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Browsing Category Home->Music->Singer/Musician , A-Z Filter: F
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  1. Singer/Musician
  2. Singer/Musician
  3. Hip Hop pioneer, born 1959. Artist, rapper, film maker. First host of Yo! MTV Raps
  4. Actress - The Donna Reed Show, Coach, Mary Hartman..., The Practice '76, One Day at a Time, Brian's Song, Girl Happy, Spinout, Clambake, Annette, Ride The Wild Surf, Superman '96-'99 (v/Martha Kent). Singer - Johnny Angel. Married to actor Mike Farrell
  5. Swedish pianist, DJ, remixer, composer, record producer, sound engineer, and founder of the record label Farplane Records
  6. American Singer,Actor and Producer born 1942.Posed Nude for Playgirl Magazine in 1973.'Longest Day','Mr.Hobbs Takes Vacation','North to Alaska','Fireball 500'.Songs-->'Tiger','Hound Dog Man','Turn Me Loose','I Write Myself a Letter'
  7. Jazz bassist
  8. singer-- 'I will love again'
  9. Opera singer
  10. rapper
  11. Alley cat
  12. Singer/Musician
  13. Belgium singer
  14. Italian singer and TV-presenter
  15. Italian singer, living in AustriaIN ARTE: GRAZIANO
  16. Opera Singer
  17. Singer/Musician
  18. Rock n roll singer/guitarist. Member of Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps. He also had a solo hit with 'High School USA'. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012
  19. Singer/musician
  20. Member of Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
  21. jazz trumpet player, top new york session player, educator, past musical director of carnegie hall jazz
  22. Singer/Musician
  23. Opera singer
  24. Opera Singer - Soptano
  25. Singer/Songwriter - Steely Dan
  26. Eve 6 Drummer
  27. Singer
  28. Singer/Musician
  29. Male Singer
  30. Co-singer of '60s Motown group, 'The Monitors' - wife (or sister?) is Sandra Fagin (member)
  31. '60s singer of the Motown group, 'The Monitors' - married to member Maurice Fagin
  32. Brian Fahey  (2)
  33. American guitarist and composer
  34. Singer: Bananarama (1979-1988) // Shakespears Sister (1988-1996)
  35. Trombone Virtuoso
  36. Musician, Music Producer
  37. Singer/Musician
  38. R&B musician, member of the Del Satins
  39. Musician
  40. Singer/Musician
  41. Singer and guitarist of lo-fi alternative rock group Half Japanese
  42. Singer/Musician
  43. Frontman of the iconic nineties band Right Said Fred
  44. Country music Singer
  45. Country Singer // Little Big Town
  46. Country singer
  47. Singer/Musician
  48. Musician - Band The Marmalade
  49. Singer/Musician
  50. Singer
  51. was lead singer with amen corner
  52. Singer - It's Alright, Poor Me, What Do You Want?, Someone Else's Baby. Actor - Stardust, Yesterday's Hero, McVicar, Budgie, Love Hurts. Financial Journalist
  53. Pop Singer
  54. Country Singer
  55. British Singer Song-writer and Actress
  56. Singer
  57. Singer (As Tears Go By, Broken English, The Ballad of Lucy Jordan). Actress (Girl on a Motorcycle, Ab Fab, Intimacy, Irina Palm). 60s Icon (Jagger's girlfriend, Ophelia in Hamlet). Rock Chick
  58. Singer
  59. Singer/Musician
  60. Singer/Musician
  61. Singer - last surviving original member of The Four Tops
  62. Singer/Dancer/Actress-A Man Called Adam,Lola Colt,The Liberation of L.B.Jones,The New Bill Cosby Show,The Klansman,,Lady Cocoa,Capitol
  63. Singer of Rock Me Amadeus & Vienna Calling
  64. Born: 16/03/1951 (Ninove) Belgian singer He was verry famous at the enhd of thye 60's with hits as 'Je n'ai plus mon papa' and 'Ma première cigarette. Now he's famous as an actor with his real name Marijn Devalck
  65. Singer - Songwriter, Hit 'Power Windows' Collaborator of Jon Bon Jovi, Father of Rose Falcon
