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Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer->Photographer , A-Z Filter: T
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  1. JFK - The New York Times photographer, covered Washington for over four decades; famous for the iconic 'The Loneliest Job' photograph of John F. Kennedy
  2. Photographer, married to jerry uelsmann
  3. Artist
  4. Photographer
  5. Celebrity photographer
  6. American Photojournalist, born 1939. Pulitzer for his 1966 photo of James Meredith being shot. Based in Mississippi, he covered many historic civil rights moments, including the Mississippi Burning murders, Selma, and Martin Luther King's funeral
  7. Photographer
  8. Still Photographer - Star Wars Episode 2
  9. Author-Photographer
  10. Photographer
  11. Photographer. Her photos have been featured in a few news articles
  12. JFK - American photojournalist; worked for UPI, Look, People; Korean war photographer; covered every president Truman through George H. W. Bush. Best-known for the photographing Kennedy's 1960 campaign and presidency; became friends w/JFK
  13. Photographer/artist - Most Known For His Public Nude Portraits - Naked States & Naked World (t.v. Documentaries - HBO's America Undercover Series)
  14. Pulitzer Prize winning photographer born in Fort Wayne, Indiana
  15. Photographer