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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: all
Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: all
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  1. Artist, Painter, Toy Designer ( aka Klor)
  2. Norwegian Artist
  3. Consumer Advocate/Photographer
  4. artist
  5. Artist, Wildlife & Nature Artist, does a lot of artwork featured on stamps
  6. Author/Fashion Designer
  7. Peformance Artist,Writer,Painter
  8. Sculptor born in 1930
  9. Artist
  10. Created the brand Off White and is one of the most famous designers in the world. He is also a DJ
  11. Author/Illustrator-Clean House
  12. Author/Photographer-I'm Perfect,Your Doomed
  13. Artist
  14. Animator, artist. Worked for Disney in the 50s, then later with Hanna-Barbera, Looney Tunes, and other studios
  15. Author/Photographer
  16. Artist
  17. Mexican comic colorist. He is usually credited simply as Aburtov, and is the founder of art studio Graphikslava. His other coloring credits have included Batman/Catwoman for D.C., Herc and Ultimate Thor for Marvel Comics, and G.I. Joe f
  18. Artist
  19. Artist
  20. costuma designer (last emperor dang liaisons)
  21. Did album art for heavy meatal album cover for the miovie , and prob alot of other stuff for the magazine
  22. From L.A. Ink with Kat Von D
  23. Artist
  24. Artist
  25. Artist
  26. Ed Acosta  (2)
    Character Designer at Fox Television Animation
  27. Photographer director
  28. Painter
  29. Artist for garbage pail kids cards
  30. Italian painter
  31. Italian painter and artist, is living in Paris, France
  32. Comic book artist, creator of 'Longshot'
  33. JFK, Vietnam - AP photographer who took the 1969 Pulitzer price winning Vietnam photograph 'Saigon Execution'; also covered President Kennedy's funeral incl. the famous image where Jackie Kennedy holds the folded US flag tfrom JFK's coffin
  34. Consulted directly with Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy on Lafayette Square Historic District in Washington, D.C., supervised project for Robert Kennedy. Involved in planning, design & construction of President Kennedy's gravesite at Arlington Cemetery
  35. Legendary comic book artist. 'Deadman', 'X-Men', 'The Brave and the Bold', 'The Avengers'
  36. Robert Adams  (4)
    2009 Hasselblad Award for Photography
  37. Russ Adams  (2)
    Tennis Photographer
  38. American born painter; painted a series of paperback book covers for Agatha Christie in the 1960's-1970's
  39. Tom Adams  (4)
    American-Scottish illustrator
  40. Cartoonist
  41. Illustrator
  42. American Painter and Illustrator.
  43. Illisrator
  44. Children's Author/Illustrator-Te Perfect Thanksgiving
  45. American illustrator
  46. The Walking Dead comic artist/Actor -Walking Dead Walker
  47. Employee of First National Bank of Dallas, Adler photographed a portion of the Kennedy motorcade & sold his film to Life magazine. Later, he served as the chief photographer at the Dallas Times Herald and managed its file of JFK negatives
  48. Actress - Grease 2, Eat Your Heart Out, Down The Shore, Say Anything; Voice Actress --Tinkerbell, Lucky on 101 Dalmatians: the series, Bobby on King of the Hill
  49. fashion designer
  50. Animation storyboard artist
  51. Artist
  52. Painter
  53. costume designer
  54. Fashion and entertainment photographer
  55. Wildlife Artist, Conservationist
  56. Illustrator
  57. Photographer
  58. Author-Illustrator
  59. Artist
  60. Photographer
  61. Former President of Finland; 2008 Nobel Peace Prize
  62. Photographer
  63. Artist, Illustrator Dora The Explorer -Kolchak Tales: Night Stalker of The Living Dead
  64. Artist
  65. Tattoo Artist
  66. Artist
  67. Artist, Designer
  68. Illustrator
  69. Artist
  70. Artist
  71. Storyboard Artist
  72. fashion designer
  73. Artist
  74. Athabascan artist Rose Albert lives in Alaska's Iditarod country, where she works and once upon a time mushed as the first Alaska Native woman in The Last Great Race
  75. Artist; Has worked for Marvel, DC Comics, Warner Brothers, AMC, Nickelodeon, Disney, Coke, Cartoon Network, Sesame Street
