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Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: T
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  1. Animator during the 1960s-80s
  2. Painter
  3. Artisti, Illustrator, Toy Design
  4. American Architect. Born: 03/04/1912
  5. Architect, born in 1926
  6. Artist
  7. illustrator of Yu-Gi-Oh cards
  8. Artist
  9. Breadwinners- character designer
  10. Artist - Did the cover for # 1 issue of Dan Dare comics, also the 18-by-24' poster produced in 2007 which is the same as on the comic book
  11. Illustrator
  12. An American comic book artist, and children's book illustrator and author
  13. Comic Creator, artist
  14. fashion designer
  15. JFK - The New York Times photographer, covered Washington for over four decades; famous for the iconic 'The Loneliest Job' photograph of John F. Kennedy
  16. Marvel Comics
  17. Author, Comic Artist - Academy Award Winner 2011 for best animated short 'The Lost Thing'
  18. Canadian Painter
  19. Painter, living in the US
  20. Lead key assistant animator for Walt Disney Animation Studios
  21. Artist
  22. Artist
  23. Poster /Portrait Artist - Did The Original ' A Christmas Story ' Poster Art
  24. Bridge builder
  25. Animation writer & story artist
  26. Painter, Writer Artist. Last of Surrealist Painters
  27. American painter
  28. Spanish painter-one of the greatest international artist
  29. Jewelry Designer
  30. Artist
  31. Creator of the NiER and Drakengard video game series at Square Enix. Also created SINoALICE and Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars
  32. Comic artist
  33. Creator of 'Samurai Jack' and 'Dexter's Laboratory' on Cartoon Network
  34. Comic Book Artist - Hack/Slash, Female Force, Project Eon, Through The Woods
  35. Sketch Artist and Animator
  36. Illustrator
  37. Artist
  38. Artist
  39. Artist
  40. Canadian-based Artist, Illustrator and Toy Designer
  41. Illustrator, born 1946
  42. Photographer, married to jerry uelsmann
  43. Co-creator of He Man
  44. Thomas Taylor  (2)
    British Illustrator, cover art for the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  45. Artist
  46. Author/ Illustrator: How do Dinosaurs, Mrs La Rue (childrens books)
  47. Illustrator
  48. Illustrator; has many cards in Magic: The Gathering
  49. Painter, born in 1920
  50. Animation character designer
  51. Inventor of Pillow Pets
  52. Photographer
  53. Animator - Worked at Walt Disney Animation for 23 years from 1980-2003
  54. Illustrator of the brady brady books
  55. Artist
  56. Artist
  57. Scuptor
  58. Celebrity photographer
  59. Famous model for painter andrew wyeth
  60. Artist
  61. German inventor of board game - The Settlers of Catan
  62. Artist
  63. Canadian painter and sculptor
  64. costume designer (pink panther, bound for glory)
  65. Artist
  66. Animation layout artist
  67. Award Winning Architect
  68. Comic book writer/illustrator
  69. Bill Thomas  (4)
    Costume Designer - Spartacus (AA win). AA noms. for: Bedknobs & Broomsticks, The Hawaiians, The Happiest Millionaire, Ship Of Fools, Inside Daisy Clover, Toys In The Attic, Bon Voyage, Babes In Toyland & 7 Thieves. Others: Logan's Run, Touch Of Ev
  70. Frank Thomas  (3)
    Disney Animator
  71. Gary Thomas  (4)
    Artist commissioned by the Pro Fooball Hall of Fame to illustrate Goal Line Art Cards
  72. Joel Thomas  (2)
  73. First-generation Lucian American author-illustrator
  74. Larry Thomas  (3)
  75. Artist
  76. Artist
  77. Pete Thomas  (2)
    Senior Designer - United States Playing Card Co
  78. Animation art director
  79. Character designer / storyboard artist
  80. Illustrator; works on Magic: The Gathering
  81. Airbrush artist who specializes in commercial sketch cards and pin-ups for comic book & trading card companies like Marvel, DC Comics, Upper Deck, Cryptozoic Entertainment, BAM Box, and Zenescope
