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Browsing Category Home->Business , A-Z Filter: K
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  1. 9th richest in the world
  2. German businessman, nearly blind, his life story made into the movie 'Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben' with Kostja Ullmann
  3. Famous Economist
  4. Financial Analyst Born: 12/18/1905 (still working daily)
  5. Started her career as an entertainer, entertaining all over the world and in Las Vegas, where was chosen 'Newcomer of the Year' in 1979
  6. Co-Founder of UBER
  7. American businessman, best known as having worked for Mattel 1972-87, reviving the Barbie & Hot Wheels Brands, launching Masters of the Universe, EO of Mattel from 1985 to 1987. Next he was CEO of Matchbox, and then was recruited to be the president a
  8. Watergate Participant
  9. Former East-German politician and President of the State Bank of the GDR (Bank Manager of the Central Bank of East Germany)
  10. IKEA Founder; World's 4th Richest Man; is living in Switzerland
  11. 'Fit Mom'
  12. buisinessman pub. journalist pul. prize 72
  13. Businessman/pawn Master on reality show Pawnathon Canada
  14. Card counting...MIT
  15. Co-Founder of Activision, Game Programmer
  16. Businessman. Carl's Jr
  17. businessman hockey executive
  18. CEO of Tumblr
  19. Japanese automobile executive, 'father of the Z-car'09/15/1909
  20. Owner of the NHL's Edmonton Oilers
  21. Sam Katz  (2)
    Canadian entrepreneur/owner of minor league baseball team Winnipeg Goldeyes/Mayor of Winnipeg (2004-current)
  22. President of Goodyear
  23. Missouri Billionaire
  24. Founder of Culvers
  25. Founder of Southwest Airlines
  26. Brad Kelley  (2)
    American businessman who is the fourth-largest landowner in the U.S., with an estimated net worth of US$2.2 billion
  27. Former CEO of Continental Airlines
  28. Gary Kelly  (2)
    CEO, Southwest Airlines
  29. Inventors HOF.. Cateract surgury, pioneer
  30. Author of the memoirs Loser Goes First and Rock On, host of The Moth storytelling podcast and live events, and a contributor to GQ and McSweeney's
  31. American media executive and the current chair of Cox Enterprises
  32. Business person
  33. Business person
  34. Chairman and former CEO of The Coca-Cola Company
  35. Ceo of twit
  36. Businessman. Born: 06/06/1917
  37. Rotofugi Toy Store
  38. Born October 11, 1976, Indo-Bangladeshi American educator, entrepreneur, and former hedge fund analyst. He is the founder of the Khan Academy, a free online education platform and nonprofit organization. From a small office
  39. Professional speaker and specialist in international relations. Managing partner of FutureMap. Co-Founder & CEO of Factotum. Served as a Senior Geopolitical Advisor to US Special Operations Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan
  40. Russsian Billionaire , owns YuKO oil company
  41. CEO of Hulu
  42. Former CEO of Baja Fresh.... Was on Undercover Boss
  43. Frank King  (2)
    Chairman of United California Bank and its holding company, Western Bancorporation
  44. Co-owner of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing in Las Vegas, NV, co-star of the reality TV series 'Tanked' on Animal Planet
  45. Founder of Red Robin's
  46. Born Dec 24, 1956 Inventor of Optical Mouse
  47. Executive Director College Football Hall of Fame
  48. Animation company
  49. Business Women (BMW)
  50. Star of the new TLC show The Little Couple
  51. nobel economics laureate 1980
  52. beauty consultant
  53. American Businessman - Metromedia
  54. businessman ceo nike founder
  55. American software engineer who created Adobe Photoshop
  56. Writer/Lawyer
  57. Founder of Ain't it Cool News
  58. American Businessman
  59. CEO Boston beer/Sam Adams
  60. Dutch Economist, Diplomat, Historian. Born: 05/22/1914
  61. Owner of 'Counts Kustoms' in Las Vegas, NV, frequently called upon expert on The History Channel's 'Pawn Stars', stars on his own show 'Counting Cars' on The History Channel
  62. ESPN reporter/announcer
  63. businessman ceo merrill lynch
  64. Disney Legend, revolutionized Disney merchandising, served as Walt Disney's 'idea man'
  65. CEO of Wells Fargo Banks
  66. Noted Czech Educator. Born: 05/22/1907
  67. CEO of Mattel
  68. Director of Guggenheim Museums Worldwide
  69. President & CEO of the Lego Company
  70. Founder of McDonald's
  71. 2008 Nobel Prize in Economics; NY Times columnist
  72. Host of the TV show Salvage Dawgs. Owner of Black Dog salvage
  73. One of TIME Magazines 2005 most memorable people
  74. businesswoman