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StarTiger - Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1945
Browsing Entries matching Tag BirthYear%3A:1945
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  1. Retired Navy Admiral
  2. Actress - Taxi Driver, The King Of Comedy, Welcome To L.A., New York New York, Jo Jo Dancer..., Crime Story. Married to actor Robert DeNiro (1976-1988)
  3. movie director
  4. Author
  5. Philip Abramo (born 1945), also known as 'The King Of Wall Street', 'Lou Metzer' is a caporegime in the New Jersey DeCavalcante crime family who was allegedly involved in security fraud and murder. Abramo was a capo of the DeCavalcante family's crew in Mi
  6. Former Saints, 49ers wide receiver
  7. Songwriter/Music Producer
  8. New York Assemblywoman, 1st District (1993-2005)
  9. member of National Assembly of France, former president of this assembly
  10. Author-28 Artists and 2 Saints
  11. Mayor of Corpus Christi, Texas (2009-present)
  12. Consulted directly with Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy on Lafayette Square Historic District in Washington, D.C., supervised project for Robert Kennedy. Involved in planning, design & construction of President Kennedy's gravesite at Arlington Cemetery
  13. Founder of Geshundheit Institute, portrayed by Robin Williams in movie of same name.
  14. Actress: The Man With the Golden Gun, Octopussy, Rollerball, Shattered Innocence, The Hostage Tower, Tattoo, A View to a Kill, Hell Hunters, Jane and the Lost City, The Women's Club, Angel 3, The Kill Reflex, Silent Night Deadly Night 4 // Playboy
  15. Mayor of Savannah, Georgia (1996-2004), first African-American mayor in the city's history
  16. BBC Journalist
  17. Actress-Armchair Thriller
  18. Author-The Arab Predicament
  19. actress (purple rose of cairo, heartburn) singer
  20. AFL, T, San Diego Chargers 1967-68. College - Oklahoma State
  21. Author-Only In London
  22. Dutch Singer/Actress/Host
  23. author of 'Unlimited Access an FBI agent inside the Clinton White House' and former FBI Agent
  24. Bruce Alford  (2)
    1946 NY Yankees FB
  25. Richard Allan  (2)
    French porn actor
  26. Interim Prime Minister of Iraq (2004-05)
  27. Author - Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything
  28. Jim Allen  (2)
    Cartoonist, The Beauforts
  29. Retired football player played for the baltimore colts debut 1967
  30. rabbi comedian author
  31. Ed Wood, Wayne's World, Emory Battis on TWIN PEAKS, Boogie Nights, A Walk in the Clouds. Oscar-nominated for short film, 12:01 PM
  32. Spy/Former Israeli military intelligence major who was convicted of espionage in 1987. Amit is thought to have spied for the United States and a European NATO country, though this has never been confirmed by the Israeli government
  33. Marquess of Lothian, British Politician
  34. german singer - 'Es fährt ein Zug nach nirgendwo'
  35. American actress (b: 1945) - Ironside (105 episodes), Mission Impossible (7 episodes), Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
  36. Actor - Jesus Christ Superstar (as Judas Iscariot), The Color Purple, Another World. Singer
  37. 1967 Steelers
  38. Kent Anderson  (2)
    Author - Sympathy for the Devil
  39. Actress: WKRP in Cincinnati, Partners in Crime, Empty Nest, Nurses, The Mullets, So NoTORIous, 3 Ninjas, Munchie, Jayne Mansfield Story, Three Dates, Night at the Roxbury
  40. hockey
  41. Hockey Player
  42. Actor - Perfect Strangers, Lost, ER, Growing Pains, Boston Common, Picket Fences, Mama Malone, Angel, Live Shot, Critters 2, The Stand, Forrest Gump, The Puppet Masters '94, La Bamba, Movers & Shakers, Slackers, The Golden Girls Star Trek: TNG
  43. Football player
  44. food/cooking author
  45. British Stage and Movie Actress born 1944.'Dune','The Libertine','MacBeth','Between the Lines','Krull','Under the Cherry Moon','Mrs.Marple:Murder Most Foul','Flippers New Adventures','Onegin'
  46. New York mobster and a reputed captain in the Genovese crime family
  47. Film Editor
  48. Author
  49. Author
  50. r&r singer/keyboardist (the zombies, argent)
  51. former major league pitcher; played for Indians & Padres; played collegiality at Ohio State; College World Series MOP 1966
  52. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  53. Actor: V, Airplane, Black Eye, The Astral Factor, Gable and Lombard, The Clonus Horror, T.J. Hooker, Monster in the Closet, L.A. Law, Hunter, The Practice, The West Wing, Criminal Minds, Game of Life, The Guild, Rizzoli & Isles
  54. American fantasy and science fiction author, best known for her Twilight's Kingdoms fantasy trilogy and her contributions to the shared universe series Heroes in Hell, Sword of Knowledge and Merovingen Nights
  55. Football player
  56. NDP Member of Parliament for BC Southern Interior
  57. Antiques Expert; Appraiser on Antiques Roadshow; Specializes in ceramics; Has written over 30 books and is famous for his travel writing
