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  1. Vincent Cable  (2)
    British Politician
  2. Politician - European Parlament
  3. Born Jean Bousquet in 1932. French businessman and politician (Cacharel creator)
  4. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  5. Politics
  6. American Female Politician - Member Of The New Mexico House of Representatives From The 33rd District (2019- )
  7. Minister of Foreign Afffairs Turkey '65 - '71
  8. Filipino politician, representative, Governor of Davao del Sur (2007-13, 2016-21)
  9. prime minister cyprus federated state
  10. Lt. Governor of Georgia (2007-??)
  11. New York State Assemblyman (1993-1994 and 1999-present)
  12. American Female Political Advisor - 'Director Of The Office Of Public Liaison' (1999-2001), John Kerry's Presidential Campaign Manager (2004)
  13. Former French Politician, former minister and member of the National Assembly of France
  14. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  15. British Politician
  16. Australian politician, was prominent in the Labor movement through the 1960s and 1970s, and was briefly Deputy Prime Minister in the Whitlam government
  17. Lord. UK house of Lords
  18. Former President of Venezuela (1969-1974, 1994-1999)
  19. Israeli Female Former Politician And Author. Faction Represented In The Knesset - Yesh Atid (2013-2015). Novel - 'A Bride For One Night: Talmud Tales' (2014), 'A Rainy Day Story' (2021)
  20. Puerto Rican Female Former Politician. 'Governor Of Puerto Rico', (First Woman Governor)(2001-2005). 'Mayor of San Juan' (1997-2001), '12th Secretary of State Of Puerto Rico' (1988-1989), 'New York Public Library' Trustee (2007- )
  21. Former President of Costa Rica (1990-1994)
  22. President of Mexico
  23. Former President of El Salvador
  24. Louisiana State Attorney General (2008-present)
  25. Mayor, Honolulu, Hawaii (2013 - )
  26. Belgian Deputy
  27. Czech Male Former Politician - 'Prime Minister Of Czechoslovakia' (1989-1992). Political Party -'Communist Party Of Czechoslovakia' (1968-1990), 'Public Against Violence' (1990-1991), 'Civic Democratic Union' (Slovakia) (1991-1992)
  28. American Female Former Politician - 'New York State Assembly, 95th District' (1991-1992), 'New York State Assembly, 94th District' (1992-1993), 'New York State Assembly, 96th District' (2003-2012)
  29. Italian Female Politician - European Parliament (2008- ), 'Forza Italia' (2004-2007), 'The People of Freedom' (2007-2010), 'Future and Freedom for Italy' (2010-2014), 'New Center Right' (2014- )
  30. Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare 1977-1979
  31. Former Prime Minister of United Kingdom (1976-1979)
  32. U.S. Representative from Alabama (1985-2003)
  33. Politician - European Parlament
  34. U.S. Representative from Georgia (1965-1967); Secretary of the Army (1973-1975)
  35. Canadian Female Former Politician - '28th Premier Of Prince Edward Island' (1993-1996). Now '9th Chancellor Of The University Of Prince Edward Island'- Incumbent (2018- )
  36. Former President of Honduras
  37. World champion boxer, beat Loris Stecca for title, fought Jeff Fenech
  38. Former Candidate For Florida's 3rd Congressional District. Entrepreneur
  39. French Male Former Politician. 'Member Of The National Assembly Of Seine - Saint - Denis's 8th Constituency' (2007-2012). 'Mayor of Villemomble' (2001-2019)
  40. President of Switzerland
  41. U.S. Representative from California
  42. Premier of Saskatchewan, Canada (2001-2007)
  43. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  44. Governor of Guam (2011-??)
