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  1. German illustrator and author - Quatschfrosch (funny frog) book series
  2. British Politician
  3. Author
  4. Author
  5. Author
  6. Author
  7. Actor, musician, author/composer of Fireflies and Shooting Stars winner of the prestigious Mom's Choice Awards Silver Seal of Excellence & the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards Gold Medal. President of publishing comp MoonWatch Productions
  8. Author
  9. Author
  10. Writer
  11. Author
  12. Children's Author
  13. Screenwriter and Playwright: Hurlyburly, Casualties of War, The Crossing Guard, husband of Jill Clayburgh, father of Lily Rabe
  14. Author
  15. Co-inventor of games, including Twister. Also an author and illustrator
  16. Author. Voices of American: Boontown
  17. journalist
  18. Author
  19. Author
  20. Author
  21. Author of rest your head on the wind
  22. Author
  23. Author of 'The Making Of A Detective'
  24. Author
  25. English book illustrator
  26. Author of walk an aisle in my shoes
  27. Author
  28. Author
  29. Presenter
  30. british long distance runner, commonwea;th gold, europian gold and london marthon winner.
  31. British feminist philosopher and bioethicist
  32. Author and ABC's Chief Global Affairs Correspondent. Reports for ABC's World News Tonight with David Muir, Nightline, and other network broadcasts. Primary fill-in anchor on This Week with George Stephanopoulos
  33. Children's Author
  34. Dancer with ABT, Charlie in 'Center Stage' (2000)
  35. Author
  36. Author
  37. Author
  38. (Born 1975) US Navy SEAL Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran. Severely wounded in Fallujah, Iraq by heavy fire in 2007. Author of books like The Trident and Overcome
  39. 60's/70's TV writer (Gilligan's Island, others)
  40. Co-writer/composer (w/Gerome Ragni) - HAIR
  41. Former clubhouse employee for the NY Mets, who pleaded guilty to money laundering & illegal distribution of anabolic steroids, HGH, Clenbuterol, amphetamines and other drugs to dozens of current and former Major League Baseball players
  42. Author
  43. Real housewives of new york
  44. Canadian Politician
  45. Author
  46. Journalist
  47. Author
  48. poet, storyteller and literary criticism from Spain.Books: 'Les tombes blanques', 'Pou of glaç', 'bai'
  49. Author
  50. Author
  51. Author
  52. Author
  53. Author
  54. Writer, LOST
  55. June 15, 1919 - January 23, 2011 Texas lawyer for more than fifty years. She was the first female prosecutor in Dallas County, Texas. She spearheaded a coalition to establish the Marital Property Act of 1967, and the Texas Family Code
  56. Children's Author
  57. Author: 'Car Wreck'
  58. Author of banksters and prairie boys
  59. Author - I Dream of Mircowaves
  60. Author
  61. Author
  62. American economist, syndicated columnist, and entrepreneur
  63. Author
  64. French Author. 2007 Grande Pré Winner
  65. Erotica & Romance Writer
  66. writer
  67. Playwright
  68. Author
  69. Author
  70. Author
  71. Author
  72. Big Ang...her own show now on vh1 and been on mob wives
  73. Comedy writer, performer and Senior Editor at MAD Magazine
  74. Author
  75. Author
  76. Author
  77. Author
  78. Author
  79. Author
  80. Author
  81. author
  82. Cartoonist
  83. Author
  84. Author - Fiction
  85. writer
  86. Author
  87. Screenwriter
  88. Author of love in a handful of dust
  89. Author
  90. Author
  91. Author
  92. Author