  66. singer/songwriter. Sings Up Up Up in Inspector Gadget 2
  67. Singer/Musician
  68. Singer/Musician
  69. Italian Singer - Actor and Writer
  70. French TV/radio host, also singer and sometimes actress
  71. Musician
  72. Singer/Musician
  73. Vocalist
  74. Opera Singer - Soprano
  75. Singer/Musician
  76. Opera Singer
  77. Singer/Musician
  78. Conductor
  79. Performed on the Micky Mouse Club on Marcy 7, 1958
  80. Musician, lead singer of The Gaslight Anthem
  81. Heavy metal singer best known for his work with Skid Row and Anthrax
  82. Singer-Celtic Woman
  83. Singer/Musician
  84. Singer/Musician
  85. Singer/Musician
  86. Opera Singer
  87. Norwegian artist and comedian known for being in Music/comedy Group Prima Vera
  88. Film Score Composer: Beverly Hills Cop, Fletch, Top Gun, The Running Man, Tango & Cash, Kuffs
  89. Musician/Guitarist
  90. Singer/Musician
  91. jazz bassist
  92. singer (spinners)
  93. r&r singer-keyboardist (yeh yeh, bonnie & clyde)
  94. Lead singer of peaches and herb
  95. Piano
  96. Italian tenor
  97. German Eurodance artist
  98. Vocalist
  99. surf guiltarist/composer wrote wipe out
  100. Cellist
  101. Internationally Renowned Harpist
  102. Singer/Musician
  103. Singer/Musician
  104. Opera Singer
  105. Rapper
  106. French teenager singer during the 1990' (e.g. 'L'homme à la moto')
  107. Italian singer
  108. Female Vocalist
  109. Baseball / 1970-74 / Infielder for Red Sox & Cubs / Accomplished Jazz Musician
  110. Actor
  111. Singer
  112. Musician/Guitarist
  113. Opera Singer - Soprano
  114. Opera Singer
  115. British musician 'Indian Reservation'
  116. German Rapper
  117. Country-Western Singer - The Happiest Girl In The Whole USA, Funny Face, Superman, You Can't Be A Beacon If Your Light Don't Shine, That Was Yesterday
  118. Musician, Iris Chacon's husband
  119. Vocalist
  120. Opera Singer - Tenor
  121. Singer/Musician
  122. Guitarist (Santo & Johnny) of the 1959 #1 hit 'Sleep Walk'
  123. Singer/Musician
  124. Joan baez sister
  125. Guitarist, musician, (Santo & Johnny)
  126. Puerto Rican singer, Los Chicos
  127. Singer/Musician
  128. opera concert singer
  129. Musician
  130. Lead vocals on harp in commander cody band in the 70s
  131. jazz guitarist
  132. director
  133. English pop singer
  134. Singer/Musician
  135. Canadian/French Singer
  136. Singer
  137. Polish singer
  138. Guiltarits/vocalist grand funk railroad
  139. Conductor
  140. Singer/Dancer
  141. Australian vocalist
  142. In jason newsteds new band, guitar player
  143. 'Sons of the Pioneers'
  144. Female Singer
  145. 'Sons of the Pioneers'
  146. Singer/Musician
  147. Former Menudo
  148. Leader of the Nation of Islam, Minister, Violinist, Singer
  149. singer / songwriter - former founding member of uncle tupelo and sun volt
  150. Former Member Of The Pop Group 'Boney M'
  151. Musician
  152. Bassist for 'Linkin Park'
  153. Pianist on the Lawrence Welk Show
  154. Singer, 'Hit Me Up' from the Happy Feet Soundtrack
  155. Country Singer
  156. Joe Farrell  (2)
  157. singer (jane's addiction)
  158. Singer/Musician
  159. Singer
  160. Singer
  161. Conductor
  162. Singer/Musician
  163. singer
  164. Singer/Musician
  165. Country music singer
  166. Singer/Musician
  167. Singer/Songwriter
  168. Guitarist
  169. Country Singer
  170. Australian drummer and founding member of rock band INXS
  171. Australian musician, founding member and the lead guitarist of the rock band INXS
  172. Singer
  173. Singer/Musician
  174. Singer, Jazz/Cabaret
  175. Rapper
  176. German-Italian Singer & Songwriter
  177. opera singer
  178. Vocalist
  179. Singer/Musician
  180. composer/musician
