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  1. vocalist/songwriter
  2. Born: 03/04/1941 (Stuttgart) Died: 11/09/2009 (Schürdt) Germany 'Monja'
  3. Redirect Entry for Sonia Redd
  4. '80s metal band - Animal: I F*ck Like A Beast, I Wanna Be Somebody, L.O.V.E. Machine
  5. Author
  6. American astronomer and Proffesor of astrophysical and planetary sciences. He is best known for discovering Saturn's elusive F ring
  7. Singer of songs like : I Love NYC, Get Ready To Die, Party Hard.
  8. Ben Wa 
  9. President of Malawi
  10. Author
  11. Actor
  12. Rugby Player
  13. Redirect Entry for Paul Waaktaar-Savoy
  14. Redirect Entry for Lauren Savoy
  15. Guitarist and singer from 80s synthpop group, A-ha.
  16. Author
  17. Basketball Player
  18. German Comedian, Ice Age and Ice Age 2 Meltdown as Sid the sloth (German voice cast); 7 Zwerge movies
  19. Male Model
  20. Former German Soccer Player (Bay 04 Leverkusen), *08. September 1963
  21. Actress
  22. Actor
  23. German TV Actor
  24. Adult Film Star
  25. Soccer player
  26. Tv shows
  27. children's authorills. (lyle croodile)
  28. Baseball Player
  29. Baseball A - Savannah Sand Gnats 2007
  30. Papuan Rugby League Player
  31. Former German Soccer Player (1. FC Nrnberg 63/69)
  32. Former German Soccer Player (Borussia Dortmund 80/81), born 1961
  33. British actor
  34. AAGPBL chaperone for the 1948 Peoria Redwings
  35. Model
  36. Actor
  37. Baseball Player
  38. XFL - Tampa Bay Vipers
  39. St. Louis Cardinals pitcher/ right-handed pitcher was the #1 draft pick of the Cardinals in 2012
  40. U.S. Army
  41. Soccer Player
  42. Football Coach
  43. German TV Presenter
  44. Former packers quarterback
  45. German Voice Over Talent
  46. Author
  47. Conductor
  48. business woman
  49. Beach volleyball player
  50. Former professional wrestler, 'Nailz' 1992 WWF promotion
  51. German actor
  52. German Actress
  53. Polish Chef, star of Eve Cooks and miss polonia 1992
  54. Directed The Matrix in 1999
  55. screenwriter/producer
  56. Redirect Entry for Lana Wachowski
  57. Redirect Entry for Lana Wachowski
  58. Actor: The Bold and the Beautiful, Profiler, To Have & to Hold, Shiloh 2, My Dog Skip, Air Bud 3, Thirteen Days, Inspector Gadget 2, Kids in America, Commander and Chief, The Legend of Bloody Mary, Beneath the Blue
  59. American radio personality, host of the 'Doctor Daliah' show. Wachs is a board certified family physician who started a radio show to allow callers to receive free medical advice on the air during the recession in early 2009 on KLAV in Las Vegas, Nevada
  60. Actor
  61. Fitness model from Arizona
  62. Producer & Screenwriter
  63. Gianna in New Moon
  64. Female Voice Over Talent
  65. Former German Soccer Player (Eintracht Frankfurt 69/70)
  66. WWII: Marines (E-2-6, 2nd MarDiv), Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Pennsylvania; later in the battles of Guadalcanal and Tarawa and Bariki (last part of Battle of Tarawa)
  67. Soccer Player
  68. tv writer
  69. track athlete
  70. Author
  71. CBC Personality
  72. Author
  73. Musician, composer and record producer, most notable for his guitar work
  74. U.S. Rifle Team
  75. alpine skier
  76. Baseball Player
  77. Soccer Player
  78. Actor
  79. Tv journalist
  80. Journalist
  81. Volleyball Player
  82. American Lawyer and New York State politician. He was Chief Judge of the New York State Court of Appeals from 1985 to 1992, when he was forced to resign following a scandal.