  93. Daughter of actor Harold Ramis, Co - Writer, Author - Ghostbusters Daughter: Life with my dad, Harold Ramis
  94. Author, historian - Unbroken Will
  95. Author
  96. drummer the ramones
  97. legendary grammy award winning music producer
  98. Author
  99. Author
  100. Male Voice Over Talent
  101. Author
  102. British Actress (b: 1946) - Georgy Girl,The Verdict,Stardust Memories,The Damned,The Night Porter,Asylum,Farewell My Lovely,Orca,Zardoz,Angel Heart,DOA '88,Swimming Pool,The Cherry Orchard,Max Mon Amour,Basic Instinct 2,Playboy March 1974
  103. Author
  104. Author
  105. Chef, 'Hells Kitchen' 'Hells Kitchen USA' 'The F Word' 'Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares' 'Cookalong Life'
  106. Author
  107. B. 1918 in the Texas Hill Country/Texas Story Teller/Writer/'as Texas As It Gets' & 'More Texas Tales'
  108. Radio Talk Show Author
  109. Journalist, author, and an indispensable voice on issues of identity, justice, and patterns of power in America/author of When Crack Was King: A People's History of a Misunderstood Era, a work of narrative nonfiction exploring how Black America survi
  110. Author
  111. Author - Non-Fiction
  112. Author
  113. Author
  114. Author: 'Complete Book of Ready-To-Use Customer Service Scripts', 'The Complete Idiots Guide to Motivating People'
  115. Boston Globe Journalist and Author
  116. TV Personality-Co Anchor for E! News Live
  117. Author
  118. Author
  119. Author
  120. Broadcaster
  121. American theoretical physicist and leading expert on particle physics and cosmology
  122. Author
  123. Author
  124. Author
  125. James Randi  (2)
  126. Author, has been on numerous T.V. shows
  127. Children's Author
  128. Author
  129. Author
  130. Author
  131. U.S. Representative for New York's 15th congressional district (1971-2017)
  132. UK Voice Actress, Radio and Television Presenter
  133. Author
  134. Author
  135. Writer Of The Inspector Rebus Novels
  136. Author
  137. Children's Author
  138. Author
  139. Author of the Brentford Trilogy and The hollow chocolate bunnies of the Apocolypse
  140. Writer
  141. Director/Screenwriter
  142. Author
  143. Author
  144. Author
  145. Author, was a contributor to The Oxford Companion to British Railway History
  146. Children's Author
  147. Children's Author
  148. Indian writer of The Serpent and teh Rope--1960
  149. Actor: My Name Is Earl, Beautiful Girls, Mighty Aphrodite, The 6th Day, Bamboozled, Boston Public, The War at Home, Higher Learning, Deep Blue Sea
  150. Author
  151. Bride Wars, Players, Burning Love, Girlfriend's Day, New Girl, Grace and Frankie
  152. Author
  153. U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, Philadelphia Independence WPS
  154. children's author (missing the piano)
  155. Author of the book 'Poster Child'-A Memoir
  156. Children's Author
  157. Author - Non-Fiction
  158. Author
  159. Author, sex educator
  160. Children's Author
  161. Author
  162. Author
  163. Author
  164. Author/healer of the calling and oneness
  165. wrote Newbery Medal for the book The Westing Game
  166. Writer, collector of anecdotes
  167. Cyclist
  168. Co-Founder Of ESPN
  169. French writer
  170. Author
  171. Author
  172. United States Congressman from Texas
  173. Author
  174. Author
  175. American consultant on employee engagement, strengths, and wellbeing, and author. He is best known for his studies on strengths based leadership and wellbeing and synthesizing research findings in a series of bestselling books
