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  1. Author
  2. Norwegian artist who won the contest Stjernekamp på NRK 2019
  3. TV Star / Author / Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker
  4. Author
  5. Author
  6. Author
  7. Children's Author
  8. German RTL Super Nanny
  9. Author
  10. Author
  11. Canadian television-show host, interior designer and writer, who currently co-hosts the afternoon talk show Steven and Chris with longtime partner Chris Hyndman on CBC Television
  12. She recorded her first album in 1978 under the name Flower, In April 1979, Playboy included her in a nude pictorial titled 'Disco Queens', Dr. Saban is an American psychologist, author, television writer, and philanthropist
  13. Won the National Book Critics Circle Award for his debut book, My Father's Paradise: A Son's Search for his Jewish Past in Kurdish Iraq
  14. French TV/radio Presenter
  15. Author
  16. Author
  17. Novelist. Born: 06/24/1911
  18. Professor, Political Analyst/JFK Book; 'The Kennedy Half-Century: The Presidency, Assassination, and Lasting Legacy of John F. Kennedy'
  19. Author
  20. Author
  21. Co-author (w/ former major league pitcher) of I Can See Clearly Now
  22. Author
  23. Author--Sword series, Beserker series, and Gods series
  24. Author
  25. Author
  26. Author of waiters from hell
  27. Author
  28. Author
  29. Author
  30. Author
  31. Joe Sacco  (2)
    Author - Footnotes in Gaza; War's End
  32. French journalist, radio & TV host, sometimes writer
  33. Best Selling Author of 'Holes'
  34. US Author
  35. British actor, Manuel on 'Fawlty Towers'
  36. Retired United States Air Force veteran, video game artist and game programmer. Sachs was the lead artist on the groundbreaking Amiga computer game Defender of the Crown from Cinemaware. He is also the author of the game Saucer Attack
  37. Author
  38. German Actor - Lindenstrasse
  39. Author
  40. Former notre dame football player. 1966 national championship team. he is also an author
  41. Male Voice Over Talent
  42. Author
  43. Author
  44. Lord Sacks, British Politician
  45. Author
  46. Author of Awakenings
  47. Author - Standardized Minds
  48. Author
  49. Author
  50. 23-year-old American student in his senior year at California State University, Sacramento, who helped avert a massacre when an armed attacker began shooting on a train from Amsterdam to Paris; received France's Legion of Honor
  51. John Sadler  (2)
    Author (military history)
  52. Author
  53. Professor of Sociology and Business and the Chair of the Business Department at Holy Names College ; Author - The Third Age
  54. Children's Author
  55. Author
  56. Actor
  57. Author
  58. Author
  59. Author. noted scientist and conservationist. Established the Blue Ocean Institute; works to sav the world's oceans
  60. American law enforcement professional who served as the 39th NYC Police Commissioner from 1996-2000 & the 29th NYC Fire Commissioner from 1994-1996, under Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Currently serves as Chairman of Safir Intelligence and Security
  61. Writer/Artist
  62. journalist writer
  63. Erotic Romance Novelist, Author
  64. Author
  65. German author
  66. Author
  67. Actress: Married With Children, Maid To Order, The Good Mother, Recess, That 70's Show, Imagine That, Futurama, 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter, Boston Legal, Sons of Anarchy, LOST, The Shield
  68. Author/ Host of Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me
  69. American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science popularizer, and science communicator in astronomy and natural sciences. Author. Host of the popular TV series Cosmos
  70. writer
  71. Author
  72. Author of the Septimus Heap series
  73. Writer, Burlesque performer, worked at Exotic World in CA
  74. Children's Author
  75. Author
  76. Grammy and Academy Award winning singer songwriter: Don't Cry Out Loud, Nobody Does It Better, That's What Friends Are For, Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)
  77. Author
  78. Author
  79. Author
  80. Comedian. Actor (b: 1956) - Full House (192 eps. as Danny Tanner), How I Met Your Mother (160 eps. as the Narrator), Raising Dad (22 eps. as Matt), Surviving Suburbia (13 eps. as Steve). TV Host - America's Funniest Home Videos (192 programs)
  81. Grew up in the Playboy mansion and wrote a book
  82. Graphic designer and artist
  83. Director
  84. Actress
  85. Author
  86. German rapper, actress, author
  87. Author (Fiction)
  88. Author
  89. Author
  90. Author
  91. Lord Sainsbury of Turville, British Politician
  92. Author
  93. French writer and journalist
  94. French journalist
  95. Writer from Barcelona (Spain) black gender-police
  96. French author of the book 'The Forgotten Soldier / Le soldat oublié ', his writing-name is the pseudonym for Guy Mouminoux
  97. New York-based actor, singer and writer. Recently starred in 'Greater Clements'
  98. Author
  99. Author
  100. Author
  101. Author
  102. Children's Author
  103. Celebrity fitness trainer
  104. Author
  105. Actress (The Best Man to Die; A Fatal Inversion; All in The Game; Delantero; The Bill; Beech is Back; William and Mary
  106. Children's Book Author
  107. Tv and radio journalist
  108. Author
  109. Author
  110. Children's Author
  111. Screenwriter
  112. Author
  113. Author of The Flight Girls
  114. Tv journalist
  115. Author
  116. Author
  117. Actor
  118. Ex-PLO; Author (Autobiography)
  119. Crime writer from Spain
  120. Author
  121. Italian Film director of cinema and theatre, writer
  122. Author
  123. Award-winning journalist and New York Times Bestselling author who has written for Vanity Fair, New York, The Guardian, Harper's Bazaar and many other national publications. Author of The Bling Ring
  124. Tv journalist
  125. Author
  126. Author
  127. Author
  128. Comedienne/Actress-Significant Others,Alien Avengers,Till Death Do Us Part,Running Women,The Trip,Wild Things 2,Star Trek Deep Space 9
  129. Author
  130. Author
  131. wrote Catcher in the Rye, Frannie and Zooey, Nine Stories, etc.