  83. German actor - Tatort
  84. Character designer on the simpsons
  85. Los Angeles, California-based American music executive
  86. Singer/Musician
  87. Actress
  88. Author
  89. football coach
  90. Baseball player drafted by the minnesota twins in 1987
  91. Professional Speaker
  92. Drummer Bad Religion, Tenacious D
  93. Drummer for Frank Zappa & Allan Holdsworth
  94. Actor, Author, former RAF Member
  95. Redirect Entry for Christof Wackernagel
  96. German TV Actress
  97. German actress of Theatre and Cinema'Verdacht' 'Der Puppentraeger'
  98. Senior commander in Royal Australian Air Force. Wackett introduced parachutes to the Australian Air Force and made the country?s first free fall parachute descent from a military aircraft in Australia on May 27, 1926
  99. Former Secret Service Special Agent/COO of Teneo Risk and serves as the Global Head of Security for Teneo/ CNN Law Enforcement Analyst/News Media Contributor
  100. Director: Powwow Highway, Mystery Date, Ed and His Dead Mother
  101. Artist
  102. Tv series on boomerang in 2017
  103. Former German Soccer Player (Hertha BSC Berlin 63/64)
  104. Belgian Deputy
  105. WW2 Veteran:442nd Regimental Combat Team,'E' Company
  106. Punk music from japan
  107. Former Japanese Soccer/MF&DF (1987-97: Matsushita Electronics, Gamba; Vissel)
  108. Chicago Cubs pitcher, Signed with Orioles, former Japanese League pitcher
  109. Redirect Entry for P-Money
  110. Actress-The Lord Of The Rings:The Rings Of Power
  111. Actress in Cannibal Hookers director at Mount Parnassus Pictures
  112. Jason Harrelson on 'Boston Public'
  113. Male Model
  114. Pitcher
  115. Contestant from The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise
  116. US Para Skier
  117. Rugby League Player
  118. Author - Fiction
  119. NHL, Executive VP & GM Of Atlanta Thrashers
  120. News Presenter
  121. Actor
  122. Author
  123. Left-handed pitcher who appeared in a few games for the Chicago Cubs in 2009. Baseball AA - Connecticut Defenders 2006
  124. Actress:'Dracula 2000'
  125. Actress-The Biz,Torchwood,Angels Among Us,The Vault,The Love Witch
  126. Stuntman. Ghostface in Scream 1 & 2
  127. Baseball - Braves Top Prospect
  128. Children's Author
  129. Hockey Player
  130. NFL - Tennessee Titans 2006
  131. Author
  132. football player (37) (cb)
  133. Retired lieutenant general in the United States Army Reserve who last served as the Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2018 to 2021.Served as a Deputy National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump
  134. Actress
  135. Sky Sports Columnist
  136. Redirect Entry for Helen Waddell-Wyatt
  137. former major league pitcher; played for Cleveland Indians
  138. Rugby Player
  139. Former OHL Defenseman (Plymouth Whalers, Kingston Frontenacs, Oshawa Generals)
  140. Longest Living Buffalo Soldier. Born: 1908
  141. AAGPBL player 1950-1951 for the Battle Creek Belles and Rockford Peaches
  142. Former German Soccer Player (Borussia Mönchengladbach 65/68)
  143. Actress
  144. Actress - Ted Lasso, Hollyoaks, My Hero / witch mother Hocus Pocus 2
  145. WWII: British Arctic Convoy veteran (HMS Devonshire)
  146. Lord Waddington, British Politician
  147. Opera Singer
  148. Costume Désigner War horse, clash of the Titans
  149. Canadian poet, short story writer and translator
  150. British actor born in 1901. 40 movies & TV-Series 1926-1969. 'Titanic-A Night To Remember','The Black Tulip','That Dangerous Age','The Moonraker'
  151. Actress
  152. Actor - Marauder in Ewoks: Battle for Endor
  153. British Actor: Major Duncan Heyward in The Last of the Mohicans, Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe in TV's Ivanhoe, Killian in Sleepy Hollow, DCS Tom Howard in The Hole, King Prasutagus in TV's Boudica & Duke of Buckingham in TV's The Tudors, Largo Winch
  154. Songwriter
  155. Ex Marseille & Sheffield Wednesday footballer
  156. Baseball Player
  157. Miami Dolphins wide receiver
  158. Football Player
  159. Professional Speaker
  160. former college/NFL wide receiver; played for Boston College & Chicago Bears; led the Bears in receiving two years
