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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Actor/Actress , A-Z Filter: D
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  1. Actress
  2. Voice Over Talent
  3. Italian actress 'Luomo privato' 'La forza del passato'
  4. Actress: The Living Daylights, Timelock, Tropical Heat, Immortal Sins, Stalked, Double Obsession, Savage Heart, If Tomorrow Comes, Mowgli, Xtro, White Nights, Dorian Gray, Something Is Out There,Playboy September 1987
  5. Actress: The Wonder Years, Conan the Destroyer, Law & Order CI, Bolero, Bullies, Into the Fire, Point of No Return, Wayne's World 2, Mortal Kombat, Batman Beyond, Legend of Tarzan, Greedy, Live Nude Girls, Star Trek TNG, Eureka
  6. Actress
  7. Actress
  8. Actress/Puppeteer - 2004 Tony nominee for Avenue Q; She has performed nearly 200 characters for TV/film, including 'Sesame Street' (11 seasons), 'Sheep in the Big City,' 'Book of Pooh,' 'Oobi,' 'Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss,' the feature Adventures of Elm
  9. Actor
  10. Actor
  11. Actor:19-2
  12. Actor
  13. Actor
  14. Nino D'Agata  (2)
    Voice Actor
  15. Actress star trek, columbo and other tv shows
  16. Actor-played in films such as 'Hell Town','Laguna Heat' and tv series such as 'Trapper John' and 'Matt Houston' among other parts
  17. Sopranos, As the World Turns, College Road Trip
  18. Getting There, Sign of the Times, Squids, and upcoming movie Hench at Home
  19. Actor
  20. 'House,M.D','Boston Public','ER','Supernatural',Played Larry in Election, the Office (US), plays 'West' on Heroes
  21. Actor
  22. Actress
  23. Actress
  24. Actor, 'Embrace the Darkness 2 & 3'
  25. Actress in The Sculpture
  26. Actor known for Forest Gump, The Sopranos, The Deuce
  27. Silent Film Actress 1920's. Birth Name: Helena Lozano Guedes. Sister of Actor Tony D'Algy. Born: 06/18/1906
  28. Female Voice Over Talent
  29. Actor
  30. Actor - played Rico Da Silva in TV's Doctors
  31. Actress
  32. Actress
  33. Actress-Road Trip
  34. Actress
  35. Actress
  36. actor
  37. Actor
  38. Actor - Tim 'Dr. Hook' McCracken in Slap Shot
  39. Broadway Actress and dancer; daughter of Jacques D'Amboise, wife of Terrence Mann
  40. Actress-One Live To Live,The Preacher's Wife,The In Crowd
  41. Italian Actor
  42. Played Anthony in Godfather III, Broadway actor and singer, holds world record for playing 'Phantom' in 'Phantom of the Opera'
  43. Actor-The Flash,The Bold & The Beautiful
  44. Italian Actor
  45. Jane in Descendants movies
  46. Male Model
  47. Actress
  48. Actor, the first Michael in 'Tales of the City', Boy in 'Superman 2'
  49. Actor
  50. Italian Actress
  51. Actor
  52. Model | Actress | DJ
  53. Actor
  54. Actor
  55. Actor
  56. Actor
  57. Actress: West Side Story
  58. Italian Actor
  59. Actress - What I like About You, Being John Malcovich, The Method
  60. Actor Bronx Tale (1993) .... Tony Toupee
  61. Actress
  62. Actor - The Life Of Riley (as Gillis), Pride Of The Marines, Night & Day, Humoresque, Dark Passage, Silver River, Flaxy Martin, Tension, The Next Voice You Hear, Kill The Umpire, Little Egypt, Dante (TV), The Soldiers (TV). Comedy duo with Hal March
  63. Actress
  64. French actress
  65. Actress
  66. Actor
  67. Actress: National Lampoon's Vacation, Christmas Vacation, European Vacation, Every Which Way But Loose, Coal Miner's Daughter, Paternity, Maid to Order, Vegas Vacation, Pacific Heights, Lonely Hearts, Eye for an Eye // Playboy November 1977
  68. Actor, Director, Writer - 'The Neighborhood' (2017)
  69. Actor
  70. Actor
  71. Played 'aldo' in Bronx Tale
  72. Actor - Once Upon a Time
  73. Actress-Playboy June 1980,City Of Women,Terminal,The Return Of Casanova,Caligula,The Instabul Train,Hercules,Apartment Zero,The Nightmare Years,Hard Men
  74. Actor
  75. Italian Actress
  76. Actor/ Worker at Sunset Tan
  77. French actress
  78. Alien 4
  79. Actress
  80. actress plays hope dixon
  81. Actor: 21 Jump Street, Magnum PI, Wildside, Dirty Dozen - The Series, No Way Out, Pumpkinhead, Quantum Leap, SeaQuest, Seinfeld, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Melrose Place, That's My Bush, JAG, Cory in the House
  82. Actress
  83. Actress - My So Called Life, Third Watch, The Sopranos, Andy Warhol's Flesh, Time After Time, Modern Problems, Real Genius, Wiseguy, New York Undercover, Another World, Celebrity, Guiding Light, Playboy August 1974/May 1977/June 1980