  181. latino rapper
  182. Drummer/Guitarist - Bonnie Raitt, The Rutles, The Flames, and The Beach Boys, Born Sept. 5 1952
  183. DJ Duo
  184. electro pop artist from england
  185. Singer/Musician
  186. Singer/Musician
  187. N'Sync Member
  188. Winner of 'America's Got Talent' - has a permanent show at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas
  189. Member of the Wiggles and the Cockroaches
  190. guitarist (stereo mud)
  191. Singer/Musician
  192. Singer/Songwriter
  193. French singer
  194. Australian rock musician who also performed as Dave Flick. Faulkner is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist; he has performed with several bands, but is best known as a member of Hoodoo Gurus
  195. guitarist (bay city rollers)
  196. Singer/Musician
  197. Singer/Musician
  198. 2011 , replaced kk dowling in JUDAS PRIEST
  199. Musician Band Hello
  200. Singer/Musician
  201. French singer
  202. Singer
  203. Violinist
  204. Singer/Musician
  205. Musician
  206. Singer/Musician
  207. Singer/Musician
  208. Opera Singer
  209. Pianist
  210. Austrian singer, reality TV star (Euros of Hollywood), designer, artist
  211. fiddler (chieffains)
  212. bassist (crazy town)
  213. Singer
  214. 50s singer on capitol and mgm records label, daughter of smiley and kitty carson wilson - rita was born 1944
  215. Singer/Musician
  216. Musician Band Horslips
  217. Singer/Musician
  218. Author and Musician. Member of The Pogues
  219. Female Singer
  220. Singer/Musician
  221. Actress and Singer - Harry in My Parents are Aliens and contestant on Andrew Lloyd Webber's Over The Rainbow
  222. Singer
  223. Singer to the group Blaque and starred in Bring it On as Lava
  224. Jazz pianist, composer, Author
  225. American country music and rockabilly musician who co - wrote 'I Forgot To Remmebr To Forget' for Elvis
  226. Musician
  227. French actor, compositor, musician and producer born in 1942. Member of the group 'Les Charlots'
  228. Conductor
  229. Opera Singer - Tenor
  230. German Comedian and Singer(Die Wanne ist voll)born 1930.'Plattenkueche','The Buddenbrocks','Lola','Sunshine Reggae auf Ibiza','Pumuckl','Ach Du Dickes Ei','Helga und die Nordlichter','Abramakabra'
  231. German singer/songwriter - Voice of Germany
  232. Composer
  233. Organist for the E Street Band
  234. Conductor
  235. Flutist
  236. Singer: sang the theme song to the TV series The Golden Girls
  237. Member of Westlife
  238. Opera Singer
  239. Lawrence Welk Show
  240. Singer/Musician
  241. Pianist
  242. (born 8 April 1990) known by his stage name Freddie, is a Hungarian singer, most notable for placing fourth in the first season of the Hungarian version of Rising Star and being the representative for Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016
  243. Singer/Musician
  244. Singer/Musician
  245. Musician
  246. Trumpet player who worked with Elvis (1968 NBC TV special), Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Jose Feliciano, The Osmonds, The Lennon Sisters, Natalie Cole, Dean Martin, also soundtrack work for Charlie?s Angels, Barney Miller, Starsky & Hutch
  247. Opera Singer - Baritone
  248. Gershwin/American popular song expert/singer
  249. Raymond Feist  (2)
  250. Guitarist For Billy Idol
  251. Musician having played with Paul Butterfield, among others. Also, he designed a guitar tuning system
  252. Singer
  253. Opera Singer - Tenor
  254. Opera Singer
  255. Singer/Musician
  256. bassist - hootie & the blowfish
  257. Singer/Musician
  258. Victor Feldbrill, OC OOnt (born April 4, 1924) is a Canadian conductor and violinist. He attended Harbord Collegiate Institute at an early age.[1] From 1973 to 1978, he was the resident conductor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. In 1974, he founde