  161. Thomas Jefferson Boy on America's Funniest Home Video. Won Second Place!
  162. Football Coach
  163. Former Rams' WR
  164. Cleaning lady to which the Nick Katsoris book 'Loukoumi's Gift' is dedicated
  165. Male Model
  166. American Football, CB, Texas A&I, NFL, Redskins 1979-80
  167. Actress
  168. Former President of Senegal (2000 - 2012)
  169. singer
  170. Female Voice Over Talent
  171. Creepshow 3, Day of the Dead 2 Contagium
  172. Actor
  173. Child actress during silent age of films
  174. Football Player, Iowa Hawkeyes
  175. MLB pitcher from 1948-55 for the Cubs, Dodgers, and Cardinals. Korean War 1950-51. Best seasons were 1952 going 11-9 with 3 saves, 3.60 ERA and 1953 going 7-5 with 3 saves, 3.75 ERA. Brother of MLB pitcher Jake Wade
  176. Redirect Entry for Sideshow Benny
  177. Survivor Tocantins
  178. Model
  179. football
  180. American Football, Defensive Back, Morgan State, NFL, Steelers 1968 Redskins 1969, ACC Basketball, Head Coach, Univ of MD 1966-1969
  181. NFL WR, Kansas City Chiefs. Formerly w/ Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears, and Minnasota Vikings
  182. Actor; Kurt on 'The Big Bang Theory', 'Generation Kill', 'Bring It On Again'
  183. NFL player - Chicago Bears (1974), Green Bay Packers (1975), Kansas City Chiefs
  184. Charlie Wade  (2)
    Men's Volleyball Coach for Hawaii
  185. HGTV Television Personality
  186. Actress
  187. Shortstop prospect drafted by the Marlins in the 11th round
  188. Rugby Player
  189. Actress
  190. former major league pitcher; played for Yankees and Dodgers
  191. Documentary director, producer, writer and cinematogropher; won the Best Documentary Academy Award in 2008 for 'Freeheld'
  192. NFL - CB, Kansas City Chiefs, 2018 UDFA
  193. Stage Actress
  194. Actor
  195. Basketball Player
  196. Author
  197. Redirect Entry for Dwyane Wade
  198. former college/NBA shooting guard; played for Marquette University, Heat, Bulls and Cavs; 3X NBA Champ; 13X All - Star, NBA Finals MVP; 5th overall pick 2003 NBA Draft, All - American; married to actress Gabrielle Union
  199. Former Astros General Manager, now a scout with the Phillies
  200. Elvis Impersonator
  201. Actress - Grange Hill, 24Seven, Doctors, Where The Heart Is
  202. Fiona Wade  (2)
  203. Baseball - Chicago Cubs 1955-1956
  204. Actor
  205. Fmr Pennsylvania State Senator
  206. Actor - King Arthur
  207. JFK - District attorney for Dallas County from 1951 to 1987, Wade was extensively involved in the local Kennedy assassination investigation and later served as chief prosecutor during the Jack Ruby trial
  208. Model
  209. baseball
  210. MLB pitcher from 1936-46 for the Tigers, Red Sox, Browns, White Sox, Yankees, and Senators. Won 7 games in 1937. Best season was 1943 going 3-7 with 3.01 ERA. Brother of MLB pitcher Ben Wade
  211. Darts Player in the P.D.C
  212. James Wade  (2)
    Basketball Player
  213. Lead singer for the band Lifehouse: songs include Hanging By a moment, Sick Cycle Carousel. Album name is No Name Face
  214. Author
  215. Actress: Red Eye, Feast, Rumor Has It, Love Is the Drug, No Reservations, Reaper, Brothers, The Good Guys, Wedding Band, Break Point, Below the Surface, Hand of God
  216. Actor/River Biologist/Extreme Fisherman - River Monsters
  217. US Canoer/Kayaker
  218. Actress, acted in Zero Hour! (1957), Steve Canyon (1958), and Sergeant Preston of the Yukon (1955)
  219. Presenter
  220. NFL Center, Oakland Raiders. Formerly w/ Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars. Drafted in 1998 as a fifth-round draft choice by Jacksonville
  221. John Wade  (2)
    Male Model
  222. John Wade  (3)
    1948 Summer Olympics competitor. Wade competed in rowing for the United States
  223. British actor star of TV and films inc George and Mildred film
  224. Actor
  225. former St Louis Rams cornerback; currently plays for Lions
  226. Male Voice Over Talent
  227. Jordan Wade  (2)
    College football player for Uiveristy of Oklahoma
  228. Actor
  229. The Iceman, Professional Wrestler
  230. Justin Wade  (2)
    Hockey Player
  231. Actress
  232. Stuntwoman, singer appeared in many including Mystery Men, Naked Gun 2 1/2 and 3 1/3
  233. Baseball Player
