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  1. WWII Fighter Pilot, 56th Fighter Group, 'Zemke's Wolfpack'
  2. 'Tuskegee Airmen' & fighter ace of ww2
  3. American WWII - Pilot, USAAC, Member of combat mission 'Yamamoto Mission' in October 1942
  4. Tuskegee Airman, 1st Black 4-Star General
  5. WW2 veteran. Aviator
  6. Tuskegee Airman Pilot
  7. Retired Polish pilot, Colonel of the Polish Army and Cosmonaut Backup Cosmonaut of Miros?aw Hermaszewski
  8. Flying Tigers-propeller specialist
  9. Pilot in World War I and as an operations officer in World War II as well as commanding Officer of the 446th Bomb Group at Carswell Air Force Base in Fort Worth/Participated in drafting the original Civil Air regulations
  10. 1st woman of color in space
  11. weapons officer on the Enola Gay during the Hiroshima Mission
  12. Flight aviator
  13. Major General Eldon W. Joersz is an American pilot, who currently holds the World Air Speed Record
  14. 92 Year old nose gunner on a B-24 bomber during WW2 & POW. Now lives in Montville, NJ
  15. Capt. Clinton B. Johnson shot down a Mig-17 while flying a propeller driven A-1H Skyraider
  16. Oldest felmale pilot ,aka 'Mama Bird'Born: 11/04/1909
  17. Bomb Aimer, 617 Squadron (Dambusters)
  18. World Altitude Record Holder, Test Pilot
  19. Test pilot. Set the world altitude record in 1958 by flying to 91,249 feet in an F-104 Starfighter. He?s clocked 7,000 hours in 15 fighter planes, trained pilots in World War II, and flew fighter planes in Korea and Vietnam
  20. Jerry Johnson  (4)
    WW2 Flying Ace
  21. 'Hidden Figure' African-American physicist and mathematician who made contributions to the US aeronautics and space programs with early application of digital electronic computers at NASA
  22. WWII US Fighter Pilot, 56th FG, Zemke's Wolfpack
  23. Tuskegee Airman WWII
  24. 'Easy Company' 'Member ofa Band of Brothers'
  25. Doolittle Raiders 'Pilot Crew #5'
  26. Lynn Jones  (2)
    WWII Fighter Pilot Ace-5 victories, USAAF, 23 Fighter Group, 74 Fighter Squadron 'Flying Tigers'
  27. Also known as Al JuchheimP-47 Thunderbolt Ace of WWII, 9 victories83rd Squadron/78th Fighter Group
  28. Flight aviator