  58. German actor - from 'the life of the marionettes' (1980)
  59. Male Voice Over Talent
  60. Surfer, 'Endless Summer I'
  61. Politician - European Parlament
  62. Actor: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, The A-Team, The Brady Bunch Movie, License to Drive
  63. Singer/Musician
  64. Actress: House Calls, Calucci's Department, Caroline in the City, Soap, Rhoda, Who's the Boss?, Easy Money, Fatso, The World's Greatest Lover, Ocean's Twelve, All in the Family, The Storm, Catch Me If You Can, Unstrung Heroes
  65. Barry Ryan on 'Ryan's Hope' - now a writer on 'One Life to Live'
  66. Politician - European Parlament
  67. medal of honor army vietnam
  68. British Politician
  69. Leave it to Beaver (Mary Ellen)
  70. Conductor
  71. medal of honor US army, Vietnam War
  72. Children's Author
  73. Actor & Director: Midnight Cowboy, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Gosford Park, Altered States, Absence Of Malice, 2010, The Majestic, The Late Shift, Jakob The Liar, Dead Bang, Bank Shot, Seinfeld
  74. Designer
  75. Alan Ball  (2)
    ex Arsenal, Southampton & England footballer
  76. medal of honor, navy, vietnam war
  77. Former Rugby League Player
  78. Women's Volleyball Coach UCLA
  79. Offensive Lineman for the San Francisco 49ers (1968-1977); Former college/NFL tackle; played for Northwestern & 49ers; #11 pick overall 1967 NFL draft; coached with 49ers after playing career
  80. American Football, Guard, Tulsa, NFL, Redskins 1967-68
  81. Actor: Phantasm, Bubba Ho-tep, Cementary Gates, That Little Monster, The Demolitionist, Silent Night Deadly Night 4, Wishmaster
  82. Author
  83. Actress: Maude, The Fog, Someone's Watching Me!, Cannonball Run, Escape From New York, Swamp Thing, Creepshow, Open House, Carnival, Back To School, The Drew Carey Show // Ex-wife of John Carpenter
  84. former college/NFL tight end; played for Virginia Tech and Washington Redskins
  85. Brian Barnes  (2)
    Golf Player
  86. mlb umpire
  87. NFL Hall of Fame CB; played for the Detroit Lions
  88. Football, Redskins CB in 1970s
  89. Baseball player - Seattle Pilots
  90. Songwriter, musician and Italian film director . Cantautor, músico y director de cine italiano
  91. Author - Wives and Lovers, Something is Out There, Hello to the Cannibals, The Fireman's Wife, The Stories of Richard Bausch
  92. Ex Tottenham Hotspur Footballer
  93. Author
  94. movie director writer
  95. Author
  96. basketball
  97. John Beasley  (2)
    Minnesota Vikings TE 1967-73
  98. French Pornographic Actress Of The 1970s She Gained The Title 'First French Porn Star'. In 1976 She Quit Hardcore Pornography And Until The 1980s Appeared In Several Nazi Exploitation Films
  99. President of FC Bayern München - Known as 'Kaiser Franz'
  100. Author
  101. Author - Non-Fiction
  102. Author
  103. Former president of Major League Baseball and former president of the Toronto Blue Jays
  104. Former Rugby League Player
  105. Author
  106. Talk Show Host
  107. John Bell  (3)
    Author - The Green Light of Sunset
  108. William Bell  (3)
    Author - The Blue Helmet Just Some Stuff I Wrote
  109. Former German Soccer Player (MSV Duisburg 64/78)
  110. Singer/Musician
  111. Actor: Chopper One, Battlestar Galactica, The A-Team, W., Sssssss, Cruise Into Terror, Scavenger Hunt, Ruckus, Georgia Peaches, Underground Aces, Body Slam, Trenchcoat in Paradise, Blue Tornado, Alaska, Abduction of Innocence, Demon Keeper, Earthstorm
  112. 'Days of Our Lives','Father Murphy'
  113. Big league player and brother of Dennis Bennett of Phillies, Red Sox. Member of 1964 Phillies
  114. Italian Actress - 'Bloody Pit of Horror' (1965), 'Tarzana, the Wild Woman' (1969), 'Poppea... una prostituta al servizio dell'impero' (1972)
  115. Director
  116. Prime Minister of Mauritius (2003-05)
  117. Joe Berger  (2)
    Author - Non Fiction
  118. Author
  119. actor: A Company of Wolves, Interview with a Vampire
  120. former college/NFL/AFL linebacker; played for Arkansas State University, Philadelphia Eagles & Cincinnati Bengals; college All-American
  121. Swedish Singer, Songwriter And Actor
  122. writer movie director
  123. star trek producer
  124. World War II Marine, Author - Make the Kaiser Dance
  125. swimmer
  126. Italian Singer and Actress - Movie - 'Viva Italia!' Actress and Performer (1977)
  127. Lord. UK House of Lords
  128. American Actress - TV Series - 'The Doctors & The Nurses (1962-1965), 'Guiding Light' (1956,1958), 'Love Of Life' (1951), 'Santa Barbara' (1986). Movie - 'Who's That Knocking At My Door?' (1967), 'Sunrise At Campobello' (1960)
  129. Photographer
  130. 1996 Phoenix Suns
  131. former college/NFL defensive tackle; played for University of Wyoming, Chargers, Oilers & Saints; All-WAC team 1966
  132. Back up singer for Steppenwolf
  133. Actor-Goya,Domain
  134. british writer, wrote the movie scripts for 'The Name of the Rose' and 'Jeanne D'Arc'
