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  1. Polish Chef, star of Eve Cooks and miss polonia 1992
  2. Cleaning lady to which the Nick Katsoris book 'Loukoumi's Gift' is dedicated
  3. JFK - District attorney for Dallas County from 1951 to 1987, Wade was extensively involved in the local Kennedy assassination investigation and later served as chief prosecutor during the Jack Ruby trial
  4. Stylist / Make-Up Artist
  5. Daughter of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner
  6. Supercentenarian. One of the oldest women in the US
  7. Daughter of baseball HOF Honus Wagner
  8. General Manager of the Historical Pageants of Bayreuth/Germany. Grandson of the composer Richard Wagner.
  9. Chef/Co-Owner 'The Wahlburgers,' (A&E), Brother of actor Mark and Donnie Wahlberg
  10. LGBT Activist
  11. British landscape photographer
  12. Producer of Sphere 1998 and Co-Producer of Disclosure. Son of Producer Jerry Wald
  13. Descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte and Maria Walewska
  14. Descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte and Maria Walewska
  15. Descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte and Maria Walewska
  16. Descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte and Maria Walewska
  17. Descendant of Napoleon Bonaparte and Maria Walewska
  18. Alice Walker  (2)
    Female Dancer
  19. Broadway dancer. Original cast of Cabaret, dance captain for the original Cats
  20. Cody Walker  (3)
    Paul walkers brother
  21. Choreographer
  22. Actor/Son of Actress Jennifer Jones
  23. Dancer
  24. Polly Walker  (2)
    Ziegfeld Follies dancer, born 1904
  25. JFK - A medical researcher and doctor of oral surgery at Parkland Memorial Hospital in 1963, Walker was briefly inside Trauma Room One as an observer during the treatment of President Kennedy
  26. Choreographer
  27. Male Dancer
  28. Granddaughter of President Benjamin Harrison
  29. ballet dancer
  30. Dancer/So You Think You Can Dance
  31. Actress
  32. Notorious BIG, Biggy Smalls Mom
  33. Steve Wallace  (2)
    NASCAR Driver, 2004 Snowball Derby Champion, Son Of NASCAR Legend Rusty Wallace
  34. Mother of Notorious B.I.G, Author
  35. Choreographer
  36. Tightrope walker
  37. Actor - Dinner for Schmucks, Marmaduke,The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Run, Fatboy, Run, Shaun of the Dead
  38. US agency
  39. Male Dancer
  40. Dancing With the Stars Juniors Pro, Dance Moms
  41. Female Dancer
  42. Choreographer
  43. Bloodline/Grandson of Muhammed Ali/Boxer
  44. Broadway dancer, choreographer, director, and Tony winner (1950-2007). Created the role of Bobby in 'A Chorus Line', 1975
  45. Actor, dancer, and choreographer: played Plato and Macavity in the filmed version of the musical 'Cats'
  46. Female Dancer
  47. Author, Daughter of Julie Andrews with whom she has co-written several books
  48. German Coiffeur to the Stars
  49. Actress
  50. Makeup/Hair
  51. Former Vaudeville dancer in the Whirl of Splendor act, 1925-30. Born 1905. Shared the bill with Milton Berle, Edgar Bergen, others. Witness to a 1919 lynch mob in Omaha
  52. British Dancer. Was a member of the Pan's People dance troupe in 1975 and 1975
  53. Actor
  54. 6 times British Hairdresser of the Year Nominee
  55. Winner, Food Network Star
  56. Psychic Researcher and Author of Graveyard, The Hunted, The Demonologist..ect
  57. Psychic researcher and Author of Graveyard, The Hunted, The Demonologist
  58. Centenarian Born 1906. Sister of Maggie Renfro b. 1896 and Carrie Thornton b. 1902. Oldest living 3 sisters
  59. Broadway
  60. Political commentator, popular under the screen name Styxhexenhammer666
  61. Former Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader who joined US Army with two tours in Afghanistan
  62. Stylist / Make-Up Artist
  63. Actress/Singer, wife of Denzel Washington, mother of John David, Katia, Malcolm & Olivia Washington
  64. Japanese world champion boxer, television personality, alleged member of Yakusa
  65. Laura Beale in Eastenders, daughter of Dennis Waterman
  66. Celebrity Chef (catch her on BBC2 'Ready Steady Cook') who hold special masterchef classes for the public