  259. guitarist / songwriter - former member of the eagles, solo artist (airborne)
  260. Jazz Saxophonist in New York City, Chicago, France, and England
  261. Musician
  262. French singer
  263. Singer
  264. Singer/Musician
  265. Simone Felice  (2)
  266. international singer/guitarist
  267. Singer/Musician
  268. Singer
  269. German singer
  270. Swiss singer and winner of the Grand Prix der Volksmusik
  271. Pianist
  272. Singer/Musician
  273. Instrumentalist
  274. Dutch Actor - 'Kees de Jongen' 'Kruimeltje' 'Goeden Tijden, Slechte Tijden'
  275. singer - diamonds
  276. Baritone of 'The Showmen', an American doo-wop and R&B group that is best-known for their 1961 song 'It Will Stand'
  277. American country music and rockabilly singer. Known for his soaring tenor and high falsetto, Felts enjoyed his greatest success during the 1970s, most famously 1975's 'Reconsider Me'
  278. Pianist
  279. Singer, Musician
  280. Country/Pop Singer (Next Teardrop Falls)
  281. Singer/Musician
  282. English singer-songwriter
  283. Actor, Singer from Austria
  284. The Voice Contestant Team Blake
  285. Opera Singer
  286. Lead Singer of the 80's band 'The Vapors'
  287. Graham Fenton  (2)
    English rockabilly legend from England
  288. Italian operatic soprano (born in 1986), who graduated in 2008 with a first-class honours degree from the Conservatorio in Salerno and made her operatic debut under Kent Nagano at the Santa Cecilia Academy aged 23
  289. Conductor
  290. Former Member of The Drifters who did There Goes My Baby
  291. New orleans jazz musician.Born: 07/17/1911
  292. Violinist
  293. Singer
  294. Vocalist
  295. Blues Musician
  296. Singer: Spirit & Jo Jo Gunne // Film Score Composer: Pulse, Bad Dreams, License to Drive, A Nightmare on Elm Street 5, Tales from the Crypt, Tremors 2 & 4, NCIS Los Angeles
  297. John Ferguson  (4)
  298. Famous Trumpeter
  299. Rapper
  300. British Singer born 1986 - finished 2nd in 2010 series of The X Factor
  301. Singer / Songwriter from Atlanta, GA., USA. Americana / Pop
  302. Singer/Musician
  303. Singer with 70's pop group The Three Degrees
  304. Singer(Pop/Hip Hop/R+B),Wild Orchid,Black Eye Peas/Actress-Kids Incorporated,Be Cool,Poseidon, Poseidon (2006)
  305. Opera Singer - Tenor
  306. Original 'Little Red' in Sondheim's INTO THE WOODS. Broadway Actress/Singer
  307. Singer/Musician
  308. Female Singer
  309. latin pop singer (yo naci pare amarte)
  310. Singer from the '70s - Lay love on you
  311. French singer
  312. singer songwriter
  313. singer / songwriter
  314. Puerto Rican Singer and Former member of Puerto Rican Senate.Also know as Titi Ruth. Born: 05/23/1913
  315. latin pop singer (yo voy a quitar medio)
  316. Opera Singer
  317. Swedish singer
  318. Singer
  319. pianist - Ferrante & Teicher
  320. Singer
  321. Opera Singer
  322. Ricky Ferranti and RUSTY MILES - Band from Somaglia, Italy. Blues / rock / acoustic
  323. Singer
  324. Italian actor and singer born 1929.'The Secret of Santa Vittoria','Alfredo,Alfredo','Legend of Sea Wolf','Space Odyssey','Messalina-Empress of Rome','Violent Naples'
  325. Actress/singer
  326. Opera Singer - Baritone
  327. Frank Ferrari  (2)
    Durch pop singer, known with 'Sweet Love', 'Monza' in 1976/77
  328. Singer/Musician
  329. Singer/Musician
  330. Singer/Musician
  331. Character French singer
  332. Singer/Musician
  333. Singer/Musician
  334. Cantante , compositor español de rock .Exponente del grupo 'Los Piratas' .Singer, composer of Spanish rock. Exponent of the group 'Los Piratas'
  335. Singer
  336. Actress in Porkchop