  135. science-fiction author
  136. Author
  137. Cowboy Poet
  138. American Businesswoman - Former President And Chief Executive Officer of Lifetime Entertainment Services
  139. Criminal Lawyer, Author - Black's Law
  140. singer/guitarist - deep purple,rainbow
  141. Pistons announcer
  142. Singer & Actress: Nashville, The Driver, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover, Desperate Women, She Came to the Valley, The Baltimore Bullet, A Return to Salem's Lot
  143. American Retired Professional Golf Player. LPGA Tour (1969-87)
  144. American Former Base Ball Player - Pitcher - Kansas City Athletics (1966) And New York Yankees (1965)
  145. Screenwriter & Director: Flowers in the Attic, Blood Beach, Columbo, Brotherhood of Justice, Nightmares, Starcrossed, Jealousy
  146. Former NFL All Pro
  147. Author
  148. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  149. Vocalist for 'The Zombies'
  150. Walter Bobbie  (2)
    Broadway - Directed The School for Lies
  151. Author
  152. Actor: Terminator, Nine to Five, M*A*S*H, Night Court, Family Ties, Remington Steele, Who's the Boss?, Stewardess School, The Law and Harry McGraw, Alien Nation, Star Trek TNG, Marked for Death, L.A. Law, Bonkers, California Dreams
  153. retired basketball player for the bulls and Tenn Vols All-American
  154. actor - All My Children (t.v. series, 1980-1990), The Young & The Restless (t.v. series, 1998-99)
  155. Author
  156. English Actress And Model - TV Series - 'The Benny Hill (1970-1973), 'Mind Your Language' (1986). Movie - 'The Yes Girls' (1971), 'Bizarre' (1970), 'The Bullet Machine' (1970), 'Freelance' (1971), 'White Cargo' (1973), 'The Kult Kollection' (2004)
  157. American Female Symphony Orchestra Conductor And Composer
  158. Canadian Female Astronaut - NASA Space Shuttle Discovery To Spacelab. (1992)
  159. Vietnamese Actress, Singer, And Belly Dancer. Movie - 'Nocturna' (1979), 'Hoodlums' (1980), 'Fairy Tales' (1978), 'The Greatest' (1977), 'The Soul of Nigger Charley' (1973), 'Soul Hustler' (1973), 'Devil's Angels' (1967), 'The Spy with a Cold Nose'(1966)
  160. U.S. Representative from Michigan (1977-2003)
  161. American Male Photographer - .Elvis Presley Official Photographer (1970-1977), And Assistant Tour Manager
  162. Singer
  163. Radio Talk Show Host
  164. Screenwriter & Director: Extreme Justice, Doctor Detroit, Steele Justice, Frank & Jesse
  165. American Football, Tackle, Colorado, NFL< Redskins 1968-70
  166. Actor: Grease!, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Spin City, War & Remembrance, George Washington 1&2, Parent Trap 3&4, Weekend At Bernie's 2, Project Metalbeast, The Skulls 3, Nip/Tuck, Las Vegas, Law & Order SVU, Grandpa Clyde in Phineas and Ferb 2007-2015
  167. former major league pitcher; played for Twins, Tigers & Orioles; won 20 games in 1969
  168. Music producer doors, ect
  169. American Former Actress - Movie - Sisters Of Death' (1976), 'White Lightning' (1973), 'Nursie' (2004), 'Jeremiah's Secret' (2006)' 'Eating' (1990). TV Series - 'Lassie' - Guest (1971), 'Run for Your Life' - Guest (1967), 'The F.B.I.' (1971)
  170. French Male Comic Artist. Author Of Several Noted Franco-Belgian Comics Album Series
  171. French Female Politician - Member Of The National Assembly of France (2007- )
  172. MLB shortstop 1970-85 for Phillies, Cubs, Mets. Manager - Padres 87-88, Phillies 2001-04. Manager of Year 2001. 5x All - Star. 2x Gold Glove. Best season in 1978 with 78 RS, .294 BA. Led major league 1972 in triples 13./1980 W.S. Champ Phillies, .375 BA
  173. White House Chief of Staff (1997-1998); Former UNC President (2005-2010)
  174. American Former Politician - U.S. Representative from Florida (1997-2011)
  175. Actor
  176. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1998-2019)
  177. Actor Starred In 'Dempsey and Makepeace,' married to Actress Glynis Barber
  178. jazz saxophonist composer
  179. English Female Author - Novel - 'Writing Historical Fiction: A Writers' and Artists' Companion' (2013), 'Mister Fabulous and Friends' (2003), 'Pearls' (1967), 'Heartswap' (2000), 'Wild Weekend' (2004), 'Getting Home' (1998), 'White Ice' (1993). Plus More
  180. the brecker brothers (trumpet)
  181. Former MLB Umpire
  182. Screenwriter
  183. singer - young rascale
  184. retired football player with broncos, bills, dolphins and lions. was the first black qb in the NFL. also was a member of the 1972 miami dolphins undefeated team. nickname 'marlin the magician'
  185. Original Member of Franks Zappas band, provided vocal, sax, flute, and/or keyboards
  186. Deceased Australian Motor Racing Icon
  187. Actor, The Golden Girls
  188. American Female Author - Cookbooks - 'The Kitchen Survival Guide' (1992), 'Growing Up On The Chocolate Diet' (1995), 'Bread Machine Baking' (1993), 'Basic Baking' (2000), 'Slow Cooker Cooking' (2001), 'The Cape Cod Table' (2003). Plus Many More Novels
