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  1. Associate Curator for the Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas, Texas & Sixth Floor Moderator for the Sixth Floor Lecture Series
  2. Appeared as Eileen in Dexy's Midnight Runners' music video "Come On Eileen"; now editor of UK publication Prima magazine; sister of singer Siobhan Fahey, formerly of Bananarama
  3. Chairman/CEO of Royal Caribbean International Cruise line
  4. Business- founder of Toys for Bob
  5. creator of Napster
  6. Founded
  7. Norwegian journalist and editor of Magazines.She was also on the very first dancing With the stars in norway
  8. American politician, business executive, & dignitary who served as head of the Democratic National Committee & as Postmaster General. Farley known as political 'kingmaker', & was responsible for FDR's rise to presidency
  9. Co-founder of home improvement store Home Depot
  10. Brian Farrell  (3)
  11. Businessman and CEO of Danfoss
  12. Dominican beauty shop owner, former president of Miss Universe Puerto Rico contest
  13. Businessman and philanthropist and founder of The Atlantic Philanthropies
  14. Real Estate Broker/Female Model-Playboy Special Editions
  15. Canadian filmmaker and inventor who co-invented IMAX
  16. CEO of Collider Video
  17. Italian businessman
  18. CEO of Reputation Defender
  19. Owner of Landry's Restaurants & NBA team Houston Rockets, star/host of CNBC's 'Billion Dollar Buyer'
  20. founder Mrs. Fields Cookies, TV shows The Dessert Show, The Hospitality Show, Hollywood Squares, Great American Desserts on PBS
  21. Business Man (Fielmann glasses)
  22. Co-owner and president of the minor league baseball team, Stockton Ports
  23. Animation company
  24. businessman co-creator of yahoo
  25. Former president and chief operating officer of Nintendo of America
  26. US-American financial executive and chairman and CEO of BlackRock
  27. (February 22, 1918 - February 19, 1996), nicknamed Charlie O or Charley O, was an American businessman who is best remembered for his tenure as the owner of Major League Baseball's Oakland Athletics. Finley purchased the franchise while it was loc
  28. Commissioner of the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League
  29. Former Chairman/CEO of Hewlett-Packard, 2016 Presidential candidate
  30. Business man, ambassador and philanthropist
  31. Founder of The Gap
  32. American economist, statistician, inventor, and Progressive social campaigner
  33. Walt Disney Imagineer
  34. German economist, State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Finance 1998-1999, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) 2000?13
  35. Owner of Studio 54 in the 1980's, author of "The Studio 54 Effect - The Real Story Behind Studio 54."
  36. Alphonse Fletcher jr. Fellowship/grant...Founder, FAM
  37. 2013 inductee into National Inventors Hall of Fame
  38. The industrialist who helped expand the engineering and construction concern his grandfather founded into one of the largest companies in the nation, the Fluor Corporation
  39. publisher of hustler magazine/first amendment advocate
  40. Nobel economics laureate 1993
  41. spokesman for 'Subway' (fast-food sandwich chain), deemed 'The Subway Guy' for losing 245 pounds by eating at Subway (his 1 year Subway Diet - 6 inch Turkey Sub for lunch, foot long Veggie Sub for dinner, bag of baked (not fried) potato chips & diet soda)
  42. Inventor and Game Designer who invented the game Twister
  43. Co-owner of the Northwoods League baseball team, Wisconsin Rapids Rafters
  44. Co-owner of the Northwoods League baseball team, Wisconsin Rapids Rafters
  45. CEO/Co Founder of Shout Factory
  46. CEO/Co Founder of Shout Factory
  47. Steve Forbes  (2)
    President and Chief Executive Officer of Forbes Inc, Author
  48. Chairwoman of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
  49. model agency executive
  50. Fred Ford  (3)
    Business- founder of Toys for Bob
  51. model agency executive
  52. model agency executive
  53. Great Great Grandson Of Henry FordLives in Detroit, Mi
  54. Owner of the Detroit Lions
  55. Part of The Henry Ford Family
  56. Industrialist
  57. Great Great Grandson of Henry Ford
  58. President & CEO of The Ford Automobile Company
  59. Former CEO Ford Motors
  60. President of Boyer Candy Company Inc
  61. CEO, Spirit Airlines
  62. One of the inventors of the IPhone
  63. British Hotelier
  64. 2011 inductee into National Inventors Hall of Fame
  65. CEO Of Lucky Strikes Bowling Lanes Was Also On Undercover Boss
  66. Animation company
  67. Disney Legend; specialized in labor relations and training
  68. CEO of Frontier Airlines
  69. Rockford IL Scout Shop Manager
  70. American YouTuber, author, artist, and businessman. Has recently become involved in various entrepreneurial enterprises, including a clothing line, music curation, as well as a coffee and lifestyle brand named Common Culture
  71. YouTuber - Matthias, Team Edge, Get Good Gaming, and Battle Universe CEO of Hi5 Studios
  72. Co-owner of the minor league baseball team, Chattanooga Lookouts
  73. chairman-ceo mtv networks
  74. One of the fathers of the Ford Mustang
  75. Founder and CEO of Icelandic gaming company, Plain Vanilla. Created the bestselling app QuizUp. Thor sold QuizUp to Glu Games in 2016
  76. nobel economics laureate 1976
  77. Former Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Board. Member of President Ford & Obama's Intelligence Advisory Board (2005-09) and the Fifth Director of the National Economic Council. Father of screenwriter David Benioff
  78. American comic book writer and publisher best known for his work at marvel and dc comics.and for publishing the anthology series Star*Reach one of the first independent comics. He also is a an artists representative. He also created thanos
  79. Tennessee Billionaire
  80. 2009 inductee into National Inventors Hall of Fame
  81. American computer programmer once employed by Atari, Inc. Most notable for being charged with the home adaptation of Pac-Man for the Atari 2600. 8-bit designer of Swordquest and Asteroids
  82. businesswoman
  83. New reporter. WJZ channel 13 news,Television Hill Baltimore Maryland 21213
  84. B. 1962/Japanese born US businessman & producer who founded & president Funimation Entertainment, a company that distributes anime in US & Canada. As of 2011, Fukunaga was named chairman of online video game developer GameSamba
  85. John Fuller  (3)
    CEO Of Johnny Rockets and was on undercover boss