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Browsing Category Home->Music->Radio Personality/DJ , A-Z Filter: H
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  1. Radio personality and accordion player
  2. German-American classical music radio host, known for his sonorous speaking voice, humanistic approach to music appreciation, and popularization of classical music
  3. German Radio Host - Eins Live
  4. German Radio Presenter
  5. Radio Broadcaster
  6. Radio host
  7. Austrian Radio Presenter
  8. German Radio Personality
  9. German Radio Personality
  10. German Radio Personality
  11. German Radio Host - Eins Live
  12. German Radio Personality
  13. German radio presenter ('Josef Nullinger')
  14. DJ for Linkin Park 'In the End', 'Somewhere I Belong'
  15. German Radio Personality
  16. Emmy Winning Actor from 'Search For Tomorrow', in movies and radio of the 30's, starred as Speed in 'The Odd Couple' (1968)
  17. Radio Presenter - FM4 (Austria)
  18. British actress - Emmerdale
  19. German TV Host.'Stern TV' (RTL)
  20. Radio Personality - K-Earth 101 FM
  21. President/CEO and founder of 'Answers in Genesis' (host of the radio show of the same name), and the CEO of The Creation Museum in Indiana, also christian speaker
  22. Radio Presenter - affectionately known as 'Diddy David Hamilton' and also 'The Housewife's Choice'. He is currently a DJ on Saga FM (digital) and is also the MC for Fulham AFC at Craven Cottage.
  23. Host on SiriusXM The Highway
  24. Top Gear Presenter
  25. Radio talk show host of KFI 640AM in Los Angeles, and of 'Handel on the Law' on Saturdays
  26. British Comedian,Radio Host and Actor born 1894.'ITMA Radio Show','Time Files','Its That Man Again','Elstree Calling','Tom Topia','Hot Airman','Pictural Revue of 43','Two Man in a Box','Gaumont Mirror'
  27. Austrian Radio Presenter
  28. German Radio Presenter
  29. German TV Actor & Radio Host for Bayerischen Rundfunk
  30. Radio Personality - WSCR 670 The Score
  31. British Teenage Radio and Movie Actor born movies from 1933-56.was married to Actress Dinah Sheridan.Movies->'The Blue Lamp','Dont Ever Leave Me','Black Rider','Way Ahead','Transatlantic Tunnel','Boys Will Be Boys','Deep Blue Sea'
  32. French radio and TV host
  33. German Radio Presenter
  34. German Radio Presenter
  35. Actor
  36. Guitar Teacher - Podcast Host - Boss Tone Radio Guitar Coach - George Clooney, Michael J. Fox, Eric Stoltz, Mitch Pileggi 'Back To The Future:' Pinheads' Bass Player
  37. Retired radio announcer whose career spanned more than 50 years. Best known as the genial co-host of The Harden and Weaver Show
  38. Music
  39. Screenwriter
  40. Media Producer for The Howard Stern Show
  41. German Radio Personality
  42. uk radio host
  43. Radio DJ
  44. New Zealand Radio Host, Comedian and Television Personality
  45. TV Presenter - Challenge & Eurosport - Poker
  46. German Radio Personality
  47. New Zealand Radio Presenter at The Edge, celebrity duo with his wife Jay-Jay
  48. New Zealand Radio Presenter at The Edge and TV celebrity
  49. Radio broadcasting pioneer, still on the air today
  50. German Radio Personality
  51. German Radio Presenter
  52. German Radio Host - Eins Live
  53. Austrian Radio Presenter
  54. Tv and radio personality
  55. German Radio Presenter
  56. former radio personality
  57. BBC Radio Presenter
  58. Many commercials EX:Radio shack hungry hungry hippos and a role in a new episode of MYSTERIOUS WAYS
  59. Conductor
  60. Dj
  61. German Radio Presenter
  62. German Radio Presenter
  63. Radio host
  64. German Radio Presenter
  65. German Radio Host - Eins Live
  66. Radio show personality, does the voice of commentator and guests Radio Legend, L.A. Comedy Radio Show Host
  67. Ellis Henican  (2)
    American columnist at Newsday and AM New York as well as a political analyst on the Fox News Channel. He hosts a nationally syndicated weekend show on Talk Radio Network and is the voice of 'Stormy' on the Cartoon Network series Sealab 2021
  68. TV/Radio Presenter
  69. German Radio Presenter
  70. Radio Presenter - Österreich 1 (Austria)
  71. German Radio Personality
  72. German Radio Presenter
  73. NJ- based radio DJ. Host of 'Rhythm Revue' over WBGO-FM
  74. French TV/radio presenter
  75. German Radio Presenter
  76. German Radio Presenter
  77. Austrian Radio Presenter
  78. German Radio Personality
  79. German Radio Personality
  80. German Radio Presenter
  81. Disc Jockey
  82. Dj
  83. Celebrity. Chosen as the latest member of Howard Stern's Wack Pack on 6/10/2010
  84. German Radio Personality
  85. Radio Commentator
  86. Dr Evadne was part of the duo Hinge and Bracket.
  87. German Radio Presenter
  88. German Radio Personality
  89. Author & sports talk radio host at KTCK (1310 AM, 'SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket')Dallas, Texas. Hitzges also serves as the television play-by-play voice of the Dallas Sidekicks
  90. Radio DJ
  91. Actor
  92. German Radio Presenter
  93. On-Air Talent, 1460 The Fan (WBNS-AM)
  94. TV/Radio Presenter
  95. Presenter of Later With Jools Holland (member of Squeeze)
  96. Dave Holmes  (3)
    Radio personality kingston ontario area
  97. Presenter Of Sunrise On Sky News
  98. Radio Personality - WSCR 670 The Score
  99. Paul Holmes  (2)
    TV presenter, radio host in New Zealand
  100. German Radio Personality
  101. Austrian Radio Presenter
  102. French TV/radio presenter and journalist
  103. Radio Presenter - Hitradio Ö3 (Austria)
  104. Born: 1962 Radio DJ Real name: Franky De Bauw He was a DJ in dancing 'Dixies' (Brasschaat). He was on radio 'Maeva', 'Top Radio' & 'Joe'
  105. On-Air Talent, 1460 The Fan (WBNS-AM)
  106. Australian rock music singer-songwriter, radio presenter and TV personality. Hooper is the lead singer of Killing Heidi
  107. BBC Radio Breakfast presenter
  108. Dennis Hoppe  (2)
    German Radio Personality
  109. Dj
  110. Austrian Radio Presenter
  111. German Radio Presenter
  112. Male Model
  113. Rick Horrow  (2)
    Sports business expert
  114. Austrian Radio Presenter
  115. German Radio Presenter
  116. Radio Presenter
  117. New Zealand television and radio broadcaster. He currently works as the weekly Breakfast host on radio station Newstalk ZB and as a co-host of Seven Sharp
  118. Radio Presenter - Österreich 1 (Austria)
  119. Radio Talk Show Host: Consumer Affairs Issues
  120. News reporter for Howard 100 News. The Howard Stern Show
  121. Singer And Showman Of British Origin
  122. Austrian Radio Presenter
  123. German Radio Presenter
  124. star 101.9 radio personality
  125. Radio Personality - WSCR 670 The Score
  126. Austrian Radio Presenter
  127. German Radio Personality
  128. founder & chair of radio one network
  129. Half of the Opie and Anthony radio show
  130. Radio Presenter - Hitradio Ö3 (Austria)
  131. German Radio Presenter
  132. xtreme radio 104.3 radio personality
  133. German Radio Presenter
  134. Dj
  135. German Radio Presenter
  136. TV Presenter - ORF