  45. Former Governor of Guam (1979-1983)
  46. Former Prime Minister of Spain (1981-1982)
  47. West Virginia State House of Delegates 1957-58
  48. First elected Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, a commonwealth of the United States. Born in 1937
  49. Governor of Guam (2003-2011)
  50. Currently serving as the President of the Republic of Guinea
  51. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  52. French politician
  53. Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (2003-2006)
  54. Curacao Female Politician-'Prime Minister Of The Netherlands Antilles'(1993 & 1998). 'Minister Of Justice'(1992?94), 'Minister Of National Recovery And Economic Affairs'(1999-2002), 'Minister for Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning of Curaçao'(2016- )
  55. Attorney General of Kentucky
  56. David Cameron  (3)
    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2010-2016); Leader of the Conservative Party (2005-2016)
  57. Canadian Politician born 1946
  58. Ewen Cameron  (2)
    Lord. UK House of Lords
  59. Lord. UK House of Lords
  60. South Dakota Republican state senator
  61. American Female Politician - 'U.S. House of Representatives from Florida's 3rd District' (2021- ). Youngest Republican Woman In The 117th Congress
  62. U.S. Representative from Michigan
  63. 2004 Libertarian nominee for Vice President, author
  64. Canadian Female Former Politician - '27th Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia' (2001-2007), 'Member of the Canadian Parliament for Skeena' (1974-1979) 'Minister Of Amateur Sports' (1976-1979). 'Liberal Party President' (1982-1986)
  65. Alan Campbell  (4)
    Lord. UK House of Lords
  66. Alan Campbell  (5)
    Btish Politician
  67. Alex Campbell  (2)
    Canadian Politician
  68. Former U.S. Senator from Colorado (1993-2005)
  69. Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia (1994-2002)
  70. (21 August 1879 - 31 October 1945) was an English Shakespearean stage and screen actor
  71. Former Premier Of British Columbia: 2001-2011
  72. British Politician
  73. Jack Campbell  (3)
  74. Jane Campbell  (2)
    English Female Former Politian - 'Commissioner Of The Equality And Human Rights Commission' (2006-2008). UK House Of Lords Crossbencher (2007- )
  75. Jane Campbell  (3)
    American Female Former Politian - 'Member Of The Ohio House Of Representatives From The 11th District' (1985-1996). 'Mayor Of Cleveland' (2002-2006). ' United States Capitol Historical Society' President (2019- )
  76. John Campbell  (2)
    U.S. Ambassador to Nigeria (2004-2007)
  77. John Campbell  (3)
    U.S. Representative from California's 48th Disctrict (elected December, 2005)
  78. Canadian Female Former Politian-'Prime Minister of Canada' (First Female Prime Minister Of Canada)(1993), 'Leader Of The Progressive Conservative Party Of Canada'(1993), 'Minister Of National Defence'(1993), 'Minister of Veterans Affairs'(1993)
  79. American Female Former Politian - U.S. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary To The Marshall Islands (2009-2012)
  80. Scottish Male Former Politian - 'Leader of the Liberal Democrats' (2006-2007), 'Member Of Parliament For North East Fife' (1987-2015), 'Member Of the House Of Lords' (2015), 'Chancellor Of The University Of St Andrews' (2006- )
  81. British Politician
  82. English Female Politician - 'UK Sport' Chairman (2003-2013), 'Member of the House of Lords' Lord Temporal (2008). Baroness Campbell Of Loughborough
  83. U.S. Representative from California (1989-93, 1995-2001)
  84. American Former Male Politian - 'Governor Of South Carolina' (1987-95), 'Chair Of The National Governors Association' (1993-94), 'U.S. House Of Representatives From South Carolina's 4th District' (1979-87), 'Member Of The South Carolina Senate'(1977-78)
  85. Politician, european parliament
  86. Lord. UK House of Lords
  87. French politician born 1938, served in the Monaco government and later as vice president of the soccer club AS Monaco, supposed to be living in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France
  88. Politician - European Parlament
  89. Chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court. Was on President Trump's list for possible Supreme Court Justices
  90. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  91. German Female Politician - 'German Bundestag' (2009-2013), 'FDP Hamburg' (2012-2014)
  92. New York State Assemblyman (1989-present)
  93. French minister
  94. French general born 1932, last French Commandant of Berlin's French sector
  95. U.S. Representative from Utah
  96. Fmr United States Senator from Nevada
  97. U.S. Representative from Virginia
  98. American Female Politician - 'Mayor Of New Orleans' (2018- ), 'Member of the New Orleans City Council From District B' (2012-2018). First Female Mayor Of New Orleans
  99. American Female Politician And Senator. 'United States Senator From Washington' (2001), 'Ranking Member of the Senate Commerce Committee' (2019-2021), 'Member of the U.S. House Of Representatives From Washington's 1st district' (1993-1995)
