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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: C
Browsing Category Home->Artist/Designer , A-Z Filter: C
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  1. Illustrator/Cartoonist (Betty Boop)
  2. (Born June 27, 1914 in the Bronx, NY) Cabat is an American studio ceramicist, classified as part of the Mid-Century modern movement. At age 100 she is the oldest known actively practicing pottery artist in America
  3. Professional photographer, covered major historic and sporting events. Rode in JFK's Dallas motorcade in the White House Press Bus and snapped photos of Dealey Plaza in the seconds after the shooting
  4. Fort Worth Star-Telegram photographer in 1963, Cabluck covered President Kennedy in Fort Worth and Dallas. Following the assassination, he went to Parkland Memorial Hospital and then took aerial photographs of Dealey Plaza
  5. Artist
  6. Comic Book Artist - Quasar, Iron Man, Spider-Man, What If?, Conan, X-Men
  7. Born Jean Bousquet in 1932. French businessman and politician (Cacharel creator)
  8. (December 17, 1904 - December 12, 1999) American artist. Known for his paintings & drawings of nude male figures. Works combined elements of eroticism & social critique to produce a style often called magic realism/Painted with egg tempera
  9. Artist
  10. Artist
  11. Political Cartoonist, publisher and owner of (Cagle Cartoons)
  12. Artist
  13. Artist
  14. Artist
  15. famous architect
  16. Artist
  17. WWII: Marine who fought at Guadalcanal, Tarawa, Guam. As a boy, he attended the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, met and corresponded with Civil War veterans, and is a sculptor of miniature figures
  18. Dungeons and Dragons Merchandise
  19. Gag Cartoonist - MAD Magazine, National Lampoon, Playboy, The New Yorker, many more
  20. Artist
  21. R2D2 -USPS mailbox artist
  22. Comic artist
  23. Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Animator currently doing freelance work and indie game development for Crashnauts
  24. Artist - 'First Man on the Moon' stamp, 'General MacArthur' stamp, 'Gemini Space Twins' stamp, MANY others
  25. 2010 Hasselblad Award
  26. Animation storyboard artist
  27. Artist
  28. Illustrator
  29. Graphic designer
  30. fashion designer
  31. Artist, transforms commercial art into abstractions. (Heineken, etc)
  32. former Hockey Player/Model/Photographer
  33. Animator, cartoonist, comic book artist, director, and producer. Camp has been nominated for two Emmys, a CableACE Award, and an Annie Award for his work on The Ren & Stimpy Show
  34. Artist, 'The Seattle Sketcher' Column, the Seattle Times
  35. Comic Book Artest
  36. Artist
  37. Tattoo Artist
  38. Disney artist
  39. Illustrator
  40. Artist
  41. French photograph
  42. American children's author and illustrator. Her first book, Stellaluna, about a baby fruit bat, has been included in the National Education Association and School Library Journal's list of 100 best children's books of all time
  43. costume designer (a clockwork orange)
  44. Artist
  45. Editorial photographer, specialised in people
  46. world renowned artist, writer.
  47. Layout supervisor and crew member of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
  48. Illustrator and book designer in the field of fantasy literature
  49. Former Photographer for Life Magazine, co founder of International Center of Photography, and brother of Robert Capa. (deceased)