  67. Norwegian sports anchor on the channel TV 2
  68. Engineer for Disney's Space Mountain and Peoplemover
  69. Singer-Shalamar/Solo Artist,Dancer on Soul Train,Playboy April 1998
  70. Dancer
  71. Political/Social commentator, contributor to
  72. Male Dancer
  73. ballerina
  74. Celebrity chef,host of Fish The Dish and Spencer's 30
  75. Actress
  76. YouTube personality with nearly 300 million video views in more than 160 countries. Using his platform to spread a message of love, acceptance and the occasional penis joke, Davey has become one of the leading online voices for the LGBTQIA+ community
  77. Chef, contestant on Top Chef Masters
  78. Set Designer
  79. Daughter of John & Pilar Wayne
  80. Daughter of John Wayne. As a child she appeared in The Quiet Man with her father as the Girl on Wagon at Horse Race
  81. oldest son of john wayne
  82. Actor: played Admetus and Plato in the original London cast of 'Cats'
  83. Owner/Trainer of the 9th generation Lassie
  84. Current Superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police
  85. Superintendent, Rhode Island State Police
  86. Actress, gymnest, Arialest (P90X girl)
  87. Male Dancer
  88. Female Dancer
  89. One time fiancé of Patty Hearst
  90. TV host in Norway
  91. married Charles Bronson, starred in the Family of Cops series
  92. Expert Free Climber
  93. Antiques expert & TV personality (Bargain Hunt, Flog It!, Antiques Road Trip, etc.)
  94. ballerina
  95. Newspaper Publisher/Philanthropist. Born: 09/13/1919
  96. Famous Chef/talk show host
  97. Author of Hollywood Diaries Rock and roll groupie
  98. English chef
  99. Director: Balto, The Time Machine, The Prince of Egypt, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West; also great-grandson of author H. G. Wells
  100. Jack Welsh  (2)
  101. Professional Gamer
  102. Grandson of President Jimmy Carter
  103. Youngest daughter of Konrad Adenauer, born May 17, 1928 as Elisabeth Adenauer
  104. German Politics leader of Union 'GDL'
  105. Ballet & Broadway Dancer
  106. Male Winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9. Born: October 28, 1988
  107. Great Grandson of Frank Wesson
  108. Burlesque Dancer
  109. Matthew West  (3)
    Was Judy Garland's publicist
  110. model and daughter of Adam West (Batman)
  111. Internet Celebrity
  112. JFK - DPD Captain in the Lee Harvey Oswald, J.D. Tippit investigation
  113. Françoise Sagan's son, french photograph
  114. Informant for the hells angels
  115. Numismatist
  116. Was a German title dealer
  117. Ballet Dancer - American Ballet Theatre
  118. Supercentenarian Born: 9/16/1902
  119. Dancer. Founder of the first official club of Elvis Presley in the world. Girl Friend of Elvis Presley. Movies : 'Rock Baby rock it ' , 'Rock Baby Rock'
  120. Wife of Boris Johnson since 1993. Former First Lady of London
  121. ballerina
  122. Supercentenarian Born 1906
  123. Celebrity Chef from New Zealand
  124. Activist & political commentator
  125. Actress/Dancer of 1930's
  126. Chef/Cook, Owner of 4 Summer Shack restaurants, author of 3 cookbooks
  127. Male Dancer
  128. chef
  129. Celebrity Chef and Restaurant Owner - Youngest Chef ever to be awarded 3 Red Michelin Stars
  130. Patrick White  (3)
  131. Male Dancer
  132. Former Chancellor of Baylor University
  133. Talent Agent appeared as an actor in two films Knight of Cups 2015 playing an Agent and I'm Still Here 2010 playing 'Patrick'
  134. First disabled person to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. Founded the Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group. In the 2006 Queen's Birthday Honours List, Whittaker was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)
  135. Appeared in a notable photo in 1974 at the exact moment he as a five-year-old boy who was born deaf hears sound for the first time. The image by photographer Jack Bradley and was published in the February 1974 edition of Reader's Digest
  136. Political activist & commentator
  137. Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch. Captain of the Kodiak
  138. Fitness Celebrity