  132. J d's daughter
  133. Escritora Española de narrativa .Autora de 'Una mujer llega al pueblo','El declive y la cuesta', 'La Gangrena','El volumen de la ausencia','Reflejos de luna','Entre la sombra y la luz' .English : spanish writter of narrative
  134. Children's Author
  135. Prolific, award-winning author of books for children and young adults
  136. Author
  137. Bestselling author of young adult novels, Her first novel, THE SIN EATER'S DAUGHTER was the bestselling UK YA debut novel of 2015, and was shortlisted for multiple national and international awards
  138. Author
  139. Artist
  140. French Writer, academician
  141. Author (Fiction) - The Marsh Birds
  142. US American author
  143. UK Actor - Last of the Summer wine, Voice of Wallace in Wallace and Gromit
  144. Author. Actress - The Bible, The Statue. Fathered a child (actor Danny Huston) with film director, John Huston, in 1962
  145. Poet
  146. Author
  147. Children's Book Author
  148. Author
  149. Baseball / Outfielder 1992-2006 / LA Angels of Anaheim / Legendary Angels and Longtime Fan Favorite
  150. American author and editor of fantasy and horror fiction and poetry
  151. Author
  152. Author
  153. Writer
  154. Broadway and movie actress and singer, Miss Saigon, Les Miserables; singing voice of Jasmine in Disney's 'Aladdin' and Mulan in Disney's 'Mulan'
  155. journalist
  156. Tv journalist
  157. Author
  158. Author
  159. writer / director - Downhill Racer
  160. Author
  161. Author
  162. Author
  163. Author
  164. Author
  165. Children's Author
  166. Author
  167. Star Wars Author
  168. Author
  169. Author
  170. Journalist and author
  171. Author
  172. Author of 'Lost in Place' and 'The Soloist'
  173. Author
  174. Author
  175. Author - Fiction
  176. Author
  177. Psychologist and writer
  178. Author
  179. TV Presenter - Fox News Channel
  180. Author
  181. Author
  182. Author
  183. Author
  184. Author
  185. Author / Golf
  186. Author
  187. Author
  188. Kevin Sampson  (2)
  189. a childrens author
  190. Author
  191. Author
  192. Author
  193. Author, songwriter and wife of Pink Floyd's David Gilmour
  194. Author - Novel 'Legs'
  195. Author
  196. Children's Book Author
  197. Author
  198. Author
  199. Author
  200. Author
  201. Author
  202. Children's Author
  203. Author
  204. Author
  205. Chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, philanthropist and food activist
  206. Author - Baby Names for the New Generation
  207. Executive Chef - Aquavit, Riingo, C-House, Marc Burger & Red Rooster Harlem; TV Personality
  208. Author
  209. Children's Author
  210. Author
  211. Author
  212. Mangaka/authors
  213. Author
  214. Children's Author
  215. Conservative writer, journalist and former gay porn star
  216. Former United States Army lieutenant general; Author - Wiser in Battle
  217. B.Wilsonia Benita Driver/Birmingham, Alabama on 09/09/1934(African American Poet often associated with the Black Arts Movement. Authored over a dozen books of poetry, as well as plays and children's books, influential part of the Civil Rights Movement)
  218. Author
  219. Writer from Barcelona (Spain). Author of 'G- the novel by Gaudi'., 'La Dama del Pozo', 'The Whitechapel Quartet'
  220. Screen writer - Deepwater Horizon
  221. Author
  222. Author
  223. Author
  224. COO of Facebook, Author
  225. American film critic, poet, historian, novelist
  226. Author
  227. Author of Novels
  228. Author
  229. Barry Sanders  (2)
    Author - Unsuspecting Souls: The Disappearance of the Human Being
  230. U.S. Senator from Vermont (2007-present)
  231. Texas author/'The Garden of Eden'
  232. Ed Sanders  (3)
    US author
  233. Author
  234. (1929-2005)Series Books; Clay Loomis: The Hamlet Warning (1976) The Hamlet Ultimatum (1979), 'Fort Worth' 1984, 'Texas Noon' (Fort Worth Star Telegram staff writer)
  235. Lisa Sanders  (2)
    Author - Every Patient Tells a Story
  236. Author - Fiction
  237. Licensed psychoanalyst, author and lecturer
  238. Author
  239. Author
  240. biographer of Mick Jagger, Kurt Cobain, and Sting; Author - Bowie: Loving the Alien and Clapton: Edge of Darkness