  50. Children's Author, Illustrator
  51. fashion designer
  52. Photographer
  53. computer software designer
  54. Comicbook artist
  55. French Fashion designer
  56. Award Winning Architect
  57. Comic Book illustrator
  58. Artist
  59. Sculptor, born in 1930
  60. American comic book artist best known for his DC Comics work on Aquaman, the Teen Titans and other major characters.
  61. Mike Carey  (5)
  62. Photographer, filmmaker, and author
  63. B-24 Liberator Pilot/32 missions w/747 Squadron/456 Bomber Group/Noted Aviation Artist
  64. Contestant on Spike TV Ink Master (2014)
  65. WWII veteran and American painter known for his figurative paintings based on the work of the old masters
  66. Artist
  67. Indiana Jones sketch artist
  68. Artist
  69. Artist - created the James Bond 007 logo, West Side Story poster illustration, Woody Allen's Manhattan logo, ABC News logo, 20/20 logo, Fox Network logo, Orion logo
  70. Costume Designer
  71. Artist
  72. Illustrator
  73. Artist, Illustrator
  74. 3D Artists/Supervisor
  75. Architect. Vice President of Walt Disney Imagineering. Son of Actor John Carradine. Appeared in the documentary The Carradines Together 1979
  76. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  77. British-born Painter/Writer. Born: 04/06/1917, is now living in Mexico
  78. An internationally renowned revue producer, choreographer, and costumer. The first male burlesque dancer
  79. Painter, born in 1932
  80. Artist
  81. Author
  82. Actor, now photographer
  83. Artist
  84. Comic Book Artist
  85. costume designer (what's love got to do with it)
  86. photographer
  87. Fashion Designer. Born: 08/31/1909
  88. Disney cartoon animator
  89. Author, Illustrator
  90. Illustrator
  91. Comic book artist
  92. Fashion Designer
  93. Freelancer illustrator
  94. American painter, who paints exclusively with blood
  95. Spanish painter
  96. Comic book writer and illustrator
  97. Artist
  98. Model / Clothing designer
  99. Animator, born 1927. Worked with Hanna-Barbera on many of their classic cartoons, from the 1960s to the 1990s
  100. Singer. Painter and Actress (La Monaca di Monza; Demoni 2; Opera; Via Paradiso; Il Bosco; L'Amico d'infanzia; La stanza accanto; Il Fantasma dell'opera; Ghost Son; La terza madre;
  101. Dsquared2 Owners and Designers
  102. Leading African-American Sculptor, Artist. Born: 04/15/1915
  103. Italian artist
  104. French photographer, born in 1920
  105. fashion designer
  106. Artist and Illustrator for Magic the Gathering
  107. Animator - Has worked at Warner Bros., Universal and Disney. Was a part of the first CalArts Animation class along with Brad Bird and John Lasseter
  108. Comic book Artist
  109. Artist
  110. fashion designer
  111. Animation storyboard artist
  112. fashion designer
  113. animator / producer / founder - camp chaos entertainment
  114. Turkish photographer, screenwriter, actor, and film director. He was the winner of the Palme d'Or, the highest prize at the Cannes Film Festival
  115. Painter
  116. Comic book creator and artist on Hex The Lost Tribe
  117. Inker for marvel comics
  118. Artist, Toy Design
  119. Illustrator/ Artist
  120. Author
  121. fashion designer
  122. Canadian Photographer
  123. Artist, Designer
  124. Artist
  125. Artist, Illustrator, Toy Design
  126. Clothing Designer, Artist
  127. Jason Chan  (3)
    Fantasy artist
  128. Designer on lord of the rings
  129. Jake Chapman  (2)
  130. Illustrator
  131. fashion designer
  132. Eisner Award winning comic artist living in New York. Recent work includes Marvel's Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, the all ages Star Wars Adventures for IDW Publishing, and Jughead's Time Police for Archie Comics
  133. Artist and muralist. Based in New York City. Known for Veselkhiarascuro in trendy hotspot Veselka on Second Avenue. Also for completing many murals at the Hotel Edison
  134. Artist-Star Wars Incredible Cross Sections
  135. WWII: PTO. Photographer of the 36th PRS who photographed the arrival of the Japanese surrender envoys (arriving in 'Green Cross Bettys') at Ie Shima, 19 August 1945
  136. Artist and former actor. Husband of Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, Queen Elizabeth's II's niece
  137. Italian comic-book artist who has drawn Marvel Comics' miniseries Shattered Empire, Obi-Wan and Anakin, and Captain Phasma, written by Greg Rucka, Charles Soule, and Kelly Thompson respectively. He also pencilled The Screaming Citad
  138. Animator for Toys for Bob
  139. Artist/Animator; worked on several Disney projects - Frankenweenie, Wreck-It-Ralph, Big Hero 6, Paperman
  140. katana/blade designer - works with CAS Iberia at times
  141. Artist, Illustrator
  142. Artist
  143. Artist mostly sf book cover and star trek cards
