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  1. 2014 inductee into National Inventors Hall of Fame
  2. Owner of the NHL's Dallas Stars
  3. Owns a chain of art galleries around the world (Gagosian Galleries)
  4. Star of HGTV's 'Fixer Upper'
  5. Founder, Pink Zebra
  6. Canadian/US Economist
  7. Jack daniels master distiller 1964-1966 #5
  8. President and CEO of Annabelle Candy Co
  9. Former president and current Chairman of the Board of Ganong Bros., the oldest chocolate manufacturing company in Canada
  10. CEO of Christopher Gardner International Holdings; Subject of the film Pursuit of Happyness
  11. Founder of 'Common Cause,' government watchdog group
  12. Microsoft Chairman/Chief Software Architect, one of the wealthiest men in the world
  13. Longtime Dallas businessman, Gatlin was working on the twelfth floor of the Mercantile Bank building in 1963 and provided vivid memories of the motorcade passing by on Main Street/Sixth Floor interviewee multiple times
  14. CEO, Ethiopian Airlines
  15. Venezuelan businessman, president of Venezolana Airlines
  16. Businessman Oilman
  17. buinessman ceo ibm
  18. Son of Jean Paul Getty
  19. (1892-1976)was an American industrialist. He founded the Getty Oil Company, and in 1957 Fortune magazine named him the richest living American,[3] while the 1966 Guinness Book of Records named him as the world's richest private citizen, worth an estimated
  20. CEO of Nissan Motor Co
  21. Venezuelan Air Force director, president of Conviasa Airlines
  22. Agent and ex husband of Annette Funicello
  23. The Real Housewives of New York City
  24. Ron Gilbert  (2)
    Video Game Developer
  25. Host of Vice's Beerland; Co-Founder & President of Golden Road Brewing
  26. Dodge srt ceo
  27. Creator of the Vertigo car
  28. DEI Head Engine Builder, Now DEI President
  29. Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Pier 1 Imports
  30. Author and entrepreneur
  31. Norwegian businessman
  32. Owner of the professional baseball team, Tri City ValleyCats
  33. American Zen Buddhist roshi, Founder of the Greyston Foundation and co-founder of the Zen Peacemakers
  34. Las Vegas casino owner and front-man for various organized crime families in the Las Vegas 'Skim operation'. Argent Corp. 'Portrayed by Kevin Pollak as (Phillip Green) in Martin Scorcese's 1995 film (Casino)'
  35. General partner and managing director of Glickenhaus & Co, and a film director. Big time Ferrari enthusiast, he commissioned Ferrari to build a one of a kind model, the Ferrari P4/5
  36. Chairmen/CEO of theMPAA
  37. film producer/co-founder - Cannon Films
  38. Founder of Glock firearms corp
  39. Duck Dynasty
  40. CEO Western Union fortune 500 company
  41. British businesswoman
  42. Former president and chief executive officer of Price-Pfister Inc., one of the nation's largest plumbing fixture manufacturers
  43. Business educator, author, speaker and coach.
  44. Owner of the Ecologist magazine, environmental campaigner
  45. editor/pub. (screw magazine)
  46. President ABC News
  47. Archie Comics' founding publisher
  48. CEO, Vieques Air Link
  49. North Carolina billionaire
  50. Beverly Hills Fabulous
  51. Chairman of Trollope Society Born: 07/21/1901
  52. Bruce Gordon  (2)
    Former president of the NAACP
  53. President & CEO Of Toostie Rolls Candy
  54. Founder of Motown records1988 rock and roll hall of fame inductee
  55. Billionaire Detroit Pistons Owner
  56. American businessman and the former president and chairman of the board for the clothing company L.L.Bean. Grandson of L.L.Bean founder Leon Leonwood Bean
  57. TLC show 'Jon and Kate Plus Eight', father of 1.Cara 2.Mady 3.Alexis 4.Hannah 5.Aaden 6.Collin 7.Leah 8.Joel
  58. Emily Grace  (2)
    TV NEWS anchor channel 13 news
  59. Whistleblower
  60. American publisher Leader of Washington Post, more than 2 decades, overseeing famous period, the Watergate coverage that eventually led to resignation of President Nixon. Her memoir, Personal History, won the Pulitzer Prize in 1998
  61. Former Head of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (1988-1993)
  62. Author and Chairman and CEO of Centurion Holdings LLC, a company that advises private and public companies. Served in the U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets). Served as the Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council under Bush, Jr
  63. Adam Grant  (2)
    Award-winning psychologist, top-rated Wharton professor, and best-selling author. Leading expert on how we can find motivation and meaning and live more generous and creative lives. Co-authored Option B w/ Sheryl Sandberg
  64. Fantasy & science fiction publisher in USA, founded in 1964. Notable for publishing fantasy and horror novels with lavish illustrations, most notably Stephen King's The Dark Tower series and the King/Peter Straub novel The Talisman
  65. Hugh Grant  (2)
    CEO of Monsanto Company
  66. Former E! News anchor and reporter/Currently founder of SheSez, a lifestyle brand and podcast
  67. Founder/Owner Raising Cane's
  68. Swedish founder and CEO of Gray Design. Designs supercars and yachts
  69. 343 Industries, Video Game Creator/Designer
  70. Howard Green  (2)
    Entrepreneur/TV reality
  71. businessman co-founder of ben & jerry's
  72. Current President of Carnegie Corporation of New York,Former President Brown University
  73. CEO, Oman Air airlines
  74. British Inventor. Gtech founder
  75. Billionaire businessman
  76. President of MSNBC
  77. Owner of DeezNuts Records
  78. Sam's Club President and CEO
  79. Founder, environmental defense fund
  80. President of the National Geographic Society and editor of National Geographic Magazine from 1957 to 1969
  81. Owner of NBA Team the Boston Celtics
  82. chairman ceo of intel. time's man of the year 1997
  83. Founder / CEO of Rossion Automotive
  84. president twentieth century fox television
  85. publisher (penthouse mag.)
  86. Miss Delaware USA 2020 and founder of KG Consulting, a freelance beauty company
  87. Fashion Photographer with a widen scope of what beauty in a model entails/Positive Exposure founded 1998 him who worked in NYC, Milan & Paris for variety of high profile clients Yves St Laurent, Revlon, Lâ-?Oreal, Elle, Harpers Bazaar & GQ
  88. Billionaire business woman
  89. Author of 10 Louisiana French-Creole cuisine cookbooks & proprietor of New Orleans' Antoine's Restaurant, est. 1840. Noted Creole culinary historian & resident of French Quarter for more than 3 decades & studied at the Le Cordon Bleu
  90. Co-owner of the minor league baseball team, Tampa Tarpons, Father of producer/actor Armando Gutierrez