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Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Photographer , A-Z Filter: B
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  1. 1960’s photographer
  2. English Fashion Photographer
  3. French photographer, writer, painter and sometimes actor
  4. Surreal world photographer & photocollage artist/montages created by combination printing; sandwiching negatives together, printing them simultaneously; pre-planned double exposure in camera; the re-photographing of collaged photographs
  5. Disneyland Chief Photographer and Photo Archivist for many years
  6. Artist
  7. Photographer/Actor - NCIS
  8. fashion photographer and former male fashion model
  9. Actress/Photographer - b. Dec. 9, 1933, active in the 50s and 60s
  10. George Barris  (2)
    American photographer and photojournalist and friend of Marilyn Monroe who took some of the last photographs of her just weeks before she died
  11. Photographer
  12. Photographer
  13. model/photographer
  14. news photographer, pulizer prize 1978
  15. Artist, Photographer
  16. Artist
  17. AP photographer photographed burning airship Hindenburg 15 pics, from 1st flare-up, rescue of survivors & picture of Lou Gehrig wiping away a tear as the fatally ill first baseman bade farewell to Yankee teammates & fans at Yankee Stadium
  18. JFK - Photographer who took that iconic picture of President Kennedy in swim trunks at the beach at Santa Monica on Aug. 19, 1962, coming back from an impromptu swim swarmed by adoring beachgoers
  19. Photographer who captured New Romantics in London and Hindu pilgrims in Uttar Pradesh
  20. Photographer
  21. Austrian Model/Photographer
  22. photographer
  23. Model, actor, photographer, artist, designer
  24. Artist / singer
  25. Photographer
  26. Author/Photographer
  27. photographer
  28. Former sports photog for the Sacramento Bee
  29. Artist, Photographer
  30. Female Photographer
  31. Photographer
  32. Former model, current photographer
  33. Dave Chappelle tour photographer
  34. Half of the photography team Pierre et Gilles.
  35. Belgian photographer
  36. Author/Photographer
  37. Photojournalist, (1935-2021). UPI Movietone News, filmed Lee Harvey Oswald shooting. Later with CBS, covered Chicago 1968 Dem. Convention riots, Nixon, Tiananman Square, and was Charles Kuralt's On The Road cameraman
  38. German Art Photographer. Worked With Her Husband Bernhard Blume
  39. JFK - Renowned German photographer who took the iconic portrait photo of Kennedy's Berlin speech on June 26, 1963 (Ich bin ein Berliner)
  40. Took photographs during the Kennedy motorcade in Dallas on Nov.22 , 1963 . Later testified during trial of Clay Shaw
  41. American Male Photographer - .Elvis Presley Official Photographer (1970-1977), And Assistant Tour Manager
  42. English Female Former Model, Photographer, and Author
  43. Canadian Female Photographer - Owner Of Borsellino Photography
  44. French photographer, daughter of Alain Delon and Nico
  45. English Model, Photographer, Author, .And Actress. Former wife of George Harrison & Eric Clapton. Inspiration for the song 'Layla'
  46. American Female Author And Art Photographer
  47. Author And Photographer - Internet Interior Design Blog Page -
  48. Photographer
  49. photographer vietnam us post stamp image
  50. Photographer and songwriter
  51. WWII - American photographer, best known for his work in Life. Combat photographer 1941-1945, covering the invasions of North Africa, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa
  52. American Former Male Photographer. He Was Head Photographer To Shoot Movies (In 16-Millimetre Black - And - White Film) For The Trinity Test. The First Nuclear Weapon Detonation (July 1945)
  53. Peter Brock  (2)
    Peter Brock (born November 1936) is an American automotive and trailer designer, author and photojournalist, who is best known for his work on the Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe and Corvette Sting Ray
  54. South African Born American Former Actress - Movie - 'Body And Soul' (1947),' Sleep My Love'(1948), 'The Basketball Fix'(1951), 'The I Don't Care Girl'(1953), 'Arch of Triumph'(Uncredited)(1948). TV Series -'The Loretta Lynn Show' (Guest)(1955) Plus More
  55. American radio personality, program director, voice-over talent, musician, and photographer. He is best known as the host of the nationally syndicated rock radio programs hardDrive with Lou Brutus and hardDrive XL with Lou Brutus
  56. Photographer
  57. JFK - Associated Press photographer who took many JFK pictures and rode in the Dallas motorcade (Camera car #3)
  58. Photogragher