  176. Author
  177. Veteran Broadcast Journalist: former CBS Evening News anchor, Dan Rather Reports, best-selling author
  178. Author
  179. Scriptwriter Zorro Rides Again. 1959
  180. US Author
  181. Author
  182. Author
  183. Author
  184. Author
  185. Children's Author
  186. Concert Manager; Author - 50 Jahre Backstage
  187. Author
  188. Writer/Screenwriter
  189. French writer
  190. Author
  191. Author of se dane run
  192. Poet, Artist, Writer, photographer & author of the picture book CAN I JUST TAKE A NAP?
  193. Author, chef/owner of Luc Restaurant and Loulay Kitchen & Bar in Seattle
  194. Author
  195. Writer
  196. Author
  197. Author
  198. Author
  199. florist, gardener, author
  200. Author
  201. American historian of education and educational policy analyst. Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education. In 2013, she joined forces with writer and former teacher, Anthony Cody, to create the The Network for Public Education
  202. Author
  203. Author
  204. Author
  205. Female Voice Over Talent
  206. Author
  207. Children's Author
  208. Author
  209. Author
  210. Author
  211. Author
  212. David Ray  (2)
    Author - Pebble Rings and Pigeons in the Chandeliers, and of The Japipur Sketchbook
  213. Children's Author
  214. Author
  215. Author
  216. Author
  217. Author
  218. American artist, Author
  219. Celebrity Chef: Hostess of '30 Minute Meals', '$40 a Day', 'The Rachael Ray Show'
  220. Author
  221. Indian Bengali Filmmaker - Pather Panchali, Aparajito, Distant Thunder, Nayak: The Hero, Charulata: The Lonely Wife, The Big City: Mahanagar, ...Goopy & Bagha, Paras-Pathar, The Goddess, The Advarsary, The Chess Players, The Visitor. Writer. Composer
  222. Author
  223. Children's Author
  224. Author wrote the book silent in the grave
  225. Author
  226. Author
  227. Author - Diabetes Beating The Odds
  228. Defence and Security correspondent of The Sunday Telegraph.
  229. WWII - Pearl Harbor. US Navy. The first diver to enter the sunken USS Arizona. Author of the book 'Descent into Darkness'. Born Oct. 18, 1920
  230. Author
  231. Children's Book Illustrator
  232. French actor, played in 'Sous le Soleil' and SOS 18
  233. British journalist, writer and broadcaster
  234. Author
  235. Author
  236. Author
  237. Award winning Actress and Writer from South London. She is best known for writing and starring in her BBC sitcom Hounslow Diaries
  238. Writer
  239. Author - Non Fiction
  240. Comic, writer, animator
  241. Olympic skier for Canada. Member of the 'Crazy Canucks'
  242. Michael Read  (2)
    Author - The Chronicle of Isaac Quirk
  243. Author: 'Alive - The Story Of The Andes Survivors'
  244. Donut Dolly in Vietnam. Author
  245. Playwright
  246. Author and photojournalist
  247. Author
  248. Author
  249. President Reagan's son, radio talk show host
  250. Author
  251. Author - Non-Fiction
  252. Author
  253. Author
  254. Author
  255. sports columnist
  256. Author
  257. Author
  258. Author
  259. Spur Award nominee James Reasoner is one of the most prolific and in?demand Western writers working today, with more than 300 books to his credit. Writes under name Dana Fuller Ross!
  260. Tv writer -- The Real Ghostbusters, Batman the Animated Series, Spiderman and his Amazing Friends, Dungeons & Dragons, Gargoyles and Spiderman Unlimited. Also wrote the novel Star Wars: Darth Maul-Shadow Hunter
  261. Author
  262. Olympic Gold Medalist Snow Boarder At Nagano
  263. Writer
  264. Author and wife of fmr MLB Player Jeff Rebonlet
  265. Author
  266. WTAE News Team
  267. German DDR ski jumper
  268. Author
  269. This is the complete staff from the Belgian musicmagazin from the 70's: JOEPIE. The names are Jo met de banjo, Els Van den Abbeele, Vic Dennis and Guido Van Liefferinge
  270. Emmy- and Edward R. Murrow award winning investigative journalist turned author. Wrote 'Google It: A History of Google' & 'Elon Musk: A Mission To Save the World' which was named a BEST STEM BOOK by the 2020 Nat'l Sci Teachers Assoc
  271. Sky sports news journalist
  272. Author
  273. author (the celestine prophecy)
  274. Actress: Girl with Green Eyes, Georgy Girl, The Virgin Soldiers, Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex..., The Happy Hooker, Centennial, The Bad Seed, Midnight, Shine, Gods and Monsters, The Next Best Thing, Kinsey, The Jane Austen Book Club
