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  1. Father of Terry and Bobby Labonte
  2. Author. Daughter of Pierre & Marie Curie
  3. Wife of former dictator Mobutu, first lady of Zaire
  4. (Born 2 December 1920) is the fourth child and youngest daughter of Winifred and Siegfried Wagner and the granddaughter of German composer Richard Wagner
  5. Singer/Granddaughter of Frank Sinatra
  6. son of Michael Landon
  7. Actor/Director: son of TV legend Michael Landon, Benjamin Cartwright in the TV film, 'Bonanza: The Next Generation'
  8. Richard Lane  (2)
    Radio Host / Son of Hall-of-Famer , Professional Speaker
  9. Granddaughter of Pierre and Msrie Curie
  10. Bloodline/Shannon LaNier, a sixth great-grandson of Founding Father Thomas Jefferson and his slave, Sally Hemings
  11. Grandson of gangster Meyer Lansky
  12. Meyer Lansky's youngest child, and only daughter/Author; 'Daughter of the King: Growing Up in Gangland'
  13. Daughter of Mario Lanza
  14. Writer/Producer, Great-Grandson of Sitting Bull
  15. President of (Soccer) Futbol Club Barcelona (FC Barcelona) of Spain (2003 -)
  16. daughter of Jesse Lasky
  17. Young Austrian autoracer/Son of Nikki Lauda
  18. American billionaire, author, philanthropist, art collector. He and his brother, Ronald Lauder, are the sole heirs to the Estee Lauder Companies cosmetics fortune. Co - founder and chairman of the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation
  19. Cyndi Lauper's mother; appeared in many of her videos
  20. Daughter of Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy
  21. Founder of Dylan's Candy, Daughter of Ralph Lauren
  22. Hugh Laurie's Son
  23. NFL - ILB, St. Louis Rams (2009 draft, second round, # 35 overall) College; OSU football,son of WWE legend John 'Animal' Laurinaitis, of Road Warriors fame
  24. American Singer,Broadway and TV Actress born 1932.'General Hospital','Mr.and Mrs.Dracula','Saved By the Bell','Wagon Train','Kiss Me Kate','Mannix','Kung Fu','Love Boat', 'West Side Story'
  25. Rick Lazio's daughter
  26. Rick Lazio's daughter
  27. Adopted Girl of Simone de Beauvoir
  28. American poet and author of the memoir Poker Face: A Girlhood Among Gamblers. Daughter of American author, Richard Lederer
  29. Sister of martial artist Bruce Lee
  30. Michelle Lee  (2)
    Actress - Knots Landing, Married to james farentino
  31. Bruce Lee's sister
  32. Great-great-great-great-nephew of Confederate Army Gen. Robert E. Lee. His book ?Stained Glass Millennials?/Pastor
  33. Robert Lee  (4)
    Musician (Brother of martial artist legend Bruce Lee)
  34. Brother of Brett Lee and Australian cricket star
  35. daughter of martial arts legend Bruce Lee; sister of Brandon Lee
  36. widow of Bruce Lee , martial arts super star
  37. Bloodline/General Robert E. Lee's great-great-great-great-nephew
  38. Son of Jacques Brel
  39. Actress: Psycho, Act of Violence, That Forsyte Woman, The Naked Spur, Touch of Evil, The Manchurian Candidate, Grand Slam, Night of the Lepus, The Fog, Halloween H20, Bad Girls from Valley High // Mother of Jamie Lee Curtis
  40. Wife of Football Coach Jack Lengyel. Portrayed by Kimberly Williams-Paisley in the film 'We are Marshall'
  41. Writer, Artist, Ex Wife Of John Lennon, Mother Of Julian Lennon
  42. Musician. Albums include 'Into The Sun' and 'Friendly Fire'. Son of John Lennon & Yoko Ono.
  43. Daughter of Madonna
  44. Actor - Guiding Light, Somerset, Where The Heart Is, Bare Essence, Santa Barbara, The Emissary, Headhunter, American Kickboxer, Terminator Woman, The Mangler. Son of Actor Marc Platt
  45. David Letterman's Mother
  46. Daughter of 'Moneyball' author Michael Lewis and CNN correspondent Tabitha Soren
  47. Son of Roy Lichtenstein, starred in 'The Wedding Banquet' & 'Streamers'
  48. Author, speaker and U.S. Navy SEAL. Served as chief advisor for Counter Terrorism for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict. Son of G. Gordon Liddy
  49. 11th generation Lincoln, 3rd cousin of Abraham Lincoln
  50. Son of Charles Lindbergh aviator
  51. Son of Charles Lindbergh aviator
  52. Son of Charles Lindbergh aviator
  53. Niece of Bonnie Parker (Bonnie & Clyde)
  54. Journalist; daughter of Ingrid Bergman
  55. Leon on 3rd rock from the Sun, John Lithgow's son
  56. Actor and producer - Doomsday Machine, Calling Hedy Lamarr. Son of actress, inventor, and producer Hedy Lamarr as well. Was born in Los Angeles, CA
  57. Daughter of Golden Age of Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr
  58. In Casualty as Jan Goddard, & is Kate Beckinsale's mother.
  59. Author and daughter of composer Frank Loesser. Her father wrote the score for Guys and Dolls as well as the classic songs 'Heart and Soul' and 'Baby It's Cold Outside.'
  60. son of vince lombardi
  61. Author and wife of the late opera star George London. President of the George London Foundation for Singers. Honorary president of the George London ? Stiftung, a Viennese Foundation that helps young singers
  62. Glamour Model/Actress-Affair With David Beckham,Playboy January 2008
  63. Bullfighter - killing Spanish. Revelation in tauromaquia
  64. Daughter of Anne Graham Lotz & Granddaughter of Billy Graham
  65. Niece of the actress Joan Crawford; former Broadway actress and dancer
  66. Actor and model; grandson of Civil Rights activist Reverend Joseph Lowery
  67. Actress-Star Wars Episode I-III:The Phantom Menace(Amee),Attack of The Clones(Lunae Minx),Revenge of The Sith(Chi Eekway),Ben and Holly
  68. Actor: Star Trek V, Cocktail, The Boys in the Band, Corky, Columbo, Ike - The War Years, Messenger of Death, Law & Order // Husband of Lucie Arnaz
  69. Daughter of George Burns and Gracie Allen
  70. Photographer, son of Judy Garland
  71. Granddaughter of Bela Lugosi
  72. Son of Bela Lugosi