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  1. Former U.S. Representative from Hawaii
  2. U.S. Ambassador to Iceland (2002-2005)
  3. Mayor of Holcomb, KS
  4. Representative from Florida
  5. Actress - SHE/title role (1935). Congresswoman from California in the 1940's. Married to actor Melvyn Douglas (1931-1980)
  6. Present United States Senate Sergeant at Arms and Doorkeeper
  7. West Virginia State Auditor (1976-1992)
  8. Nebraska Secretary of State (2000-present)
  9. Former Congressman from New Jersey
  10. Fmr 2004 United States Senate Candidate in Florida
  11. United States Congressman from Wisconsin
  12. U.S. Representative from California
  13. Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona
  14. Representative from Arizona
  15. Fmr Attorney General for Alabama
  16. Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth (1995-present)
  17. Former U.S. Senator from Georgia (1971-1972)
  18. Mayor of Bridgeport, CT
  19. Maryland State Attorney General (2007-present)
  20. Jason Gant  (2)
    South Dakota Secretary of State (2011-present)
  21. Col Stephen T. Ganyard, USMC (ret.) is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
  22. U.S. Representative from California (2009-??) ;Lieutenant Governor of California (2007-09)
  23. U.S. Ambassador to Latvia (2009-present)
  24. United States Ambassador to Latvia (2009-2012) and former US Ambassador to Cyprus (2019-2022)
  25. Victor Garber  (2)
    American politician in the state of Wyoming. Served in the Wyoming House of Representatives as a member of the Republican and Democratic Party
  26. Interim governor of Puerto Rico/
  27. Mayor of Los Angeles, California (2013-present)
  28. District Attorney of Los Angeles County from 1992 - 2000. s first term was dominated by his office's prosecution of the O.J. Simpson double-murder trial
  29. Jesus Garcia  (3)
    United States Congressman from Illinois
  30. Joseph Garcia  (2)
    Lieutenant Governor of Colorado (2011-present)
  31. Mike Garcia  (3)
    California's 25th Congressional District Representative. Former US Navy combat pilot
  32. U.S. Rep CA-42 (2023-); Mayor, Long Beach CA, (2014 - 2022)
  33. United States Congresswoman from Texas
  34. Governor of Puerto Rico
  35. U.S. Senator from Colorado (2015-??)
  36. Founder of 'Common Cause,' government watchdog group
  37. American politician and attorney from the state of Missouri. She is the circuit attorney for the city of St. Louis, Missouri. She previously served as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives
  38. Former Governor of Washington (1985-1993)
  39. New Hampshire Secretary of State (1976-present)
  40. US President, 1881
  41. 86th Attorney General of the United States under President Joe Biden President Obama's Nominee to the United States Supreme Court
  42. Fmr Congressmen
  43. Former U.S. Senator from Utah (1974-1993)
  44. 32nd Vice President of the United States
  45. Former Governor of Rhode Island (1977-1985)
  46. Former Solicitor General of the United States (2008-2009)
  47. U.S. Representative from New Jersey
  48. Former US Congressman from Virginia
  49. Former United States Secretary of the Navy (1989-1992)
  50. Mayor of Los Angeles, ca
  51. US Ambassador to Cameroon (2007-2010)
  52. Congressman from Virginia
  53. U.S. Ambassador to Mexico (2002-09)
  54. Former US Ambassador to South Africa(2013-2016)
  55. Former President of Texas A&M; CIA Director (1991-1993); Secretary of Defense (2006-2011)
  56. Theoretical physicist. Served on Barack Obama's Council of Advisors on Science & Tech. Black History Month 2017 Honoree. Featured in TurboTax and Verizon commercials and on NOVA PBS programs on physics, notably The Elegant Universe (2003)
  57. Ezekiel C. Gathings (1903-1979) - US Congress, AR-1 (D) from 1939-1969
  58. Former Mayor of Freeport. Illinois Democrat Politican
  59. American Actor (b: 1931) - Psycho, Spartacus, Imitation of Life, Midnight Lace, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Romanoff & Juliet, Tammy Tell Me True, Back Street, Destry (TV - title role). US Ambassador to Mexico (1981-1986). Married to Constance Towers
  60. Former United States Ambassador to Botswana (2011-2014)
  61. Mayor: Lincoln NE (5/2019 - )
  62. Peter Gaynor  (2)
    American Certified Emergency Manager who served briefly as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security under President Trump. Gaynor previously served as administrator of FEMA
  63. Former White House Communications Director (1993-1995)
  64. Inspector General of the U.S. Department of State (2008-2013)