  189. Guitarist (cocaine blues, midnight on the water)/Instruments Vocals guitar fiddle dobro mandolin pedal steel guitar Years active 1960s?present/ He co - wrote the song 'The Holdup' with former Beatle George Harrison
  190. singer/songwriter - Procol Harum
  191. Bobby Brooks  (2)
    Baseball player, athletics 1970
  192. English Female Singer And Musician - Piano - Rock, Blues, Jazz Music. (1960- )
  193. Film Score Composer
  194. Curtis Brown  (5)
    Played in one game for the Expos (as outfielder) in 1973
  195. R & B singer (so many men,so little time)
  196. Standup Comedian, 'Helmet Rides Again','UFO' etc
  197. Tony Brown  (5)
    Baseball Player
  198. Tony Brown  (6)
    Former Rugby League Player
  199. Tony Brown  (7)
    Former Rugby Union Player
  200. American Female Reality TV Co - Star - TV Series - 'Airline' - Customer Service Supervisor, Southwest Airlines, Midway Airport (2004)
  201. Choreographer
  202. Former PM Liechtenstein
  203. Baskekball player
  204. Author
  205. Children's Author
  206. boxing hof, world Lightweight champion 1970-1972
  207. Flight astronaut sts-51c,61a,29,48
  208. swimmer
  209. Former NFL football player for the Bills and Patriots in the 60's and 70's
  210. Actor: Star Wars (Captain Colton/Boba Fett), The Cat Gang, Summer Holiday, The Spy Who Loved Me, Agony, For Your Eyes Only, Octopussy, Doctor Who, Robin of Sherwood
  211. Nba basketball
  212. Tom Bunk is a lifetime award - winning cartoonist known for adding multiple extraneous details to his posters, cartoons, and illustrations created for both American and German publishers
  213. MLB pitcher from 1963-71 for Orioles, Roylal. Best seasons in 1964 (rookie) went 19-5 (best w - l % in league), 2.69 ERA and 1969 going 12-11, 2 saves, 3.23 ERA. Best known for the one game he pitched in 1966 World Series, a complete game shutout
  214. English Female Singer/Musician - Guitar - Folk Music. (1965-1970, 2002- )
  215. American Female Former Golf Player - LPGA Tour. 4 Major Wins. (1969-1981)
  216. Voice Actor / GIJOE And Others DESTRO Voice, G.I. Joe
  217. Actor: Mary Hartman, Beyond The law, Heroes, Mask, Lambada, An Innocent Man, Sanford, Wanted Dead or Alive
  218. Canadian Former Female Author - Novel - 'A Good House' (1999), 'Casino & Other Stories' (1994), 'Women Of Influence' (1988), 'Suddenly' (2009), 'Deer Heart: Short Story'(2013), 'Nipple Man: Short Story'(2013), 'Jiggle Flicks; Short Story'(2013) Plus More
  219. John Burnett  (2)
    Lord. UK House of Lords
  220. American Former Actress And Author - Movie - 'Last Summer' (1969), 'Red Sky At Morning' (1971), 'A Christmas Carol' (1982), 'Amelia Earhart' (1976). TV Mini-Series -'The Word' (1978), 'Lincoln' (1975). TV Series- 'The Bionic Woman'(Guest)(1976) Plus More
  221. Jim Burns  (3)
    Nba basketball
  222. American Stage Actress - TV Series - 'The Catlins' (1982-1985), 'Ryan's Hope'(1981),'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' (Guest Role)(2004). Movie - 'Dead Poets Society' (1989), 'Popeye' (1980). Broadway - 'Strider' (1980) Plus Many More Roles
  223. British Actor: Doctor Who, Miss Marple, Look Around You, The Day Today, Campion, Emmerdale, James Bond video games
  224. Author
  225. author good scent strange mt. pul. prize 1993
  226. Actress: Ginger, The Abductors, A Place Called Today, Girls Are for Loving, Savage Sisters, Too Hot to Handle, Ransom // Guest Star: Baretta, Delvecchio // Writer: H.O.T.S
  227. Ice hockey player
  228. Open Wheel Race Car Driver
  229. Singer/Musician
  230. President of Switzerland
  231. American Male Singer - R&B, Soul Music (1967- ). 'The Spinners' (1967-1972, 2000-2003), 'The Temptations' (2003-2007, 2019). Single (Solo Artist) - 'It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday' (1975)
  232. Author
  233. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  234. Italian Actor
  235. American Female Former Golf Player - LPGA Tour (1965-1988). 'Women's PGA Championship' Winner (1979, 1981). 'U.S. Women's Open' Winner (1969, 1970). 'du Maurier Classic' 3rd Place (1980, 1982) World Golf Hall Of Fame (2001)
  236. MLB H.O.F. 1st & 2nd baseman from 1967-85 for Twins, Angels. MVP, 18x All - Star, Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, 7x Bat Titles. Best season was 1977, led league with .388 BA and 16 triples. Career batting average of .328
  237. track athlete
  238. Author - The 3 Keys to Empowerment
  239. American Female Actress - Movie - 'The Candidate' (1972), 'The Octagon' (1980), 'The Student Nurses' (1970), 'Fleshburn' (1984). TV Series - 'Dallas' (1986-87), 'In The Heat of the Night' (1990-94), 'The Yellow Rose'(Guest Role)(1983-84),
  240. American Former Female Actress - TV Series - 'Murder One' (1995-1997), 'Days of Our Lives' (Guest Role)(1989), 'Newhart' (Guest)(1985-1987), 'Kaz' (1978-1979), 'Remington Steele' (Guest)(1993). Movie - 'The Beverly Hillbillies' (1993)
