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Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: F
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  1. Illustrator/Comics (Star Wars)
  2. Australian Sculptor
  3. Artist, particularly famous in the areas of science fiction and fantasy
  4. Comic book artist
  5. New York Artist/Photographer. Perfected and specializes in picture/film tinting similar to 40's and 50's. Noirish material.
  6. Created Strawberry Shortcake & Care Bears
  7. American street artists
  8. British designer and artist who designed several classic British posters, including the quads for The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976), A View to a Kill (1985) and The Last Emperor (1987)
  9. fashion designer
  10. Street artist who created iconic Barack OBama illustration
  11. Artist, illustrator
  12. Austratlian Artist - Painter
  13. Weapon and armour designer at WETA, worked on LOTR and Narnia films
  14. Animation designer
  15. Artist/Illustrator
  16. Illustrator
  17. Swedish artist Painted Penis and Vagina images on New York City buildings
  18. Artist/illustrator saturday evening post
  19. Film Score Composer: Beverly Hills Cop, Fletch, Top Gun, The Running Man, Tango & Cash, Kuffs
  20. Artist
  21. Neil Farber  (2)
  22. Navalo architect for Carnival Cruise Lines
  23. Children's Author
  24. Artist on Magic the Gathering Cards
  25. She is an author and illustrator of picture books
  26. Was an animator at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. After completing work on Aladdin, he left Disney and went to work at several other animation studios, including Disney's rival, Dreamworks
  27. Design Manager - United States Playing Card Co
  28. Hilary Farr is an international home designer and co-host of the Love It or List It television show; former actress - starred as Betty Munroe in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show' (1975)
  29. Photographer who took Picture of JFK JR saluting his Father's Coffin
  30. Terry Farrell  (2)
  31. The creator of The Whomobile, a futuristic-looking vehicle that featured in the BBC sci-fi TV series 'Doctor Who' in the 1970's.He is a car designer who has built several vechiles for motorshows. He lives in Beeston, Nottinghamshire, UK. Pete Farries
  32. Artist
  33. Stone Mountain Memorial sculptor
  34. Artist
  35. Storyboard artist
  36. Developer and former Executive Producer of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; co-developer of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Also known for working on The Powerpuff Girls; wife of creator Craig McCracken
  37. Artist
  38. Artist
  39. Photographer
  40. Artist/Painter
  41. father of the pink flamingo lawn ormament
  42. Inventor of the Whac-A-Mole and creator of The Rock-afire Explosion (an animatronic band featured at Showbiz Pizza Place)
  43. Artist
  44. Artist / Painter
  45. American Sculptor, married to artist John Currin
  46. Hungarian born painting artist
  47. German visual and conceptual artist
  48. Character designer
  49. Architect
  50. Artist
  51. designer creatures assistant, also appeared as TC-14 from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999)
  52. Architect
  53. Artist/author
  54. Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios
  55. Architect
  56. Artist for Realm Quest: The Dungeon of Suhar and many sketch cards for different sets (Vampirella, Marvel Dangerous Divas)
  57. Italian Designer, son of Salvatore Ferragamo
  58. Argentinian painter and sculptor
  59. fashion designer
  60. Animator / One of the vintage Title Sequence designers of the 50's/60's
  61. Tattoo Artist
  62. coustume designer (maverick, mask, big trouble in little china)
  63. Former french actor ('Au revoir les enfants'). Now producer, director and illustrator for children books
  64. American plein air impressionist oil painter from Bucks County in Pennsylvania. He began painting in earnest after a trip to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, when he was 35 years old
  65. Artist
  66. Austrian car-designer, born 1928
  67. Illustrator, Artist
  68. Artist
  69. Artist, pinups
  70. Animation color designer - The Loud house
  71. Comic book artist
  72. Photographer/wife of Yahoo co-founder, David Filo
  73. Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist famous for his photo of one of the victims of the 1970 Kent State University shootings.
