadeloupe
  7. Was featured as an infant in Nazi propaganda after her photo won a contest to find 'the most beautiful Aryan baby' in 1935. Taft's image was subsequently distributed widely by the Nazi party in a variety of materials, despite being Jewish
  8. Grandson of President William Howard Taft
  9. Son Of Robert Taft Jr
  10. Great Great grandson of Pres. William HowardTaft.Son of William Howard Taft IV
  11. Former Governor of Ohio (1999-2007) born 1942, Great Grandson Of President William Howard Taft
  12. Survivor of the Nuclear bomb in nagasaki
  13. Scotlands Oldest Living Man/WW1 Veteran(enlisted at end of War) Born: 06/28/1900
  14. Retired General
  15. Witness of the assassination of John F. kennedy in Dallas. Wounded in the cheek by a sidewalk fragment from a bullet fired at the President
  16. USMC SGT being held prisoner in Mexico
  17. One of two of Holocaust last living survivors of Nazi death camp Treblinka/Estimated that between 800.000 and 1.2million prisoners were taken to Treblinka/Lives in Israel
  18. Creator of Pokemon and founder of Gamefreak
  19. WWII Japanese Pilot
  20. Inductee of National Inventors Hall of Fame
  21. WWII: One of the few survivors of the Japanese Navy who were involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor. Survived the sinking of the Hiryu during the Battle of Midway in 1942, and almost starved on the Pacific Island Chuuk
  22. Retired General
  23. Bloodline/Vietnam Vet/Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Eagle Scout/Great grandfather killed in battle of Little Big Horn/Genus IQ 245
  24. vietnam war air force hero
  25. JFK/Kennedy Honor Guard Death Watch/Death watch at White House & Capital Grounds
  26. Cosmonaut from Cuba, is now the director of international relationships at the Deparment of Defense in Cuba
  27. WWII: Atlantic. Served on the USS Block Island (CVE-21)
  28. Oldest man in the world as of 2007. Born Sept 18, 1895. Lives in Miyakonojo, Japan.
  29. Japanese Supercentenarian. Born: 05/20/1899. 32nd Oldest Person in the World
  30. Japanese aircraft and automotive engineer. Japanese WWII Veteran
  31. Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2002
  32. Wasp wwii pilot
  33. One of the many survivors of the dropping of the first Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima by the Enola Gay on 6 August 1945. He is now 76
  34. Lakeland Flying Tigers AAA
  35. Vietnamese Minister of Justice during the Vietnam War era, now living in Exile in France
  36. army general
  37. Joseph 'Joey Flowers' Tangorra (born August 2, 1949) is a Lucchesse soldier, and former capo of the 'Bensonhurst Crew'. In September 2000, Tangorra was indicted along with acting boss Steven Crea
  38. WWII: Finnish Fighter Ace
  39. astronaut
  40. Hiroshima survivor, born in 1926 in California, moved to Japan at age 6. Drafted into the Japanese army during WWII, he was helping to dig an air raid shelter into a hill about a mile and a half from Hiroshima's center when the bomb hit. He emerged to see
  41. WWII: ETO. Battle of the Bulge and other major battles. 740th Tank Battalion ('Daredevil Tankers')
  42. Coast guard author
  43. One of the last survivors and the youngest from the sinking of RMS Lancastria, that sank in 1940 during WW2. She is now 74 and lives in Malvern, Worcestershire, UK
  44. John Tanner  (3)
    State attorney that prayed with Ted Bundy prior to his execution
  45. Astronaut
  46. Noted American Zoologist. Associated with BYU for most of his teaching and career. Born: 12/17/1909
  47. WWII - Monuments Men, 2nd (post-VE-Day) generation. Interrogated numerous Nazi officials involved in art operations, incl. Albert Speer and Walter Hofer. At Berchtesgaden, he worked to recover the objects from Hermann Göring's collection
  48. Figher ace iwo jima p-51
  49. Former Soviet military leader, doctor of technical sciences, member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences
  50. Firefighter caught in the World Trade Centre attacks on September 11 2001. Survived the collapse and is featured in the Naudet documentary, 9/11
  51. Soviet Astronaut
  52. Argentine human rights activist. A founding member of the Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo Association
  53. Spanish Civil War veteran (Born: 1917) was a volunteer of the Republican army, becoming an official. He fought in Madrid and the Battle of Teruel. One of the last surviving Republican officers. Now 99
  54. American astronomer and the current director of the Center for SETI Research. She is credited with coining the term 'brown dwarf' for the classification of stars with insufficient mass to sustain hydrogen fusion
  55. WWII: Nurse on hospital ship USS Solace
  56. Author/Retired Brigadier General
  57. Supercentenarian born 1906 5th oldest person living in France
  58. British-born American paleoanthropologist, author and curator emeritus with the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. Tattersall is currently working with the Templeton Foundation