  234. Baseball Player - Rochester Red Wings
  235. United States Air Aces
  236. Athlete - Track & Field
  237. Actress - Prison Break
  238. Laura Wade  (2)
    Screenwriter/Playwright - Colder Than Here, Other Hands, Breathing Corpses
  239. Football Player
  240. Female Model
  241. (November 1, 1955-August 31, 1991), pilot of 'Boston', involved in the U.S. Army's first round-the-world flight
  242. Actress
  243. 'Syncopation' 'All That Money Can Buy' 'Our Gang'
  244. Voice Over Talent
  245. Minor League Baseball Player currently in the Minnesota Twins Organization
  246. 103 Walmart worker & meet Sam Walton, Served in the Air Force during World War II serving in India and China/Flew the Hump, Himalaias/After landing a job with Walmart back in 1983, he still works five day a week at a the location in his hometown
  247. Basketball Player
  248. Actress-General Hospital,Las Vegas,Supernatural,Sons of Anarchy,The Wolf of Wall Street
  249. Music
  250. Female Basketball Player
  251. 1898-1973. Author and businessman. Founded the company ServiceMaster in 1947, and released his autobiography 'The Lord is My Counsel' in 1966
  252. Hair Stylist
  253. Matthew Wade  (2)
  254. Matthew Wade  (3)
  255. Actress - Choke, Law & Order (TV Series)
  256. Actor
  257. Actor
  258. BMX Rider
  259. Morgan Wade  (2)
  260. Singer
  261. Football Player
  262. Actress
  263. US Author
  264. Former member of Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs. They did Stay
  265. Voice Over Talent
  266. Lord Wade of Chorlton, British Politician
  267. Children's Author
  268. American scenarist (James Bond saga)
  269. Singer-songwriter. He does voiceover work for WUUQ 97.3FM, a country station in Chattanooga, TN. He also hosts 'The big ass happy family review', a Sirius/XM show. Albums; All Likkered Up, Stoned Traveler, Deguello Motel, Too Fat To Fly
  270. Camera operator worked on many aninamated tv series including The Flintstones, Smurfs and Scooby Doo
  271. Actor - The Body Snatcher, The Ghost Ship, The Iron Major, Tall In The Saddle, Renegade Girl
  272. Hockey Player
  273. Ryan Wade  (2)
    Soccer Player
  274. Wife of comedian George Carlin - author of his biography
  275. Tennis Player
  276. Baseball / Outfielder / 1980's / Former Minor League Prospect for the Boston Red Sox
  277. NFL - CB, Baltimore Ravens. College; Ohio State. 2021 Draft
  278. Z100 Radio Announcer
  279. Montreal Alouettes (CFL) QB, 1969-78 3X Grey Cup Champion (1970, 74, 77) 3X Grey Cup Most Valuable Player
  280. The Trammps: ' Disco's most soulful vocal group began in 1960s Philadelphia as The Volcanos (2), and were also called The Moods. Gene Faith was the original lead vocalist, with Earl Young, Jimmy Ellis, guitarist Dennis Harris, keyboardist Ron Kersey, orga
  281. Author
  282. Played DB for the University of Alabama in 1971-72
  283. Actor, 'Emmerdale Farm'
  284. Actress
  285. Author
  286. former braves star
  287. Redirect Entry for Chris Wade
  288. Basketball Player
  289. former college/NFL offensive lineman; played for University of Mississippi, Dolphins, Texans, Redskins & Jaguars; All-SEC, second team All-American
  290. Steelers and U of Texas QB in the 1960's
  291. Actor-LOST
  292. Gay Porn Star
  293. Travis Wade  (2)
    Baseball Player - The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs
  294. Travis Wade  (3)
    Baseball drated by astros 1999
  295. Actor - NCIS
  296. Football Player
  297. Actress
  298. New York Yankees 2013 4th round pick,shortstop prospect
  299. 1977 Ladies Wimbledon Tennis Champion
  300. Golfer
  301. Head basketball coach at VCU (2015-?; Chattanooga (2013-2015)
  302. Female Model
  303. Model and influencer
  304. Actor-The Walking Dead
  305. Subject of the Diane Arbus photo 'Identical twins, Roselle, N.J. 1967' with her twin sister
  306. Subject of the Diane Arbus photo 'Identical twins, Roselle, N.J. 1967' with her twin sister
  307. Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand
  308. Actor - NCIS, Circuit
  309. Belgian Screenwriter
  310. Female Model
  311. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  312. German Songwriter/Musician
  313. Singer
  314. Male Model