  84. Presenter/Actress (The Bill, Spoons, Look Around You etc.)
  85. Widow of actor clint walker, she appeared in 50s film voodoo woman
  86. Actor - The Awful Truth, How To Marry A Millionaire, Soldier Of Fortune, Vicki, The St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Way...Way Out, Blood Of Dracula's Castle (title role)
  87. Actor - Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (Pilot/Stormtrooper)
  88. Actress-Wanderlust,Hanna
  89. British actor: 'Rise:Blood Hunter',TV's The Ice House, Nicholas Jenkins in TV's A Dance to the Music of Time, Ernie Coyne in TV's Rebel Heart, Nicholas Nickleby in The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, Jake Martel in Revelation & Jim Caddon in POW
  90. Actress: The X Files, Twin Peaks
  91. Voice Over Talent
  92. Actor, born: ?, active 60s to 80s, e.g. Bonanza, Gunsmoke
  93. Actress
  94. Actress, known for The Bedroom (1969) in film from 1967-1969 aka Jutta D'Arcy 20 Century Fox Player
  95. Actress
  96. Actress
  97. Actress
  98. Actor
  99. Italian Actress
  100. Actress
  101. Actor
  102. Actress
  103. Actor: Bozo the Clown
  104. She is on The Mob Wives
  105. Actress
  106. Actor
  107. Actress
  108. Composer/Actor/Voice Actor - Band of Brothers, Antz
  109. Actor
  110. Actress in Mandinga
  111. Actor: Bad Girls from Valley High, Glory Daze, Whitney, Undateable
  112. Actor
  113. Voice Actress
  114. Actor
  115. Actor known for The Deli, Law & Order, The Sopranos, Men Lie
  116. Actress known for Crooks, The Red Corset, The Sopranos
  117. Actress
  118. Actress from the 1960s
  119. Actress
  120. French actress, TV series 'Plus Belle La Vie'
  121. Actor
  122. Actor
  123. Actress
  124. Actress
  125. Actress on BBC Casualty
  126. Actor
  127. actor / singer
  128. Actress - Jane of Dharma & Greg
  129. Actress, Voice Overs
  130. Actress
  131. Actor
  132. Actor
  133. Actress
  134. Actress
  135. Actor - Goodfellas, Spider-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  136. Actress in The Kid aka Leila George D'Onofrio
  137. Actress
  138. Actor: Law & Order - Criminal Intent, Full Metal Jacket, Men in Black, Adventures in Babysitting, Mystic Pizza, Signs of Life, Dying Young, JFK, Ed Wood, The Player, Strange Days, The Newton Boys, Kill the Irishman, Little New York, The Cell, Daredevil
  139. Silent Film Actress 20's-30's Born: 02/02/1913, Miss Germany 1931
  140. Actor
  141. Actress played Brooke Mayo in Kings Ransom
  142. Beat Girl 1960 exotic dancer
  143. They Had to See Paris (1929) Women Everywhere (1930)Hot for Paris (1930) Those Three French Girls (1930)On the Level (1930)Women of All Nations (1931) The Stolen Jools (1931)The Life of Jimmy Dolan (1933) What a Way to Go! (1964)
  144. Actor
  145. Actress
  146. Actress
  147. Actor - Out Of The Blue, Messiah, Lawless, Spooks
  148. Actor
  149. Actress
  150. Actress
  151. Actor
  152. Actress
  153. Actress - TV-presenter/hoist'La dottoressa gio'
  154. Actress
  155. Actress
  156. Stars in 'Lingerie'
  157. Actress
  158. Rapper & Actor: Cool as Ice, CB4, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, In the Mix, Malik on 'ER'
  159. Actor
  160. Yasmin Slater In Footballers Wives Extra Time
  161. Actor
  162. Actress
  163. Actor, starred in The Colour of Magic & Television series Dangerfield
