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Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: K
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  1. Artist... illustrator
  2. Animation director
  3. Artist
  4. An American furniture designer. He was inducted in the Interior Designer Hall of Fame in 2009, 62 years after he started designing and producing furniture
  5. Artist
  6. Architect
  7. Artist
  8. Artist
  9. Fine Artist. Studied under Hans Hoffman
  10. Artist, Painter, Toy Designer, Sculptor
  11. New York based Artist, Painter and Toy Designer of Japanese descent
  12. Photographer
  13. Artist, author
  14. German illustrator - 'Flocki' book series
  15. Artist
  16. Conan artist, comic book
  17. Artist
  18. fashion designer
  19. Artist
  20. Fantasy Artist, Works on Magic the Gathering card game
  21. Storyboard artist
  22. clothes designer
  23. Photographer,judge on the orignal Iron Chef Japan
  24. Artist
  25. Artist
  26. World of Warcraft Creator
  27. Designer of Chicago's Cloud Gate, Turning the World Upside Down (Israel Museum), and the ArcelorMittal Orbit in London
  28. Artist
  29. Performance Artist for Zumanity:Cirque du Soleil,Playboy August 2005
  30. fashion designer
  31. Graphic designer and artist
  32. Sculptor For The National World War II Memorial In Washington D.C.
  33. Photographer
  34. Artist
  35. Artist - movie poster art for 'Jaws' & 'The Empire Strikes Back'
  36. Artist, Illustrator
  37. Artist
  38. Cartoonist
  39. Polymer clay artist
  40. Artist
  41. New york artist
  42. Artist
  43. Artist
  44. Freelance UPI photographer & contributing Time-Life & People Magazine photographer, Katz covered every presidential election from 1960 to 2008. Katz photographed Jack Ruby & part of Life team that investigated findings of Warren Commission
  45. AP Photographer/Took some of the final press photos of JFK
  46. AOTC concept artist
  47. Artist
  48. fashion designer
  49. Artist
  50. Artist
  51. Artist
  52. British illustrator and printmaker from Northamptonshire, England. He was selected personally by J. K. Rowling to present colour illustrations of every title in the Harry Potter series
  53. Photographer/Make Up Artist-Playboy Special Editions
  54. Comic Book Artist
  55. Disney Artist
  56. Comic Book Artist
  57. Cuban Sculptor
  58. Cartoonist - Family Circus
  59. Artist and animator; daughter of Disney exec/artist, Gil Keane, and granddaughter of cartoonist Bil Keane
  60. Painter Of The Big Eyed Girl Paintings
  61. American conceptual artist and experimental philosopher
  62. Graphic Designer (Google logo)
  63. Visual development artist and background supervisor for such films as Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Enchanted and recently Princess and the Frog, 'Frozen', and Tangled.
  64. Birgit Keil  (2)
    Ballet, Director of Ballet Ensemble "Badisches Staatstheater in Karsruhe"
  65. Artist
  66. Gary Kelley  (2)
    Illustrator. Super Bowl XXIV artist
  67. Artist
  68. Artist
  69. Tom Kelley  (2)
    Photographer, took the 1949 calendar photos of Marilyn Monroe
  70. Animation storyboard artist
  71. Artist and painter
  72. Author
  73. Fantasy Artist/also did toy art in the 1970's / Micronauts and other toy lines KISS album cover for LOVE GUN-DESTROYER
  74. Artist
  75. Artist
  76. Author, journalist, photographer, instructor. Photos were featured on the covers of A Day in the Life of China and A Day in the Life of Thailand, The Power to Heal, America: Then and Now, The Jews in Americas, and The African Americans
  77. Dave Kendall  (2)
  78. Illustrator
  79. Disney Storyboard artist, married to Disney Television Animation Director Frank Weiss
  80. comic artist (star wars comic +)
  81. Dallas Times Herald photographer who took recognized picture of 12-year - old student's tearful reaction to news of JFK?s death in November 1963/Also took pictures of Marina Oswald, Jack Ruby & attorney Melvin Belli for Life magazine & beyond
  82. Artist, Toy Design
  83. Sean Kenney  (2)
    LEGO artist and children's book author
  84. Artist
  85. Artist
  86. fashion designer
  87. fashion designer
  88. Comic Book Artist
  89. Czech actor, film director, screenwriter, presenter and photographer
  90. Artist
  91. German designer, ex-wife of Otto Kern
  92. Artist
  93. Rotofugi Toy Store
  94. Artist
  95. fashion designer
  96. Comic Book Artist
  97. Disney animator, illustrator, and voice actor
  98. Fetish Photographer
  99. Artist
  100. Author
  101. New Peanuts artist, funny strips, voice of charlie brown in The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show
  102. Cartoonist 'Dennis The Menace'
  103. Character designer
  104. Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Toy Design
  105. Artist
  106. Artist, Illustrator
  107. Konstantin Yuryevich Khabensky (Russian:
  108. French native indian artist : painter, poet and actor