  100. Vietnamese - Born American Male Former Politician. 'Louisiana's 2nd Congressional District' (2009-11)
  101. Prime Minister of South Vietnam from 1965 to 1967
  102. Governor of West Virginia (1989-97); President of the College Board (1999-present)
  103. American Female Politician. 'United States Senator From West Virginia' (2015- ), 'Ranking Member Of The Senate Environment And Public Works Committee' (2021- ). 'U.S. House Of Representatives From West Virginia's 2nd District'; (2001-2015)
  104. Former Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (1961-1964); born: 7/11/1916
  105. Politician - European Parlament
  106. Former U.S. Shadow Representative from Washington, DC (1995-97)
  107. Politician - European Parlament
  108. Arthur Capper (1865-1951) - US Senator, KS (R) from 1919-1949 and KS Governor (R) from 1915-1919
  109. American Female Former Politician - 'U.S. House Of Representatives From California (1998-2017)
  110. U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
  111. Slovak Female Politician - 'President Of Slovakia' (2019- ). 'Deputy Chair Of Progressive Slovakia' (2018-2019)
  112. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  113. Former President of Costa Rica (1978-1982)
  114. Rep. California District 24
  115. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  116. Governor of Rhode Island (2003-2011)
  117. Former Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush; notified President Bush of the 9/11 terrorist attacks while they were visiting the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida
  118. Rep. California District 29
  119. Senator from Maryland (2007-Present), former U.S. Representative
  120. Fmr New Jersey State Senator
  121. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  122. American educator serving as the 12th United States Secretary of Education
  123. Former President Of Brazil (1995-2003)
  124. U.S. Representative from California
  125. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  126. George Carey  (2)
    Lord; UK House of Lords
  127. Former Governor of New York (1975-1982)Born: 04/11/1919
  128. Italian Female Politician And Former Model. 'Minister For The South And Territorial Cohesion' (2021- ), 'Minister For Equal Opportunities' (2008-2011). TV Series - 'La domenica del villaggio' (Showgirl)(2000-2006)
  129. Former Governor of New Mexico (1967-1971)
  130. Served as British Foreign Secretary between 1979 and 1982, also known as 'Baron Carington of Upton' or simply 'Lord Carington'.Born: 06/06/1919
  131. US Representative from Alabama
  132. king sweden
  133. Clerk of the United States House of Representatives (1995-1998)
  134. Lord. House of Lords
  135. Former Governor of Kansas (1979-1987); Archivist of the U.S. (1995-2005)
  136. American Female Former Politician - 'First Lady of Kansas' (1981-1985)
  137. Bishop of Carlisle. UK House of Lords
  138. Governor-General of Antigua & Barbuda (1993-2007)
  139. government offical england
  140. Mayor of Honolulu, Hawai'i (2010-13)
  141. Angolan Male Former Politian - 'Prime Minister Of Angola' (1992-1996), '1st Executive Secretary Of The Lusophone Commonwealth' (1996-2000), 'Provincial Commissioner Of Bié' (1986-1987), 'Provincial Commissioner Of Huambo' (1987-1989)
  142. Vanuatuan Male Former Politician. 'Prime Minister Of Vanuatu' (1991-1995, 1996), 'Acting President of Vanuatu' (2009), 'Speaker Of The Parliament' (1980-1983, 1995-1996, 2009-2011)
  143. French Female Politician - 'Member Of The French SenateFor Bouches-du-Rhone' (2020), 'Minister Delegate To Disabled People' (2012-14), 'Member Of The National Assembly For Bouches-du-Rho'ne's 5th Constituency' (2012-17), 'European Parliament'(1996-2009)
  144. Former Governor of Minnesota (1991-1999)
  145. U.S. Ambassador to Latvia (2001-2004)
  146. January 23, 1893 - May 30, 1987 was an American politician who served as the 30th governor of Kansas, Kansas State representative, United States representative, and United States senator from Kansas
  147. USA Ambassador to Philippines
  148. Former Prime Minister of Sweden (1986-1991, 1994-1996)
  149. Secretary of Defense 1987-89
  150. Italian Female Actress, TV Presenter, And Former Politician. TV Series - 'Buona Domenica' (Host)(1994-1995), 'Domenica in' (Guest Role)(2007), 'Acqua Calda' (Guest)(1993) Plus Many More. 'Deputy Of The Italian Republic -Puglia District' (2010-2012)
  151. British Politician
  152. British Politician
  153. (January 9, 1897 - March 24, 1968) was an American diplomat and politician from Southeast Missouri. served in Congress for for 14 years, becoming the first member of the prominent Carnahan Family to serve in public office
  154. American Female Former Politian And Author. 'United States Senator From Missouri' (2001-2002), 'First Lady Of Missouri' (1993-2000). Novel - 'If Walls Could Talk: The Story Of Missouri?s First Families' (1998), 'Christmas At The Mansion' (1998)