  76. artist
  77. Model/Actress/Author/Illustrator - Youth, The Art of Love, You And Me And Why We Are In Love, Quand Je Serai Un Animal
  78. Video Game Pioneer - Creator of Pong
  79. Ilustrator
  80. Author-The Long Winter
  81. costume designer (the great gatsby, ghostbusters)
  82. Artist, did cover art for elton johns captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy
  83. Peintre et graveur belge né en 1927
  84. designer
  85. Illustrator
  86. Born Alan Smith 1920 (age 89?90) Tulsa, Oklahoma U.S. Occupation Film, stage actor, photographer. Born: 01/14/1920
  87. children author/illus (the high king) nwbery 69
  88. Australian Designer
  89. Graphic Artist
  90. fashion designer
  91. Photographer
  92. Brian Allen  (4)
    Freelance artist and creative director;
  93. Jim Allen  (2)
    Cartoonist, The Beauforts
  94. Author-Princess Party
  95. Storyboard Artist
  96. Kristin Allen  (2)
    Sketch Artist
  97. costume designer (mrs doubfire, little shop/horrors)
  98. Artist
  99. Illustrator
  100. Terry Allen  (5)
  101. Tim Allen  (2)
    Disney animator who works at the Walt Disney Animation Studios
  102. William Allen  (2)
    UPI photographer , photographed Pres. Kennedy at Hotel Texas in Fort Worth on Nov.22. Also covered Jack Ruby trial
  103. William Allen  (3)
    News photographer for the Dallas Times Herald in 1963 , Allen was one of three photographers to take photos of the three ' tramps ' who were led by police away from railway car
  104. Illustrator
  105. Illustrator
  106. Construction worker who helped build the St Louis Arch in the mid-1960s
  107. Artist
  108. Sculptor, Artist & Photographer. Member of the Order of Canada
  109. Artist
  110. Cartoonist. Mad Magazine (frequent contributions)
  111. Artist
  112. German drawer
  113. surfboard boat designer
  114. Artist
  115. JFK - photographer that took a series of iconic photographs during the assassination of President Kennedy in Dallas
  116. Disney storyboarder / artist
  117. Artist; best known for his work on the card game, MAGIC: The Gathering
  118. Artist
  119. Animation director
  120. Artist
  121. Designer and illustrator of cinema art
  122. Cartoonist, 'Senior Moments', 'Toon-Ed'
  123. Belgian artist, lives in Mexico City
  124. VP, Content & Char Development at Marvel. She also co-created Marvel's first solo series to feature a female Muslim superhero called Ms. Marvel
  125. Artist
  126. photographer
  127. Choctaw bead artist, glass artist, painter, fashion designer, and performance artist, living north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is known for his highly realistic beadwork portraits
  128. Artist
  129. Artist
  130. Conceptual Artist, Designer, Engineer
  131. South African Artist, Illustrator and Designer
  132. Makes mixtapes and clothing line
  133. Illustrator
  134. Artist
  135. Don Anderson  (2)
    Storyboard Artist
  136. MTG Artist
  137. Jamaican Actress, Filmmaker, Photographer. She co-produced The Harder They Come with Jimmy Cliff, made a couple films about Bob Marley. Lives in London and Paris
  138. Ken Anderson  (6)
    Disney animator, writer & art director
  139. Artist for goose creek sympohny albums
  140. Animator the simpsons
  141. Author/Illustrator-My First Joke Book
  142. Artist-Star Wars Novel Covers
  143. Illustrator
  144. Artist
  145. Artist
  146. World Famous Architect (Designed the Fort Worth Modern Museum)
  147. Artist
  148. Comic Book Artist - Bombshells, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman,
  149. minimalist sculptor
  150. Female Model And Photographer
  151. Illustrator
  152. computer software designer
  153. Architect, born in 1938
  154. American painter
  155. Sword Swallower
  156. Artist/Scupltor-Star Wars 1993 Chess Set
  157. Illustrator
  158. Artist
  159. Photographer
  160. Illustrator
  161. photographer
  162. American Actress And Model- Movie -'Earth Girls Are Easy' (1988), 'Dangerous Love' (1988), 'Hardcase and Fist' (1989), 'Homer and Eddie' (1989), 'Malibu Beach Vampires' (1991), 'Flies on Cupid' (2000)