  275. Author - Non Fiction
  276. Author
  277. Public Speaker and author
  278. Navy seal, author
  279. Author
  280. Author
  281. Creator of Brookside,Hollyoaks and Grange Hill.
  282. Spanish writer black genre
  283. Children's Author
  284. Chef at Noma
  285. Author
  286. Professional Female VolleyBall Player/Model-Playboy January 2001, Model, Actress, Fitness Expert
  287. Author
  288. Fitness Competitor
  289. Author
  290. Jeremy Reed  (2)
  291. Jim Reed  (2)
  292. John Reed  (2)
    Author - 1001 Things Everyone Should Know/South
  293. Julia Reed  (2)
    Author - Ham Biscuits, Hostess Gowns, and Other Southern Specialties
  294. Author
  295. Musician 'Walk on the wild side', Involved in Velvet underground.
  296. Children's Author
  297. Author
  298. Author - Fiction
  299. Film Critic. Actor - Myra Breckinridge (as Myron)
  300. Robert Reed  (2)
    SF Author - Sister Alice; Well of Stars
  301. Author
  302. Author - wrote some of the girls' children's books The Magic Attic Club. NOT to be confused with author of The Holy Profane or The Jazz Life of Dr. Billy Taylor
  303. Romance writer
  304. Author
  305. Children's Author
  306. Author
  307. Author
  308. Author - Hell on Earth; managing editor of theMountain News
  309. Author
  310. Author
  311. Author
  312. German Author/Publicist, Victim of the Reemtsma-Kidnapping in 1996
  313. Author
  314. author of Witch Child
  315. David Rees  (2)
    Comic strip Get Your War On
  316. Screenwriter; Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Mudbound'
  317. Children's Author
  318. Author/ journalist
  319. Author - Sing a Song of Silence
  320. Author
  321. Author
  322. Author - Keeping a Pony
  323. Author
  324. Author
  325. Lord Rees Mogg, British Politician
  326. Futurist, historian, author, keynote speaker, businessman. Books include the award-winning 'Infinite Progress: How Technology and the Internet Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, and War.'
  327. Singer & Actress: Touched By An Angel, Chico & The Man, The Royal Family, Promised Land, Harlem Nights, The A-Team, Psychic Killer, MacGyver, Me Again
  328. Author
  329. Journalist for Vice Media
  330. Author
  331. Children's Author
  332. Author
  333. Author
  334. Children's Book Author
  335. Canadian astrophysicist and popularizer of science
  336. Author
  337. British Politician
  338. Author
  339. Hary Cheyenne Reeves (* 10. Mai 1975 in Cologne) German Actor, Author, Host, Producer and former Soccer Pro
  340. Author
  341. Author
  342. Author - Fiction
  343. Shooting Stars, The Smell of Reeves & Mortimer
  344. Children's Author
  345. Children's Author
  346. Author
  347. Author - Fiction
  348. Laura Regan  (2)
    Illustrator - Welcome to the Icehouse , Sun Song
  349. Novellist and actress (Keep it Up Jack, Confessions of a Pop Performer, Carry On England, Adventures of a Private Eye, Hi-De-Hi, The Knock, CATS Eyes, Bergerac, On the Buses)
  350. Author
  351. Author, children's books; 'Radar's Dream'
  352. Spanish author
  353. Actor: Zorro, V - The Series, The Monster Squad, My Wicked Wicked Ways, Billy the Kid, Wizards and Warriors, Timemaster, The Last Samurai, Fast Track, Star Trek DS9, The Haunting of Lisa, Presumed Dead, Air Bud 3
  354. German musician and writer
  355. Writer : MASH / The 10 Percenters
  356. Photographer, author, screenplay writer, actor, announcer, voice/over artist, director, columnist and public speaker and is an 'On-Air' radio & tv broadcast veteran of over 35 years. For 17 years he was the Voice of As The World Turn
  357. Author
  358. Author
  359. Author
  360. Author
  361. Author
  362. Author
  363. Author - Fiction
  364. Veteran jazz critic , Author - The First and Final Nightmare of Sonia Reich
  365. Author
  366. Secretary of Labor 1993-1997
  367. Author
  368. Literature Critical and Bookwriterof Polish origin
  369. Author
  370. Author
  371. Captured Green River Killer; US Representative-Wash.;
  372. Author
  373. American memoirist, chef, food writer, co-producer of PBS's Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie, culinary editor for the Modern Library, host of PBS's Gourmet's Adventures With Ruth, & the last editor-in-chief of the now shuttered Gourmet magazine
  374. Co-Author of the Virals series with his mother Kathy Reichs