  155. Governor of Missouri (1993-2000), Elected to Senate posthumously
  156. Missouri Secretary of State (2005-present); U.S. Senate Candidate (2010)
  157. U.S. Representative from Missouri
  158. English Female Personality And Author - '8th Countess of Carnarvon'. Novel - 'The Earl and the Pharaoh: From The Real Downton Abbey To The Discovery Of Tutankhamun' (2022), 'Seasons At Highclere' (2021), 'Afternoon Tea' (2015)
  159. Scottish Former Female Politian - Baroness Carnegy Of Lour. 'Scottish Council For Tertiary Education' (1979-1984), ' Manpower Services Commission Committee For Scotland' (1980-1983)
  160. Spanish Male Politician - 'Member Of The European Parliament' (1994- )
  161. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  162. White House Press Secretary (2011-2014)
  163. John Carney  (3)
    Lieutenant Governor of Delaware (2001-2009); U.S. Representative from Delaware (2011-2017) Governor of Delaware (2017 - present)
  164. Former Prime Minister of Slovakia (1991-1992)
  165. Fmr Mayor of Fort Worth TX
  166. Politician - European Parlament
  167. Former Mayor of Miami (1996-97; 1998-2001)
  168. Republican Alaska state representative
  169. Former Governor of Delaware (1993-2001); U.S. Senator from Delaware (2001-present)
  170. Canadian Female Politian - 'Leader of the Green Party of British Columbia' (2000-2005), 'Deputy Leader Green Party of Canada' (2006- ), 'Vancouver City Councillor' (2011- )
  171. Retired Australian politician who served as Premier of New South Wales from 1995 to 2005, as the leader of the Labor Party
  172. Robert Carr  (2)
    Lord. UK House of Lords. Born: 11/11/1916
  173. American Female Politian And Business Woman - '26th Administrator Of The Small Business Administration' (2020-2021), '44th Treasurer Of \The United States' (2017-2020), 'Deputy Administrator Of The Small Business Administration' (2006-2009)
  174. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  175. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  176. Spanish Communist Leader during the Spanish Civil War, Born: 01/18/1915
  177. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  178. Trinidadian - Born American Politian - 'Member Of The American Battle Monuments Commission' (2018-2021), '18th Lieutenant Governor Of Florida' (2011-2013), 'Member Of The Florida House Of Representatives From The 13th District' (2003-2010)
  179. Former Governor of Kentucky (1974-1979
  180. American Female Politian And Lawyer - 'Member Of The Virginia House Of Delegates From The 2nd District' (2018-2020)
  181. Former Governor of New Mexico (1987-1991)
  182. Former Premier of the Australian State of NSW
  183. U.S. Representative from Indiana
  184. U.S. Representative from Oklahoma (2001-05)
  185. American Former Female Politician -'Member Of The U.S. House Of Representatives From Indiana'(1997-2007), 'Member Of The Indiana Senate From The 34th District'(1976-1990), 'Member Of The Indiana House Of Representatives From The 45th District'(1972-1976)
  186. Canadian Female Former Politician. 'Canadian Senator' (1994-2011), 'Member Of The Legislative Assembly Of Manitoba For River Heights' (1989-1994), 'Leader Of The Manitoba Liberal Party' (1984-1993), Plus More Administrative Titles
  187. German Politican for CDU.5th Bundespresident of Germany 1979-84.President of the Deutschen Bundestages 1976-79
  188. American diplomat and retired United States Army Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel. Carstens has served as the Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs
  189. British Politician
  190. Lord. UK HOuse of Lords
  191. Andy Carter  (2)
    British Politician
  192. U.S. Secretary of Defense (2015-17)
  193. Billy Carter  (2)
    Brother of jimmy carter had his own brand of beer
  194. Representative from Georgia
  195. American politician and businessman from Plains, Georgia. Served in the Georgia State Senate, succeeding his first cousin President Jimmy Carter, from 1967 until 1981
  196. Jack Carter  (2)
    Son Of Former President Jimmy Carter, Running For State Senate
  197. Jason Carter  (3)
    Grandson Of President Jimmy CarterJason was born August 7, 1975
  198. 39th President of the United States, Also a prolific speaker and author, 2002 Nobel Prize for Peace recipient
  199. John Carter  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Texas
  200. John Carter  (6)
    Mayor of The Far North District of New Zealand
  201. Virginia House of Delegates
  202. Lord. UK House of Lords
  203. American Female Former First Lady Of The United States And Author. Married To President Jimmy Carter. Novel - 'First Lady from Plains' (1984), 'Within Our Reach: Ending The Mental Health Crisis' (2010)
  204. Lord. UK House of Lords
  205. Mayor, St Paul Minnesota. (2018 - )
  206. Former Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs (1977-1980)
  207. Representative from Pennsylvania
  208. Governor-General of New Zealand (2001-06)
  209. chief minister gibraltar
  210. governor de.