  74. Owner of Finch's Custom Styled Cycles
  75. Designer
  76. Fantasy artist
  77. Artist/Spiritual Yoga Instructor
  78. American video game producer and designer of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs)
  79. Artist
  80. Artist
  81. Artist
  82. Artist
  83. Artist
  84. Artist
  85. Fine Artist
  86. San Francisco based Artist
  87. Artist
  88. Designer
  89. Scott Fisher  (2)
    Illustrator/Artist - Magic the Gathering cards and Harry Potter
  90. Artist
  91. Artist
  92. Artist
  93. Storyboard artist
  94. Animator in Disney movies, including Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, Bambi, and Dumbo
  95. The writer and artist of In My Lifetime, an autobiographical comic book. First published in 2006, ?Lifetime was an immediate critical success, featured twice in Wizard magazine, in the Comic Buyers guide & on the Aint-It-Cool-News
  96. Born 1883 American Animator known for Betty Boop, Popeye the Sailor Man, and Superman. Also the inventor of the Rotoscope in 1915 and founder of Fleischer Studios Inc
  97. former hollywood madam, fashion designer - 'heidi wear'
  98. Illustrator/Artist. Works on Red Sonja comics
  99. Tom Fleming  (2)
  100. Illustrator
  101. costume designer (star trek 1-4 fright night)
  102. Artist
  103. Tattoo artist
  104. German Comic artist
  105. The Master of Urban Impressionism
  106. Mark Flood  (2)
  107. David Flores  (2)
    Artist, Illustrator, Toy Designer
  108. Aka Tatu Baby from Ink Masters reality show, tattoo artist, model
  109. Artist
  110. Artist
  111. Sketch artist of the Spider-Man, Silver Surfer, Dr. Octopus, etc., Marvel Legends Cards
  112. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  113. Photographer
  114. Canadian aerospace engineer (Born: 1914) He was involved in the design and development of the Avro Jetliner and CF-100 aircraft designs, over a period which is viewed by many as the 'Golden Age' of the Canadian aviation industry
  115. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  116. Brian Flynn  (2)
    Artist, Toy Design
  117. Mike Flynn  (4)
  118. costume designer (8 men out, matewan)
  119. Animation director - Housebroken
  120. Illustrator of fantasy work, often very whimsical. Married to Phil Foglio
  121. Architect, born in 1925
  122. Author
  123. Artist
  124. HGTV designer
  125. Born:November 8 1913 A fashion designer and businesswoman Italian
  126. Five time Italian woman's figure skating champion; two-time Olympian; married to skater John Zimmerman; coaches skating now; fashion designer and owner of Karisma sport clothes
  127. Artist
  128. Car designer
  129. Foote's professional portfolio spans a wide range of titles, including Fine Artist, Filmmaker, Creative Director, Children's Book Illustrator, Motion Graphic Designer, Animator, and Fashion Illustrator
  130. Super Bowl IX artist
  131. Costume Designer
  132. Artist
  133. Comic Book Artist - Silk, Gwenpool, The Amazing Spider-Man, Venom?Verse, Black Panther
  134. Head-designer, Gucci, Director of 'A Single Man'
  135. Comic book illustrator
  136. Artist
  137. news photographer puiltzer prize 1976 & 1977
  138. Comic book illustrator
  139. Illustrator
  140. Artist
  141. One of the inventors of the IPhone
  142. Artist
  143. Filmation animator. Worked in animation from the early 1960s through the late 1990s
  144. Fantasy artist
  145. British artist & Science Fiction artist. Known for illustrating 'The Joy of Sex,' and his science fiction art was copied by Glenn Brown
  146. Screenwriter/Dramatist
  147. Jon Foster  (3)
    Fantasy artist
  148. british stararchitect; rebuilder of the German 'Reichstag'
  149. Born June 21, 1916 Chao'an, Chaozhou, in eastern Guangdong) is a Chinese photographer who worked to develop distinctive Chinese forms of photography and to establish photography as a serious art form in Hong Kong
  150. Artist
  151. Pete Fowler  (2)
    Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  152. Author
  153. Sculptor; Playboy Femlin figures of the 1960's
  154. John Fox  (3)
    Storyboard Artist
  155. Terry Fox  (2)
  156. Creator of the role-playing video games Undertale and Deltarune
  157. Disney artist
  158. Animation designer
  159. Comic book artist
  160. Architect
  161. Queer Eye, Next In Fashion, Fashion Designer
  162. Children's Book Author
  163. Animator for show 'Rick and Morty'
  164. Artist
  165. Artist
  166. Gary Frank  (4)
    Frank got his start at DC helping co-create the Birds of Prey team with legendary Bat-scribe Chuck Dixon
  167. Artist/Born:1908
  168. Kevin Frank  (3)
    Animation storyboard artist
  169. Matt Frank  (2)
    Professional kaiju illustrator of Godzilla, Jet Jaguar and others
  170. Robert Frank  (3)
  171. Anja Franke  (2)
    Danish art artist
  172. American post-painterly abstraction artist
  173. Computer software designer (VisiCalc)
  174. Illustrator
  175. American YouTuber, author, artist, and businessman. Has recently become involved in various entrepreneurial enterprises, including a clothing line, music curation, as well as a coffee and lifestyle brand named Common Culture