  139. Professional Dancer on Ireland's Dancing With The Stars and Strictly Come Dancing, former Britain's Got Talent finalist
  140. Artist, Calendar Savant
  141. Sound Recordist
  142. Sound Recordist
  143. French art historian, living in Paris France, granddaughter of Pablo Picasso
  144. Nephew of John and Clarence anglin who escaped from Alcatraz and was made a Movie of them With Clint eastwood
  145. Nephew of John and Clarence anglin who escaped from Alcatraz and was made a Movie of them With Clint eastwood
  146. Former world record holder of Donkey Kong & subject of the 2007 documentary, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters
  147. Fox News legal analyst; author; radio personality; Christopher Wiehl's sister
  148. German/austrian tv-cook
  149. Texting champ
  150. Chef; contestant on Top Chef and Top Chef: All-Stars
  151. model dancer
  152. Vintage Burlesque Dancer
  153. British dancer in the Pan's People dance troupe from 1966-1975
  154. ballerina artistic director
  155. Swiss-born American socialite; infamous for her cat-like plastic surgery
  156. Only living daughter of Billy Wilder (Hollywood long tme film director n producer)
  157. Assistant Sound Editor (6 entries on IMDB including The Shadow 1994 & Tombstone 1993) , Sound Transferer (1 entry),Actor, Assistant Director & Post Production Assistant (1 entry each). Son of Michael Wilding & Elizabeth Taylor
  158. Dancer
  159. Dance Captain for the Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus
  160. Choreography
  161. First professional female African-American dancer, danced at Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
  162. Adam Williams  (6)
    YouTube blogger. Adam the Woo
  163. Oldest daughter of the Baseball Legend Ted Williams
  164. Widow of Hank Williams Sr & Johnny Horton
  165. Chef , TV presenter and writer of cook books
  166. Cindy Williams' sister, played Vicki in More American Graffiti
  167. Female Dancer
  168. Dancer choreographer on Broadway
  169. Daughter of the great Baseball Legend Ted Williams
  170. President of the Rhode Island School of Design
  171. ballet dancer
  172. Author and mother of Vanessa Williams
  173. Female Dancer
  174. Lead Singer of the band Toto / Film Score Composer / Son of Composer John Williams
  175. Contestant on Hell's Kitchen Season 3
  176. Karl Williams  (2)
    Male Model/Dancer
  177. Ballet Dancer - American Ballet Theatre
  178. Female Dancer
  179. Ken Williams  (4)
    Video game designer and founder of Sierra Games
  180. Psychic , star of 'Life among the dead'
  181. The only person in history to ever get hit by a falling piece of space junk
  182. Female Dancer
  183. Actress - The Sure Thing, Model Behavior. Also daughter of singer Andy Williams
  184. Ray Williams  (2)
    10yr NBA veteran (1977-87: Knicks,Kings,Celtics,etc.); A younger brother of former Supersonic: Gus Williams
  185. Rob Williams  (2)
    Kamikaze Fireflies, Vaudeville Performer, Circus Performer, World Record Holder For Fastest Sandwich Made Using Feet
  186. Son of singer Andy Williams
  187. Grandson of Hank Williams, Son Of Hank Williams, Jr., Rising Country Musician. 'I Don't Know', 'Thrown Out Of The Bar'
  188. The son of Lost In Space's Guy Williams
  189. Chef and Runner up on Top Chef: Seattle; Winner of Top Chef: Charleston and Food Network's Tournament of Champions
  190. Animal Trainer worked on the 50's series Lassie
  191. Male Dancer
  192. Supercentenarian Born 1909
  193. Actress Daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Sorority Row (2009)
  194. Works with Cloning
  195. Annie Wilson  (2)
    Supercentenarian Born 1910
  196. Winner of Season 10 of Hell's Kitchen; Sous-chef of the Red Team on Hell's Kitchen
  197. Celebrity baker who found fame through Jamie Oliver featurettes and her own FoodTube baking series
  198. American publicist and creator of the Razzie Awards
  199. Son of Carl Wilson one of the Beach Boys
  200. Justin Wilson  (4)
    Southern American chef, composer and humorist known for his brand of Cajun-inspired cuisine, humor and storytelling. Wrote 7 Cajun cookbooks and he hosted several cooking shows on PBS. Known for the catchphrase, 'I gar-on-tee!'