  211. Former Clinton Campaign Manager; Democratic Political Strategist, Co-Host of CNN's 'Crossfire', appeared as the prosecutor in the film, 'The People vs. Larry Flynt'
  212. Viscount of Falkland, British Politician
  213. Politician - European Parlament
  214. Politician - European Parlament
  215. Politician
  216. Swiss Female Former Politician (2000-2015). '15th Chancellor Of Switzerland' (2008-2015), 'Vice - Chancellor Of Switzerland' (2000-2007)
  217. U.S. Representative from New Jersey (1945-1953); U.S. Senator from New Jersey (1955-1979)
  218. U.S. Representative from Hawaii (2002-07)
  219. Pennsylvania Senator (2007-)
  220. British Politician
  221. Mayor of Reno, Nevada
  222. Politician - European Parlament
  223. Son of Princess Caroline of Monaco; 2nd in line to the throne of Monaco
  224. Monégasque Female Model, Socialite, Writer, Editor, Equestrian, Journalist, Film Producer, And Humanitarian. Daughter Of Princess Caroline Of Monaco; 11th In Line To The Throne Of Monaco
  225. Son of Princess Caroline of Monaco; 3rd in line to the throne of Monaco
  226. deputy director J-5 joint staff
  227. Politician - European Parlament
  228. Belgian Female Politian - 'Federal Member Of The House Of Representatives' (2014-2019), 'Mayor of Ouffet' (2012- ), 'Member Of The Walloon Parliament' (2019- )
  229. U.S. Senator from Louisiana (2015-??)
  230. Member of the Swiss Federal Council
  231. government offical mexico
  232. United States Congressman from Illinois
  233. French Female Politician - European Parliament (2004-2014)
  234. Former French Prime Minister (2020-2022)
  235. Peruvian Politician, President of Peru (2021-)
  236. English Former Female Politian - 'Member of Parliament for Blackburn' (1950-55), 'Member of the European Parliament for Greater Manchester West' (1979-84), 'Member of the House of Lords' (1990-02), 'Member of Parliament' (1945 to 1979)
  237. American politician. Ran for Vice President (in 2008) and for President (2016) with the Constitution Party
  238. U.S. Representative from Deleware (1993-2011); Former Governor of Delaware (1985-1993)
  239. American Female Politian - 'Member Of The South Dakota Senate From The 35th District' (2020- )
  240. American Female Politian - '59th Mayor of Tampa' (2019- ), '10th Chief Of The Tampa Police Department' (2009-2015)
  241. American Female Politian - 'U.S. House Of Representatives From Florida' (2007- ), 'Chair Of The House Climate Crisis Committee' (2019- ), 'Member Of The Hillsborough County Commission From The 1st District' (2003-2007)
  242. Former President of Cuba
  243. Mayor of San Antonio, Texas (2009-14); Secretary of Housing & Urban Development (2014-present)
  244. First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba; President of Cuba (2008-18); Former Vice - President & Brother of Fidel Castro
  245. Governor of Arizona (1975-77); U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador (1964?68); Bolivia (1968?69); Argentina (1977-80)
  246. Texas House Member Spoke at the DNC 2012 Convention along with his brother Mayor of San Antionio, Texas
  247. Honduran Female Politian - '56th President Of Honduras' (2022- ), 'First Lady Of Honduras' (2006-2009)
  248. Politician - European Parlament
  249. Mayor of Key West, Florida (2009-)
  250. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  251. Earl of Cathcart. UK House of Lords
  252. Retired Maryland Court of Appeals Judge
  253. British Politician
  254. President of the Regional Council of Lombardy, Italy. Politician
  255. 12/6/1930-12/18/2011 American businessman and public servant/Ambassador to El Salvador from 1971 to 1973/Ambassador to the United Kingdom, 1989-1991/Authored 'Ambassadors at Sea: The High and Low Adventures of a Diplomat'
  256. Politician - European Parlament
  257. Former Foreign Minister of Argentina, Presidential candidate
  258. American Female Politician - 'Michigan House Of Representatives From The 10th District' (2021)
  259. Secretary of Education (1988-1990)
  260. Duke of Devonshire
  261. English Former Female Aristocrat, Author, Memoirist, And Socialite. The Duchess Of Devonshire. Novel - 'The Estate: A View from Chatsworth' (1990), 'Treasures of Chatsworth: A Private View' (1991), 'The Chatsworth Cookery Book' (2003)
  262. Lord. UK House of Lords
  263. Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania (2011 - )
  264. American Male Politian - 'Member Of The U.S. House Of Representatives From North Carolina's 11th District' (2021-2023)
  265. fifth Governor of the State of Hawaii from 1994 to 2002
  266. Lord Rotherwick, British Politician
  267. U.S. Representative from Louisiana
  268. Former French Prime Minister (2016-2017)