  164. Actress - As the World Turns
  165. Actress and Model
  166. Actress-The Bygone,Hell's Belle
  167. Actress
  168. Actress
  169. Actress
  170. Actress
  171. Choreographer/Dancer/Actor
  172. Actress in The Thirsty Dead
  173. Poet on tv series oz
  174. Actress
  175. Actor
  176. Actor - Sergeant York, The Lost Weekend, The Sea Wolf, The Blue Dahlia, They Live By Night, The Great Gatsby (1949 & 1974), 1776 (as Ben Franklin), The Missles Of October (as Khrushchev), many TV guest-starring roles (1950-1983)
  177. Actress-Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace(Handmaiden Rabe),Dead on Time
  178. Actor
  179. Actress-Wentworth Prison,Doctor Who,Cop Hard,All Saints
  180. Actor
  181. Actor
  182. Italian actress 'Lui e Lei'
  183. Actor
  184. painter, writer, actor
  185. Star Trek's Lt. Brent in 46 episodes.
  186. Actress
  187. Actor - NCIS
  188. Stuntman/Actor - Chuck
  189. Braodway dancer, original cast member of Camelot, Paint Your Wagon, and many revivals
  190. Actress
  191. Actress
  192. Actor
  193. Actor-LOST
  194. Actress
  195. USA Actress born 1918, made over 30ty movies from 1947-2004
  196. Alice's Restaurant
  197. Early Theater Actor/Dearest Enemy [Musical, Comedy, Original] Performer: Marian Dabney [Ensemble, Josephine] Sep 18, 1925 - May 22, 1926
  198. Actor
  199. Actor
  200. Actor
  201. Actress
  202. Actress
  203. Former child actress from Poland; portrayed the girl in the red coat in 'Schindler's List'
  204. guest starred on The Golden Girls (Myron)
  205. Actress
  206. Actor: Double Dragon, Kickboxer 2, Crying Freeman, Drive, Boogie Boy, The Crow - Stairway to Heaven, Cradle 2 the Grave, Only the Brave, Stargate Atlantis, Kamen Rider - Dragon Knight, Mortal Kombat - Legacy, Hawaii Five-0, Iron Chef
  207. Actress
  208. Actress
  209. Actress
  210. Actress
  211. Actor
  212. Actor-Chicago Med
  213. French actor, played in several mini TV series
  214. Pete's Christmas, 12 Monkeys (TV Show)
  215. Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter/Producer/Actor - Hair (1979), former band member of Chicago & California Transit Authority, b. 1951 in Galena Park, TX
  216. Actor
  217. Actress
  218. Actor
  219. Actress
  220. Actress-Texas Chainsaw 3d, Percy Jackson, Baywatch, San Andreas
  221. Cast of Alec in the Shadowhunters Series
  222. Actor
  223. Actress
  224. Actor
  225. Actor/Musician - F/X (TV Series), Model Inc. (TV Series), Bony (TV Series), Zebra Lounge (2001)
  226. Actor
  227. Actress
  228. Small part in Dr who
  229. Actress love of clark gable
  230. Actress
  231. Actress
  232. Actress
  233. Actor
  234. Actor - Unser Charly
  235. French actress born 1928.was married to actor Perrier Francoise.Movies-->'Air of Paris','Maid in Paris','The Journey','Love,Madame','My Seal and Them','Scenes de Menage'
  236. Uncredited, Voodoo Passion(1977)
  237. Born: 26/10/1968 (Gent) Belgian actor Movies: Ad fundum, De indringer, De hel van Tanger, She good fighter TV: Familie, Thuis, De zonen van Van As, Flikken
  238. Actress
  239. Actor: Platoon, Mississippi Burning, Spider - Man, The English Patient, The Last Temptation of Christ, Speed 2, Clear and Present Danger, To Live and Die in LA, Body of Evidence, American Psycho, Wild at Heart, Shadow of the Vampire, Finding Nemo