  144. Illustrator
  145. Children's Author
  146. Artist
  147. Actor - Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace(Flag Bearer)/Design Director - Ghost, The Doors, Switch, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Death Becomes Her, Forrest Gump, The Mask
  148. Artist
  149. American Glass Sculptor
  150. Children's Author
  151. Architect
  152. Illustrator
  153. Illustrator for DC, Marvel and Dynamite Entertainment
  154. London based artist and designer, well known for his floating house, sliding house, upside down house, levitating building, and melting house
  155. Artist
  156. Pulp magazine artist
  157. Artist
  158. American painter, muralist, graffiti artist of Korean descent
  159. IMAGE Comics artist; Gen 13...etc
  160. Animation layout artist
  161. Illustrator-Star Wars Comic
  162. Artist for CD Projeckt Red
  163. Creator of we bare bears
  164. American contemporary theater director, choreographer, video and installation artist. Internationally recognized as a director, writer, and multi-disciplinary artist, and is considered a seminal figure in Asian American theatre
  165. Matte painting artist
  166. Storyboard artist at Bento Box Entertainment. Storyboard artist for Bobs Burgers
  167. Artist, Illustrator
  168. Supermodel/Actress-Inferno,Allegro,March of the Anal Sadistic Warrior,Playboy December 2013
  169. costume designer
  170. Fashion Designer
  171. Animation designer
  172. Culture Artists
  173. Animation designer
  174. Artist
  175. Artist
  176. Comics artist
  177. California-based Artist, Painter, Illustrator, Toy Designer
  178. Children's Author
  179. Illustrator
  180. Artist
  181. Designer, restauranteur, author; brother of Madonna
  182. One armed folk artist and carver. philadelphia artist. paintings are in polish american museum
  183. Artist
  184. Comic Book Artist
  185. Architect
  186. fashion desgner
  187. British Electronic Artist
  188. Devin Clark  (2)
    Creator, writer, and voice actor on Ugly Americans
  189. Don Clark  (3)
    Creator of Dragon stamp art for USPS
  190. American painter
  191. Steve Clark  (3)
    American animator
  192. Angela Clarke  (2)
  193. Illustrator
  194. Animation background artist
  195. Artist
  196. Illustrator
  197. Illustrator
  198. Hal Clement  (2)
    5/30/1922-9/29/2003 Pen name Hal Clement/Sci-fi writer, leader science fiction subgenre. Painted astronomically oriented artworks under name George Richard/1998 Clement was inducted by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame
  199. filmmaker/writer/animator - Aladdin (1992), Hercules (1997), Treasure Planet (2002), Pete's Dragon (1977, animator)
  200. fashion designer
  201. Illustrator
  202. Photographer
  203. Lead key assistant animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios from 1981-1994
  204. Storyboard Artist
  205. Fashion designer and photographer, supports others in mental health and awareness because she lost a lot at a young age and once considered suicide
  206. Artist
  207. artist, painter, hamptons socialite
  208. Married to Medicine cast member, fashion designer, founder of the women's empowerment network
  209. Artists
  210. fashion designer
  211. Fashion photographer
  212. Children's Author
  213. Artist
  214. Artist
  215. Scientist, teacher, naturalist, state park ranger, national park ranger, cruising sailor, photographer, and author
  216. Artist
  217. Author
  218. Designer
  219. Head of Television at DreamWorks Animation
  220. Comic Book Artist - House Of M, Thor, Batman, Legion of Super-Heroes
  221. Illustrator - MAD Magazine (since 1961); character design for Rankin-Bass TV specials (including Frosty the Snowman, Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town, The Year Without a Santa Claus, Rudolph's Shiny New Year, more); Comic Strips (Lancelot, Horace & Buggy)
  222. Car designer
  223. fashion designer
  224. Photographer LA Times; 2003 Robert Capa Gold Medal for photography
  225. Fashion Designer
  226. WWII: PTO. Army photographer on Guadalcanal during World War
  227. Eric Coleman  (2)
    Senior Vice President,original series disney tv animation
  228. Artist
  229. Artist
  230. Artist
  231. Children's Author
  232. Artist ,Toy Design
  233. Designer
  234. Children's Author
  235. Shawn Collins  (2)
    Fashion Designer
  236. 2D Artists/Supervisor
  237. Author
  238. Artist
  239. Rapper/Producer/Actor/Clothing designer
  240. Half of photography team Pierre et Gilles
  241. Ironworker who helped build the St Louis Arch, and gave the radio signal to fit the last piece into place on October 28. 1965
  242. Children's Author
  243. Artist
  244. Artist for Pixar
  245. Artist, Illustrator, Sculptor, Toy Designer
  246. Artist - The Fillmore '60's Rock Posters, Album covers