  201. Kevin Wilson  (8)
  202. Luke Wilson  (2)
    Male Dancer
  203. Marcel Wilson  (2)
  204. Member of Rocket Boys
  205. Survivor of the 1966 University of Austin shooting
  206. Chef
  207. Tv cook
  208. Dancer on BBC1's Strictly Come Dancing
  209. Former Broadcast Journalist/Talk Show Host/Author/Actress - The Color Purple, Native Son, The Women of Brewster Place, Beloved, The Princess and the Frog
  210. Walt Disney Character
  211. Choreographer
  212. Celebrity Chef from New Zealand
  213. Last of from the 3 Winter Sisters, dancers in the 30's and 40's. they appeared on the milton berle show in 1948. Born as Ethel May Winter c. 1921 per 1930 Census
  214. David Winters  (2)
    English Professional Dancer
  215. Auctioneer who appears in the BBC series Bargain Hunt
  216. Performer, Director, Choreographer
  217. Wit 
    Broadway Play
  218. Austrian chef, restaurateur and cookbook author
  219. Principal Ballet Dancer
  220. Daughter of Terry, model
  221. Master chef; Burt Wolf Travels PBS Show; What's Cooking with Burt Wolfe (show from 80s)
  222. Author and assistant chef to the late Jeff Smith of 'The Frugal Gourmet' television series
  223. Wife of baseball hitter Pete Rose
  224. Celebrity Gardener
  225. Oldest Working Bartender. Born: 08/22/1916
  226. American chef, and in 2006 was one of the last four contestants on the first season of Top Chef. She was the culinary producer for the next four seasons of the show. She can also be seen on the Cooking Channel's Unique Eats as a commentator
  227. Michael Wong  (2)
    Harvey Milk's political advisor
  228. Social media influencer
  229. Actress - Diamonds are Forever, Capitol, Summer of 64, The Long Hot Summer, Peyton Place, A Place Called Today, Sons of Sassoun, Speedtrap, Grey Eagle, Satans Mistress, Playboy April 1971/July 1983, sister of actress Natalie Wood
  230. TV Chef And Presenter
  231. Father of professional golfers Tiger Woods and Cheyenne Woods. Served 2 tours of duty in Vietnam & retired w/ the rank of lieutenant colonel. Broke the Big Eight Conference (then the Big Seven Conference) 'color barrier' in baseball in 1951
  232. Born 1931 Actress most known for being in Scenes from Twelfth Night and Macbeth and for being the wife of Aubrey Woods
  233. Disney Pixar character
  234. Grip
  235. Celebrity Chef
  236. celebrity chef
  237. Fashion guru
  238. Dancer
  239. On american pickers she works down in nashville tn. store
  240. Country singer, Actor - McHale's Navy, Son of ms kitty wells and johnny wright. Born March 30 1942
  241. Puppeteer:Alice In Wonderland,Litle Shop Of Horrors,Dragonslayer
  242. English Professional Dancer
  243. Johnny Wright  (2)
    Country Music Pioneer, Husband of singer Kitty Wells, member of the duo Johnny & Jack
  244. Born 1919 american philanthropist
  245. Miss Germany 2002
  246. Dancer
  247. Ex-wife of Christian Wulff, Author
  248. Host/Showrunner of CountryLine TV
  249. 'Joe the Plumber' the undecided voter featured in the 2008 election by Senator John McCain as a tool to win the election
  250. Daughter of director William Wyler. Played Girl at Soda Fountain in The Best Years of Our Lives
  251. Belgian chef
  252. LAPD sergeant. Technical Advisor on Dragnet tv series
  253. Supercentenarian Born 1897
  254. Dancer, choreographer, author and producer, best known for heading the 'Solid Gold Dancers' on the syndicated 1980s tv music series Solid Gold, married to Temptations singer Glenn Leonard