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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Stunts/Stand-In/Extra , A-Z Filter: K
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Stunts/Stand-In/Extra , A-Z Filter: K
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  1. Stuntman, in two Elvis movies as well as The Flying Nun, Ironside, Planet of the Apes, Patton, The Omega Man, The Six Million Dollar Man, Smokey and the Bandit, MacArthur, Cool Hand Luke. Charles Bronsons' stunt double for 20 years
  2. Actor
  3. voice-over talent, actress and stunts performer
  4. Stunt Performer/Coordinator - 'Saw Tooth' in Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, Mechanic: Ressurection, Conan The Barbarian (2011), The Expendables 2
  5. Stunt Performer
  6. Voice Over Talent
  7. Battle Dome as Jake Fury, Sin-Jin Smyth, Remington Steele
  8. Never Back Down
  9. Stunts
  10. Stuntwomen: The Twilight Saga,American Horror Story, Star Trek ENT
  11. Stunt Double in many films and on TV
  12. Dennis Kear is known for his work on Annie Hall (1977), Manhattan (1979) and The Yanks Are Coming (1974) and the Stepford Wives and is the stand-in for Woody Allen in many of his films
  13. American Silent comedian actor with the 'Stone Face Malec'. 149 movies 1917-1966
  14. son of Buster Keaton, born as Joseph T. Keaton and sometimes credited as James Keaton
  15. Stunt Coordinator: Halloween 8, The Jimmy Show, Virus
  16. Stuntwoman
  17. Stunt man; planet of the apes, X-men, Mortal Kombat, iCarly
  18. Brandon Keith  (2)
  19. Stuntman:Star Trek DSN, True Blood
  20. 'Silinde' in Lord of the Rings
  21. Choreographer
  22. Actor-Lord Of The Rings:Fellowship of The Ring(Hero Orc/Goblin/Uruk/Ringwraith)
  23. Child munchkin - THE WIZARD OF OZ
  24. Voiced Lion-o in Thundercats Orignal Voice of Count Chocula
  25. Actor (b: 1933) - The Forest, The Savage Seven, Satan's Sadists, Hell's Bloody Devils, The Mighty Gorga, Schoolgirls In Chains, The Thrill Killers, Body Fever, Inside Amy, Sinthia: The Devil's Doll, Bubba Ho-Tep, Dracula Vs. Frankenstein. Stunts
  26. Gary Kent  (2)
    Stunts, Actor - Bubba Ho-tep, The Visitor
  27. Stunts, Voice Actress
  28. English film critic, cameo in Ricky Gervais' Extras and Absolutely Fabulous
  29. guest starred on The Golden Girls (episode One for the Money---Dave)
  30. Burt 'Robin' Ward's second wife. She also guest starred in two episodes of Batman as the Joker's girlfriend. Also once married to Vince Edwards
  31. Wookiee in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith
  32. Motor cycle stuntman & James Bond stunt rider
  33. Actor/stuntman
  34. Stuntman/Body Double
  35. Stunts/Actress-Black Dynamite,Ballistica
  36. Actor
  37. Blonde Biker in Legally Blonde
  38. Stunt Coordinator
  39. Actor - The Mentalist
  40. Actor & Stuntman: The A-Team, Scarface, Predator 2, Lethal Weapon 3, Batman Returns, Double Dragon, Under Siege 2, Barb Wire, Vampires, Team Knight Rider
  41. Giddean Danu in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of The Sith
  42. Stuntman & Actor: Freddy vs. Jason, Wrong Turn 2, Joy Ride 3, Stargate SG-1, The Blackburn Asylum
  43. Stormtrooper In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (who Utters The Line 'Look Sir, droids,' )
  44. actor/stuntman/dancer - National Security (2003), Pirates of The Caribbean (2003), Van Helsing (2004), frequent Howard Stern guest
  45. Actress & Stuntwoman
  46. IG-88 (Bounty Hunter) - Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back
  47. Stuntman / Actor / Director: Star Trek, The Invaders, Mission Impossible, Batman, Rollerball, Omen 2, The Changeling. Ruckus, Happy Birthday to Me, Footloose, Magnum PI, Bail Out, The River Wild, Species, Batman Returns
  48. motorcycle stuntman
  49. motorcycle stuntman - son of evel knievel
  50. Mutant on Motorcyle in 'Battle For The Planet of The Apes'
  51. Adult Film Actress-Game of Thrones
  52. ActorStar Wars Episode II:Attack of The Clones(J.K.Burtola)
  53. Little sister of Beyonce Knowles and starred in Bow Wow's video Puppy Love
  54. Actor - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
  55. Stunman/Body Double also a music composer
  56. Stuntman, Star Trek Enterprise
  57. Dancer
  58. Choreographer
  59. Supernatural
  60. Sho Kosugi is martial arts expert/ninja expert and actor of many Ninja movies including Revenge of Ninja
  61. Actor/stuntman; 'The Time Machine', 'The Last Samurai', '24'
  62. Stunts
  63. Stunt Coordinator: Mausoleum, Commando, Raw Deal, Predator, The Running Man, Kindergarten Cop, Terminator 2, American Me, Last Action Hero, True Lies, Eraser, Batman & Robin, Virus, Collateral, Robocop, Terminator Genisys, Star Trek Discovery
  64. Played the Helicopter Zombie in 'Dawn of the Dead'
  65. Designer (Film/TV/Threatre)
  66. Actress-Star Wars Episode IV:A New Hope(Jawa Ashkabadna)
  67. Actress-Star Wars Episode IV:A New Hope(Jawa)
  68. Actor / Stunts, 'Tomorrow Never Dies'