  176. Italian Painter
  177. I of the Wolf
  178. Top Commercial Artist, Did Connan and Tarzan covers.
  179. Illustrator/artist whose work has appeared in role - playing games, did the original cover illustration for the Vampire: The Masquerade role - playing game. His Dungeons & Dragons work includes Book of Artifacts (1993) and Races of the Dragon (2006)
  180. Professional Artist
  181. Male Voice Over Talent/Photographer
  182. Craftsman of the Royal coach for HM King Charles III
  183. Artist
  184. Voice actor and artist - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Magical Sempai, Genshin Impact, The Amazing Digital Circus
  185. Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Sculptor
  186. Artist
  187. Animator/Cartoonist/Director/Producer for Warner Bros. Helped in creating the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies series. Created or Assisted in the creation of characters Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Sylvester the Cat, Yosemite Sam and Speedy Gonzal
  188. Super Bowl XXII artist
  189. Architect
  190. Hollywood film mask maker, much in the horror relm/variety of mediums in which he works (photography, painting, sculpture, illustration and mask making
  191. fashion designer
  192. british artist
  193. Photographer
  194. WWII: Reconnaissance Photographer at NAS Honolulu, working at Admiral Nimitz' Office. Took countless photos in the Pacific, incl. celebrities visiting the base, like Rene Gagnon (flag-raiser at M t. Suribachi) or actress Betty Hutton
  195. American Painter/Born: 12/21/1913
  196. Storyboard revisions - the proud family louder & Prouder
  197. American artist
  198. Artist
  199. Photographer
  200. Artist
  201. Architect
  202. American comic book writer and publisher best known for his work at marvel and dc comics.and for publishing the anthology series Star*Reach one of the first independent comics. He also is a an artists representative. He also created thanos
  203. Art Collective
  204. Artist
  205. Bob Froese  (2)
  206. Artist
  207. Artist
  208. Fantasy author and artist,(yoda fabricator) in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
  209. American computer programmer once employed by Atari, Inc. Most notable for being charged with the home adaptation of Pac-Man for the Atari 2600. 8-bit designer of Swordquest and Asteroids
  210. Illustrator
  211. Painter
  212. Artist
  213. Author
  214. Animation model designer - Muppet babies, garfield specials,
  215. Comic Book Artist
  216. Artist
  217. Artist
  218. Artist
  219. Professional artist and Tattooer based out of Texas
  220. Author, illustrator, artist
  221. Artist
  222. Aka 'Dagobert' Germany DJ, Cartoonish and Artist. Former blackmailer of the supermarket chain 'Karstadt'
  223. Artist
  224. Creator of Pepe the Frog
  225. Artist
  226. Manga artist, illustrator
  227. Artist
  228. Street artist, fine artist, and frequent collaborator with Nike. Featured in Style Wars (1983) real name Leonard Hilton McGurr. Aka Futura 2000
  229. Tv show on disney xd in 2016
  230. Artist
  231. Artist
  232. German sculptor, artist and writer. He is also a German WWII Veteran. He was conscripted to the German Home Guard, known as the Volksturm
  233. Artist