  240. Actor
  241. Actress
  242. Actor (Pobol y Cwm; The District Nurse; The Silent Twins; Coming Up Roses; Journey Man; Hearts of Gold; Etc.)
  243. Actor
  244. Dutch actor
  245. Actor
  246. Actor
  247. Actor
  248. Actress-Major League:Back To The Minors,Friday The 13th Part VIII:Jason Takes Manhattan,Home Improvement
  249. Wallace On Veronica Mars
  250. Actress
  251. Australian General Purpose Actress from the seventies
  252. Actor
  253. Actress
  254. Male Voice Over Talent
  255. TV Personality - Broadway Open House, Dagmar's Canteen. Arguably TV's very first major female sex symbol
  256. Dagmar  (2)
    Puerto Rican actress, singer
  257. Actress
  258. Actor
  259. Actress
  260. Actor-The Walking Dead
  261. Actor
  262. Actor
  263. Actor
  264. Actor
  265. Poor Man - LOST EP 2.5
  266. Actress
  267. Actress
  268. American Actress and Model born 1928.Mother of Actor Lorenzo Lamas.Movies->'Journey to Center of Earth','Three Little Words', 'Slightly Scarlet', 'Sangaree','Reign of Terror','Watch the Birdie','Here Come the Girls','Southern Yankee'
  269. Actress (Dead LIke Me)
  270. Actress-The Amateurs,Queer as Folk
  271. Actor
  272. Actress in The Errand Boy 1961, It's only Money 1962 and on T.V. in Combat 1962
  273. Actress
  274. Actress-Sex and Asparagus,Coast,421,The Attack 3,Spring Break Lawyer,Playboy October 1995
  275. Swedish actress - Smiles of a Summer Night
  276. German Actress
  277. Actor
  278. Austrian Actor born 10/14/1919.movies from 1949-64.'Jaegerblut','Wo die Waelder rauschen','08/15','Der Schandfleck','Junges Herz voll Liebe','Divided Heart','Stalingrad','Alarm in den Bergen'
  279. Actress
  280. Actor
  281. Major Barker on The Golden Girls
  282. Female Model
  283. She and her sisters are known as the Golden Sisters appeared in Youtube videos, had a short lived tv show on Ophrah's Network and appeared in several VW commercials
  284. Actress,The Middle,House md,3rd Rock From The Sun, Amy's world, Straight Jacket
  285. Actor
  286. Actor
  287. Actress
  288. Actress
  289. Actress
  290. Actress-Silent Night,Zombie Night
  291. Stars in the film, 'Cheerbleeders & Superbad'
  292. Actor/Dancer - When My Baby Smiles At Me (AA nom), There's No Business Like Show Business, Give My Regards To Broadway, Mother Wore Tights, I Can Get If For You Wholesale, The Pride Of St. Louis, The Kid From Left Field, Meet Me In Las Vegas
  293. 'Twilight Zone' 1940's/sister of Actor Dan Dailey 1940's--1980's Born: 09/12/1920
  294. Janet Dailey  (2)
  295. Actress
  296. Actress-Crossing Lines
  297. Actor: I Dream of Jeannie, The Bob Newhart Show, Bewitched, The Love Boat, Aloha Paradise, Starting from Scratch, ALF, Alligator II, Horrorween, Caroline in the City
  298. Actress: Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Valley Girl, Bad Dreams, Dutch, Better Off Dead, Loverboy, Devil's Rejects, Friends, Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls, Babe - Pig in the City, Duckman, Quack Pack, Teenage Mutant Mutant Ninja Turtles
  299. Actor, Delta Delta Die, Daydream Obsession 2, Bullet
  300. Captain Kronos-Vampire Hunter
  301. Actress-The Witcher,Intergalactic
  302. Actor
  303. British actress
  304. British Actress born 1930.Sally Norton on 'Sixpenny Corner'(1955-56),'Witness in the Dark','Invisible Creature','Stroke of Nine','Bombay Waterfront','Novel Affair','Tread Softly,' married to Film Producer/Actor Norman Williams
  305. played Vinny Ricorso in 'Batman'
  306. Actress
  307. Actor
  308. Actress- Gullah Gullah Island
  309. Actor- Gullah Gullah Island
  310. Actor
  311. Actor
  312. Ned and Stacey
  313. Female Voice Over Talent
  314. Actor: Boon, Doctor Who, The Woman in Black, Hallelujah, Juliet Bravo