  163. childrens author/illustrator-Faith is a Flower
  164. Artist
  165. Ladies of London
  166. Animator - Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, Spectral, The Jungle Book, The Hunger Games Part 2, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Hobbit 2 & 3, The Wolverine,
  167. Japanese Animation Company: One Piece
  168. Canadian Artist and Social Activist. Member of the Order of Canada
  169. Artist provided the sketches in the film 40 Carats 1973 and did the covers of record albums by the Hampton Hawes Trio, The Banjo Kings & Lyle Murphy
  170. Artist
  171. Writer of shows 'Hey Arnold' and 'Recess'
  172. Animation background designer
  173. Artist
  174. Children's Author-Merry Christmas Little Mouse
  175. Cover artist- moody blues, days of future passed
  176. Photographer
  177. Artist
  178. Celebrity hairstylist; star of reality series
  179. Artist, Illustrator, Designer
  180. Artist
  181. Post production director - animation
  182. Fashion & Icon Designer Born: 08/29/1921
  183. Long-time illustrator and game developer: Weird Wars, Deadlands, Legends of the Five Rings, Anachronism and other games. Computer games: the Wizardry series and the expansions to Unreal
  184. costume designer (austin powers, now & then)
  185. Fantasy artist
  186. Artist
  187. Disney animator. During pruduction of The Lion King (1994)
  188. Architect best known for being the designer of the World Trade Center Memorial in New York City
  189. Israeli industrial designer, artist, and architect. He designed The Design Museum Holon in Israel
  190. Japanese photographer and contemporary artist
  191. Artist
  192. Architect, 2016 Pritzker Prize winner
  193. fashion designer
  194. Artist, Painter, Toy Design
  195. Layout artist at Hanna barbera
  196. Animation background artist
  197. Artist
  198. photographer
  199. MTG artist
  200. Illustrator
  201. Israeli born painter, is now living in Paris, France
  202. Artist; graphic designer; illustrator
  203. Jewellery Designer
  204. Pokémon Artist
  205. Photographer
  206. Photographer
  207. Italian Fashion Designer
  208. Artist
  209. Photographer
  210. Swiss Artist
  211. Tattoo Artist
  212. 1st Earl of Snowdon, once married to Princess Margaret, Royal photographer
  213. Travel Blogger & Photographer
  214. Screenwriter (Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3)
  215. Co-Creator of Dungeons and Dragons
  216. Designer and illustrator of children's and young adult books. Co-created LOBO, the first comic book featuring an African-American, during his time as editor at Dell Comics
  217. children's author/illustrator
  218. Artist
  219. Eve Arnold (born April 21, 1912) is an American photojournalist.[1] She joined Magnum Photos agency in 1951, and became a full member in 1957
  220. 3D Artists/Supervisor
  221. Sarah Arnold  (2)
  222. Painter
  223. Female Model, And Artist
  224. Artist
  225. Illustrator
  226. Famous Spanish painter (living in Paris and in Madrid)
  227. Disney artist
  228. Illustrator
  229. French photograph
  230. Creator of pinky malinky
  231. Tattoo model, bikini model, artist, welder
  232. Illustrator
  233. Photographer and wife of the late Arthur Ashe
  234. Artist
  235. fashion designer
  236. American Illustrator/Painter. Animating staff of How The Grinch Stole Christmas
  237. Illustrator-Comics(The Hulk and Batman),Star Wars-Runner Up:Create A Star Wars Alien Contest
  238. Spanish painter
  239. sci-fi illustrator
  240. Children's Author
  241. Disney artist, song writer. Born: 09/03/1919
  242. JFK - Washington Post photographer who met and photographed Kennnedy as well as covered many other iconic Washington moments like Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech or the Watergate scandal
  243. Tom Atkins  (2)
    JFK - White House photographer who photographed and filmed the Kennedy administration including the motorcade in Dallas; can be seen in photos from the assassination
  244. Illustrator
  245. costume designer (silence of the lambs, beloved)