  241. American Female Singer And Songwriter (1962- ). Pop, Rock, Country, Folk Music Genre. Single - 'Bette Davis Eyes' (1981),'Crazy In The Night' (1985), 'Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer' With Kenny Rogers (1980), 'What About Me?' (1984)
  242. former University of Michigan Head Football Coach; 1997 National championship coach; 5X Big Ten championships
  243. Scottish Female Singer And Musician - Percussion, Tambourine (1970-1974, 1991-2012) Pop Music Genre. Pop Group - 'Middle Of The Road'. Singles - 'Soley Soley' (1971), 'Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep' (1970)
  244. Nicaraguan Female Actress - Movie - 'Embryo' (1976), 'Never Say Never Again' (1983), 'The Master Gunfighter' (1975), 'The Island Of Dr. Moreau'(1977). TV Mini - Series - 'Centennial'(1978-79), 'Centennial'(1978-79). TV Series - 'Dallas'(1985-86)
  245. English Male Comedian, TV Host And Actor - TV Series - 'The Detectives' (1993-1997), 'All About Me' (2002-2004), 'Golden Balls' (Presenter)(2007-2009), 'Carrott Confidential' (1987-1989), 'Carrott's Lib' (1982-1983)
  246. American Female Author - Novel - 'The Orange Blossom Special'(2005), 'Swim To Me: A Novel'(2007), 'Lost Souls At The Neptune Inn'(2022), 'We Were Strangers Once'(2017), 'Nothing To Fall Back On: The Life And Times Of A Perpetual Optimist'(2002)
  247. Baseball player drafted by the new york yankees in 1984
  248. basketball player/coach
  249. Actor: Hawaii Five-O, Monte Walsh, Earth II, Badlands, Barnaby Jones, Scarface, A Death in California, The A-Team, Falcon Crest, Dallas, Hardcastle & McCormick, Hunter, Matlock, The Trials of Rosie O'Neill, Law & Order, The Hoax
  250. former college/NFL/WFL quarterback; played for BYU, Bears, Bengals, Chicago Fire and Chargers
  251. bandmember of Procol Harum
  252. Steve Carver  (2)
    Director: Jocks, Big Bad Mama, The Arena, Capone, An Eye for an Eye, Lone Wolf McQuade, Bulletproof, River of Death
  253. former college/NFL defensive end/tackle; played for Northeast Missouri State University, Falcons, Rams and Patriots
  254. former NHL player, Assistant Coach of Boston Bruins 2001-
  255. American Female Actress - Movie - 'Blade Runner' (1982), 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' (1988), 'The Package' (1989), 'The Fourth Protocol' (1987), 'Where the Heart Is' (1990). TV Series - 'Call Me Fitz' (2010-2013), 'Odd Mom Out' (2015-2017)
  256. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  257. Academy Award-winning computer scientist and current president of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios (as well as co-founder of Pixar)
  258. French Former Female Actress - Movie - 'Year of the Jellyfish' (1984), 'Le zèbre' (1992), 'Que la Bête Meure' (1969), 'A Pain in the Ass' (1973), 'Life Love Death' (1969), 'Didier' (1997), Thelma, Louise et Chantal (2010)
  259. boxing welterweight
  260. American Broadway Theatre Actress - Broadway - 'Angels In America: Millennium Approaches' (2003). TV Series - 'The Guardian' (2001-2004). Movie - 'Miss Firecracker' (1989), 'First Born' (2007), 'Old' (2021), 'Isn't It Delicious' (20132)
  261. Actor
  262. French writer
  263. American Female Actress - TV Series - 'Father Knows Best' (1954-1960), 'School Bus Diaries' (2016-2017), 'Lux Video Theatre' (Guest Role)(1952-1955). Movie - 'Father Knows Best: Home for Christmas' (1977), 'The Father Knows Best Reunion' (1977)
  264. singer/songwriter
  265. U.S. Representative from Texas (1985-97)
  266. NBA/ABA- He played for the Kentucky Colonels (1968-70), Denver Rockets (1970-71) and Indiana Pacers (1970-71 and 1971-72) in the ABA for 206 games. College- Western Kentucky U. Father of NBA star Rex Chapman. Member of Western Kentucky U. Hall of Fame
  267. Nick Charles  (2)
  268. Actor
  269. American Female Actress - TV Series - 'General Hospital' (1977- ), 'Love Is a Many Splendored Thing' (1967-1973), 'Port Charles' (1997-2001), 'Cannon' (Guest Role)(1972-1975), 'The Streets of San Francisco' (Guest)(1974-1976)
  270. Writer / Producer / Director: The Sopranos, Not Fade Away, The Rockford Files, Switch, Almost Grown, I'll Fly Away, Kolchak
  271. former college/NFL/AFL linebacker; played for Syracuse University, Bills, Colts & Patriots
  272. Author
  273. NASCAR Owner
  274. Author
  275. Songwriter: Mickey (Toni Basil)
  276. English Male Former Soccer Player - Forward. 'Southampton' (1962-68), 'Tottenham Hotspur' (1968-76), 'Servette' (1976-78), 'Norwich City' (1978-79), 'Brighton & Hove Albion' (1979-80), 'Dorchester Town'(1980), 'Barnet'(1982-83). England 24 Caps (1971-73)
  277. Bob Christian  (2)
    Baseball player, 1968-1970. Member of 1968 Detroit Tigers
  278. American Female Former Politician And Physician - 'Delegate To The U.S. House Of Representatives From The U.S. Virgin Islands' At - Large District' (1997-2015), 'Chair Of The Virgin Islands Democratic Party' (2016-2018)
  279. jazz saxophonist
  280. French singer
  281. Belgian Former Female Singer. Pop Music Genre. Single - 'Gelukkig zijn' (1975), 'De Roos' (1980)
  282. Italian Female Actress - Movie - 'La Dolce Vita' (1960), 'Cronaca di una passione'(2016), 'Les deux orphelines'(1965), 'Cronaca di una passione'(2016), 'Cronaca di una passione'(1962), 'Eine Handvoll Helden'(1967). Mini-Series - 'La pietra di luna'(1972)
  283. American Former Female Actress And Model - 'Playboy Playmate' (Miss May 1963). TV Series -'Baretta' (1975-1978), 'The Monkees' (Guest)(1968), 'Get Smart' (Guest)(1968), 'Mannix' (Guest)(1970), 'Quincy M.E.' (Guest)(1977). Movie -'How Sweet It Is!' (1968)
  284. English Male Singer And Musician - Guitar (1962- ) Rock, Blues Music Genre. Bands - 'The Yardbirds' (1963-1965), Cream' (1966-1968, 1993,2005). Singles - 'Layla' (1972), 'I Shot the Sheriff' (1974), 'Lay Down Sally' (1979), 'Wonderful Tonight' (1977)
  285. Bobby Clark  (2)
    Scotland Male Former Soccer Player - Goal Keeper. 'Queen's Park' (1962-1965), 'Aberdeen' (1965-1982), 'Washington Whips' (1967), 'San Antonio Thunder' (1976), 'Clyde' (1983). Scotland 17 Caps (1967-1973). Scotland Under-23 Team 3 Caps (1966-1968)
  286. Robert Clark  (3)
    English Male Former Soccer Player - Midfielder, 'Doncaster Rovers' (2009-11), Plus 4 More Clubs, '?-stersund' (2011-12), 'Skellefteå FF' (2012-2013), 'Piteå IF' (2013-17), 'Ytterhogdals IK' (2017-18), 'IFK Luleå' (2018), '?'lvsby IF' (2018-21)
  287. Stephen Clark  (2)
    Author - Mysteries
  288. French Female Actress - 'Paris, Texas' (1984), 'Lacombe, Lucien' (1974), 'Les rendez - vous d'Anna' (1978), 'Lovers and Liars' (1979) , 'A Whole Night' (1982), 'Gemini:The Twin Stars' (1988), 'A Private Affair' (2002), 'Demain on déménage' (2004)
  289. Northern Irish Male Former Soccer Player-Midfielder. 'Wolverhampton Wanderer'(1963-64), 'Coventry City'(1964-71), 'Sheffield Wednesday'(1971-73), 'Everton'(1973-76), 'New York Cosmos'(1976-77), 'Colorado Caribous'(1978). Northern Ireland 48 Caps(1965-76)
  290. Officer Clemmons on Mr Roger's neighborhood
  291. Creedence Clearwater Revival drummer
  292. Author
  293. NHL - Anaheim Ducks Front Office 2006
  294. pop-rock singer/songwriter
  295. former college/NFL kicker; played for Adams State College & Cleveland Browns
  296. German Politician
  297. Baseball / Pitcher for the Indians / 1970-72
  298. Author
  299. former college/NFL running back; played for Indiana University, Colts, Steelers & Dolphins
  300. Author
  301. Author
  302. Playboy Playmate - Miss December 1964. Playmate of the Year 1965. Actress - Sgt. Deadhead, Lord Love A Duck, Ski Party, How To Stuff A Wild Bikini
  303. Author
  304. U.S. Representative from Texas (1985-2003)
  305. MLB outfielder 1964-75 (8 years) for Red Sox, Angels.All-Star 1967. Known as 'Tony C'. Brother of Billy. Received Hutch Award in 1970 for comeback after getting hit by pitch, missing 1968 season. Led league 1965 in HR (32). Best 1970 w/ 36 HR, 116 RBI
  306. singer percussionist (chieffains)
  307. Author
  308. author - conrack, prince of tides
  309. Musician/Guitarist
  310. Nascar Official
  311. Bass player for 60's-70's band Creedence Clearwater Revival
  312. Pop Singer - Higher & Higher, We're All Alone, All Time High (from the James Bond film, Octopussy),Playboy November 1973
  313. Author
  314. Referee
  315. Author
  316. Singer/Musician
  317. fashion designer
  318. Actor - Wild In The Streets, Maryjane, The Defiant Ones, Storm Center, The Gay Deceivers, Happy Anniversary, Gunsmoke (5)
  319. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  320. Songwriter
  321. Food Writer
  322. Prominent Attorney. Served as White House Counsel under Presidents Clinton and Obama. Represented John W. Hinckley, Jr, Elian Gonzalez' father, and many other high profile cases
  323. U.S. Senator from Idaho (1991-2009)
  324. children's author (walk two moons) newbery medal
  325. news journalist pulitzer prize 1981
  326. British Comedian
  327. Former KISS Drummer, breast cancer survivor
  328. Author
  329. Played Emily on Upstairs/Downstairs
  330. Brother of robert crumb. appeared on crumb the movie
  331. Voice Over Talent
  332. football
  333. Football, Broncos Tackle in 1970s
  334. Actress: Nine to Five, Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Silver Streak, Mother Jugs & Speed, Silent Movie, A Different Story, All the President's Men, Maxie, The District // Writer: And Justice for All, Inside Moves, Best Friends, Unfaithfully Yours, Toys
  335. Canadian Football Player
  336. Founder of canadian brass
  337. David Dalton  (2)
    contributing editor for Rolling Stone ; Author - James Dean: The Mutant King, The Rolling Stones: The First Twenty Years, James Dean: American Icon, and Mr. Mojo Risin': Jim Morrison, The Last Holy Fool
  338. Children's Author
  339. Sings with 'The Archies'
  340. childrens author (cat ate my gymsuit)
  341. Author (writes Books like 'Geisterjäger John Sinclair')
  342. Yogi, Author - It's Here Now (Are You?)
  343. singer
  344. British film director: The Long Day Closes, Distant Voices Still Lives, House of Mirth
  345. Betty Davis  (3)
    American funk, rock and soul singer, also Miles Davis's second wife
  346. Singer born 1945
  347. Actor: Clifton on 'That's My Momma', Rueben on 'Amen', television host on the TBN network
  348. Actor: The Nanny, Star Trek TNG, The Hunt For Red October, The Prestige, The Practice, Highway to Heaven, Remington Steele, The A-Team, Hardcastle & McCormick, The Equalizer, MacGyver, K9
  349. Danny Davis  (3)
    Former Wrestler/Known as 'Nightmare' Danny Davis. Not the same guy as the referee listed/Also the owner of Ohio Valley Wrestling
  350. Creator of Garfield
  351. Lee Davis  (2)
    retired basketball player for the old ABA
  352. French director
  353. Musician in new riders of the purple sage in 70s
  354. Politician - European Parlament
  355. European deputy
  356. Actress - Godfather 2 (as young Mama Corleone), Portnoy's Complaint, Witchfire, Blood Red
  357. former Red Sox catching prospect (Red Sox 3rd round pick in 2001)
  358. former major league shortstop; played for Padres and Dodgers
  359. Writer - MAD Magazine ('MAD's Maddest Writer'), The Match Game, To Tell The Truth
  360. Screenwriter
  361. Children's Author
  362. movie director
  363. author (lake news, the women next door)
  364. marine corps general
  365. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  366. Author
  367. Actress (b: 1945) - Twin Peaks (11 episodes as Eileen Hayward), The Right Stuff (as Annie Glenn), 2010, The Patriot, Breach, Casual
  368. Child Actress - Them!, The Space Children, The Last Time I Saw Paris, A Gift For Heidi (title role)
  369. Author
  370. Lieutenant Governor of Texas (2003-2015)
  371. Actor: Sunshine, King, Centennial, Shock Treatment, Independence Day, The Hunger, Secret Admirer, Flight of the Navigator, Pulse, Rude Awakening, Glory, Flashback, Dr. Giggles, North & South Book 3, The Craft, Suicide Kings, JAG, Last Flight Out
  372. concert pianist
  373. Actress: The Exorcist, General Hospital, Helter Skelter, The Clonus Horror, Teenage Gang Debs, Freeway Maniac, Creepshow 3, Halloween 2, Freeway Killer
  374. Writer-Star Wars:Dark Forces Trilogy
  375. writer
  376. former major league pitcher; played for Orioles & Expos
  377. Divine  (2)
    With John Waters:The Diane Linklette story,mondo trasho,muliple maniacs,female trouble,polyester,pink flamingos,lust in the dust,Hairspray,eat your makeup,Roman Candles,trouble in mind,out of the dark,Tales from the dark side (1945-1988)
  378. CNN financial host - moneyline
  379. Former producer of The Price Is Right
  380. Bears, Saints, Falcons CB/S/WR
  381. mouseketeer r&r singer/drummer (the standells)
  382. Author
  383. British Politician
  384. Pete Doherty  (2)
    Boston-native Professional Wrestler and WWF-legend known as 'Duke of Dorchester'
  385. Singer/Drummer/Actor (The Monkees, Head), Actor (Circus Boy, The Tick, Linda Lovelace for President)
  386. Actor - The Wire, Damages, Oz, ER, Borgia, at least 10 appearances in the various Law & Order series
  387. film director (special, cocktail, no way out)
  388. navy admiral
  389. Author
  390. Author - The Heritage Trilogy
  391. FBI's pioneer and master of investigative profiling. Author and basis for the Netflix series 'Mindhunter'
  392. Actor - Wally Cleaver in the TV show 'Leave It To Beaver'
  393. Wrote the movie Slap Shot, also plays Andrea in the movie
  394. 1965 Miss USA
  395. Governor of Wisconsin (2003-2011)
  396. Actor: Cheers, Air Force One, The Chimp Channel
  397. Richard Doyle  (2)
    Great-nephew of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who created Sherlock Holmes. Lives in Boyatt Wood, Hampshire, UK
  398. Actor-Frosty Returns,The Middle,Mr. Faulkner on 'The Bill Engvall Show',Caddyshack,National Lampoon's Vacation,Razor's Edge,Legal Eagles,Scrooged, P,National Lampoon's Christmasmas Vacation,JFK,Waynes World,Groundhog Day,Multiplicity,Snow Dogs,Yes Dear
  399. Actor - The Untouchables, Charmed, ...Brisco County Jr., Delta Force 2, Cyborg 2, Tremors 4, The Hills Have Eyes '06, Vamp, Windwalker, Invasion USA, Freeway, Hero & The Terror, Ghost Town, Dark Moon Rising, Demon Hunter, Mad Dog Time, Pale Rider
  400. Guitarist for the Yardbirds
  401. Singer, entertainer
  402. North Dakota State Representative
  403. Right-handed pitcher who debuted with the Dodgers in 1967 (appeared in only two games, however)
  404. Actor: All in the Family, Winds of War, War & Remembrance, The First Deadly Sin, Without a Trace, Sisters, And the Band Played On, The Men's Club, The Mommies, Norma Jean & Marilyn, Gods & Monsters, Dawson's Creek, Rose Red
  405. 70s Major League Baseball Player - Senators and Rangers
  406. MLB catcher 1964-76 for A's, Indians, Orioles. All-Star 1971. Hit 19 HR in 1972. World Series Champ in 1972 going 1 for 5. Pitching coach - Cardinals, Mariners, Indians, A's, White Sox. Pitching consultant - White Sox. Father of Chris & Shelley Duncan
  407. Author
  408. MLB catcher 1968-81 for Mets, Pirates, Tigers, Expos. Best in 1972 (325 at - bats) had 17 doubles, 3 triples, 8 HR. 1969 World Series Champ for Mets with one at - bat
  409. American Football; RB, Grambling NFL; Redskins, Rams
  410. Politician - European Parlament
  411. Former Australian cricketer
  412. Actor - Law & Order (Detective Sergeant Max Greevey), No Way Out, Basic Instinct, Crimson Tide, The Deer Hunter, Species 2, Salem's Lot, White Hunter Black Heart, Grey's Anatomy, Hack, Jesse
  413. Lord. UK House of Lords
  414. German Singer
  415. Author
  416. Hockey player
  417. Eric Edwards  (3)
    Erotic film star/director/editor who began his career in mainstream stage, film & tv productions - appeared in Debbie Does Dallas as Mr. Hardwick, & Confessions of A Young American Housewife among hundreds more. Birth name Robert Everett
  418. Eric Edwards  (5)
  419. Author
  420. Choreographer
  421. 'Sgt. Sonhar Shellen' and Matte Artist- Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
  422. Selected by Quebec Nordiques round 11 #244 overall 1992 NHL Entry Draft
  423. basketball coach
  424. Retired baseball player for the pirates,yankees,rangers(pitcher)
  425. Jim Ellis  (2)
    Left-handed pitcher who debuted for the Cubs in 1967 and then pitched in a couple of games for the Cardinals in 1969
  426. Retired NHL Forward (Toronto Maple Leafs) - Stanley Cup Winner: '67
  427. Retired football player played for rams chiefs debut 1967
  428. British Politician
  429. Member of Parliament for the Riding of Vancouver Kingsway in British Columbia. Member of the Conservative Party of Canada. Minister of International Trade as of February 6th, 2006.
  430. editorial cartoonist
  431. Author
  432. Actress
  433. Malcolm Evans  (2)
    New Zealand political cartoonist
  434. Actor - Friendly Persuasion, The Invisible Boy, The 7th Voyage Of Sinbad, Johnny Rocco, The Desperate Hours
  435. played tooey brown on 'leave it to beaver' series
  436. Boxer
  437. Author
  438. Country-Western Singer - The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA, Funny Face, Superman, You Can't Be A Beacon If Your Light Don't Shine, That Was Yesterday
  439. Indian miss world, is married to dr david powell and now lives in dublin ireland
  440. Joan baez sister
  441. Actress-Spencer's Mountain,Hot Rods To Hell,Autopsy,The Wild Racers,One Way,Arabesque,Sensi,Poisons
  442. Somali politician, former president of the Somali provice of Puntland, currently living in Melbourne, Australia
  443. ballet dancer
  444. Actress: Rosemary's Baby, Peyton Place, John & Mary, The Great Gatsby, See No Evil, Haunting of Julia, Death on the Nile, A Wedding, Purple Rose of Cairo, Hannah and Her Sisters, Radio Days, New York Stories, Zelig, The Omen, Dark Horse
  445. hockey
  446. Author
  447. author of 'Magician' and other fantasy novels
  448. First Hasidic Cheif Rabbi..New South Wales, Austrailia
  449. international singer/guitarist
  450. inventor (portable computer)
  451. Hockey player for montreal
  452. singer - band Roxy Music
  453. Author
  454. New York State Assemblywoman (2004-2010)
  455. Former associate head basketball coach
  456. Former St. Louis Cardinals football player (offensive linemen)
  457. Basketball Coach
  458. Production Designer
  459. Governor of the Northern Mariana Islands (2006-present)
  460. Musician/Songwriter: founder of Creedence Clearwater Revival, Centerfield, Susie Q, Proud Mary, Bad Moon Rising, Down On The Corner, Travelin' Band, Who'll Stop The Rain?, Have You Ever Seen The Rain?, Lookin' Out My Backdoor, The Old Man Down The Road
  461. air force general
  462. Author
  463. R&R/Pop Singer - Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders (Game Of Love, A Groovy Kind Of Love)
  464. Author - Blown Away, Fury
  465. news photographer puiltzer prize 1976 & 1977
  466. lead singer the rivieras cal. sun 1964
  467. Roy Foster  (3)
    Tulsa-born outfielder who debut for the Clevevland Indians in 1970. He passed away (at a Tulsa nursing home) in 2008
  468. Author
  469. Former U.S. Senator From Kansas (1996)
  470. Country Singer
  471. Playwright, Author, Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University College
  472. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  473. Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia (2002-10)
  474. U.S. Army General
  475. Retired basketball player played for the oakland oaks debut 1967
  476. Steve Fraser  (2)
    Author of Labor Will Rule: Sidney Hillman and the Rise of American Labor
  477. NBA Hall of Famer
  478. playboy playmate - miss june 1968
  479. Author
  480. Father Lonigan on Passions, Star Trek: Insurrection
  481. actress
  482. Children's Author
  483. chairman-ceo mtv networks
  484. Born 1945, Fricker was the first Irish actress to win an Academy Award for 'My Left Foot'; her career spanned six decades on stage and screen with roles in 'Home Alone 2', 'So I Married an Axe Murderer', 'A Time to Kill', 'Albert Nobbs' and 'Cloudburst'
  485. Son of Nobel laureate Milton Friedman, Author - Hidden Order
  486. former football player
  487. Actress, Singer
  488. Maryland State Delegate (1995-present)