  375. author Grave Secrets Virals series:Virals, Seizure, Code, Exposure, Terminal Bones
  376. Author
  377. Author
  378. Author
  379. Author - Bats of the World
  380. Author
  381. Author
  382. Author
  383. Author
  384. Jamie Reid  (2)
  385. Author
  386. Author
  387. Author
  388. Critical essayist and Distinguished and Presidential Professor of English at the CUNY Graduate Center
  389. German TV Journalist / Sports Commentator
  390. Author
  391. Adult film star-Penthouse Pet May 2011; posed for photo with Bill Clinton creating controversy
  392. WTAE News Team
  393. Actress - Black Book, Pril Geluk, Quidam Quidam, Hotel Paraiso, Flicka, Moonlight, Grimm, A Thousand Kisses, Nadine
  394. Author
  395. Author
  396. Travel Book Author
  397. Reporting fellow for Rewire News Group
  398. Author
  399. Author
  400. Former Sports Illustrated writer. Current ESPN writer
  401. Tom Reilly  (2)
    Assistant director - Big, The Prince of Tides, Glengarry Glen Ross, The Pick-up Artist, Sabrina, and Great Expectations, author
  402. American businessman and author
  403. Author
  404. Author
  405. Actor / Writer / Director: Your Show Of Shows, The Dick Van Dyke Show,The Man With Two Brains, Oh, God!, The Jerk, Oceans 11-12-13, The Russians Are Coming..., The Gazebo, Summer School, Fatal Instinct, Sibling Rivalry
  406. Author
  407. Medical Heart Doctor and Author
  408. Czech author
  409. Author
  410. Author
  411. Author
  412. Children's Author
  413. French writer
  414. Children's Author
  415. Author
  416. Dutch Author
  417. Author
  418. Author
  419. Actor: Mad About You, My Two Dads, Aliens, Diner, Beverly Hills Cop, The Marrying Man, Bye Bye Love, Odd Jobs, Crazy People, Mr. Write, Concussion, The Darkness, Red Oaks, Stranger Things, The Spy Who Dumped Me
  420. Author
  421. Israeli Professor of Chemistry and D.H.C. Enrique Berman Professor of Solar Energy at Institute of Chemistry of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, author of 532 scientific papers cited more than 30,000 times
  422. Author
  423. Author
  424. Author
  425. Author...'Dreadful Sorry', 'The Glasshouse People', 'PaperQuake: A Puzzle' and many more
  426. Screenwriter/Producer for The Simpsons
  427. Authors - Non-Fiction
  428. Children's Author
  429. Journalist and author who survived Jonestown
  430. Author - Economics of Taste and The SS: Alibi of a Nation
  431. Known as 'Hitler's Favorite Test Pilot'. Hanna was a German Nazi test pilot who tested many different types of German planes throughout World War 2. She is also the author of The Sky My Kingdom
  432. Dutch Author
  433. Author
  434. Author
  435. Tv journalist
  436. Author
  437. Author
  438. Author
  439. Children's Author
  440. Author
  441. Princeton University Graduate, Winner of a George Polk Award for excellence in writing wrote 'The Bridge': The Life and Rise of Barack Obama, Editor of the New Yorker since 1998 served on the NYPL Board of Trustees
  442. Writer/Screenwriter
  443. Tv presenter
  444. Denver Post writer
  445. Professional Speaker and author of the book A Lion Called Christian
  446. Author
  447. Novelist: Inspector Wexford and other crime/thriller stories. Also writes as Barbara Vine
  448. Author of Judy Johnson Delaware's Invisible Hero
  449. Author
  450. Singer/Musician
  451. Author
  452. Author, Its ok im wearing really big knickers, knocked out by my nuga nungers and Angus thongs and full frontal snogging
  453. Author
  454. Model
  455. French photograph
  456. Film director, actor and author
  457. Journalist
  458. Poet. Her Collected Poems published in 2012 was awarded the 2013 William Carlos Williams Award by the Poetry Society of America
  459. Author
  460. Author
  461. Children's Book Author
  462. Author
  463. Author
  464. Author
  465. Author - Non-Fiction
  466. Filipino-American journalist and author, the co-founder and CEO of Rappler, and a Nobel Peace Prize 2021 laureate
  467. FBI Profiler & Author
  468. Journalist pulitzer prize 1945 1957
  469. Author/'The Accidental Victim: JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the Real Target in Dallas'/A veteran author who was a speechwriter in the Kennedy adminstration concludes that Oswald acted alone, but his target was Texas Gov. John Connally, not Kennedy
  470. French judoka, world champion and olympic champion (1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta).