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  1. Author
  2. Author
  3. Author - Non-Fiction
  4. Author
  5. Journalist. Wrte Judgment of Paris: California vs France The Historic 1976 Paris Tasting that Revolutionized Wine
  6. Author
  7. Rapper, in band Black Eyed Peas
  8. Author
  9. TV Presenter and Broadcaster, Pet Behaviourist
  10. Actor & Director: Hound of the Baskervilles, Brave New World, Black Beauty, Seventh Avenue, QB VII, Chicago Story, London Embassy, Cluedo, The Rockford Files, Twilight Zone // Son of Don Siegel and Viveca Lindfors
  11. Author - Fiction
  12. Author
  13. Writer
  14. Author
  15. author (cane river)
  16. Croatian Poet
  17. Author
  18. Poet
  19. Writer/Screenwriter
  20. Author
  21. Bar Rescue Host, Member of the Night Club Hall of Fame
  22. Author
  23. Author
  24. Author of democracy derailed and liberal leader in Alberta
  25. Children's Author
  26. Singer/Musician
  27. Author
  28. Former NFL Commissioner
  29. Author
  30. Author
  31. Author/Pakistani American young adult novelist best known for her New York Times - bestselling An Ember in the Ashes, its sequels, and the novel All My Rage
  32. Author
  33. French writer
  34. John Tait  (2)
  35. Author
  36. Author
  37. Children's Author
  38. Artist
  39. Actor: Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, The Green Berets, Return from the River Kwai, Oblivion, Bug Buster, Avatar - The Last Airbender, Kim Possible, Heroes, Supah Ninjas, Futurama, The Neighbors, The Terror // The Howard Stern Radio Show
  40. Creating Toradora
  41. Author
  42. Author
  43. Artist - Did the cover for # 1 issue of Dan Dare comics, also the 18-by-24' poster produced in 2007 which is the same as on the comic book
  44. Christian musician
  45. Author
  46. Actor
  47. Author
  48. Children's Author
  49. Author
  50. writer
  51. American editor/publisher, born 1933. Wife of writer Gay Talese
  52. Former notre dame football player '91-'93
  53. Illustrator
  54. Voice Actress - Diablo, Diablo 2(Video Game), the voice of Lt. Sarah Kerrigan in 'StarCraft', WoW
  55. An American comic book artist, and children's book illustrator and author
  56. Author
  57. Author
  58. Author
  59. Author
  60. Author
  61. Author
  62. Multi Media Journalist WRDE Delaware
  63. Writer
  64. Author
  65. Jon Talton  (2)
    Columnist, the Seattle Times
  66. US Author
  67. Lost writer
  68. Italian writer 'Vai dove ti porta il cuore'
  69. Eric Tamm  (2)
    Author - Brian Eno
  70. Smartest man on Earth
  71. author - joy luck club
  72. Author
  73. Author
  74. Author
  75. Author, Comic Artist - Academy Award Winner 2011 for best animated short 'The Lost Thing'
  76. Painter, living in the US
  77. Celebrity chef born 1971 - presenting Channel 4's Cooking It as well as appearing in Saturday Kitchen on BBC One
  78. Writer of Mummies: The newest, coolest, and creepiest from around the world
  79. Children's Book Author
  80. writer/comedian
  81. Author
  82. Bake off contestant
  83. Children's Author
  84. Author
  85. Lawyer; Author - Escape
  86. Author
  87. Author (Fiction)
  88. Author
  89. Children's Author
  90. Author
  91. Author
  92. Author
  93. Author
  94. Coast guard author
  95. Celebrity Chef
  96. Author
  97. Author
  98. Author
  99. Author
  100. Author
  101. Painter, Writer Artist. Last of Surrealist Painters
  102. Sex Author and Porn Star
  103. Author and wife of fmr MLB Player Kevin Tapani
  104. Former French businessman, politician and occasional singer, now actor and TV host
  105. Author
  106. Actress, Author
  107. Author of the book 'Elizabeth' which is about Elizabeth Taylor
  108. Author
  109. Director/Writer/Actor- Pulp Fiction (AA win), Django Unchained (AA win), Inglorious Basterds (AA nom), The Hateful Eight, Kill Bill vol 1&2, Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, From Dusk till Dawn, Sin City, True Romance, Natural born Killers, Death Proof,
  110. Jewelry Designer
  111. Author
  112. Cartoonist
  113. Author
  114. Author
  115. Author
  116. Author
  117. Author
  118. Author
  119. Author
  120. Author
  121. Author Of Childrens Books
  122. Author of the I Survived book series and three other related books
  123. Author of international bestseller The Secret History and The Little Friend
  124. Author
  125. Author
  126. Author - childrens books; The Mapmaker and the Ghost
  127. American author of YA fiction. Her books often incorporate different formats and play with the line between fiction and non-fiction. Mother of Jake Tashjian, who illustrated her My Life and Einstein the Class Hamster series
  128. Strategist, organizer, activist, commentator and writer, primarily focusing his energies on the topics of work, labor and the economy. Author of many books. CNN contributor
  129. Actor
  130. Author/Retired Brigadier General
  131. Author
  132. Film/TV Writer
  133. Sister of Sharon Tate
  134. Children's Author, Illustrator 'Strong As Sandow: How Eugen Sandow Became The Strongest Man On Earth' 'It Jes? Happened: When Bill Traylor Started to Draw' 'Poet: The Remarkable Story of George Moses Horton'
  135. Author
  136. writer
  137. Voice Over Talent
  138. Former American White House official. She served as First Lady Nancy Reagan's press secretary from 1981 to 1985
  139. Author
  140. Author
  141. Production manager at Fine Communications, article in the My America book
  142. Author
  143. British-born American paleoanthropologist, author and curator emeritus with the American Museum of Natural History in NYC. Tattersall is currently working with the Templeton Foundation
  144. syndicated cartoonist of heart of the city
  145. Author
  146. Author
  147. businessman
  148. Author
  149. Author
  150. Author
  151. Screenwriter
  152. Author
  153. Author
  154. Author of The Ghost of Virginia' series
  155. Author
  156. Author - Non Fiction
  157. Author - Non Fiction
  158. Alan Taylor  (2)
    Journalist - Sunday Herald (UK) , author
  159. Author
  160. Author
  161. Andrew Taylor  (3)
    Author - Judgement of Strangers; Afterlife of John Brown; Labour, the State, Social Movements & the Challenge of Neo-Liberal Globalisation
  162. Ann Taylor  (2)
    Children's Author
  163. Author
  164. Documentary Filmmaker
  165. WWOR My9 News Team
  166. Author of 11 books including The Hue and Cry at Our House, a memoir of one year in Taylor's childhood in Forth Worth, Texas, following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  167. Youtube Actress
  168. Author - Undone
  169. Author
  170. Author
  171. Chad Taylor  (2)
    New Zealand Writer
  172. Attorney, Author - Divorcing
  173. Children's Author
  174. Author
  175. Dan Taylor  (4)
    Author - The Bulldog Mutiny
  176. Daniel Taylor  (7)
    American scholar and practitioner of social change, with notable achievements in community-led conservation and global education. He recognized as giving a definitive explanation for the century-old Yeti or Abominable Snowman) mysteries
  177. Author
  178. Author
  179. Environmental sociologist and author. Research involves environmental history, justice, & policy, leisure and recreation, gender and development, urban affairs, race relations, collective action and social movements, etc
  180. Illustrator
  181. Author
  182. Author; Shadowmancer
  183. Author of alone in the boardroom and 5 other books
  184. Author
  185. Greg Taylor  (2)
  186. Writer/Poet, born 1942
  187. Author
  188. Co-author of year delta
  189. Supervising editor & co-editor on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wrote several episodes of Deep Space Nine and the Voyager novel 'Pathways.'
  190. Author
  191. Son of Gen. Maxwell Taylor, Author
  192. Culinary expert, Author - Hoppin' John's Lowcountry Cooking
  193. Author - Wonder of Probiotics
  194. Author
  195. Justin Taylor  (4)
  196. Horror Author
  197. Kate Taylor  (2)
    Author/Sex Columnist - Non Fiction
  198. Author - Rules For Saying Goodbye
  199. Author
  200. Author
  201. Linebacker for the New York Giants (1981-1993). 10x Pro Bowl selection, NFL 1980s All-Decade Team, Super Bowl XXI, Super Bowl XXV, Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 1999, NFL MVP (1986), Member of the New York Giants Ring of Honor
  202. Linda Taylor  (3)
    Author - Reading Between the Lines, Going Against the Grain, Rising to the Occasion
  203. Author
  204. Author
  205. Author - Fiction
  206. Author of a journey into the soulful garden
  207. Author, winner of Ms. Magazine?s 2005 Fiction Contest
  208. Author
  209. Mary Taylor  (2)
    Chef/Author - What Are You Hungry For?
  210. Mary Taylor  (3)
    Author - Bedroom Games - Stripteases, Seductions and Other Surprises to Keep Your Partner Coming Back for More
  211. Author
  212. Author
  213. Author
  214. Author, Content Editor at
  215. Nick Taylor  (2)
    Author - The Disagreement
  216. Author
  217. Author
  218. Peter Taylor  (2)
  219. Preacher, public speaker, radio presenter
  220. Author - Haunting of Cambria
  221. Is the founder and president of the Antique Airplane Association Inc. as well as co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the Airpower Museum. Also is a World War II Veteran
  222. Played Irene Raymond in Eastenders, currently playing Inspector Gina Gold in The Bill, & Was Also Dot On Playdays
  223. Ron Taylor  (3)
    Author- Great Shark Writings
  224. Sam Taylor  (4)
    Former writer and sub-editor at The Observer; Author
  225. Scott Taylor  (8)
    Author of inat and editor and publisher of esprit de corps
  226. Sean Taylor  (3)
    Author - When a Monster Is Born; Small Bad Wolf
  227. Author
  228. author essence mag.
  229. children's author (The Cay, Timothy of the Cay)
  230. Thomas Taylor  (2)
    British Illustrator, cover art for the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
  231. british archaeologist born 1960, author - The Buried Soul
  232. History Channel's The Secret of SkinWalker Ranch, Ancient Aliens, National Geographic Channel's Rocket City Rednecks Taylor is an Aerospace engineer, optical scientist and science fiction author
  233. Author of Beyond the Grave : The History of America's Most Haunted Graveyards
  234. Author - Great Shark Writings
  235. A novelist, poet, feminist, and social activist, Author - Whisper Their Love, including The Girls in 3-B, Stranger on Lesbos, A World Without Man, and Return to Lesbos
  236. Author
  237. Author
  238. Author of 'Ghosts of Virginia'
  239. Author - Until Proven Innocent
  240. American fiction writer and poet. Author of two novels (including Come and Go, Molly Snow), a book of short fiction, three collections of poetry, and has published widely in literary journals. Recipient of a PEN/Syndicated Fiction Award
  241. Comics
  242. theater movie director/lyricist Across The Universe, Titus
  243. Author
  244. Author
  245. Author
  246. Distinguished correspondent at NBC who helped integrate TV news. Worked as a radio news writer, sports copy editor, reporter, anchorman and producer for more than three decades. Authored books exploring race in American society
  247. Author
  248. Author
  249. Author/ Illustrator: How do Dinosaurs, Mrs La Rue (childrens books)
  250. Author
  251. Author
  252. Presenter
  253. Heisman Trophy and National Championship Quarterback for the SEC Florida Gators, former quarterback for the Denver Broncos, currently quarterback for the New York Jets, best-author of the book 'In My Eyes'
  254. Illustrator
  255. Author
  256. Author
  257. Author of Days of Laura Ingalls Wilder books
  258. Author: The Winds of Destiny
  259. Author
  260. Children's Author
  261. Author
  262. Author
  263. Author
  264. Author
  265. Swiss-French astrologue, former actress and model
  266. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  267. Children's Author
  268. Chilean writer and Communist politician
  269. Writer from Spain. Books: 'The book of flies,' 'Laura sants', 'Guests'
  270. Writer
  271. Author
  272. Author
  273. Author
  274. Author
  275. Author - Non Fiction
  276. #1 New York Times bestselling creator of Smile (2010) and Sisters (2014), graphic memoirs based on her childhood
  277. Children's Author
  278. Screenwriter/Playwright
  279. Children's Book Author
  280. German writer and physician
  281. Author
  282. Author
  283. Horror Author
  284. Author; 200 plus published pieces have garnered him a British Fantasy Award, World Fantasy and a nomination for the Bram Stoker Awards
  285. Female Voice Over Talent
  286. Children's Author
  287. Author
  288. children's author (the ramsay scallop)
  289. Author
  290. Author of growing in his light and bush teacher in BC
  291. Peter Temple  (2)
    Author - Broken Shore
  292. Author
  293. American author best known for his controversial book, The Sirius Mystery (1976). He resides in England
  294. Author
  295. Artist and writer. famous for '30 Days of Night', 'Choker'
  296. Author
  297. Author
  298. Born: 24/031944 (Klazienaveen) The Netherlands Sportsjournalist
  299. Dutch Author
  300. Author
  301. Author, Arrow Child & Family Ministries leader
  302. Author
  303. Independent writer, speaker, historian, and consultant on technology and culture. His book Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences has been an international bestseller
  304. English illustrator
  305. Poet Laureate of Great Britain and Ireland during Queen Victoria's reign. 'The Charge of the Light Brigade', 'Break, Break, Break', 'Crossing the Bar'
  306. Author
  307. Author
  308. Writer/Screenwriter
  309. Author
  310. Author
  311. Author / Golf
  312. NFL - Owner, Carolina Panthers. Head of appaloosa mgmt. author. one of worlds wealthiest people
  313. Dutch Author
  314. Author
  315. Author
  316. Dutch Author
  317. Author
  318. Author
  319. Author: Eight Men Out
  320. President of Proverbs 31 Ministries , Professional Speaker
  321. Writer
  322. Author
  323. Author - Fiction
  324. Author
  325. Author
  326. Author
  327. Texas Writer; 'Tex Rex' 'Loving U' 'Tom Northway' 'Ringer' 'Dallas Stories (Southwest Life & Letters)' 'Old Liberty' 'Angels Prostate Fall' 'My Father's Hands'
  328. writer
  329. Children's Author
  330. Author
  331. Author
  332. Author
  333. Author
  334. Musician
  335. Author
  336. Author
  337. Author of Horror novels
  338. Texas Writer/'Tangled Webs' 'Black Widow White Lies'
  339. French author
  340. Author of ken jones mountain man
  341. Author of ken jones mountain man
  342. Author
  343. French writer
  344. Author
  345. Writer & Director: Thieves Like Us, Nashville, Eyes of Laura Mars, A Night in Heaven, Old Boyfriends, Cold Sassy Tree
  346. Author - Fiction
  347. Author
  348. Author; Amazon Girls Handbook, Faithful Unto Death, and Five Dollars and an Axe
  349. Children's Book Author
  350. Author
  351. German Radio Presenter
  352. Author
  353. Author
  354. Advertiser/author/lyricist - most known for creating the Aflac duck & Toys 'R Us jingle/commercial: 'I don't want to grow up - I'm a Toys 'R Us kid'
  355. Author
  356. American economist and the Ralph and Dorothy Keller Distinguished Service Professor of Behavioral Science and Economics. In 2017, he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his contributions to Behavioral economics
  357. Author
  358. Author
  359. Author
  360. Actress
  361. Author
  362. Lars Tharp  (2)
  363. dance choreoprapher
  364. Author
  365. former British prime minister
  366. Author
  367. Author
  368. Author of thriller novels & an attorney. His first 6 novels were written under his full name, but since then his middle name is not used. Man of the Century, House of Eight Orchids, Terminal Event, Ringer, The Gold Swan, White Star & more
  369. Children's Author
  370. Author
  371. Author
  372. Author
  373. Author
  374. Author
  375. former college/NFL quarterback; played for Notre Dame Fighting Irish & Washington Redskins
  376. Frank Thelen (* 10. Oktober 1975 in Bonn) is a German entrepeneur.Founder and CEO of Freigeist Capital former e42. In German TV he is one of three hosts of 'Die Höhle der Löwen'
  377. Author
  378. Children's Author
  379. writer
  380. Author
  381. Children's Author
  382. Documentarian - has made documentaries for the BBC since 1998
  383. Author
  384. writer
  385. Versatile writer, publishing her work as a journalist, a columnist, a humorist, an advocate, and a children's book author
  386. Author of Novels
  387. Actor- Professor Lupin in Harry Potter; Kingdom of Heaven; Dragonheart; Dinotopia; Timeline; Basic Instinct 2; Island of Dr. Moreau
  388. French writer
  389. fashion expert
  390. Author
  391. Author
  392. Author
  393. conductor