  315. Actress
  316. Comedian
  317. 'Charmed','Out Of These Rooms','JAG','The Amanda Show'
  318. Actor: 21 jump Street, Stephen King's It
  319. Actress
  320. Actress
  321. Actress
  322. Actress
  323. Actor
  324. Starlet/model
  325. British composer/singer/actor appeared in Little Dorrit and The Mirror Crack'd and wrote and composed music for A Passage to India
  326. 'Alcatraz'
  327. Actor: Lost, The Young Doctors, 24, Neighbors, State Coroner, ER, The X-Files, Star Trek Nemesis, The West Wing, The O.C., NCIS, Ugly Betty, Hollywood Homicide, The Killing, Once Upon a Time, Dynasty
  328. Actor, played Simon in 1990 Lord of the Flies
  329. coronation street,Big Mac in Casualty
  330. Born the 31st October 1975, Colin Dale was a child actor in British films and TV. he is best known for his appearances as Nick Diamond in'Just Ask for Diamond' (AKA Diamond's Edge) and in The Diamond Brothers TV series
  331. Actress, Street Legal, My Bloody Valentine, P.T. Barnum, Heavenly Bodies
  332. Actor
  333. Actress appeared in The Sunshine Boys, Say Yes, They Call Me Bruce and others
  334. British actor born 1930.'Sunday Bloody Sunday','The Man Who Had Power Over Woman','Pink Floyd-The Wall','Eureka','Hammer House of Horror','Poldark','The Sweeney'
  335. Actress-Emmerdale,Trapped!
  336. Actor
  337. Played Gryffindor Chaser Katie Bell in both Harry Potter movies
  338. Actress
  339. Choreographer and film actor
  340. Actor: JAG, Las Vegas, Charmed, Surface, Day Break, Bones, 24, Criminal Minds, The Hangover, The Event, Mortal Kombat Legacy, Murder in the First, Hawaii 5-0
  341. James Dale  (2)
    James Dale, born on February 27, 1887 in London, England as James Littlewood Dale. Actor known for Victoria the Great (1937), BBC Sunday-Night Theatre (1950) and Hour of Glory (1949). Married to Marguerite Adamson. He died on March 2, 1985
  342. Actor: The Pacific, 24, Rubicon, The Departed, The Conspirator, Lord of the Flies, The Black Donnellys, Rescue Me, The Grey, World War Z, The Lone Ranger, 13 Hours
  343. British Actress/84 Charing Cross Road
  344. Actress: Guilty Hearts, Papertrail, Once At Thief, Cadillac Gils, The Adjuster ,Empire Inc., Of Unknown Origin, Ticket To Heaven, Taking the Falls, Night Heat, Bordertown, Due South, Men with Brooms, Power Play, What Would Sal Do
  345. Actor - Carry on Films, Pete's Dragon, Pushing Dasies; official voice of Harry Potter books on CD; won Tony Award for 'Barnum'
  346. Katie Dale  (2)
  347. Actress
  348. Italian Actress 1930's-1940's. Birth Name: Korlin Hand. Born: 07/18/1919
  349. Actor - appeared in Star Wars: Rogue One
  350. Actress
  351. Actress
  352. Actress in Witches Sabbath
  353. Actor
  354. Actor-The Walking Dead
  355. Actress 1930's 'The Hayseeds' (1933) Born: 09/12/1908
  356. US Actor
  357. Actor; Call Girl, Resolution, Stolen Hearts
  358. Actress
  359. Actress 'Criminal Minds' 'Scarecrow Slayer' 'Finding Cody'
  360. Actress
  361. Actress
  362. Letterkenny, The Indian Detective, Supernatural
  363. Actor- Paramedic on Return of the Living Dead,
  364. Actress
  365. Actor
  366. Stars in 'All Wrong'
  367. Actress
  368. 'Bones','Freaks and Geeks' and 'Regular Joe'
  369. Actress: Vega$, City of Fear, The Contender, When Hell Was in Session, CHiPs, McClain's Law, Shooting Stars, Fantasy Island, T.J. Hooker, Hardcastle and McCormick, Scorpion, Dynasty, Sunset Beach
  370. Actor
  371. O'Malley on The Office episode 'Sexual Harassment'
  372. Character actor in TV/movies from 1959*-64= 18, including: Death Valley Days, Bonanza (2 episodes: Blood on the Land,1960 + Broken Ballad,1961), Maverick, Mike Hammer: 'You Can't Beat the Percentage' (1959); and:* as Glenn Miller in: 'The Five Pennies'