  337. singer (innosense)
  338. Drummer for American rock band Guns N' Roses, with whom he has played, toured, and recorded since 2006
  339. Singer/Musician
  340. Actor (1912-1992). Married to Singer Rosemary Clooney. George Clooney's Uncle. Cyrano de Bergerac (Best Actor Oscar - 1950), The Caine Mutiny, Moulin Rouge, Whirlpool, Lawrence Of Arabia, Ships Of Fools, Enter Laughing, Dune, Joan Of Arc, The Shrike
  341. Spanish singer 'copla' of the 50's and 60's
  342. R&B musician, sang with the Del Satins, the Brooklyn Bridge
  343. Singer/Musician
  344. Singer/songwriter
  345. Musician - Boston (bass guitar, backing vocals (2012?present)
  346. American Country, Cajun und Rockabilly musician called 'The Cajun Rockabilly?, becasue his music is a mixture of Country, Cajun-Music, Carl-Perkins-influenced Rockabilly and Swamp Blues
  347. German rapper
  348. Conductor
  349. Female Singer
  350. Actress, singer, dancer; appeared on a number of TV shows, West Side Story
  351. singer/ album 'Rosso Relativo'
  352. Musician - Funk & Soul
  353. singer - band Roxy Music
  354. French singer
  355. German singer and songwriter
  356. Singer/Musician
  357. German composer/singer
  358. Jason Fettig is a United States Marine Corps colonel who is the music adviser to the President of the United States and the 28th director of the United States Marine Band 'The President's Own'
  359. Singer/Musician
  360. Known by his stage name NF, is an American rapper, artist and songwriter, who has charted in both the Christian hip hop and mainstream hip hop markets
  361. Vocalist
  362. Singer
  363. Fey 
  364. Singer
  365. Singer had a top Ten hit with Hey Matthew
  366. Instrumentalist
  367. Singer/Musician
  368. Musician - Babyshambles
  369. Musician
  370. Singer
  371. Singer/Musician - Medicine Head
  372. Singer/Musician
  373. Opera Singer - Soprano
  374. singer guitarist (knack)
  375. Band member - Cockroaches & The Wiggles
  376. Australian singer
  377. Chelsea Field  (2)
    Country Music Singer
  378. Singer/Musician
  379. Opera Singer - Tenor
  380. John Field  (2)
    Member of Australian Band The Cockroaches
  381. Member of Australian band the Cockroaches
  382. Vocalist
  383. Singer/Musician
  384. Singer of the early 20th century, best known as one-half of the Blossom Seeley-Benny Fields vaudeville team
  385. Singer, actress, director; sang with a regrouping of the Ronettes in 1973; mother of actress Kim Fields
  386. Opera Singer - Mezzo-Soprano
  387. Bass Player -Played with Little Richard on Good Golly Miss Molly
  388. Singer/Actress/Comedienne - Shipyard Sally (title role), Molly & Me (title role), Holy Matrimony, We're Going To Be Rich, Paris Underground. Highest-paid film star in the world in 1937
  389. Josh Fields  (2)
    Recording Artist
  390. Australian singer backup singer for many peopple doors, pink floyd, tons, session singer and a solo artist
  391. Lead singer with 70's band 'The Rezillos'(later called The Revillos)
  392. drummer the david letterman orchestra
  393. Australian hip-hop artist
  394. Female Singer
  395. Opera Singer
  396. Singer/Musician
  397. Singer
  398. Singer/Musician
  399. Member of Elvis Presley's Memphis Mafia, Elvis on Tour (1972)
  400. Bulgarian singer
  401. Singer in Westlife
  402. Male Vocalist
  403. Female Singer
  404. Violoncello
  405. Singer/Musician
  406. Born: 13/01/1967 Belgium 'Zeg mij dat dit liefde is', 'Viel je zachtjes in mijn armen', 'Verloren hart, verloren droom'
  407. Vocalist
  408. Lead singer of Cradle of Filth, and was in the movie Cradle of Fear
  409. Mtv's making the band, member of danity kane
  410. Polka musician
  411. World-known harpist/musician