  246. Finisher, Inker, Penciller, Colorist, Cover Colorist, Artist for DC Comics, as well as Marvel. Also credited as Derec Donovan
  247. Designer
  248. Artist, Painter
  249. Artist
  250. Famous architect
  251. Female nowegian painter
  252. MTG artist
  253. Animation writer
  254. Artist, Toy Design
  255. English book illustrator. Austen used several techniques in his illustrations, including wood-engraving and scraperboard, and changed styles to suit the text he was illustrating
  256. Cheryl Austin  (2)
    Animator - Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (video game)
  257. photographer
  258. Artist
  259. Hollywood Photographer - most known for photographing James Dean on the set of 'Giant'
  260. Illustrator
  261. MTG artist
  262. Artist - comic book and media artist
  263. Creator/Illustrator of Japanese light novel series: Spice & Wolf. Lives in Japan
  264. Artist
  265. Artist
  266. Aka Elizabeth (Betty) Fitzgerald is a centenarian and a famous English portrait painter
  267. Artist. Painted the burning map seen in the opening of the tv show Bonanza
  268. Illustrator
  269. Cartelista ,historiestita español .Dibujante .Fundador del PGB (Partido de la gente del Bar. poster, Spanish historiestita. Draughtsman. Founder of GDP (People's Party Bar)
  270. Artist
  271. fashion designer
  272. Canadian builder, designer, architect, developer and philanthropist. Member of the order of Canada
  273. fashion designer
  274. Children's illustrator and author
  275. Artist
  276. Comic book cover artist
  277. Artist
  278. Comic Book Artist
  279. American Architect
  280. Cartoonist, 'Broadside', 'Greenside'
  281. Magic the gathering artist
  282. American illustrator who has worked as a penciler, inker, cover artist, painter, and occasional colorist in the American comic book industry
  283. fashion designer
  284. Disney animator. Films include The Lion King, Tarzan, Robin Hood, Princess and the Frog, etc
  285. Artist
  286. Inventor of PONG, Magnavox Odsessey 1 (the first video game console) and SIMON hand held game
  287. MTG artist
  288. Comic Book Artist - Marvel - Spiderman
  289. German car-designer, born 1930
  290. 1960’s photographer
  291. Greg Bailey  (2)
    Canadian animator
  292. Children's Author
  293. Scott Bailey  (3)
    MTG artist
  294. Animation director
  295. Artist
  296. Artist; in 1978 designed the rainbow flag as a symbol of gay pride
  297. Jimmy Baker  (2)
  298. Artist
  299. Engineer
  300. Dutch sculpture maker
  301. conceptual artist
  302. Designer
  303. Animator, b.1929. Worked on Mr. Magoo, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Hanna-Barbera shows, produced/directed The Smurfs in the 1980's
  304. Animation storyboard artist
  305. English Fashion Photographer
  306. Artist
  307. Architect
  308. Animation Background Supervisor/Artist - The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Tarzan, etc
  309. An American commercial artist best known for creating/designing the first Smiley Face
  310. Artist
  311. Architect/Engineer
  312. Songwriter, actor, sculptor, but most importantly, a filmmaker extraordinaire
  313. Early PB/Pulp style artist. Did numerous 'Doc Savage' PB covers and now famous for his western era art (cowboys, indians, buffalo, etc.)Also did Aurora Model kit artwork for boxes
  314. Japanese architect known for: Centre Pompidou-Metz, France; Cardboard Cathedral; Christchurch, New Zealand; Aspen Art Museum, USA
  315. Artist
  316. Cartoonist, Disney Animation, twin brother of Disney Animator Tony Bancroft
  317. Night Gallery Series 1970 Sculptor / Rod Serling
  318. American Children's Illustrator And Author - 'Grey Lady And Strawberry Snatcher'
  319. Artist
  320. Artist
  321. French photographer, writer, painter and sometimes actor
  322. Pseudo-anonymous English street artist
  323. Cover artist new yorker
  324. Artist, Illustrator
  325. Artist / Caricatures
  326. Artist
  327. Artist
  328. John Barber  (2)