  109. American artist, activist, and co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement. Other topics on which Cullors advocates include prison abolition in Los Angeles and LGBTQ rights
  110. Russian artist and fashion designer
  111. Artist
  112. Artist
  113. Artist
  114. Artist
  115. Artist
  116. Comic Book Author and Artist
  117. Artist
  118. Photographer
  119. Artist
  120. Artist
  121. Designer/Animator of TV commericals/cartoons : started Gifford-Kim Animation in the 1950's
  122. Storyboard Artist
  123. Animation background designer - the simpsons
  124. 9 Old Men of Disney Animation
  125. Master Automotive Illustrator. Known mainly for his Cut-Away Views
  126. Artist
  127. Graphic Artist
  128. folk artist
  129. Illustrator, Animator. Started career in the 50s with Famous Studios, eventually moving into the advertising world, and heading his own animation firm, PK&A, which created many of the classic Schoolhouse Rock shorts
  130. Japanese-German artist
  131. Pokemon trading card Ilustrator
  132. David King  (3)
    Album cover for the crazy world of arthur brown
  133. Children's Author
  134. MTG Artist
  135. Southern Charm stars in the Bravo reality docu-series. Jenna King is a aspiring fashion designer
  136. Illustrator for Playboy
  137. Girl Friend of Charles Bukowski for about five years/Poet/Sculptor & Artist for 40 years?
  138. Scott King  (2)
  139. artist/painter. the 'Painter of Light'
  140. Designer of the B9 Lost In Space robot and Robby The Robot. Artist, Art Director, Set Production in television/film 1950's-80's. Born: 02/24/1914
  141. Artist
  142. Portrait and book cover artist whose career began in the early 1950's. Several book retrospectives have been done since 2000
  143. Matthew Kirby  (2)
    Inventor of 'Apples to Apples' Board Game
  144. photographer early beatles
  145. Artist
  146. Comicbook Artist - Best known for Green Lantern (DC)
  147. Superfriends, The Simpsons
  148. Animation supervisor
  149. Comic Book Artist - Living In Infamy, Big Bang Presents: Ultiman Family, Novavolvo, The Savage Dragon
  150. UK graphic designer
  151. Artist
  152. Aka Devilrobots (Artist, Toy Design)
  153. artist
  154. Storyboard animaton artist - housebroken
  155. Children's Author
  156. Artist
  157. Disney animator
  158. clothing designer
  159. Artist/Actress - The Warriors, Kramer Vs.Kramer
  160. Born on December 1, 1925 in the USA. He is an assistant director, known for Thunderball (1965), Never Say Never Again (1983) and Jaws: The Revenge (1987). Also underwater photographer
  161. German photographer
  162. Author
  163. Storyboard Artist
  164. English musician and photographer. He was one of the earliest members of the rock band Pink Floyd, playing lead guitar, but left the band before they recorded their first released single
  165. Pixar animator and scriptwriter
  166. Illustrator
  167. Artist
  168. Artist
  169. Illustrator
  170. Hair Stylist on Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, The Blind Side
  171. Travis Knight  (3)
  172. costume designer (barveheart, blade runner)
  173. German Artist
  174. Furniture designer
  175. Canadian Artist
  176. Animation layout artist
  177. Artist, Illustrator, Sculptor, Toy Designer
  178. White House photographer 1946 -1974; photographed Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon; like the JFK authopsy, the Nixon trip to China, meeting between Eisenhower and Khrushchev
  179. Artist
  180. Videogame producer of Devil May Cry Series, Resident Evil 4, Sengoku Basara
  181. Artist
  182. Ceramist
  183. Brazilian street artist
  184. Jim Koch  (2)
  185. Animation storyoard artst - the loud house
  186. Artist
  187. Children's Book Author
  188. Sculptor known for 'The Sphere' which stood in the plaza between the two World Trade Center towers in Manhattan but which now stands, its damage deliberately left unrepaired, in Battery Park as a memorial to the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks
  189. Architect
  190. Artist
  191. Artist
  192. Assistant Cameraman in films from 1933-50. Also Still Photographer
  193. Artist
  194. NASA scientist and leader in the design of several robotic deep-space planetary missions.He is also an author, game developer, lecturer,photographer and environmentalist
  195. Co-founded BloodFire Studios. Artist for Lucasfilm's Star Wars projects. He does sketch cards in trading card packs like Shrek the Third and Indiana Jones. He is also a comic book writer and artist
  196. Artist
  197. Nintendo general manager and Japanese game designer
  198. Artist
  199. Artist
  200. Performance Artist for Zumanity:Cirque du Soleil,Playboy August 2005
  201. American underground comics artist and painter, best known as the wife of cartoonist Robert Crumb
  202. Artist
  203. Animator during the 1960s
  204. Comic book and trading card artist
  205. President of Performing Artists Association of Hong Kong, China, 10th Executive Committee of Hong Kong Film Workers Federation