  241. Biographer of Mick Jagger, Kurt Cobain, and Sting; Author - Bowie: Loving the Alien and Clapton: Edge of Darkness
  242. writer
  243. Author
  244. Author
  245. Author
  246. Children's Author and National Book Award Winner for 1919: The Year That Changed America
  247. Author
  248. Author
  249. Pro life speaker and author
  250. Member of 1980 US Olympic boxing team, world champion boxer
  251. Outfitter, author
  252. Author
  253. Author
  254. Author and psychologist
  255. Torchwood, Foyles War, Bonekickers
  256. Author
  257. Fmr First Lady of South Carolina
  258. Author
  259. Author - Chaat & Sweets, Little Bit of Soul Food, Mangia! Mangia!
  260. American journalist who is the chief Washington correspondent for The New York Times. He has been a member of three teams that won the Pulitzer Prize, and has been awarded numerous honors for national security and foreign policy coverage
  261. Author
  262. Writer/Empireland/Raised Punjabi boy,attended Wolverhampton Grammar School, graduated Christ's College, Cambridge, with 1st-class degree in English Language & Literature in 1998/Memoir, Boy with the Topknot (2009) adapted for BBC 2 in 2017
  263. Author
  264. Author
  265. Algerian author
  266. Author
  267. Author
  268. French singer
  269. Author
  270. TV Host
  271. Children's Author
  272. Author
  273. Author
  274. Writer
  275. Comedian
  276. Writer
  277. Author of 1981 book nominated for National Book Award 'Everything we Had': an oral history of the Vietnam War by the men who fought it. Born 1949,founder Asia America Iniative, an Adjunct Professor in the Institute of World Politics
  278. Comic Book Artist - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dial H, American Vampire, Catwoman, Covergirl
  279. Children's Author & Children's Television Show creator (Blue?s Clues & other Nickelodeon shows)
  280. Author
  281. Author
  282. Children's Author
  283. Children's Author
  284. Author
  285. Effects Animator/Story Artist - Has worked at Disney, Dreamworks, Sony and currently works at Paramount
  286. Author
  287. Writer from Barcelona (Spain). Books 'closed rooms', 'Death of Venus', etc
  288. Author
  289. Professional Speaker
  290. Writer from Madrid (Spain)
  291. Writer
  292. French Politician, minister
  293. Novelist (The Witcher)
  294. Director
  295. Sapphire  (2)
    Pen-name of Ramona Lofton, an author and performance poet. Her 1st novel, Push was adapted into the film Precious. She continuously sheds light on women who have been marginalized by sexual abuse, poverty, and their blackness
  296. Author
  297. Author
  298. Author
  299. Nobel Prize winner: Nobel Prize of Literature
  300. Police officer and author on demonology
  301. Author and illustrator of the 2016 Ezra Jack Keats New Writer Honor winning book, The Bear Ate Your Sandwich, as well as Subway Story, and The Secret Place. Director/Producer of the award-winning short animated film, Call of the Wild
  302. Author
  303. French singer, sometimes actor
  304. Writer
  305. Author
  306. editorial cartoonist
  307. Author
  308. Author
  309. Author
  310. Author
  311. Historian of modern India based at the Jawaharlal Nehru University. Sarkar's work focuses on the intersections of religion, gender, and politics in both colonial and postcolonial South Asia, and author of several books
  312. Author
  313. President of France (2007-2012), Minister of the Interior (2002-2004 and 2005-2007)
  314. Author
  315. Author
  316. British Actor, Director and Writer born 1939.'Besame Mucho','E=mc2','Seaside Swingers','Guns of Navarone','Myra Breckinridge','The Bill','Avengers'
  317. Former president of Brazil
  318. fantasy author (shadoworld)
  319. Author
  320. Writer, - LOST - Deadwood
  321. Author - Non Fiction
  322. Author
  323. Horror Author
  324. French writer
  325. Longtime film critic for 'The Village Voice' and 'The New York Observer'
  326. Author
  327. American photographer, speaker, author, teacher, and a long time contributor to National Geographic magazine
  328. Author - Being and Nothingness, Critique of Dialectical Reason, Nausea, The Words, No Exit, and The Flies
  329. Author
  330. Author