  59. Retired General
  60. Fought at Iwo Jima.Veteran featured on the HBO miniseries The Pacific
  61. nobel chem. laureate 1983
  62. Born 1896 #71 oldest documented person in the world. Lives in Germany.
  63. WWII: PTO. USMC. Harold has been cited in several books and publications chronicling the history of the war for heroism in the battle of Sugar Loaf Hill on Okinawa. Purple Heart
  64. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, Army Medical Department
  65. World War II Veteran, D-Day Invasion, 101st Airborne Division
  66. Arthur Taylor  (2)
    WWII: Escaped the German Army in the 'Miracle of Dunkirk', May/June 1940. 13th Lysander Squadron RAF, but dispatched to the Royal Signals of the Army before Dunkirk as they were in need of wireless operators like him
  67. WWII: Signalman on HMS Palomares in the ill-fated PQ17 arctic convoy in July 1942 when 25 of 36 ships were lost to enemy actions
  68. Known as professor splash--he jumps from high hights Down in a pool With only 30 cm of water--has been on Americas got talent
  69. American aviator, notable for being in the late summer and early fall of 1976 the first person in history to successfully fly a homebuilt aircraft around the world. World War II Veteran
  70. Environmental sociologist and author. Research involves environmental history, justice, & policy, leisure and recreation, gender and development, urban affairs, race relations, collective action and social movements, etc
  71. Dallas Police Detective in '63 , he helped to arrest Oswald at Texas Theatre
  72. Tuskegee Airmen
  73. Hudson Taylor  (2)
    Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit organization Athlete Ally, former wrestling coach at Columbia University and a prominent straight ally and civil rights activist of LGBT rights
  74. Founder of Enterprise Rental cars, pilot aboard the USS Enterprise during WW2
  75. Medal of honor army vietnam, born 1937
  76. nobel physics laureate 1993
  77. Ken Taylor  (3)
    Former Canadian Ambassador To Iran, Helped a Group Of American Avoid Capture
  78. Pearl Harbor Suvivor 'Battleship California'
  79. WW2 veteran (Born: 1918) who helped plan the D-Day landings in June 1944. Also the first woman to get the Legion d'Honneur. She is now 98 and lives in London, UK
  80. Army General
  81. TV/movie actress of the 1960s + 70s: The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Peter Gunn, Dragnet (1958), Flight = 1 ep. 'Enemy Agent' of: 'Gen. Kenny that introduced the episodes was the commander of the 5th Air Force under MacArthur in WWII'; + 'Three Men in a Boat'
  82. nobel physics laureate 1990
  83. Robert Taylor  (6)
    Internet pioneer, who led teams that made major contributions to the personal computer, and other related technologies
  84. Robert Taylor  (8)
    WWII: Merchant Marine. Arctic convoys
  85. WWII: Survivor of the disastrous PQ 17 Arctic Convoy, July 1942; also a Malta convoys veteran
  86. Is the founder and president of the Antique Airplane Association Inc. as well as co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the Airpower Museum. Also is a World War II Veteran
  87. French Freedom Fighter WW2 Born c. 1916
  88. Distinguished correspondent at NBC who helped integrate TV news. Worked as a radio news writer, sports copy editor, reporter, anchorman and producer for more than three decades. Authored books exploring race in American society
  89. Retired General
  90. WWII Veteran from Kansas. He served in the 98th Infantry Division at the end of WWII as a replacement for the original infantry and trained for deployment in Japan. He was one of 15,000 replacements for the Division at the end of the war.
  91. Spanish soldier, tried a coup-etat in Spain in 1981 but failed
  92. businessman
  93. physicist/scientist
  94. Supercentenarian, born 1874
  95. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 Dec 1941; survived the sinking of 4 ships in WWII
  96. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor 7 December 1941. Navy radioman third class stationed at Ford Island
  97. Daughter of Cumbrian (UK) firefighter called - Jim Templeton, is the little in the famous photo of the 'Solway Firth Spaceman'
  98. The only African-American female to pilot the U-2 spy plane
  99. Holocaust Survivor portrayed in film 'Memoirs of Holocaust'
  100. Holocaust Survivor portrayed in film 'Memoirs of Holocaust'
  101. Independent writer, speaker, historian, and consultant on technology and culture. His book Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences has been an international bestseller
  102. WWII - Bataan Death March Survivor/192nd Tank Battalion, U.S. Army,made to march for 8 days after his capture/Former professor of economics at Arizona State University
  103. Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland during Queen Victoria's reign. 'The Charge of the Light Brigade', 'Break, Break, Break', 'Crossing the Bar'
  104. Soviet War Veteran (Red Army) Born: 07/12/1915
  105. Spanish Civil War Veteran. Spanish Republic. Lives in Berlin. Born: 11/26/1918
  106. 2022 special election Libertarian nominee for FL-20
  107. Bolivian army sergeant, who executed Che Guevara in 1967
  108. Closest living relative of Nikola Tesla and a Founding Director, Chairman of the Executive Board and, since 1998, Executive Secretary of the Tesla Memorial Society, Inc
  109. WW2 Battle of Britain pilot. Born in 1919, he joined 615 RAuxAF in March 1938. Called up in 1939, he flew on Beaufighters throughout the Battle of Britain. He is now 96 and lives in Wheldrake near York, UK
  110. US AF pilot during the Berlin Air Lift 1948
  111. Spiritual Leader
  112. Russian Cosmonaut, First woman in space
  113. Last survivng Tahitian WWII veteran
  114. British WWI soldier. Born: 06/23/1903
  115. Flight scientist, NASA/Voyager scientist , discovered several moons of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
  116. 'Commanding Officer Royal Air Force Abingdon'
  117. Clinical Sexologist-Sex Therapist to the Stars,Playboy April 1996
  118. Musician, Presidential Candidate ,Anti-Gay and Pro-Life Activist. Founded Operation Rescue. Got glitter bombed by Vermin Supreme during a debate
  119. Tuskegee Airmen, WW2; helped found Tuskegee Airmen Inc
  120. Grand-grandchild of the one of world's greatest inventor's, Nikola Tesla. In 1968, he wrote the book 'Tesla about Tesla'