  373. Actress in Killing Ground aka The Long Weekend
  374. Actress
  375. Australian Actor - Mad Bastards, Redfern Now etc
  376. Actress
  377. Actor: Beethoven?s 5th, The Guardian, and The Shield.
  378. Kill, Baby, Kill!, The Libertine, Mayerling
  379. Actress
  380. Female Model/Actress - Back to The Future 2, Click:The Calendar Girl Killer, Fatal Charm, Virgin High, Sunset Heat, Bikini Summer 2, American Streetfighter, Beverly Hills Bordello, The Hunted, Candy Paint/ Exotic Dancer:/ Bench Warmer / Leykettes 2003-05
  381. Actress
  382. Actress
  383. Actress
  384. Actor - Casablanca, To Have & Not Have, A Bell For Adano, The Snows Of Kilimanjaro, Sabrina, The Sun Also Rises, The Song Of Bernadette, Pin-Up Girl, Paris After Dark, The Desert Song, Flight To Tangier, Pillow Talk, Can-Can, Donovan's Reef
  385. Actor
  386. Voice Over Talent
  387. Actor
  388. Actor
  389. Actress
  390. Actress that starred in the TV show 'Deadbeat' and 'Law And Order: SVU'
  391. Actress-Laurentia
  392. German actor 'Gute Zeiten-Schlechte Zeiten' 'Alles was zaehlt'
  393. American Internet personality, Youtube Celebrity, actor, singer and model; stars in the Netflix reality series Chasing Cameron
  394. Actress - The Great Bank Hoax, Rancho Deluxe, Criminal Act. Miss California 1966
  395. Actress, model
  396. Actor - Thor, Once Upon A Time, married to actress Ginnifer Goodwin
  397. Actress
  398. Actor: Snakes on a Plane
  399. "United 93" "Inside Out"
  400. Actor: Kyle XY; Eastwick
  401. Star Wars The Last Jedi
  402. Actress-The Sabbath,Chimere,Dark Woods,Night on Earth,Six Days Six Nights,Desire,Clubbed To Death,To The Limit,Toni,Trouble Every Day,Vendetta,The Time of the Wolf,Clean,The Gate of Sun,Betty Blue,Process,The Blackout,The Beautiful Story
  403. Actress
  404. Swedish director and actor, he is a part of Lorry.
  405. Actress-I Spit On Your Grave 2,Hollyoaks,Community,Casualty,The Mirror,I Live With Models,Pop Music High,Tails of the Blue,The Executioners,Armed
  406. Actor - Andy Warhol's Frankenstein, AH's Dracula, Flesh, Trash, Heat, Cry-Baby, Guncrazy, The Limey. Model - his crotch is pictured on the cover of The Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album cover. Referred to in Lou Reed's song, Walk On The Wild Side
  407. Played Big Ron's daughter Tina in Eastenders in 1997
  408. Voice Over Talent
  409. Actress - Pacific Drive, Magic Mountain, Water Rats, All Saints
  410. 1912-1973 'Twilight Zone' '1960's Batman'
  411. Actor
  412. Actress
  413. Actor
  414. Actress
  415. Voice Over Talent
  416. Actor
  417. Actress
  418. Actress, Exposed: TV's Lifeguard Babes, Thunder Alley Playboy (Dec 1988)
  419. Former french actor
  420. Actor
  421. Actress
  422. Actor
  423. Actor
  424. Actress
  425. Italian Actress
  426. Actress: Cole Younger Gunfighter, Girls on the Loose, Hennessey, The Joey Bishop Show, The Plainsman, A Whale of a Tale, Falcon Crest, Cyber Tracker, The Young and the Restless, L.A. Heat, mother of actress Kathleen Kinmont
  427. Actress
  428. Irish Actress born 1934.Movies->'My Cousin Rachel','Titanic'53','Casanovas Big Night','The Prodigal','Separate Tables','Monster That Challenged The World','Mr. Sardonicus'
  429. Ben Dalton  (2)
  430. Actor-'Agents of Shield'
  431. Actor
  432. Actress
  433. Actor