  315. British actor:Midsomer Murders,Foyle's War,Inspector Lynley Mysteries, The English Patient, Middlemarch
  316. Actor
  317. Author - Fiction
  318. keyboards 5th estate (ding dong/witch is dead)
  319. Founder, chairman and CEO of Symphony Technology Group
  320. Actress/comedienne - All About Me, Perfect World, Goodness Gracious Me, EastEnders, Holby City, Doctor Who
  321. Actor
  322. Director/Screenwriter
  323. golfer
  324. actress on General Hospital (Mary Bishop)
  325. World Golf Hall of Fame
  326. Male Model and actor, Being Flynn
  327. Woodstock, Wolfen
  328. former college running back; played for University of Iowa
  329. Male Voice Over Talent
  330. Actor
  331. Actor
  332. director and co-writer of Cry_Wolf
  333. History's Tallest Man
  334. Athlete - Sailing
  335. Punter for Raiders
  336. Actor
  337. Alliance of American Football (AAF) - DB, Birmingham Iron
  338. Baseball Player
  339. TV Presenter - ORF
  340. former college/NFL defensive end; played for Florida State University & Arizona Cardinals; All-American; #3 pick overall 1998 NFL Draft
  341. Actor - Preydators, Girl Meets World, Deadly, Class, Teen Wolf/Date of birth November 8th 1999
  342. concert pianist; performed at the White House as a pianist to Grace Bumbry on Feb. 20, 1962, meeting JFK
  343. Golfer
  344. Female Model/Actress-The Dark Knight Rises
  345. 06/12/1905 - 03/13/1984) American politician & diplomat from New York..1965 LBJ appointed him to Federal Communications Commission AKA FCC. graduated from St. Mark's School & from Yale University in 1927, where was member of Skull & Bones
  346. cross country skiing olympics
  347. Actress
  348. Former Dallas Policeman and Texas Ranger, drove the Congressional Car with James Wright in the JFK Dallas motorcade
  349. Soccer Player
  350. Director
  351. Male Voice Over Talent
  352. Actress-TV Footballers,The Generator
  353. British Actress: Anne Hyde in the BBC's Charles II: The Power & the Passion, Katrina Bullen in TV's Doctors, Gemma in Kevin & Perry Go Large, Daisy in the BBC's Goodnight Sweetheart & Lydia Weston in the BBC's Berkeley Square
  354. Baseball / Starting Pitcher for Tampa Bay Devil Rays / Made His MLB Debut in 2003
  355. former college/NFL defensive lineman; played for University of Nebraska, Bears, Colts and Redskins; member of Bears XX Super Bowl championship team
  356. Baseball Player
  357. Rugby League Player
  358. Actor
  359. Rugby Player
  360. News Assistant, the Seattle Times
  361. Basketball Player
  362. Japanese band that combines rock music with wagakki (traditional Japanese musical instruments) & shigin (Japanese poems reciting art). Early songs were adapted from Vocaloid recordings but they have since written their own original music
  363. Cross country skiing
  364. Actor - Night At The Museum
  365. Former United States Ambassador to Singapore (2013-2017)
  366. Lacrosse Player
  367. Plays ukulele
  368. Band
  369. Soccer Player
  370. Author
  371. Redirect Entry for Hugo Dellas
  372. Soccer Player
  373. Actress
  374. Hair Stylist
  375. Politician, Member of Deutscher Bundestag
  376. Actress
  377. Soccer Player - FC Dallas
  378. Ex Soccer Player
  379. Author
  380. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  381. Female Singer
  382. Actress in Godless, Preacher, Longmire, 12 Strong
  383. Actor
  384. Rugby Player
  385. British actor born in 1932. 73 movies & TV-Series 1946-89. 'McCloud', 'The Saint 60s TV series', 'Blood Beast from Outer Space (1965)', 'Scotland Yard's 'Wings of Death-1961 short', 'Alastair Sims-A Christmas Carol', 'Great Expectations (1946)'
  386. Opera Singer
  387. Baseball Player
  388. Playwright
  389. Opera Singer
  390. Male Voice Over Talent
  391. Tony Wager  (2)
    Redirect Entry for Anthony Wager
  392. Head of the Idaho Candy Co
  393. former running back Atlanta Falcons 1968-73
  394. Cinematographer: Iron Will, Into the West
  395. Handball player from Austria
  396. Cricketer
  397. Rock'n Roll Band started in 1991
  398. Actor; 'Now You See Me', 'Worst.Prom.Ever', 'Breakout Kings', '21 Jump Street'
  399. German singer born in 1949
  400. Redirect Entry for Leah Waggner