  121. One of the youngest descendant of the man who invented the 20th century, Serbian-born American immigrant Nikola Tesla. She is 20 and lives in Smederevo, Serbian town near Belgrade
  122. WWII D-Day veteran, served on LCT transporting troops and supplies to the beaches under heavy fire. Also met Babe Ruth as a 5 year old in 1928 when his uncle played for the Red Sox
  123. Mobster
  124. WWII: Survivor of the failed Operation Jubilee ('Dieppe Raid') on 19 August 1942, when 60% of the mostly Canadian landing force were either killed, wounded or captured
  125. Japanese WWII Veteran
  126. Part of the Wernher von Braun Rocket team; arrived in the USA in 1953 as part of then still active 'Operation Paperclip'
  127. Vietnam war army hero 'Medal of Honor'
  128. Test pilot - Flew a F-82 Twin Mustang from Honolulu to New York
  129. WWII: Battle of Tarawa
  130. space shuttle astronaut, multi missioned
  131. American economist and the Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished Service Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics. In 2017, he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to Behavioral economics
  132. Super Centenarian born June 6, 1897 lives in Nebraska
  133. Doolittle's Raiders crew #7 Engineer/Gunner
  134. US Supercentenarian (1891-2005). A 1918 Flu survivor and most likely the last living person to have visited and have memories of the 1901 Pan Am Exposition
  135. artic explorer skier
  136. Fighter ace world war 2 6 1/2 kills
  137. US WWII Navy veteran, born 1927. USS Indianapolis survivor, one of the last 5 living as of 6/21
  138. german astronaut
  139. Witness 1937 Hindenburg Disaster. Lives in Pompton Lakes, NJ
  140. Pearl Harbor Survivor; sight-setter on a battery gun of the USS Ward, the ship that fired the first American shots in WWII and sank a Japanese submarine on Dec. 7, 1941
  141. Canadian Astronaut
  142. Commanding Officer Royal Air Force Flying Training School Cranwell
  143. WASP, flew the a-24, a-25, b-34, UC-78, at-7, at-11
  144. Australian Astronaut. Four Space Shuttle Missions
  145. BC Thomas  (2)
    US Air Force Test Pilot
  146. army general
  147. Brian Thomas  (3)
    Sleepwalker killer-freed
  148. Member of the 'Skyrocket' Crew
  149. American astronaut
  150. nobel med. laureate 1990
  151. Edward Thomas  (4)
    World War 2 Vet was a Pfc and fought in Iwo Jima
  152. Air force General
  153. US WWII Navy vet, born 1925. Served on the USS Bush. Hit and sunk by kamikazes at Okinawa. Last living survivor of the sinking
  154. Henry Thomas  (3)
    Civil Rights Activist, member of CORE, Freedom Rider on bus that was firebombed in 1961
  155. WWII: British Arctic Convoy veteran
  156. Member of the Little Rock Nine; group of African-American students who enrolled in all-white Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Awarded Congressional Gold Medal in 1999
  157. American writer, broadcaster and traveler. The man who made 'Lawrence of Arabia' famous. Fictionalized as 'Jackson Bentley' in the David Lean film 'Lawrence of Arabia'
  158. Tuskegee Pilot
  159. WWII ETO: D-Day. Operation Market Garden, Bastogne, Battle of the Bulge. 101st Airborne Division
  160. Dancer, performed with Bob Hope in his USO tours during World War Two
  161. Tuskegee Airman
  162. Fighter ace
  163. Creator of the first computer virus known as 'Creeper' at BBN in 1971
  164. US Navy Admiral
  165. Eating Competition Champion
  166. Became the first deaf person to work as an undercover investigator doing lip-reading of suspects for the Federal Bureau of Investigation/Autobiography entitled Silent Night/TV series Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye
  167. Wife of Lowell Thomas. Lives in Alaska
  168. Black female NASA Data Analyst. She invented the illusion transmitter
  169. WWII: CBI theater, Hump flyer
  170. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Nevada
  171. WWII: PTO. Survived the sinking of the USS Mannert Abele in the Battle of Okinawa
  172. Navy Admiral
  173. US Centenarian, born 1912. Lived through the 1918 Flu and COVID-19. WWII Navy veteran, patrolled the Aleutian Islands
  174. 2012 inductee for National Inventors Hall of Fame
  175. WWII: B-24/B-17 bombardier in the 839th Squadron, 487th Bombt Group, 8th Air Force (Lavenham base). 30 missions (incl. D-Day) from 6 May to 5 November 1944. Wounded twice: 14 October 1944 at Cologne and 5 November 1944 at Ludwigshafen
  176. WWII: B-24/B-17 bombardier in the 839th Squadron, 487th Bombardment Group, 8th AF(Lavenham base). 30 missions (including D - Day) from 6 May to 5 November 1944. Wounded twice: 14 October 1944 at Cologne and 5 November 1944 at Ludwigshafen
  177. Dorothy 'Auntie Dottie' Thompson, who helped found and direct the Merrie Monarch Festival, Hawaii's most prestigious showcase for hula
  178. Supercentenarian, Lives in Flordia, Born: 04/05/1899. 4th Oldest person in the world
  179. Served on the USS Tennessee prior to WWII and the USS Missouri during WWII, ultimately witnessing the end of WWII/His story got 5 million views on facebook
  180. JFK - Honor Guard in the State funeral of President Kennedy; also stood Death Watch and as such pictured in the famous photograph of Jackie and Caroline Kennedy kneeling at the coffin
  181. Drug lord turned evangelist
  182. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor; Naval Housing, Ford Island. Thompson was 13 on Dec. 7, 1941. His father was stationed on the seaplane tender Curtiss, anchored in Pearl Harbor
  183. John Thompson  (5)
    Former owner of the ' Oswald House ' where Marina snapped photo of husband holding rifle in the backyard
  184. John Thompson  (6)
    WWII: Guadalcanal. Led an air attack on Japanese forces at Guadalcanal's Bloody Ridge
  185. Died June 7th 2005. Alcatraz convict who became author, lecturer on crime & a celebrity on the Rock. Bank robber and hardened criminal who spent 24 years prison including four years of hard time in the famous Alcatraz Prison. Signed books can be Found
  186. Nurse at Methodist Hospital in Dallas and attended Officer J.D. Tippit when he was admitted
  187. (1893 - April 12, 1953) was a private secretary and personal aide to First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. She was a pioneer of the East Wing staff, being the first staffer for a First Lady of the United States who was not a social secretary
