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  1. Consulted directly with Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy on Lafayette Square Historic District in Washington, D.C., supervised project for Robert Kennedy. Involved in planning, design & construction of President Kennedy's gravesite at Arlington Cemetery
  2. Architect
  3. Construction worker who helped build the St Louis Arch in the mid-1960s
  4. Artist
  5. Architect
  6. Architect
  7. Graphic designer and architect. He is most well known as the designer of the recycling symbol, one of the most readily recognizable logos in the world
  8. World Famous Architect (Designed the Fort Worth Modern Museum)
  9. Architect, born in 1938
  10. Architect best known for being the designer of the World Trade Center Memorial in New York City
  11. Israeli industrial designer, artist, and architect. He designed The Design Museum Holon in Israel
  12. Architect, 2016 Pritzker Prize winner
  13. Famous architect
  14. Canadian builder, designer, architect, developer and philanthropist. Member of the order of Canada
  15. American Architect
  16. Architect
  17. Bill Baker  (4)
    Structural engineer, skyscraper expert - behind Berj Khalifa the tallest building in the world in Dubai
  18. Architect
  19. Japanese architect known for: Centre Pompidou-Metz, France; Cardboard Cathedral; Christchurch, New Zealand; Aspen Art Museum, USA
  20. Model, Tattoo artist, appeared in tv show 'Tattoos After Dark'
  21. City Planner and Designer. Member of the Order of Canada
  22. Architect
  23. Author/Architect
  24. Architect
  25. Spanish architect, United Airlines Tower, Walden 7, La Paix Residentiel, movie director, 'Circles', 'Schizo'
  26. Architect
  27. Architect, born in 1926
  28. Architect
  29. Artist, Interactive
  30. Architect
  31. Architect
  32. Architect
  33. famous architect
  34. Award Winning Architect
  35. Architect. Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering. Son of Actor John Carradine. Appeared in the documentary The Carradines Together 1979
  36. Architect
  37. Architect
  38. Ironworker who helped build the St Louis Arch, and gave the radio signal to fit the last piece into place on October 28. 1965
  39. Architect
  40. Architect
  41. Phillip Cox  (2)
  42. British Architect ('Archigram')
  43. Structural engineer, born 1937. One of the last living engineers of the Seattle Space Needle's design. Project lead for the foundation and the top house
  44. Owner of 'Rick's Restorations' in Las Vegas; frequently appears on Pawn Stars
  45. Bridge builder
  46. Architect
  47. Architect
  48. Interior Designer
  49. Architect
  50. Actor, Train to Busan, Eternals, Chronicles of Evil
  51. Contractor, reality star, 'Tacky House', 'Rent my space', 'Top Design'
  52. Architect
  53. Iron worker, born 1932. One of the last living construction workers to have helped build the Seattle Space Needle
  54. Architect
  55. Architect
  56. British Architect best known for his work with the seminal English experimental architecture collective Archigram. He also the leader of the team who designed The Hayward Gallery in London. Lives in the UK
  57. Architect
  58. Navalo architect for Carnival Cruise Lines
  59. Terry Farrell  (2)
  60. Architect
  61. Architect
  62. Architect
  63. Architect, born in 1925
  64. british stararchitect; rebuilder of the German 'Reichstag'
  65. Architect
  66. Craftsman of the Royal coach for HM King Charles III
  67. Architect
  68. Architect
  69. Award Winning Architect
  70. Architect
  71. Architect
  72. Architect
  73. Architect & Designer of Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao Spain
  74. Swiss Architect/Born: 08/24/1907
  75. Architect Sears Tower
  76. Internationally renowned architect. Some well known projects are the Disney Swan and Dolphin Hotels in Orlando, Disney corporate headquarters in Burbank, the Washington Monument scaffolding during its rennovation, and the Humana Building in Louisville.
