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James Gordon
  • General Info
General Information
James Beck "Jim" Gordon is an American recording artist, musician and songwriter. The Grammy Award winner was one of the most requested session drummers in the late 1960s and 1970s, recording albums with many well-known musicians of the time, and was the drummer in the blues rock supergroup Derek and the Dominos, Little Richard, and Delaney & Bonnie. In 1983, Gordon, at the time an undiagnosed schizophrenic, murdered his mother and was sentenced to sixteen years to life in prison. 
July 14th, 1945 in Los Angeles (Age 75)
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ActiveYearsEndYear : 1980
ActiveYearsStartYear : 1963
AssociatedBand : Alice_Cooper
AssociatedBand : Derek_and_the_Dominos
AssociatedBand : Delaney_&_Bonnie
AssociatedBand : Eric_Clapton
AssociatedBand : George_Harrison
AssociatedBand : Harry_Nilsson
AssociatedBand : The_Everly_Brothers
AssociatedBand : The_Beach_Boys
AssociatedBand : The_Beau_Brummels
AssociatedBand : Mason_Williams
AssociatedBand : Gene_Clark
AssociatedBand : The_Byrds
AssociatedBand : Joe_Cocker
AssociatedBand : Traffic_(band)
AssociatedBand : Frank_Zappa
AssociatedBand : Souther–Hillman–Furay_Band
AssociatedBand : Dave_Mason
AssociatedBand : Incredible_Bongo_Band
AssociatedBand : Steely_Dan
AssociatedBand : Gordon_Lightfoot
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Alice_Cooper
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Derek_and_the_Dominos
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Delaney_&_Bonnie
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Eric_Clapton
AssociatedMusicalArtist : George_Harrison
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Harry_Nilsson
AssociatedMusicalArtist : The_Everly_Brothers
AssociatedMusicalArtist : The_Beach_Boys
AssociatedMusicalArtist : The_Beau_Brummels
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Mason_Williams
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Gene_Clark
AssociatedMusicalArtist : The_Byrds
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Joe_Cocker
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Traffic_(band)
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Frank_Zappa
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Souther–Hillman–Furay_Band
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Dave_Mason
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Incredible_Bongo_Band
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Steely_Dan
AssociatedMusicalArtist : Gordon_Lightfoot
Background : non_vocal_instrumentalist
BirthYear : 1945
BirthMonthAndDay : 07-14
BirthDate : 1945-07-14
Genre : Blues
Genre : Blues_rock
Genre : Hard_rock
Genre : Pop_music
Genre : Psychedelic_rock
Instrument : Drum_kit
Instrument : Percussion_instrument
Instrument : Piano
Instrument : Camco_Drum_Company
RecordLabel : Polydor_Records
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