  269. (1918-1989) was a Romanian Communist dictator. He was also the country's head of state from 1967 to 1989. He was executed by firing squad along with his wife on Christmas Day 1989 following a revolution
  270. French Female Politician - 'Mayor of Puteaux' (2004- ). 'Member Of The National Assembly For Hauts - de - Seine's 6th Constituency' (2002-2012)
  271. Belgian senator
  272. De facto ruler of Haiti from 1991 to 1994, now living in Panamá City, Panama
  273. Politician
  274. Governor of Ohio (1983-91)
  275. Former United States Ambassador to Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, and Tuvalu (2019-2021)
  276. Governor of Massachusetts (1999-2001); U.S. Ambassador to Canada (2001-05)
  277. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  278. Former United States Deputy Secretary of Agriculture (2017-2020)
  279. Mayor of Franklin, Ohio (2019 - Present) Candidate for OH-1 Congressional Race (2022)
  280. Politician - European Parlament
  281. President of El Salvador, since 1 June 2014
  282. French Female Politician, Journalist, And Former Sailor - 'Member Of The European Parliament For France' (2019- )
  283. U.S. Representative from Ohio
  284. Former president of Syria in 2000, is living in Paris, France in exile
  285. Lord. UK House of Lords
  286. Mayor of Rotorua Lakes, New Zealand
  287. Governor of Rhode Island (1963-1969); U.S. Senator from Rhode Island (1976-1999)
  288. Former U.S. Senator from Rhode Island (1999-2007); Governor of Rhode Island (2011-15)
  289. South Dakota Republican state representative
  290. former U.S. House of Representatives from Utah, FOX News pundit/fill - in host for Tucker Carlson
  291. Director Liberty, Human Rights Activist
  292. Lord. UK House of Lords
  293. English Female Politian - 'Minister of State for Europe' (1986-1989), 'Minister of State for Transport' (1983-1986), 'Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport' (1982-1983), Plus More, 'Member of the House of Lords Lord Temporal' (1992-2023)
  294. Fmr United States Congressman
  295. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  296. Fmr United States Congressman
  297. U.S. Senator from Georgia (2003-15)
  298. Former President of Afghanistan from November, 1986 - September, 1987
  299. Lebanese Politican. Current president of the Liberal Party in Lebanon
  300. Prime Minister Of Papua New Guinea, 1980-1982, 1994-1997
  301. Baseball Hall of Fame Commissioner, former Governor of Kentucky and U.S. Senator. Served as MLB second commissioner after Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis. He supported the signing of Jackie Robinson & made other improvements to the game
  302. U.S. Representative from Kentucky
  303. New Mexico Democratic state representative
  304. Viscount. UK House of Lords
  305. prime minister taiwan
  306. Michigan Senator
  307. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  308. Secretary of Labor (2001-09); wife of U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell
  309. Beth Chapman  (2)
    Alabama Secretary of State (2007-present)
  310. Former Washington Secretary of State (1975-1980); Director of the U.S. Census Bureau (1981-1983); U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. in Vienna (1985-1988)
  311. Lord Northfield, British Politician
  312. British Politician
  313. U.S. Representative from Texas (1985-97)
  314. Baroness. UK House of Lords
  315. Politician
  316. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  317. Premier of Quebec (2003-present)
  318. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  319. Former Prime Minister of Dominica (2000-2004)
  320. American lawyer and Republican political figure. He was assistant secretary of state at the U.S. State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs from 2003 to 2005. He served under Secretary of State Colin Powell
  321. Politician - European Parlament
  322. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  323. Politician and aboriginal activist in Manitoba, Canada. He is the current leader of the Manitoba Métis Federation
  324. Virginia State Senate, running for Governor in 2021
  325. president of National Education Association
  326. South Dakota Republican state representative
  327. 1st woman to serve in both houses of the United States Congress, and the first woman to represent Maine in either. A moderate Republican, she was among the first to criticize the tactics of Joseph McCarthy in her 1950 speech, 'Declaration of Conscience'
  328. New Mexico Democratic state representative
  329. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  330. Belgian Secretary of State