  412. Guitarist
  413. bassist (marvelous 3)
  414. Country singer
  415. Guitarist Guns N Roses Nine Inch Nails
  416. Musican/cellist
  417. Opera Singer - Soprano
  418. Singer/Musician
  419. Musician and host of 'Fine Time w/ Rachel Fine' and 'Ask Howard w/ Rachel Fine'
  420. Acctress in Fantastic Beasts (Harry Potter) 2016 and an Alternative-Indie Singer
  421. musician- played the banjo/saxophone in 'the pogues'
  422. Swedish pop singer
  423. Musician/Guitarist
  424. former boomtown rats pianist
  425. Singer-songwriter, producer and DJ from Brighton, England
  426. Singer
  427. Vocalist
  428. Singer/Musician
  429. Opera Singer
  430. Keyboardist for Prince's band The Revolution in the '80s
  431. Singer/Musician
  432. Opera Singer - Baritone
  433. Male Vocalist
  434. Musician
  435. Singer/Musician
  436. South African actor in West End's theatres, The Phantom of the Opera at The Royal Albert Hall (2011)
  437. Singer
  438. Singer/Musician
  439. Vocalist
  440. Actor known for I Can Only Imagine
  441. Singer/Musician
  442. Drummer
  443. Singer/Musician
  444. Singer/Songwriter - Lead Singer and Guitarist of 'Crowded House' (Don't Dream It's Over, Weather With You) Also a solo Artist and singer with Tim Finn in 'The Finn Brothers' (Won't Give In)
  445. Singer/Musician
  446. Musician Former Lead Singer Of 'Split Enz', Now Solo
  447. Singer songwriter musician -a founding member of the baroque pop rock group of the 1960's 'The Left Banke'
  448. singer (innosense)
  449. Singer/Actor - The Dan Band, The Hangover (2009), married to actress Kathy Najimy, father of Samia Najimy Finnerty
  450. Singer, daughter of actress Kathy Najimy & actor/singer Dan Finnerty
  451. concert singer
  452. Singer/Musician
  453. Italian female singerreal name: Marina Fiordaliso
  454. John Fiore  (2)
  455. Waltham - Lead guitar
  456. French singer
  457. Opera Singer - Mezzo-Soprano
  458. Singer/Musician
  459. Singer/Songwriter
  460. Male Voice Over Talent
  461. Singer/Musician
  462. Country singer
  463. Conductor
  464. Conductor
  465. german Actor and Singer
  466. Tenor
  467. Songwriter/Recording Artist
  468. Actress
  469. Singer/Musician
  470. Singer
  471. Conductor
  472. Concert violinist
  473. Musician/Guitarist
  474. Singer/Musician
  475. Larry 'Wildman' Fischer worked with Frank Zappa. He has made a few cult albums and has appeared on both Laugh-In as well as Jimmy Kimmel Live. Responsible for Rhino Records' first hit 'Go to Rhino Records'
  476. Singer (many Rolling Stones projects & concerts)
  477. Singer, Songwriter
  478. Conductor
  479. Musician/Guitarist for Celtic Frost
  480. Singer, Actor
  481. German singer
  482. Opera concert singer conductor - Husband of Julia Varady
  483. Vocalist
  484. Singer in LFO
  485. Singer/Musician
  486. Singer
  487. Singer/Musician
  488. Drumer for the band Marilyn Manson
  489. Singer
  490. American (country)singer Real Name: Fred Delp 'Fishbone Fred's safety songs for kids', 'The world's greatest fishing songs'
  491. Young guitarist, born in 2002, will be a legend someday
  492. Singer with The Marathons who did the song Peanut Butter
  493. Born: 1940 Died: 05/05/2020 Belgian singer/musician Real name: Eduard Vermeylen He started in 'The Spoetniks' and played for Will Tura. As a soloartist he has successes as 'Just another guy' & 'Little Christine'. His artistname came from the Elvismovie 'K
  494. Singer - Oh My Pa-Pa, Any Time, Heart, Lady Of Spain, Maybe, Wish You Were Here, I'm Walking Behind You, Count Your Blessings, Tell Me Why, I Need You Now, Even Now, Dungaree Doll. Married to Debbie Reynolds & Eliz. Taylor. Father of Carrie Fisher
  495. singer - diamonda