  401. The Monsters are due on maple street' episode of 'Twilight Zone'
  402. Baseball Player
  403. Dallas attorney in 1963, Waggoner saw the President's motorcade on Main Street. In March 1964, as the guest of an assistant district attorney, he observed closing arguments in the Ruby trial
  404. Author - Non-Fiction
  405. Author of 'Prayers for When You're Sad, Mad, or Just Totally Confused'
  406. Singer/Musician
  407. Author
  408. Wrestler,Ice Cold in Women Of Wrestling
  409. Head Coach for the Marshall Thundering Herd Baseball Team
  410. Former baseball player
  411. Actor: The Carol Burnett Show, Wonder Woman, Mork & Mindy, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Surf II, Hardcastle and McCormick, Simon & Simon, The New Mike Hammer, Mind Trap, Murder She Wrote
  412. Female Model
  413. Author
  414. Author
  415. Stylist / Make-Up Artist
  416. Cartoonist
  417. Soccer Player
  418. Hockey Player
  419. Actor
  420. Baseball Player - Salem Avalanche
  421. Author
  422. Baseball Player
  423. Actor
  424. Football Player - Toronto Argonauts 2007
  425. The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights contestant
  426. NFL - WR, Chicago Bears. 2020 UDFA
  427. Centenarian (1899-2007), one of the last US WWI veterans, and the last living US Marine of WWI
  428. Now with Alex Wagner; political analyst
  429. Actress - Graves, Shameless, Laid IN America
  430. Singer
  431. Former Olympian
  432. U.S. Women's National Soccer Team Player, Olympic Gold Medallist
  433. model
  434. Opera Singer - Soprano
  435. Actress
  436. Actor
  437. Male Model
  438. Rugby Player
  439. German Judoka
  440. U.S. Representative from Missouri (2013-??)
  441. Penthouse house pet
  442. 2007 World Junior bronze medalist and 2007 Junior National bronze medalist, born May 16, 1991
  443. AAGPBL 1943-49 Kenosha
  444. WHL Player - Regina Pats
  445. Canadian figure skater graced a sports illustrated cover in 1958 with Robert Paul
  446. Football coach- Football
  447. Retired closer for Atlanta Braves, former closer for New York Mets, Houston Astros, Boston Red Sox and Philadelphia Phillies. Now coaches high school baseball
  448. Soccer Player - FC Dallas
  449. NHL - Anaheim Ducks Front Office 2006
  450. Football Player, born 1990
  451. Director
  452. Top Infield Prospect for the New York Yankees
  453. Baseball player
  454. The Crazies(2010)
  455. Olympic wrestling
  456. Reality TV star - Last Chance U
  457. Anchor/Reporter, KCNC
  458. Actor: Home Office, One Crazy Summer, I Madman, How I Got Into College // Writer: A Nightmare on Elm Street 5, Young Lust, Wild Palms, Women in Film, State of the Union, Maps to the Stars
  459. former college/NFL punter; played for Cal State Northridge, Browns, Chargers, Bears, Packers & Patriots
  460. Female Model
  461. Politician, Member of Deutscher Bundestag
  462. Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Intelligence and Analysis (2010-2012)
  463. Redirect Entry for Tini Wagner
  464. Soccer Player
  465. Redirect Entry for Charlie Wagner
  466. baseball player, roommate of Ted Williams
  467. Football Player
  468. Chris Wagner  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  469. Chris Wagner  (3)
    Hockey Player
  470. Actress
  471. Actor: Automan, General Hospital, Capitol, All My Children, Loving, The Sisterhood, Into The Woods, America 3000 // Ringmaster for Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus
  472. Female Model
  473. Daughter of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner
  474. Redirect Entry for Crista Nicole
  475. Redirect Entry for Crista Nicole
  476. Guard for the Cleveland Cavailers, 2001 High School Player of the Year, Averaged 46.4 points per game at Camden High School in New Jersey
  477. Morning/Noon anchor at MyNews3 in Las Vegas, NV
  478. Actor
  479. Daniel Wagner  (2)
    Author - A Movie and a Book
  480. Daniel Wagner  (3)
    Baseball Player
  481. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  482. Actor-Star Wars Episode I:The Phantom Menace(Mawhonic)/Model Maker-Ghostbusters 2,Congo,Mars Attacks,Men In Black,The Mummy,Planet of The Apes,Signs,Hulk,Pirates of The Caribbean
  483. German actress
  484. Actor & Screenwriter