  82. Designer
  83. Artist
  84. Animation storyboard artist
  85. Artist
  86. Fantasy artist, best known for her work with Magic: The Gathering
  87. Created most of Pink Floyd's album covers as well as other top rock acts.
  88. Last surviving case study architect who participated in the magazine Arts & Architectures 1945 to 1966 project to introduce modern architecture by up-and-coming and cutting-edge architects at the time. Now lives in Hawaii and California
  89. American Photojournalist, born 1939. Pulitzer for his 1966 photo of James Meredith being shot. Based in Mississippi, he covered many historic civil rights moments, including the Mississippi Burning murders, Selma, and Martin Luther King's funeral
  90. comic book art for DC comics
  91. Danish furniture architect
  92. Artist
  93. Graphic Artist - Paradigm Shift
  94. Storyboard Artist/Concept Designer - Star Trek: Voyager, Star Wars: Episode II+III
  95. Disney Imagineer
  96. American architect, theorist and designer
  97. costume designer (looking for mr. goodbar)
  98. Subject of the Lucian Freud's Benefits Supervisor Sleeping painting
  99. Painter
  100. Tilt  (2)
    French Graffiti Artist
  101. Character designer at nickelodeon
  102. Realist painter and designer. Designed 4 US Postage stamps
  103. Illustrator
  104. Artist
  105. Photographer
  106. Comic book artist and writer
  107. Actor-Star Wars Episode IV:A New Hope(Doikk Na'ts-Cantina Band Member)/Visual Effects Artist-Star Wars Episodes IV-VI,Ewok Adventure,Howard The Duck,Jurassic Park,Robocop 1-3,Willow,Starship Troopers,The Haunting
  108. Cartoonist 'Amy'
  109. Season 14 winner of Project Runway, Fashion Designer
  110. Artist
  111. Artist
  112. Artist
  113. House Designer - No Demo Reno
  114. Animation storyboard artist
  115. Color stylist
  116. Japanese artist
  117. Artist, Toy Design
  118. Artist
  119. Artist
  120. Still Photographer - Star Wars Episode 2
  121. Artist
  122. Artist
  123. Author-Photographer
  124. Artist
  125. Disney Animator. Worked on Sleeping Beauty, Dumbo, Fantasia and Pinocchio to name a few. Born 1910
  126. Graffiti Artist, Painter, Toy Design
  127. Artist for pixar
  128. Artist
  129. Artist
  130. Artist and veteran of the Spanish Civil War
  131. Artist
  132. Actress was born on June 6, 1973 in Valencia, Venezuela
  133. cartoonist - hartland
  134. Italian Fashion designer, win a Oscar 2014
  135. Artist, -Owosso Taco House Funnies -See-thru-Baby!
  136. An American illustrator working mostly in comics
  137. Photographer
  138. Lee Townsend  (2)
  139. Costume Designer
  140. Photographer. Her photos have been featured in a few news articles
  141. Artist
  142. Artist and Spain's first trans councilor
  143. Album cover art for the moody blues
  144. Fashion designer/milliner; designer of the infamous hat worn by Princess Beatrice of York to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton
  145. Author, architect and artist
  146. French artist
  147. Croatian illustrator, film director and novelist/1993: The Night at the Museum 2013: Another Night at the Museum
  148. co-star/interior designer - 'Anna Nicole Show' (reality t.v. series, E!)
  149. French actress, TV/radio host, also painter and sculptor
  150. JFK - American photojournalist; worked for UPI, Look, People; Korean war photographer; covered every president Truman through George H. W. Bush. Best-known for the photographing Kennedy's 1960 campaign and presidency; became friends w/JFK
  151. Artist
  152. BBC costume designer who worked on TV shows such as 'Doctor Who' and 'The Onedin Line'. He designed the original costumes for both The Master and the Seventh Doctor. He is now retired and lives in the UK
  153. Disney artist
  154. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  155. Artist, Painter
  156. fashion designer
  157. Writer, translator, artist from Spain
  158. German Artist
  159. Full-time freelance illustrator. She does private commissions and work for gaming companies. One of her biggest clients is Wizards of the Coast and she does Dungeons and Dragons illustrations
  160. Upside Down Painter
  161. Artist
  162. Tim Truman  (2)
    comic book cartoonist for GRATEFUL DEAD COMIX/CONAN, several others
  163. Artist
  164. Animator
  165. Artist
  166. Terrace House, model, Legion tv show
  167. Artist
  168. Architect
  169. Artist
  170. Artist
  171. Artist
  172. Comic Creator, writer, artist
  173. MTG Artist
  174. Artist
  175. Animation storyboard artist - warner bros. animation, Disney, Universal
  176. Animation director
  177. Artist
  178. Nationally recognized monumental sculptor. Designed the reverse side of the American Eagle gold bullion coin
  179. Writer/Illustrator
  180. Photographer/artist - Most Known For His Public Nude Portraits - Naked States & Naked World (t.v. Documentaries - HBO's America Undercover Series)
  181. Brian Turner  (3)
    Creature Technican In 'Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi'
  182. Pulitzer Prize winning photographer born in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  183. Artist (05/06/1943) specializing in light and space
  184. Sculptor, manager and chief artist of Madame Tussauds wax museum, and an author of several books. Great-grandson of Marie Tussaud
  185. Wedding dress designer & planner, has a show on WE tv
  186. Tattoo Artist
  187. Artist
  188. Belgian Artist and Painter
  189. Game designer who has been involved in the development of the role-playing games Ars Magica, Everway, Over the Edge, Talislanta, the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons
  190. Animator at Hanna Barbara Australia
  191. Retired British costume designer, now resident in Australia. Under the name Sandra Reid, she designed the original Cyberman costumes for 1960s Doctor Who
  192. Costume Designer
  193. Male Comic Book Artist - Lady Mechanika, Ninjak, Godzilla, Danger Girl
  194. Comic book artist for Epic Comics
  195. Photographer