  77. Architect
  78. Architect
  79. Architect
  80. Architect
  81. Architect
  82. German Ingenieur & Professor born in 1940. Author of some technical books
  83. Born July 1, 1916 in New York City) is a prolific and accomplished American landscape architect and educator.
  84. Award Winning Architect
  85. Architect
  86. Architect of President George W. Bush's home in Crawford, TX. He is currently a professor for several architecture courses at the University of Texas
  87. Seattle construction equipment manager, born 1934. Worked on the construction of the Space Needle in 1961/1962
  88. Architect
  89. Architect
  90. Architect
  91. Architect
  92. Mexican Architect. Born: 07/14/1914
  93. Architect
  94. Award Winning Architect
  95. Architect
  96. Japanese architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize, known for works including: Toto Ito Museum of Architecture, World Games Stadium in Taiwan, Sendai Mediatheque
  97. Architect
  98. Architect
  99. Architect
  100. Architect/Designed the A T & T building in NY
  101. Architect
  102. Architect
  103. Conan artist, comic book
  104. Architect
  105. President of Performing Artists Association of Hong Kong, China, 10th Executive Committee of Hong Kong Film Workers Federation
  106. Architect
  107. Architect
  108. Award Winning Architect
  109. Yang Jingyuan born April 1, 1981 in Seoul, South Korea, Korean actor
  110. Architect
  111. Architect
  112. Architect
  113. Architect
  114. Master of Ceremonies on FedCon and RingCon
  115. Architect
  116. Architect
  117. Architect
  118. Architect
  119. Mexican actor, musician and architect. 'Clear and Present Danger', 'Salvador', 'Las Puertas del Paraiso', 'El Santo Oficio'
  120. American architect, born 1923. WII veteran, serving as a 'Buffalo Soldier' in the segregated US Army 92nd Infantry Division. Purple Heart for combat wounds in Italy, December 26, 1944
  121. Architect
  122. Architect
  123. Architect
  124. Architect
  125. Los Angeles-based Architect and winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2005. Known for: new academic building at Cooper Union, Diamond Ranch High School in Pomona, University of Toronto Graduate House, Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Wayne L. Morse United St
  126. Architect
  127. Architect
  128. American architect, designer of the United Nations flag Born:06/26/1907
  129. Architect
  130. Architect
  131. Israeli author, architect and sculptor. Was involved in the construction of Heathrow Airport. Designed the interior of the Holocaust Memorial Synagogue in Moscow, and sculptures for Russia's National War Memorial
  132. Brazilian architect
  133. Bridge designer
  134. Aircraft Designer known for creating the Flying Flea
  135. Spanish architect
  136. Architect
  137. American urban planner, public official (1888-1981). Controversial figure led projects including Triborough Bridge, Jones Beach, Shea Stadium, Lincoln Center, and 1964 World's Fair. Later questions on if his work did more harm than good
  138. Architect
  139. Architecht; at age 24 designed the famed landmark Capital Records building in Hollywood, the world's first circular office builiding
  140. Architect
  141. Architect
  142. Brasilian Architect (e.g. United Nations Headquarter With Le Corbusier)Born: 12/15/1907
  143. Architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize in 2008. Known for: Arab World Institute in Paris, Culture and Congress Centre in Lucerne, Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, and Torre Agbar in Barcelona
  144. Polish Architect-Wembley, Chelsea Bayern Munich
  145. Architect
  146. Architect
  147. Architect, born in 1923
  148. world famous architect (rock & roll hof) / Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient
  149. Austrian Architect & Caricaturist
  150. Architect
  151. Architect
  152. Architect
  153. French architect ('Palais des Congrès of Bruxelles'...)
  154. Italian achitect
  155. Architect
  156. Architect who designed the famous 'Atomium' in Brussels, living in France or Belgium
  157. Architect
  158. Architect
  159. Architect
  160. Architect
  161. Architect
  162. Architect
  163. Architect
  164. Architect
  165. Architect
  166. British architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize. Known for: Centre Georges Pompidou, Millennium Done, Madris-Barajas Airport Terminal 4, London Heathrow Terminal 5, European Court of Human Rights
  167. Architect
  168. French artist
  169. Architect
  170. Artchitect
  171. Award Winning Architect
  172. Architect
  173. Architect
  174. Architect/Pastor
  175. Japanese architect, won the Pritzker Prize in 2010, head of SANAA Ltd. which is based in Tokyo, Japan
  176. Architect
  177. Chinese architect, winner of the Pritzker Prize. Known for the Ningbo Museum, China Art Academy, Ceramic House, Five Scattered Houses in Ningbo
  178. Architect
  179. Architect
  180. Adrian Smith  (5)
    American architect who designed the Burj Dubai (world's tallest building and structure) and Trump Int'l Hotel and Tower
  181. Architect
  182. Architect of the new World War II Memorial set to open in 2004
  183. Architect
  184. Architect
  185. Architect
  186. Architect
  187. Architect
  188. Architect
  189. Architect
  190. Architect
  191. Renowned architect and planner. He was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright. Considered a visionary agent of change, he is also the author of four books. Lives in the USA
  192. American Architect. Born: 03/04/1912
  193. Architect, born in 1926
  194. Bridge builder
  195. Award Winning Architect
  196. Last surviving case study architect who participated in the magazine Arts & Architectures 1945 to 1966 project to introduce modern architecture by up-and-coming and cutting-edge architects at the time. Now lives in Hawaii and California
  197. American architect, theorist and designer
  198. Author, architect and artist
  199. Architect
  200. Architect
  201. Danish-born architect, best known for designing the acclaimed Sydney Opera House, winner of the Pritzker Architecture Prize
  202. Architect
  203. Architect
  204. Uraguayan-American Architect
  205. Australian weather girl and interior designer. Miss Universe 1972
  206. German architect and centenarian. Designed the Dresden Palace of Culture. Born 14 May 1916, making him one of the oldest living architects at 105
  207. Modernist architect
  208. Architect
  209. Tom Wright  (5)
  210. Interior designer
  211. Architect
  212. Architectural designer/Known for using everyday objects & materials for her paintings & art installations to transform our understanding of objects and image-making, an artist who 'paints without a paintbrush'/In Chase Bank TV Commercial
  213. Polish Architect & Fencer. Appeared in 4 Olympic games and won two silver medals and a bronze as part of the Polish Sabre Team
  214. Architect
  215. Architect
  216. Architect
  217. Architect