  329. American Director,Producer and Writer born 1911.Creator of TV-Serials and Toons like 'Tom and Jerry','The Flintstones','Scooby-Doo','Ritchie Rich','Smurfs','Monchichis','The Jetsons','Foofur','Yogi-The Bear','Addams Family','Jeannie'
  330. Surreal world photographer & photocollage artist/montages created by combination printing; sandwiching negatives together, printing them simultaneously; pre-planned double exposure in camera; the re-photographing of collaged photographs
  331. Spanish artist (born 1957), one of the top 25 most expensive living artists
  332. Disneyland Chief Photographer and Photo Archivist for many years
  333. Disney animator
  334. Artist
  335. Artist
  336. Illustrator
  337. Photographer/Actor - NCIS
  338. fashion photographer and former male fashion model
  339. Graphic designer/typographer
  340. childrens author/illus. (bugs bugs bugs)
  341. fashion designer
  342. Concept Artist and Sculptor for the Star Wars Prequels
  343. American Artist. Born: 05/25/1911
  344. British Illustrator (Born: 1944) Designed the British Rail logo in 1965 aged 21. Now 72 and lives in the UK
  345. Model, Tattoo artist, appeared in tv show 'Tattoos After Dark'
  346. fashion designer
  347. Graphic Artist
  348. Carpenter on TLC show While You Were Out
  349. Artist
  350. Hannah Barr  (2)
    Fashion Designer
  351. Cartoonist, 'Masked Capers', 'Mr. Magoo'
  352. Artist
  353. Illustrator - The Snow Goose
  354. Actress/Photographer - b. Dec. 9, 1933, active in the 50s and 60s
  355. Storyboard Artist
  356. Illistrator cover art for DIO albumHOLY DIVER
  357. king of the kustomizers (batmobile)
  358. George Barris  (2)
    American photographer and photojournalist and friend of Marilyn Monroe who took some of the last photographs of her just weeks before she died
  359. Executive producer
  360. Animation layout artist
  361. Animation storyboard artist
  362. Author
  363. Performing name of a French horse trainer, film producer and impresario
  364. Mario Barth  (2)
    Won over 200 awards from all over the world for his tattooing over the past 30 years, including but not limited to best tattoo artist of the year for 8 years before retiring from competitive tattooing
  365. Photographer
  366. Artist
  367. Photographer
  368. D.J./Navajo Artist
  369. American director and screenwriter - The Sugarland Express
  370. German Post-Modern Painter. Has sold four paintings for an average of $4 million each
  371. Modern Artist
  372. Graphic Designer of motion picture title sequences - Psycho, North By Northwest, Vertigo, Man With The Golden Arm, Anatomy Of A Murder, West Side Story, 7 Year Itch, Around The World-80 Days, Spartacus, Exodus, ...Mad World, Oceans Eleven, Goodfellas
  373. American illustrator who has worked in both advertising and comic books
  374. Animation designer - beetlejuice. Babar etc
  375. Artist
  376. Illustrator
  377. Larissa Bates  (2)
  378. Comic artist -chastity, etc
  379. Cartoonist, Crankshaft, Funky Winkerbean
  380. Animation Character Designer
  381. Artist
  382. 2D Artists/Supervisor
  383. model/photographer
  384. Artist
  385. news photographer, pulizer prize 1978
  386. American artist. She has been nominated for the World Fantasy Award five times and nominated for the Chesley Award several times
  387. Artist; best known for his contributions to Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering
  388. British cartoonist,the creator of Beano's Little Plum,Minnie the Minx,The Bash Street kids and The Three Little Bears
  389. Artist
  390. James Baxter  (2)
  391. Walt Disney Imagineer
  392. Video game writer
  393. English book illustrator. Artist of the Narnia series
  394. Author, Illustrator, Producer - Jane and the Dragon, The WotWots
  395. Designer
  396. Artist
  397. Artist / Painter
  398. Animation storyboard artist
  399. Artist, Photographer
  400. CCG artist
  401. Artist
  402. City Planner and Designer. Member of the Order of Canada
  403. Artist, Illustrator and Toy Designer
  404. Illustrator
  405. Cartoonist, 'Hark! A Vagrant'
  406. American illustrator born in Whitesburg, Kentucky who has worked for Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Worked on Captain America, The Punisher, Secret Wars, The Nam, The Adventures of Superman, Batman, JLA