  65. 75th Secretary of the Treasury (2009-2013)
  66. Former U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1983-2003)
  67. Former United States Ambassador to Bolivia (1988-1991) and Indonesia (1999-2001)
  68. U.S. Circuit Judge of U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit
  69. Former U.S. Representative from Missouri
  70. U.S. District Judge of the U.S. District Court of the Western District of New York
  71. Former Governor of Wyoming (1995-2003)
  72. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  73. U.S.District Court Judge
  74. Former Principal Deputy Solicitor General of the United States (2013-2016)
  75. Colorado Secretary of State (2011-present)
  76. Son of Jean Paul Getty
  77. Former White House Chief Floral Designer
  78. Vadm. U.S. Navy, appointed Supreme Allied Commander
  79. Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (2017-2019)
  80. United States Congressman from Montana
  81. JFK - Former Secret Service Agent
  82. Illinois State Treasurer (2007-2011); Candidate for US Senate in 2010
  83. Jim Gibbons  (2)
    Governor of Nevada (2007-2011); Former U.S. Representative from Nevada (1997-2006)
  84. Mike Gibbons  (2)
    2018 OH U.S. Senate GOP Candidate; 2022 OH U.S. Senate GOP Candidate;
  85. Florida Congressman 1963-97
  86. United States Congressman from Ohio
  87. Former Press Secretary for President Obama (2009-11)
  88. Chris Gibson  (2)
    Running for NYS Congress 2010
  89. Chief Counsel Vice President Al Gore
  90. Ernest W. Gibson Jr. (1901-1969) - VT Governor (R) from 1947-1950 and US Senator, VT (R) from 1940-1941
  91. White House Deputy Press Sectetary
  92. Former U.S. Representative from Arizona
  93. U.S. Representative from Maryland
  94. Lt. Governor of Michigan
  95. Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)
  96. Author, former speechwriter to Reagan, Assistant Secretary of State under GHW Bush
  97. John Giles  (2)
    Mayor, Mesa Arizona (2014 - )
  98. Mayor of Biloxi, MS
  99. Chairman of the Republican National Committee (2003-2005)
  100. Mayor of Lynchburg, VA, USA
  101. Appointed U.S. Senator from New York, Replaced Hillary Clinton; Former U.S. Representative from New York
  102. Governor of Ohio (1971-75)
  103. Georgia State Senator (1962-2004)
  104. Alaska Republican state representative
  105. U.S. Representative from Ohio
  106. Former Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida, from 2014 to 2018. He was the Democratic nominee for Governor of Florida in the 2018 election. Now Political correspondent for CNN
  107. Former Congressman from New York
  108. Federal Judge 6th Circuit
  109. Former Governor of Virginia (1998-2002)
  110. Former US Ambassador to Togo (2015-2019) and Current US Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea (2022-now)
  111. Mayor of Miami-Dade County, Florida (2011-)
  112. U.S. Representative from Georgia
  113. Fmr. House Speaker
  114. Fmr United States Congressman
  115. Lt. General, USAF, Retired; President, InternationalConsulting Asspciates; MBA w/Distinction; CPA, PSIA
  116. Former United States Assistant Attorney General for the Antitrust Division (1985-1986)
  117. Assoc. Justice of Supreme Court
  118. Mayor, Columbus Ohio. (2016 - )
  119. Former United States Ambassador to South Africa (2009-2013)
  120. 18th Chancellor of The University of Kansas
  121. Freeport, Illinois Mayor Jim Gitz's daughter
  122. Mayor of Freeport, IL (1997-2005 and 2013-). Former Illinois Senator in the 1970s and 1980s
  123. Former Assistant Secretary of State for Global Public Affairs (2019-2020)
  124. former NY State Attorney (1981-89) & Mayor of New York City (1994-2001), former attorney for former President Donald J. Trump
  125. Deputy Director of the (FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation (2013-2016)
  126. U.S. Ambassador to Iraq (1988-1990)
  127. Judge on television
  128. He is best known for having authored the 'White paper' on Communist intervention in El Salvador. Served as Ambassador to Afghanistan from 1987-1989
  129. Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Intelligence and Analysis (2017-2020)
  130. Former Governor of Maryland (1995-2003)
  131. Centenarian American advocate for people with disabilities and communication disorders. Widow of former astronaut and Senator John Glenn
  132. Former U.S. Senator from Ohio (1973-1999); First American to Orbit the Earth
  133. Former U.S. Representative from Kansas (1977-95); Secretary of Agriculture (1995-2001)
  134. As the 37th Mayor of San Diego, Mayor Gloria is committed to making San Diego a city of opportunity that invests in every neighborhood and every San Diegan