  331. (born September 1, 1914) was Japan's first female photojournalist. Published several books including Hyakusai no Finder, or Centenarian?s Finder, and Inquisitive Girl
  332. Author
  333. Author
  334. Author
  335. Author
  336. Author
  337. Author
  338. Author (Fiction) - The Arch Traitor’s Lament
  339. Author
  340. Author
  341. 1974 nobel peace prize
  342. Iranian and French contemporary graphic novelist, illustrator, mostly known for 'Persepolis', is living in Paris, France
  343. Author
  344. Author
  345. Author
  346. Author
  347. Author
  348. Screenwriter/Director
  349. Author
  350. Writer
  351. journalist
  352. Author
  353. writer
  354. journalist
  355. French writer
  356. author of short story collections CivilWarLand in Bad Decline, Pastoralia and In Persuasion Nation, children's book The Very Persistent Gappers of Frip, novella The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil, and book of essays The Braindead Megaphone. teaches C
  357. Is an American writer and lecturer - The Love Boat,
  358. John Saunders  (2)
    writer - 'Steve Roper'
  359. Author
  360. Writer
  361. Author - Er stand in Hitlers Testament. Ein deutsches Familienerbe
  362. Author
  363. Author of 'Twin Platoons' and 1 of 100+ young men and women sworn into the Marine Corps at a Minnesota Twins baseball game on June 28, 1967
  364. Writer
  365. Writer
  366. Author
  367. NHL Goalie for the Calgary Flames
  368. Director
  369. Dutch Author
  370. Children's Author
  371. Author
  372. Author
  373. Author
  374. Author
  375. author and radio show host of The Savage Nation
  376. Author - Crisis in Command
  377. British environmentalist rowing solo across Pacific. Already has rowed Atlantic Ocean
  378. Author
  379. Author
  380. Author
  381. Author
  382. Author
  383. Author
  384. Co-author of The Deal is on Strike Three
  385. Author
  386. Author
  387. Erotic Romance Novelist
  388. Author
  389. Indianapolis Times columnist; provided color commentary to Indianapolis events
  390. Author
  391. TV presenter and panellist, ex Eastenders actor
  392. Artist, LEGO Art Sculptor
  393. Author
  394. Author
  395. Author
  396. Writer
  397. Author
  398. Author
  399. Author
  400. Author
  401. Author
  402. Author
  403. Author
  404. Author
  405. Former journalist, photographer and athlete (Born: 1915) who represented the New Zealand Herald prior to World War II
  406. Author - Fiction
  407. From the UK sitcom The Young Ones
  408. Actress
  409. Children's book author and illustrator. Painter
  410. Writer/Actor/Director: Eight Men Out, Lone Star, Passion Fish, City Of Hope, The Secret Of Roan Irish, Matewan, Return Of The Secaucus 7, The Howling, Piranha, Alligator, Lady In Red, Battle Beyond The Stars, Clan Of The Cave Bear, Limbo, Honeydripper
  411. Author
  412. Children's Author
  413. American writer and performer best known for his downtown Cabaret/Variety show The Meeting. Received the 2012 Bistro Award for ?Comedy Artistry? and a 2011 MAC Award nomination for Best Male Comedy Performance. Author of 'Husky,' a YA novel
  414. Children's Author
  415. Author
  416. Author
  417. Founder of Dom Scala Baseball. Former NY Yankees bullpen coach and Adelphi University Head Coach. Author of 'One on One Baseball'
  418. Actor
  419. Author
  420. Children's Author
  421. He is known as the modern day nostradomus because of his prophecies and predictions, His most famous book is 'notes from the cosmos'
  422. Author
  423. Author
  424. Author
  425. Author
  426. Author
  427. Author
  428. Children's Author
  429. Author
  430. Author
  431. Author
  432. former congressman/host - 'Scarborough Country' (MSNBC)
  433. Screenwriter
  434. Author
  435. animal ambassador (busch gardens), Has segment in Jack Hanna's show called 'Animal Wise'
  436. journalist
  437. Cartoonist - did Pink Floyd The Wall cartoon animation
  438. Author
  439. Author
  440. Author
  441. Author
  442. Children's Author & Illustrator (published over 300 books, 300-Million sales worldwide)
  443. Author - Mystery information books
  444. Legally blind musher in the Iditarod Dog Race
  445. TV host (Weird US), author (Weird NJ, Weird US), co-founder and editor of WeirdNJ magazine
  446. Radio journalist
  447. Glynn on The Office (UK)