  188. Mark Thompson  (6)
    TV Presenter/Astronomer
  189. Fighter ace 31st fighter group
  190. American lawyer and Republican politician who served as a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1967 to 1973 from the 5th Congressional District of Georgia. World War II Veteran
  191. Australian Politician
  192. Tuskegee Airman- Pilot
  193. air force general
  194. Former U.S. Army helicopter pilot who rescued unarmed Vietnamese civilians from his fellow GIs during what became known as the My Lai massacre,
  195. Director, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
  196. Member Early Birds of Aviation/devoted to history of early pilots. Started 1928 & membership totaled 598/Membership limited to the pilots of glider, gas balloon, or airplane, pre-12/17/1916. Time of Wright Bro's 1st flight-1916 when many trained 4 WW1
  197. Astronaut
  198. Former Governor of Nebraska (1979-1983)
  199. Author, Official Major League Baseball Historian
  200. WWII: ETO. Battle of the Bulge, Battle of Remagen. 78th Infantry Division
  201. Governor of Pennsylvania (1979-87); U.S. Attorney General (1988-91)
  202. American theoretical physicist. In 2017, Thorne was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics along with Rainer Weiss and Barry C. Barish 'for decisive contributions to the LIGO detector and the observation of gravitational waves'
  203. Former British Airways cabin crew member (Born: 1927) who worked on the first jet flight from London to New York in 1958 on the de Havilland Comet 4. She is now 91 and lives in the UK
  204. (February 11, 1953 - May 24, 1986), (Lt Cmdr, USN), was an American naval officer and aviator, test pilot and a NASA astronaut candidate.Thorne was killed in an aircraft accident of a stunt plane -in which he was a passenger- on May 24, 1986
  205. American Photojournalist, born 1939. Pulitzer for his 1966 photo of James Meredith being shot. Based in Mississippi, he covered many historic civil rights moments, including the Mississippi Burning murders, Selma, and Martin Luther King's funeral
  206. United States Air Aces
  207. WWII: Tuskegee Airmen. Crew chief for the 332nd Fighter Group
  208. Air Force One Pilot for LBJ 1968 and 1969
  209. USAF General
  210. astronaut
  211. Medal of Honor, US Navy Vietnam, born 1949
  212. The woman whose conception led to the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion case, has revealed herself publicly for the first time as the 'Roe baby.'
  213. astroanut
  214. 'Spanish Civil War Veteran' 'International Brigade' 'British'
  215. First person to count cards in Blackjack. Invented the system
  216. Dep Asstiant Secretary of Defense
  217. Air Force Medal of Honor Recipeint - Vietnam
  218. British condensed-matter physicist. 2016 Nobel Prize for physics along with F. Duncan M. Haldane and J. Michael Kosterlitz for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter
  219. Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar, Biblical people, also bring gifts during the Holidays to children in Latin America and Spain (on January 6th every year), akin to Santa Claus in those areas
  220. Survivor of the Mai Lai Massacre
  221. European Parlament member
  222. Young swedish climate activist
  223. USAF Demonstration Squadron
  224. navy admiral
  225. astronaut
  226. USS Indianapolis survivor
  227. Is a centenarian and is a Canadian politician and judge. He represented the electoral district of Lunenburg County in the Nova Scotia House of Assembly from 1949 to 1953
  228. One of the many survivors of the dropping of the first Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima by the Enola Gay on 6 August 1945. She is now 83
  229. US Army General
  230. air force general
  231. WWII veteran WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot)
  232. WWII: PTO. One of the two Marines smoking in the famous photo from the Battle of Peleliu
  233. WWII - WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots)
  234. WWII Fighter Pilot Ace-6 victories, USAAF, 356 Fighter Group, 361 Fighter Squadron
  235. Ww2 luftwaffe ace
  236. Pilot of Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the A-Bomb on Hiroshima
  237. WWII: D-Day, etc., 82nD AB, 505th PIR
  238. US Admiral
  239. Director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network, author of 'Bayou Farewell: The Rich Life & Tragic Death of Louisiana's Cajun Coast' and director and screenwriter of the documentary 'We Are All Smith Islanders'
  240. American convicted murderer, who confessed to shooting dead a wealthy 81 year-old widow, Marjorie 'Marge' Nugent, in Carthage, Texas on Nov. 19, 1996. The murder is the subject of the 2011 film Bernie, starring Jack Black as Tiede
  241. Member of the Annex Security Team that fought the Battle of Benghazi, Libya, from September 11 to September 12, 2012. 13 Hours Movie Basis
  242. 1931-2018. Finnish psychiatrist and professor at the University of Oulu. Responsible for the Finnish Adoptive Study, which studied schizophrenia rates compared to adoption (nature versus nurture)
  243. P-61 Pilot during WWII-(15 victories)
  244. WWII - Monuments Men, 2nd (post-VE-Day) generation, in Japan
  245. Vietnam/UH-60 Medivac Pilot Huey Cobra Medical Ambulance
  246. Son of Charles Tigard, Founder of Tigard, Oregon Born 1909 WWII veteran
  247. Mexican American activist
  248. Canadian Scientist best known for demonstrating, with Ernest McCulloch, the existence of stem cells
  249. Clerk/typist for the Nuremberg Trials after WWII. Subject of the documentary 'The Typist', as the trial's last living typist
  250. Sgt. Major of Army on 6/23/2000-1/15/2004. Service; Vietnam, Awards; Defense Superior Service Medal, Legion of Merit (3), Bronze Star w/V Device, Meritorious Service Medal (2), Commendation Medal (3), Achievement Medal(3) & Presidential Unit Citation
  251. French philanthropist
  252. Super Centenarian Age:114, Oldest Person in the World
  253. Retired Air Force Colonel; Flew Air Force One
  254. Tuskegee Airmen/477th Bomber Group/'LA Chapter'
  255. WWII: Survivor of the sinking of the HMT Lancastria during Operation Ariel (17 June 1940). It is estimated that there were 6.500 fatalities, representing a greater loss of life than the Titanic and Lusitania disasters combined
  256. (June 11, 1906 - September 23, 1992) was a Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces
  257. La Drang Valley, LZ-Xray Vietnam Way
  258. WWII Veteran, F Co, 10th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division) Has a video on YouTube you can checkout 'The Day I Was Saved By A German Medic' December 2nd, 1944
  259. Motorcade spectator who filmed the Kennedys at the corner of Main and Harwood Streets in downtown Dallas on November 22, 1963
  260. Nobel physics laureate 1976
  261. Astronaut
  262. Us airman, fighter ace in spanish was in 36-38
  263. American free speech activist known for his role in the 1969 Tinker v. Des Moines Supreme Court case, which ruled that School could not punish her for wearing a black armband in school in support of a truce in the Vietnam War
  264. American free speech activist known for the 1969 Tinker v. Des Moines. The case set a precedent for student speech in schools
  265. Apollo: One of the engineers who built the Lunar Rover; he, Rutledge Mills, Dick Wiser, and Walt Fahey built the prototype of the rover, named 'Grover', themselves
  266. CCC. WWII: PTO. 2nd Marine Division. Fought in the battles of Okinawa, Guadalcanal, Saipan, Tinian and Tarawa
  267. Air Force General
  268. Former Prime Minister of Thailand, Army General
  269. Member of the Band of Brothers / 506th Easy Company
  270. WWII: British Murmansk Run veteran (Arctic convoys)
  271. Daughter of slain Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit, murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald 11/23/1963 after JFK/John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated
  272. Youngest Son of slain Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit, murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald 11/23/1963 after JFK/John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated
  273. Wife of Officer J.D. Tippit, Murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald
  274. WWII: ETO, tail gunner on B-17 42-31720 'The Blue Blazing Blizzard' (379th Bomb Group 524th Bomb Squadron, 8th Air Force). His B-17 was shot and exploded at 25.000 feet while on a raid to Ludwigshafen, Sept 8, 1944; survived, was taken POW
  275. French professor of economics. He was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2014 for his analysis of market power and regulation of large companies
  276. Hungarian Physicist Born: 07/07/1907
  277. Lz xray nam 1965
  278. First Space Tourist mars mission 2018 flyby
  279. German Titov  (2)
    (1935-2000) was a Soviet cosmonaut who, on 6 August 1961, became the second human to orbit the Earth, aboard Vostok 2, preceded by Yuri Gagarin on Vostok 1. He was the fourth person in space
  280. WWII: ETO. Battle of the Bulge. Battle of Remagen. 303rd Medical Battallion, 78th Infantry Division
  281. German WWII Veteran
  282. WWII - D-Day, Ranger 5HQ, in the 1st Wave on Omaha Beach
  283. WW2/from Poole in Dorset, Wren in Bletchley Park Naval Section working on ?Allied Plot?. A chart of the world covering all 4 walls & Wrens plotted the movement of all the allied ships and their German, Italian and Japanese opposite numbers
  284. A Dallas County Deputy Sheriff in '63 , Todd observed the Kennedy motorcade and was then involved in the initial search of the TSBD
  285. English centenarian and one of the top 30 oldest people in Britain and the oldest person in the North West. She is now 109 and lives in Ashton, Preston, Lancashire, UK. Her father worked on the construction of 'The Blackpool Tower' in the 1890's
  286. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  287. As a girl, was one of the students connected to the Topeka, KS Brown v. Board of Education case. Her mother was the adult plaintiff on her behalf, along with several other Topeka area families. Her mother was also actively involved in organizing the case
  288. Supercentenarian (1889-2002), one of the last Italian WWI veterans, and at the time of his death, the world's oldest man
  289. French flight astronaut sts-93
  290. WW II Japanese propogandist 'Tokyo Rose'
  291. (born October 29, 1952) Russian cosmonaut at the Yuri A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, was born October 29, 1952 in the town of Kap-Yar, Astrakhan Oblast and currently resides at Star City, Moscow Region. He has traveled to space twice and has perfor
  292. WWII: ETO. 442nd Regimental Combat Team. Fought in the famous 'Battle of the Lost Battalion'
  293. Former high-profile Soviet-era test pilot who initially came to public attention as a test pilot for the Buran space shuttle
  294. Navajo Code Talker/3rd Battalion/9th Regiment
  295. WW2 Navajo Code Talker
  296. WW2 Navajo Code Talker
  297. Courtroom Judge-Divorce Court
  298. 2024 Green Party candidate for US President, 2024 Green Party candidate for US Senate from Florida
  299. One of the first five African American F-4 Phantom II pilots to serve under the famed Tuskegee Airman Gen. Daniel 'Chappie' James
  300. Retired Israeli Air Force officer. During WWII he served in a group of Palestinian Jewis Royal Air Force pilots. Back in Israel he served in the Israeli Air Force
  301. WWII - D-Day, Omaha Beach. Company A, 2nd Rangers Battalion; landed near to the heavily fortified village of Vierville where he was seriously wounded while getting ashore
  302. WWII: PTO. B-24 Liberator nose gunner, 40 missions
  303. Pussy Riot member/Political Activist
  304. One of the survivors and witnesses to The Chernobyl disaster, that occurred on 26 April 1986 in Ukraine, Russia. He was fishing at the shore of the cooling water channel and witnessed the explosion. Lives in Russia
  305. Russo-British monarchist and historian. He is a former parliamentary candidate of the UK Independence Party and is the current nominal head of the House of Tolstoy, a Russian noble family. Direct descendant of Leo Tolstoy
  306. American astronomer. He discovered Pluto in 1930
  307. WW2, Korean & Vietnam Wars/Medal of Honor Recipient & Awarded Purple Heart U.S. Army/Rank Colonel/1st lieutenant in Company I, 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. At Saulx de Vesoul, France location for actions awarding him MOH
  308. WWII: D-Day, USS Barnett (APA-5), Utah Beach. Wounded in Operation Husky (Sicily, July 1943). Later in the Invasion of Souther France (August 1944) and also in the Battle of Okinawa. Purple Heart, French Legion of Honor Medal
  309. 'Father' of e-mail; came up with the idea of using the '@' sign in e-mail addresses
  310. WWII: USMC fighter pilot of VMF-214 'The Swashbucklers'. Southwest Pacific and Guadalcanal to join Marine Fighting Squadron (VMF) 214, known as the 'Swashbucklers.' Guadalcanal, Solomon and Russell Islands
  311. Hero Co-Pilot for Aloha Airlines Flight 243
  312. WWII: Wake Island Defender: Marine Corps 1st Defense Battalion, POW, Battle of Wake Island, 8-23 December 1941
  313. Iran Hostage Crisis/Counselor for Political Affairs, held at Iranian Foreign Ministry Office
  314. WWII Vet, lives in Wisconsin
  315. Czech who took part in The Great Escape from Stalag Luft POW camp
  316. Nobel medicine laureate 1987
  317. Peace Corps volunteer Jim Toner relates the story of his 74-year-old Irish-Catholic father's unexpected visit to Sri Lanka in Serendib
  318. Owner national millinery company based in Dallas, attended Adolphus Hotel luncheon on 11/4/1960, where LBJ & Lady Bird were heckled by bystanders. On November 22, 1963, Tonkon observed the President's motorcade on Cedar Springs Road
  319. USMC General
  320. Award-winning author and professor of education policy at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Chairman of education companies in Ghana (Omega Schools Franchise Ltd) and India creating low cost chains of low cost private schools
  321. Survivor of the of HMS Royal Oak which was sunk by a German U-Boat at Scapa Flow in 1939
  322. 3rd Most Successful German U-Boot Commander WWII
  323. British Police Chief involved with solving the Moor Killers
  324. Tuskegee Airman- Pilot
  325. Shot down me-262 in ww2ww2 fighter ace
  326. World renowned polygrapher, frequent Howard Stern guest
  327. JFK - Secret Service 1937-1967
  328. Finnish World War 2 Hero. Birth Name: Lauri Allan Torni. aka. Larry Thorne Born: 05/28/1919
  329. (Born 27 July 1924) was a Feldwebel in the German Army who served as Adolf Hitler's personal dog-handler. He was one of the last people to occupy the Führerbunker when it was captured by Soviet Red Army troops. Living in Paulinenhof in Hervest, part
  330. Puerto Rican convicted drug trafficker
  331. Last survivor of the "Morro Castle" passenger ship disaster of 1934
  332. Member Early Birds of Aviation/devoted to history of early pilots. Started 1928 & membership totaled 598/Membership limited to the pilots of glider, gas balloon, or airplane, pre-12/17/1916. Time of Wright Bro's 1st flight-1916 when many trained 4 WW1
  333. Finnish software engineer, initiated the development of the Linux kernel; Author
  334. WWII: 4th Marine Division. Iwo Jima. Bronze Star. Purple Heart
  335. One of six teens that went to JFK Airport to see the Beatles in 1964 and Ringo Starr took a picture of them. Pictured in Starr's book 'Photograph'
  336. navy admiral
  337. WWII: ETO. 8th Air Force Fighter Pilot
  338. WWII: USS Yorktown, Battle of Midway
  339. Lz xray 1965 nam was in windham,oh but not now
  340. WWII, Berlin Air Lift 1948. He was a radio operator and Assistant Chief of Operations for the Berlin Air Lift
  341. English locomotive engineer who was part of the team that built the Flying Scotsman and the Mallard during 'The Golden Age of Steam'. Born: 1923. He is now 93 and lives in the UK
  342. Assassination witness , James photographed the ' Umbrella Man ' and the ' Dark Complected Man ' on Elm St . moments after the shooting
  343. Inventor of Laser, Nobel laureate in Physics, Born July 28, 1915
  344. Tuskegee Airman born May 1919
  345. WWII: ETO. Nose Art artist for the 32nd Bomb Squadron
  346. Cavaly officer civil war, lawyer, us ghose of reprsenatives, colorado
  347. John Townsend  (2)
    Former Goddard Space Flight Center director
  348. Jon Townsend  (2)
    The proprietor of an Indiana-based store selling eighteenth-century-style clothing and accessories, is also the host of a popular YouTube series
  349. #22 oldest person in the world lives in Japan born 1894
  350. navy admiral
  351. WWII. PTO: Fire Controlman 3rd Class on Escort Carrier USS Vella Gulf (CVE-111). Credited with shooting down 3 Japanes 'Zeros' in the last weeks of the war. Visited atom-bombed Nagasaki during occupation duty
  352. One of three Marines that lowered the Embassy flag in Cuba the last time when the Embassy closed in 1961/ Marines who lowered the flag at the U.S. Embassy in Havana 5+ decades raise the Stars and Stripes once again there
  353. navy admiral
  354. marine corps general
  355. Rcaf fighter ace world war 2 -401 sq
  356. Founder of Huy Fong Foods, maker of Sriracha sauce/Vietnamese businessman and former Major in the army of South Vietnam
  357. Swedish author, Nobel Price 2011
  358. One of the last surviving 'Rats of Tobruk'. The Rats of Tobruk was the name given to the soldiers of the garrison who held the Libyan port of Tobruk against the Afrika Corps, during the Siege of Tobruk in WW2. He is 96 and lives in Brassall, Australia
  359. WWII: Bataan Death March survivor. B Battery 515th Coast Artillery (Anti-aircraft)
  360. 'Rosie the Riveter' Punch Press Operator Manufactured parts for aircraft and other weapons
  361. German pilot
  362. JFK - President John F. Kennedy's personal physician
  363. (1920-2009) entrepreneur & civil rights activist, historian & author on African American history, politics, social issues & music/when serving as president of the NAACP Chicago chapter in 1959 coordinated Dr. King?s 1st march in Chicago
  364. Dust Bowl survivor
  365. Civil Rights Activist/ Sept 11, 1963, along with 2 other courageous students, seized the opportunity to change dark traditions of segregation at University of South Carolina & became 1st African American students to attend the university
  366. WWII: B-17 bomber pilot (B-17G Flying Fortress My Mary Myrtle 42-97827), 8th Air force, 1st Division, 457th Bomb Group, 751st Sqdn.; flew 20 missions to Berlin a.o. places between the end of 1944 and June 1945
  367. Australian WWII veteran and one of the few surviving members of Z-Special unit, the group of Special Forces that assisted downed American airmen. Now lives in Clapham, South Australia. Sometimes known as Jonathan Tredrea
  368. Retired General
  369. One of the last survivors of German battleship Bismarck that was sunk on 27 May 1941. He and Otto Peters are now the two last survivors. He is now 90 and lives in Germany
  370. Scientist national medal of science 2011
  371. US Marine, born 1928. WWII (Okinawa) and the Korean War (Chosin Reservoir)
  372. Austrian mountaineer, actor an author 1892-1990
  373. WW2 veteran, RAF pilot, policeman and one of the UK's oldest people (Born: 1914) Worked on the John Christie murder case in the 1940/50's. He is now 102 and lives in Perthshire, Scotland, UK. Also known as Leonard Trevallion
  374. In '63 he was a 2nd year medical student at UT Southwestern Medical School in Dallas . On Nov. 22 he waited with fellow students outside of the emergency entrance at Parkland Memorial to hear word of President Kennedy's condition
  375. A NASA propulsion engineer. His career with NASA spanned from Mercury into the shuttle program
  376. Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard. Taught Barack Obama, Ted Cruz, John Roberts, Elena Kagan
  377. Radio operator on Air Force One on President's trip to Dallas in 1963
  378. Arizona's official historian, author
  379. astronaut
  380. One of the last surviving veterans of The Contestado War, which was a guerrilla war for land between settlers and landowners that lasted from 1912 to 1916. She is now 105 and lives in Lebon Régis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
  381. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, USS Tangier (AV-8); manned a machine gun to shoot at incoming Japanese planes. Later saw service in Guadalcanal, Battle of Midway, Wake Island, Battle of the Coral Sea, a.o. Also invasion of Inchon (Korean War)
  382. WWII: USMC. Battle of Bougainville, Battle of Iwo Jima
  383. The last surviving child of an American Civil War soldier (Born: 1930) She collects $876 a year from the government as thanks for her father taking part in the war, which ended 151 years ago. She is now 86 and lives in the USA
  384. U.S. Civil Servant known for her involvement with the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal
  385. WWII - D-Day, Omaha Beach. In the 2nd wave as part of 6th Engineer Special Brigade
  386. WWII: ETO. 355th Bomb Squadron, 350th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. Waist-gunner/Ball-turret gunner on B-17 'Heaven And Earth'. 35 combat missions, including the huge Berlin raid on Feb. 3, 1945
  387. Daughter of Andre and Magda Trocme. Recognized as a 'Righteous Gentiles.'
  388. The highest ranking US military officer ever accused of spying by the United States. He was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment
  389. One of oldest people in the world. Born 1895 Lives in France
  390. navy admiral
  391. WWII - Iwo Jima, 5th Marine Division, Headquarters Company; radio operator working with the Navajo Code Talkers. Later occupation duty in Japan
  392. Civil rights figure. Father a plaintiff on her behalf in Delaware's Belton v. Gebhart case that was part of the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education lawsuit
  393. WW2 Navy fighter Ace, VF-29 - 7 Kills
  394. 1/7/1906-1/24/2003 Early female aviator, notable for pioneering flying activities & participated in Women's Air Derby of 1929, dubbed Powder Puff Derby/Flew 1st Women's Transcontinental Air Derby with aviators including Amelia Earhart
  395. Former British Secret Service Agent/Professor in physics and expert in secret warfare by means of microwaves
  396. Assistant Dallas District Attorney in 1963, Troy saw President's motorcade on Main Street. As part of the prosecution team during the Ruby trial in 1964, Troy prepared witnesses and sat in on every day of the trial
  397. Gambino mafiosa, son of Ronnie Trucchio
  398. Criminal
  399. WWII: ETO. D - Day. Canadian paratrooper who was taken POW on D - Day
  400. WWII: PTO. Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Ralph Talbot
  401. Founding member of the Hells Angels in Quebec
  402. Canadian Historian/Writer. Born: 05/29/1917
  403. Flight aviator, Mercury 13
  404. WWII: ETO. 17th Airborne Division. Fought in the Battle of the Bulge, and landed in a glider in Operation Varsity (24 March 1945, largest airborne operation in history to be conducted on a single day and in one location)
  405. Fighter ace 63rd FS, Halesworth
  406. JFK - Lee Harvey Oswald's supervisor at the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD), Dallas; interviewed and hired Oswald on October 15, 1963. Can be seen in several photographs and movies from 22 November 1963
  407. Political Scientist
  408. Former President of the US
  409. Mystery Author. Daughter of Harry S. and Bess Truman
  410. WWII German Knights Cross Recipient
  411. American writer, born 1947. Military family, descended from Thomas Jefferson. 'Dress Gray', novelist. Village Voice writer, stumbled upon the 1969 Stonewall uprising, and one of the first journalists to cover it
  412. astronaut
  413. USMC General
  414. WWII: D-Day, Omaha Beach. 29th Infantry Division. Was captured at the fourth day of the battle and spend the rest of the war as a POW in Czechoslovakia
  415. Author of the labyrinth of dangerous hours and survivor of auschwitz
  416. Inventor of N-95 Mask technology
  417. Boston Marathon bomber
  418. German entrepreneur and billionaire who co-founded the German software giant SAP AG in 1972 together with Hans-Werner Hector, Dietmar Hopp, Hasso Plattner and Claus Wellenreuther
  419. US Vietnam POW, born 1935. Held for 7 1/2 years, from July 1965 to February 1973. Photo featured on Time 12/7/70 cover on POWs
  420. Mountain climber
  421. Nobel Laureate Chemistry 2008
  422. WWII: PTO. Navajo code Talker
  423. WWII: CBI. Member of Merrill's Marauders aka Unit Galahad, officially named the 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional), a US Army long range penetration special operations jungle warfare unit
  424. nobel physics laurate 1998
  425. Japanese WWII Veteran
  426. Vietnamese Retired Cosmonaut
  427. Daughter Of Winston Churchill
  428. WWII - Contemporary witness of the Port Chicago disaster (largest US mainland munitions explosion, July 17, 1944, Naval Magazine, Port Chicago, CA; 320 dead, 390 wounded, followed by mutiny that changed segregation in the Navy.)
  429. Test Pilot : Tested the X-4 and others.
  430. Pulitzer Prize winner , ditorial page editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and a syndicated colu
  431. JFK - Secret Service agent since 1959, mainly for the Kennedy family ('Kiddie detail'); later at the Chicago field office; in service up to Nixon era
  432. Jackie Kennedy's White House social secretary
  433. Dutch officer of the Royal Army and Knights of the Military Order of William, the highest order of chivalry of the Netherlands
  434. Tuskegee Airmen, WWII
  435. Dallas high school student, Tullius took photographs at Love Field & along motorcade route. Following the assassination, he met other amateur photographers and collected a number of slides, which he later donated to The Sixth Floor Museum
  436. Lz xray 1965 nam, k.i.a. 1969 nam
  437. (August 9, 1900-June 15, 1984), private secretary to U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  438. WWII: D-Day veteran, Omaha Beach, POW (escaped)
  439. WWII - Iwo Jima survivor; 28th Regiment, 5th Marine Division
  440. WWII: Aviation Machinist assigned to Torpedo Squadron (VT) 8 (USS Hornet): Doolittle Raid, Battle of Midway. Later on USS Kitkun Bay in the Battle of Leyte
  441. WWII Pacific Marine vet (born 1924), featured in iconic WWII photo, covered in dirt after a fight in the Marshall Islands, and holding a cup of coffee in front of him
  442. US Navy vet, born 1927. Witness to Operation Crossroads atomic tests in 1946
  443. Super-centenarian. Born: 09/19/1898
  444. WWII: British Arctic Convoy Merchant Marine veteran; was in the disastrous PQ-17 convoy (27 June - 10 July 1942) when 24 out of 35 ships were sunk by Nazi - German forces
  445. WWII: ETO/PTO: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941, USS Tennessee. Later D-Day veteran
  446. Army General
  447. Flight aviator
  448. Production Manager at local independent KTVT-TV in '63 , he directed their pool coverage of Pres. Kennedy's breakfast speech in Fort Worth and , for NBC outside the Dallas County Jail
  449. WWII: Atlantic. Served on the USS Block Island
  450. An officer in the Navy Ceremonial Guard , he helped unload President Kennedy's casket from Air Force One on its return from Dallas . On Monday he marched in funeral procession to Arlington Nat'l Cemetery
  451. Nina Turner  (2)
    Former Ohio State Senator, running in special election for congress in 2021, Bernie Sanders campaign surrogate
  452. Scott Turner  (2)
    Current Pilot of Air Force One
  453. WWII: Pacific Theater, Battles of Buna-Gona (Papua), Sanananda and the Driniumor River and at the battles of the upper Ormoc Valley (Leyte) and Luzon in the Philippines.Company G, 127th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Infantry Division
  454. army general
  455. World War 1 veteran
  456. WWII: D-Day. 29th Division of the 115th Infantry
  457. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Rigel
  458. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  459. WWII: Merchant Marine
  460. Flight aviator 1962 military astronaut candidate
  461. Boat Driver in James Bond 'From Russia With Love', WWII veteran, once held the World Air Speed Record
  462. Naval Officer who wrote a book on the Kennedy Assasination Bloody Treason: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy (1997)
  463. Visual psychophysicist and Head of the Smith-Kettlewell Brain Imaging Center; invented the autostereogram, also known as 'Magic Eye' 3D pictures in 1979
  464. WW2 air ace - 7 Kills - USAAF
  465. Grandson of President John Tyler
  466. Radio Operator at Pearl Harbor December 7th 1941 (Responded to Radar observations of Japanise Planes with 'Don't worry about it')
  467. Lyon Gardiner Tyler (1853-1935) He was the youngest son of President John Tyler. Lyon was an American Educator and genealogist. He served as 17th President of The College of William & Mary from 1888 to 1919
  468. Bloodline/Great Grandson of US President John Tyler
  469. Granddaughter of Pres. John Tyler
  470. Inventor/Married professors Ugur Sahin and Ozlem Tureci developed science of Pfizer vaccine to treat Covid-19
  471. Member of Flying Tigers, WWII
  472. Astrophysicist and author. President of the Hayden Planetarium
  473. Navy Admiral
  474. cosmonaut