  247. Video game designer
  248. Artist currently working on DC's Harley Quinn
  249. Artist
  250. Centenarian American commercial illustrator who has been called 'one of the original Mad Men'
  251. Asst. animator
  252. Costume DesignerComic-Con Episode IV
  253. Comic Book Artist - Batman, Batman Beyond, The Avengers, Cyborg, Black Panther, Nightwing, Wolverine, X-23, X-Men, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  254. fashion designer
  255. English designer, restaurateur, retailer and writer
  256. Artist, most known for his Celebrity series of prints/posters featuring James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis & Humphrey Bogart
  257. Illustrator
  258. Performance Artist for Zumanity:Cirque du Soleil,Playboy August 2005
  259. Popular English painter
  260. MTG artist - 1 card
  261. Animator, Director, Creator of '2 Stupid Dogs'
  262. Illustrator
  263. Game Designer and Writer
  264. Animator for cartoons He-Man, She-Ra, Ghostbusters cartoon and many more
  265. Nigel Cooke  (2)
  266. Photographer, Author
  267. Sketch card artist Indian jones cards
  268. Daniel Cooper  (2)
    Disney Animation and character designer. Worked on Fantasia 2000, Tarzan, Chicken Little, Tangled, Wreck It Ralph, Zootopia, Moanna, Ralph Breaks the Internet
  269. Animator
  270. child book illus (satchmos blues dan brown)
  271. Justin Cooper  (2)
  272. Scientific painter of birds
  273. Author, Painter, Daughter of Actor Gary Cooper
  274. Audio Designer for Toys for Bob
  275. Author
  276. Comic art/album art
  277. Photographer/Director - Life, Control, A Most Wanted Man
  278. Artist
  279. Artist from St. Louis, MO
  280. Comic Book Artist - Hawk & Dove, Deathstroke, Deadpool: Bad Blood, Grimm Fairy Tales
  281. Italian paparazzo - involved in Vallettopoli businessman-photographer
  282. WWII - World War II combat photographer who documented the Battle of The Bulge
  283. Architect
  284. Animator
  285. American illustrator; provided official Star Wars artwork for related books, games, trading cards and magazines since 1996. He has also penciled Star Wars: Empire for Dark Horse Comics. Also has done licensed work for Star Trek
  286. Fashion designer
  287. Painter, born in 1925
  288. Illustrator; daughter of Bill Cosby
  289. Fashion Desginer Items can been seen on QVC
  290. 3D Artists/Supervisor
  291. Painter
  292. fashion designer
  293. Fantasy artist
  294. Western Artist/Settlers West Gallery, Big Horn Galleries WY & AZ
  295. Illustrator
  296. Artist
  297. fashion designer
  298. Illustrator
  299. Storyboard artist / character designer
  300. Fashion designer of elvis' jump suit and the man behind johnny cash's man in black design
  301. Storyboard Artist
  302. DC Comics artist
  303. Artist
  304. Children's Author
  305. Children's Author
  306. Ed Cox 
    Scifi and Fantasy Illustrator
  307. Phillip Cox  (2)
  308. Steve Cox  (3)
  309. Artist
  310. British illustrator, Angelina Ballerina series of children's books
  311. Comics
  312. Illustrator
  313. David Crane  (3)
    Programmer and creator of vintage video games to include Pitfall
  314. 2D Artists/Supervisor
  315. Jim Crawford  (4)
    Art Business Consultant
  316. Artist
  317. Artistic Director, son of Lol Crème of Godley & Crème & 10cc fame
  318. Comics artist
  319. Artist
  320. news photographer pulitzer prize 1989
  321. Artist
  322. American Painter/born 1910
  323. British Architect ('Archigram')
  324. Director/Artist
  325. Australia's leading underwater photographer and one of the first to film the Whale Shark
  326. Artist
  327. Artist
  328. Founder of Circus Punks
  329. Brother of robert crumb. appeared on crumb the movie
  330. Daughter of Robert Crumb. also published recent book with father. did drawings on ghost world
  331. Disney Legend, Designer, and Imagineer
  332. Comic Book Artist - Deadpool, Illuminati, Fantomex Max, Wolverine & The X-Men
  333. Sculptor and artist. Designed and created the Hannibal Lecter mask worn by Anthony Hopkins in 'The Silence of the Lambs'
  334. Animation director
  335. Mexican artist
  336. Son of Smurf creator Peyo
  337. Artist
  338. Comic Book Artist (known for blue bettle & blue devil)
  339. Animator & Director at Pixar & DreamWorks Animation
  340. Star Wars Lucasfilm-Approved Artist
  341. Illustrator
  342. A fashion photographer for The New York Times
  343. Children's Author
  344. American Painter, famous for Bea Arthur Naked, which sold for $1.9 million dollars in 2013
  345. Aaron Curry  (2)
  346. Michael Curry  (2)
    Designer who has collaborated with many major companies (such as Disney and Cirque du Soleil), big entertainment names (Cher, Madonna, Blue Man Group, etc.) and even the Olympics
  347. Character designer
  348. Author
  349. Author/ artist