  394. Hosts Heartland Table on Food Network
  395. Author of Novels
  396. Author
  397. Children's Book Author
  398. Author
  399. Author
  400. Author
  401. Author
  402. Author and tribe councilor (Water Panther Clan Mother of the East of the River Shawnee of Ohio)
  403. Author
  404. American author, best known for his works in the Western genre and colonial American history which are noted for their historical accuracy borne of his painstaking research
  405. Author
  406. nordic combined skier
  407. Author
  408. Latino-American author of young adult novels, best known for the book Cemetery Boys which was a New York Times bestseller and won numerous awards. Thomas is transgender and uses the he and they pronouns
  409. Author of 'The Hate U Give'
  410. Author - Fiction
  411. Author
  412. Senior Editor For In Touch Weekly Magazine,E!'s 101 Most Starlicious Makeovers,E!'s 101 Sensational Crimes of Fashion
  413. Author
  414. Bruce Thomas  (2)
    Former bass player with Elvis Costello and the Attractions
  415. Syndicated Columnist, Fox News Channel Commentator
  416. Author
  417. Dan Thomas  (2)
  418. Author
  419. David Thomas  (3)
  420. David Thomas  (6)
    Regular contributor to the Denver Post and Grand Rapids Press, Video Game Reviews
  421. Donald Thomas  (2)
    Novelist, poet and biographer
  422. Author - Fiction
  423. author john paul jones robert kennedy his life
  424. Author - Fiction
  425. Children's Book Author
  426. Author
  427. Author
  428. Actress: The Fall Guy, Zapped, Co - ed Fever, Ford- The Man and the Machine, Cyclone, Hoover vs. the Kennedys, The Dirty Dozen- The Fatal Mission, Red Blooded American Girl, Hidden Obsession, Against the Law, My Giant
  429. Heidi Thomas  (2)
    Author, Emmy-nominated screenwriter, producer, and playwright
  430. writer
  431. Author
  432. Journalist - theNew York Times, Down Beat, and the Village Voice; Author - Chasin' The Trane
  433. Children's Book Author
  434. Author of 'A Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Dealers'
  435. movie producer
  436. Jim Thomas  (3)
    Author - Negotiate to Win
  437. Author, Chemnist - Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield
  438. Author
  439. Historical romance author, RWA Hall of Fame (2006)
  440. Author - Fiction
  441. Author
  442. Author
  443. Author - The Modern Kama Sutra in a Box
  444. Welsh author best known for his comic novel The Virgin Soldiers
  445. American writer, broadcaster and traveler. The man who made 'Lawrence of Arabia' famous. Fictionalized as 'Jackson Bentley' in the David Lean film 'Lawrence of Arabia'
  446. Actress: That Girl, It Happened One Christmas, Nobody's Child, Thieves, Jenny, Consenting Adults, Deuce Bigalow, The Joey Bishop Show, Law & Order SVU, Friends, Ocean's Eight // Daughter of Danny Thomas
  447. Curator of painting and sculpture at the Yale Center for British Art in New Haven, Connecticut, Author - Love & Death: Art in the Age of Queen Victoria
  448. Author
  449. Author
  450. Mike Thomas  (5)
  451. Oliver Thomas  (2)
    Reverend, Author - 10 Things Your Minister Wants to Tell You
  452. Pat Thomas  (3)
    Psychotherapist ; Author
  453. Author
  454. Puerto Rican-Cuban writer and poet whose memoir Down These Mean Streets about rampant racism in his NY barrios was banned in some places but considered required reading in others. Spent 7 years in prison for attempted armed robbery
  455. Poet
  456. Author of how to run for local office and the reckoning
  457. Rosie Thomas  (2)
    Author - White (2000), The Potter's House (2001)
  458. Ross Thomas  (2)
    Author - Out on the Rim; Briarpatch; Cold War Swap; Fools in Town Are on Our Side
  459. Roy Thomas  (3)
    Stan Lee’s assistant editor and a scriptwriter for Marvel Comics/Marvel as editor-in-chief; Author - The Marvel Vault; Screenwriter
  460. Author
  461. Scott Thomas  (2)
    Children Book's Author - Yawn Heard 'Round the World
  462. Sean Thomas  (2)
    Journalist and the author - Millions of Women Are Waiting to Meet You
  463. Author