  331. British Olympic Athlete, Television news broadcaster, and a Conservative politician.
  332. Former French minister
  333. New Mexico Republican state representative
  334. Director of the Selective Service System (2004-2009)
  335. Daughter of the Earl of Snowdon and the late Princess Margaret; wife of Daniel Chatto
  336. Politician - European Parlament
  337. Mayor of Albuquerque, New Mexico (1993-97; 2001-09)
  338. Author & fmr State Senator
  339. President of Venezuela (1999-2013)
  340. American Civil Rights Leader, Former Executive Director of the NAACP
  341. Mayor of Fayetteville, North Carolina
  342. Chief Executive of Hong Kong (1997-2005)
  343. French politician
  344. Former East-German Politician, Member of the Central Committee of the East-German party SED
  345. United States District Judge
  346. U.S. Circuit Judge of U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
  347. Former Vice-President of the United States
  348. US. Representative from Wyoming; Daughter of former VP Dick Cheney, Voted for historic second impeachment of Donald Trump
  349. Taiwanese athlete and politician. Bronze medalist in 1968 Olympic 80m hurdles
  350. West Virginia State Senator 1955-8
  351. Prime Minister of Russia from 1992 to 1998, was recently designated as a presidential adviser
  352. Belgian Senator
  353. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  354. Michigan State Senator
  355. Lt. Governor of Michigan (2002-present)
  356. Former Secretary Of Homeland Security (2005-09); Third Circuit Court Of Appeals Judge
  357. Earl of Shrewsbry, British Politician
  358. Former French minister
  359. Former French Foreign minister between 1981 and 1984, born in 1920
  360. Taiwanese politician. Wife of Huang Chih-hsiung
  361. Host on Windy City live, former anchor on ABC7 Chicago
  362. Politician - European Parlament
  363. Former Prime Minister of Moldova
  364. Lord. UK House of Lords
  365. Politician - European Parlament
  366. Former Senator from New Jersey
  367. Taiwanese taekwondo artist and politician. Bronze in 2000 Olympics and Silver in 2004 Olympics
  368. MEP European Parliament, Politician
  369. U.S. Representative from Mississippi (2008-2011)
  370. U.S. District Court in South Carolina
  371. Fmr Governor of Florida
  372. Lord. UK House of Lords
  373. President of Costa Rica
  374. American former ATF agent and gun control advocate who is the nominee to serve as the director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in the Biden administration
  375. Wife of the former French president Jacques Chirac
  376. Former President of France (1995-2007)
  377. Politician - European Parlament
  378. first afro--american woman elected to congress 1968)
  379. MP for Gillingham and Rainham since 2010, Boris Johnson's special Envoy for Freedom of Religion or Belief since 2019
  380. Former President of Mozambique (1986-2004)
  381. Lord. UK House of Lords
  382. New Jersey State Assemblyman (2008-present)
  383. Politician - European Parlament
  384. Mayor of Cerritos, CA
  385. American politician, consul to the Republic of Korea 1980-83, appeared as self in 'Triumph and Tragedy: The Ray Mancini Story'
  386. U.S. Representative from Indiana
  387. Marquess. UK House of Lords
  388. British Politician
  389. Lord. UK House of Lords
  390. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  391. 20th Prime Minister of Canada (1993-2003), and former Leader of the Leader of the Liberal Party (1990-2003)
  392. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  393. Politician - European Parlament
  394. President Johnson Press Secretary
  395. West Virginia House of Delegates 40's & 50's
  396. U.S. Representative from the Virgin Islands
  397. Mayor of Dover, Delaware since 2014
  398. Governor of MN 1925 - 31
  399. Governor of New Jersey (2010-2018); United States Attorney for the District of New Jersey (2002-2008); Presidential Candidate, 2016
  400. Prime Minister of the Bahamas
  401. President of Cyprus (2008-present)
  402. Lord. UK House of Lords
  403. U.S. Secretary of State (1993-97)
  404. Princess Marie-Louise of Bulgaria 's husband
  405. German politician, member of the Bundestag
  406. Politician - European Parlament
  407. U.S. Representative from California; First Chinese-American woman to serve in Congress
  408. Nobel Laureate (Physics 1997); U.S. Secretary of Energy (2009-13)
  409. Former First Vice-Premier of Russia (1994-1996)
  410. Politician - European Parlament
  411. Chung Mong-joon or Chung Mong Joon (born October 17, 1951) is a South Korean businessman and politician. He is the sixth son of Chung Ju-yung, founder of Hyundai
  412. Former leader of South Korea
  413. French Politician Born 1916. Active in politics in the 50's. Mayor of Brest
  414. Spouse of U.S. Senator Frank Church of Idaho. As politically active as her husband, she earned the nickname of 'Idaho's third senator.'
