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  1. English theatre ballet dancer and teacher, The Phantom of the Opera at The Royal Albert Hall (2011)
  2. Actor/Dancer - Singin In The Rain, Theres No Business Like Show Business, Anything Goes, Million Dollar Legs, Sing You Sinners, Call Me Madam, The Merry Monahans, Francis The Talking Mule films, The Buster Keaton Story (title role), The Milkman, Ragtime
  3. Daughter of actor Donald O'Connor
  4. Broadway performer, original casts of Cabaret and Follies
  5. Member of Rocket Boys
  6. New York State Assemblyman (2003-present)
  7. Female Dancer
  8. Burlesque dancer
  9. Paranormal Investigator-'Most Haunted'
  10. Former United States Navy SEAL
  11. Vegan Chef
  12. English Professional Dancer
  13. Barack Obama's oldest daughter. Works also at a seafood place
  14. Barack Obama's daughter
  15. Named as Dore O or Dore O. Nekes Was an german filmmaker, painter and photograph Born 09.08.1946 in Mülheim , died before 07.03.2022 Mülheim Co- founder Hamburger Filmmaker Cooperativ
  16. Transportation Captain - American Pie
  17. Dust: An Extraordinary Correspondence (2002), 28 Days to Vegas (2008), and Dead Evolution (2017)
  18. Chef and host of Southern Living's ' Hey Ya'll '
  19. German tv-chef: Die Kochprofis
  20. AKA Vince Shlomi, markets sold-on-TV products: ShamWow! absorbent towels and the Slap Chop food chopper, Jack & Jill (2011)
  21. Fitness Model/Exotic Dancer
  22. Female Dancer
  23. Ballet Dancer - American Ballet Theatre
  24. Youtuber - ThatChapter Crime
  25. Centenarian Japanese Dancer. Born: 10/27/1906
  26. gun coach (gunsmoke, intro shoot-out with matt)
  27. Antiques expert & TV personality (Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, etc.)
  28. Female Dancer
  29. Youtuber known as KSI. English Rapper and actor
  30. Broadway Play
  31. Choreographer
  32. widow of former Savatage guitarist Criss Oliva
  33. COVID-19 vaccine advocate- worked tirelessly to help achieve a 94% vaccination rate in her small town of Panola AL
  34. TV Chef
  35. Female Dancer
  36. Born 1920 is the oldest licensed lobsterwoman in the state of Maine in US, and local historians describe her as perhaps the oldest active one in the world
  37. Sir Laurence Olivier's son
  38. Widow of RB-47 pilot on a six-man crew flying over the Barents Sea in July 1960 when a Soviet MiG shot down the RB-47 reconnaissance aircraft, he was held as prisoner and freed and came home January 27, 1961, greeted by President Kennedy
  39. Actress - Silent House; Martha, Marcie, May, Marlene, Peace, Love & Misunderstanding. Younger sister of the Olsen Twins , Wanda in Wandavision
  40. Anna Olson  (2)
    Professionally trained pastry chef
  41. British Youtuber
  42. Female Dancer
  43. Once  (2)
  44. Japanese WWII Veteran, chef and owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro, a Japanese sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
  45. Singer in Plastic Ono Band and widow of John Lennon
  46. Male Model
  47. Dancer and actress who played Victoria in the original Broadway cast of 'Cats'
  48. Half-aunt of United States President Barack Obama; she was born into the Luo tribe in Kenya
  49. Dancer
  50. Former IBM Chairman
  51. Burlesque dancer
  52. Directed and choreographed High School Musical & Newsies, choreographer for Dirty Dancing and many more movies; directed the infamous Billy Squier music video 'Rock Me Tonite'
  53. Celebrity from Million Dollas listing New York
  54. Male Dancer
  55. Patriarch of the family who is responsible for the lighting of Walt Disney World, The White House, etc
  56. Ozzy Osbourne's son on MTV's The Osbournes
  57. Stars in the hit Television show 'The Osbournes', sings the remake of the song 'Papa Don't Preach', and the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne
  58. 'The Osbournes'/Married to Ozzy 'The Talk' 'Americas got talent' 'The x Factor'
  59. Talent Agency
  60. Grouchy on Sesame Street
  61. YouTuber and Yahoo Sports
  62. Father of the Osmond Family
  63. Dancing with the Stars Juniors Contestant
  64. Religious author, wife of Joel Osteen
  65. Actress
  66. Children's book author, illustrator, painter and production designer, best known for The Angry Birds Movie film series and ParaNorman. Served as visual artist on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Hotel Transylvania & The Lego Ninjago Movie
  67. Widow of Lee Harvey Oswald
  68. Vintage/mid-century dealer, has appeared on the BBC's The Bidding Room
  69. French ballet dancer
  70. Former wife of Boris Johnson
  71. Son of actress Donna Reed
  72. Music hasband of andrea parducci(little oral annie)
  73. Daughter of actress Donna Reed
  74. Daughter of actress Donna Reed, sister to Mary Anne Owen, Anthony Owen, Timothy Owen
  75. Son of actress Donna Reed
  76. Activist & political commentator
  77. The show The Chew
  78. 'Dr. Oz'; frequent guest on the Oprah show