  206. Artist
  207. Architect
  208. Artist:Famous for making a sculptur of Michael Jackson.
  209. Artist
  210. Animation writer
  211. Animation line producer at disney tva
  212. French Artist, Illustrator, Toy Designer
  213. Comic Book Artist
  214. fashion designer
  215. Artist
  216. British expressionist painter
  217. American Artist
  218. Artist
  219. Sci-Fi and Horror Artist
  220. Japanese animator and character designer and has worked on several anime films from the 1960s and 1970s - Super Mario video game series and the Pokémon television series and films
  221. Fantasy artist
  222. Designer/Playboy Special Editions Model
  223. Czech photographer, living in France and Prague, Czech Republic
  224. Artist
  225. Artist
  226. Author
  227. Artist
  228. San Francisco Based Artist, Illustrator and Toy Designer
  229. Artist
  230. American painter, animator, author and sculptor. He is known for his metal wall sculptures and Looney Tunes shadow boxes
  231. Artist, Ceramics, Sculptor
  232. Illustrator of Penny Arcade
  233. Internationally recognized prodigy artist
  234. Character layout artist - simpsons
  235. Author
  236. Sculptor
  237. Broadway Costume Designer
  238. Artist
  239. Artist & Animator for Disney & Pixar
  240. Author, photographer
  241. Peter Krause  (2)
    American illustrator and comic book artist. He is best known for his work on various DC Comics titles, most notably the Superman-related titles and a three-year run on The Power of Shazam! with Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family
  242. Artist
  243. Artist, Designer
  244. Artist
  245. (born April 17, 1980) is an American painter and illustrator. He is best known for his oil paintings depicting vintage, historical baseball scenes
  246. Photographer and author; widow of author Kurt Vonnegut
  247. German Fashion Designer
  248. Comic Artist
  249. Artist
  250. Creator Of Ren & Stimpy And FOX KIDS The Ripping Friends
  251. Architect
  252. David Kroll  (2)
  253. Fetish photographer
  254. Artist
  255. American Conceptual Artist
  256. Artist
  257. German Artist, known for his celebrity caricatures (Rolling Stones etc.)
  258. Artist
  259. Video game developer for CD Projekt Red
  260. Artist
  261. Animation director
  262. Artist/co-creator of the original Care Bears . Did all the illustrations for the original products.
  263. Artist
  264. Comic book artist and writer
  265. Artist
  266. Artist
  267. Author
  268. Animation timer - 'The Simpsons'
  269. Illustrator, was born in Germany
  270. American Artist
  271. One of the world's most distinguished furniture designers. In 1964 he designed The Karuselli chair
  272. aka Love Me (Artist, Painter, Designer)
  273. Artist and Owner of Cracked Magazine
  274. Centenartian. Japanese Photographer/Illustrator. Born: 07/12/1909
  275. Artist
  276. Artist
  277. Illustrator
  278. Artist, designer
  279. Artist, Animator, Designer
  280. Finnish author, artist & illustrator
  281. American artist considered the 'best-known and most respected historical artist in the country. Created posters for movies such as The Poseidon Adventure and for television and advertising. Some experts see him as the next Norman Rockwell
  282. Animator
  283. Artist
  284. Japanese artist
  285. Artist
  286. Award Winning Architect
  287. Artist
  288. Artist
  289. Artist
  290. Yang Jingyuan born April 1, 1981 in Seoul, South Korea, Korean actor
  291. Artist