  415. Former US Senator
  416. Former President of Italy (1999-2006), Former Prime Minister (1993-1994)
  417. Former mayor of Providence RI
  418. Politician - European Parlament
  419. Candidate for Governor of New Jersey
  420. Representative Rhode Island District 1
  421. Cuban politician, first non-Puerto Rican to run for Puerto Rico governor, businessman, owner of 'Los Cidrines' bread
  422. Turkey's first female prime minister. Served 1993 - 1996
  423. Former Pm of Poland
  424. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  425. Former United States Deputy Secretary of Transportation (2005-2007)
  426. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  427. Israeli citizen who was hired by New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey as Homeland Security Advisor
  428. Pasquale Anthony 'Pat' Cipollone[ served as White House Counsel for President Donald Trump
  429. Secretary of Housing & Urban Development 1993-1997
  430. Mayor of Bolingbrook, IL (1986-)
  431. Belgian Senator
  432. Belgian politican and Secretary General of NATO in 1994 - 1995
  433. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  434. European Deputy
  435. Michigan State House of Representatives 1937-40
  436. British Politician
  437. Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve (2018-2022)
  438. Politician
  439. Former Mayor of Portland Oregon
  440. Age 10 when 11/22/1963 Downtown Fort Worth/Stood in front of barricade, President Kennedy stood before her, her sister and her mother. They got to shake his hand, and the hands of the governor and the vice president before he went to Dallas
  441. 35th Premier of British Columbia, Canada
  442. David Clark  (5)
    Lord. UK House of Lords
  443. Politician - European Parlament
  444. Ed Clark  (2)
    1980 Libertarian Party nominee for President
  445. Mississippi Secretary of State (1996-2008)
  446. Fmr United States Congressman
  447. 31st Premier of British Columbia, Canada
  448. Greg Clark  (4)
    British Politician
  449. Prime Minister of New Zealand (1999-2008); Administrator of the UN Development Programme (2009-present)
  450. Was an Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division from 2018 to 2021. In September 2020, he was also appointed acting head of the Civil Division
  451. Joan Clark  (2)
    US diplomat. Ambassador to Malta 1979-81
  452. 16th. Prime Minister of Canada. In office from June 4, 1979 - March 3, 1980
  453. Representative Massachusetts District 5
  454. British Politician
  455. Lynda Clark  (3)
    Baroness. UK House of Lords
  456. Former U.S. Senator from Iowa (1973-1979)
  457. National Security Advisor (1982-1983); Secretary of the Interior (1983-1985)
  458. Joseph S. Clark Jr. (1901-1990) - US Senator, PA (D) from 1957-1969 and Philadelphia PA Mayor from 1952-1956
  459. Lord. UK House of Lords
  460. Governor-General of Trinidad & Tobago (1973-76); President of Trinidad & Tobago (1976-1987)
  461. Former Acting Director of the FBI (July 19 to September 1, 1993)
  462. Former Chancellor of the Exchequer (1994-1997)
  463. American attorney who is the president of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. She previously managed the Civil Rights bureau of the New York Department of Law under Eric Schneiderman
  464. Born June 27th 1915) is an African American labor leader from Ohio. She was inducted into the Ohio Women's Hall of Fame in 1986 by Governor Richard Celeste. She turned 100 in June 2015
  465. Major political player. Most recently from 01-03 he was the Special Adviser to the Pres for Cyberspace Security
  466. Tom Clarke  (2)
    British Politician
  467. U.S. Representative from New York (2007-present)
  468. Milwaukee County Sheriff, frequent political Pundit on FOX News
  469. Former Governor-General of Canada (1999-2005)
  470. Louisiana Politician & mother of actress Patricia Clarkson
  471. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  472. President/Mayor of Terrebone Parish-Houma, LA (2008-16)
  473. German politician - member of Deutscher Bundestag
  474. American Army General born 1897.Military Governor of West Germany following WW2.Member of the'Judgment at Nuernberg'(1948).
  475. U.S. Representative from Missouri
  476. U.S. Representative from Missouri
  477. Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2010-2015); Leader of the Liberal Democrats (2007-2015); KBE
  478. Former Senator from Georgia (1996-2003)
  479. U.S. Representative from Tennessee (1988-2003)
  480. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  481. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  482. Paul Clement  (2)
    Former US Principal Deputy Solicitor General (2001-2004) and US Solicitor General (2004-2008)
  483. Lord. UK House of Lords
  484. Former Police officer and Police Chief for Providence, RI
  485. Former Governor of Texas (1979-1983, 1987-1991)
  486. Belgian Secretary of State
  487. French Politician, member of the National Assembly of France
  488. President Of Cyprus 1993 - 2003
  489. Granddaughter of Grover Cleveland
  490. Granddaughter of President Grover Cleveland
  491. Grandson of Grover Cleveland, President
  492. British Politician
  493. Mayor of Fairbanks, Alaska
  494. United States Secretary of Defense 1968-1969 during LBJ White House Administration
  495. Mayor of Newark, DE
  496. British Politician
  497. United States Congressman from Virginia
  498. 42nd President of The United States, former governor of Arkansas, spouse of former Secretary of State and 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton, author of The New York Times Bestsellers 'My Life' 'Back to Work' ; Started the Clinton Foundation
  499. Former First Lady of the U.S. (1992-2000); Senator from New York (2001-2009); 67th U.S. Secretary of State (2009-2013); 1st Female to become a Major Party Nominee, won 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination; Author of NYT Bestseller 'Living History'