  407. Artist who has worked as a penciler and inker in the American comic book industry, where he is perhaps best known for his co-creation the female detective Ms. Tree and Wild Dog
  408. British designer and artist who designed several classic British posters, including the quads for Fantastic Voyage (1966), Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid (1969), Star Wars (1977) and Mad Max (1979). He is now retired
  409. Comic book artist
  410. Artist
  411. Artist
  412. Walt Disney Artist
  413. Graphic Artist/client list; Boy Scouts of America, Playboy, Hasbro Toy Company, Delta and United Airlines, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Coca-Cola, Sony Entertainment, The Grateful Dead, Marvel, DC, TopCow, and Dark Horse Comics
  414. Comic book Artiest & Inker 1940's - 1990's
  415. Artist
  416. Frenchman who painted the cryptic paintings for the Golden Owl treasure hunt/Riddle created by Max Valentin. think he live in rochefort france
  417. AP photographer photographed burning airship Hindenburg 15 pics, from 1st flare-up, rescue of survivors & picture of Lou Gehrig wiping away a tear as the fatally ill first baseman bade farewell to Yankee teammates & fans at Yankee Stadium
  418. Cartoonist - Animator - Author -> 'Animation: The Whole Story'
  419. Painter
  420. Artist
  421. JFK - Photographer who took that iconic picture of President Kennedy in swim trunks at the beach at Santa Monica on Aug. 19, 1962, coming back from an impromptu swim swarmed by adoring beachgoers
  422. Artist
  423. Photographer who captured New Romantics in London and Hindu pilgrims in Uttar Pradesh
  424. Illustrator
  425. Artist
  426. Artist/cartoonist
  427. Clothing designer
  428. Internationally renowned Artist and Illustrator based in Australia
  429. 2D Artists/Supervisor
  430. Author: PREPARE TO BOARD!, ANIMATED PERFORMANCE, animator/character designer: Walt Disney Productions, Warner Brothers Animation, many others
  431. Photographer
  432. Painter who paints pretty near strictly books
  433. British-born Artist, Illustrator and Toy Designer
  434. Artist
  435. Eric Bell  (5)
    Artist; has illustrated sketch cards for Topps including the recent Star Wars sets. Star Wars book covers for Random House and limited edition Star Wars Prints.
  436. Artist
  437. Artist
  438. MTG Artist
  439. 3D Artist/Supervisor
  440. Cartoonist: Freelance / Daily Racing Form,Areas Expertise: Political / Horse Racing - Cartooning / Murals
  441. Artist
  442. Illustrator
  443. Illustrator
  444. American born artist and cybernetics scientist. He works and resides in Perth, Western Australia
  445. Artist
  446. Photographer
  447. Cartoonist: Mr. Fixitt, Billy & Pop and the Sherlock Holmes Minute Mysteries
  448. An American comic book writer and artist. He has won critical acclaim, including five Eisner Awards for both his creator-owned work and his work on various Marvel Comics books
  449. Animator and designer for TV and film
  450. Animation writer
  451. Artist
  452. Artist
  453. Artist
  454. Comic Book Artist
  455. Artist
  456. Storyboard & Comic Book Artist
  457. Children's Author/Illustrator
  458. Author/Illustrator
  459. Austrian Model/Photographer
  460. Drew cover for dio stand up and shout album
  461. photographer
  462. American Alternate Reality Fantasy Illustrator and Fine Artist
  463. Artist
  464. Author artist, cartoonist: It s Happy Bunny, Franny K. Stein, Dear Dumb Diary
  465. French artist
  466. Topps baseball card executive & designer
  467. German Art Collector
  468. America Artist - Painter
  469. 2018 Topps Gallery Baseball Artist
  470. Illustrator
  471. Artist
  472. Model, actor, photographer, artist, designer
  473. Illustrator
  474. Artist / singer
  475. Illustrator
  476. Photographer
  477. Storyboard artist
  478. Illustrator
  479. Author/Photographer
  480. Illustrator
  481. Illustrator
  482. photographer
  483. Author/Artist
  484. Illustrator
  485. Artist