  135. Mayor of San Diego
  136. Mayor of Shreveport, Louisianna
  137. United States Deputy Secretary of Labor (1993-1996)
  138. Now is a faculty member at George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs. Former US Ambassador to Kuwait, Australia and Jordan
  139. Secretary of Veterans Affairs (1997-1998 and 2000-2001)
  140. Governor of Arizona (1965-67)
  141. Fmr Governor of Virginia
  142. Original 1996 Green nominee for Vice President
  143. Mayor, Bakersfield California. (2017 - )
  144. U.S. Representative from Texas
  145. California State Assemblywoman (2000-2006)
  146. United States Congressman from Maine
  147. American attorney and politician who is the member of the U.S. House of Representatives from New York's 10th congressional district
  148. Mayor of Portland, Oregon (1973-79); U.S. Secretary of Transportation (1979-81); Governor of Oregon (1987-91)
  149. Former Mayor of Indianapolis (1992-2000)
  150. Served as Under Secretary of the Treasury for Domestic Finance (2010-2011
  151. United States Ambassador to Chad (1999-2004)
  152. U.S. Senator from Arizona (1953-1965 and 1969-1987); Candidate for President in 1964
  153. congressman cal.
  154. Representative California, District 34
  155. Former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence (2009-2011)
  156. Mayor of San Jose, California (1999-2007)
  157. NFL - WR, Indianapolis Colts (2007 draft, first round). College; Ohio State
  158. U.S. Representative from Texas
  159. Director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (2005-2008
  160. Rep. Texas District 15
  161. U.S. Representative from Puerto Rico
  162. One of 1st inductees to Black Aviation Hall of Fame/Became a part-time stunt flyer with the legendary airshow impresario Bill Sweet/Member of the Kansas Senate
  163. Former United States Ambassador to Finland (1980-198
  164. U.S. Representative from Virginia
  165. Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1984-1992)
  166. U.S. Representative from New York (1959-1968); U.S. Senator from New York (1968-1971)
  167. United States Congressman from Texas
  168. U.S. Representative from Virginia
  169. Fmr United States Member of Congress
  170. For United States Member of Congress
  171. Mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada (2011-present)
  172. Former Mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada (1999-2011); former mob lawyer (i.e. represented mobsters such as Meyer Lansky etc..) and spokesman for Bombay Sapphire Gin
  173. U.S. Senator from West Virginia (July 16, 2010 - November 15, 2010)
  174. Member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives
  175. JFK - Assistant Special Counsel to President John F. Kennedy, speech writer for JFK, LBJ, RFK, a.o.; author; Twenty-One scandal - lawyer
  176. South Dakota Republican state legislature representative
  177. United States Global AIDS Coordinator (2009-2013)
  178. Secretary of State of Rhode Island
  179. Representative From Tennessee
  180. Mark Gordon  (2)
    Governor of Wyoming 2019-current, former Wyoming State Treasurer
  181. Phil Gordon  (2)
    Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona (2004-2012)
  182. US Representative (1977-1985), US Senator (1985-1993), Vice President (1993-2001), Democratic nominee for President (2000)
  183. politically active daughter of former Vice President Al Gore
  184. American politician, serving as a U.S. Representative and a U.S. Senator for the Democratic Party from Tennessee
  185. British-born Hungarian-American media personality and author (currently with Salem Radio and formerly with Fox News). Former Deputy Assistant to the President and Strategist in the Trump White House
  186. US Supreme Court Justice
  187. Mayor: Lexington KY (1/2019 - ); Gorton previously spent 4 years as vice mayor and 16 more on the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council, becoming the longest-serving member of that council
  188. Former U.S. Senator From Washington (1981-1987, 1989-2001)
  189. U.S. Representative from Arizona
  190. South Dakota Republican state representative
  191. U.S. Representative from Florida (1989-2004); CIA Director (2004-2006)
  192. Representative New Jersey District 5
  193. American physician and investor who served as the 23rd commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 2017 until April 2019
  194. Ambassador to the Netherlands
  195. US Representative from South Carolina. Chairman of the House Select Committee investigating the Benghazi attack
  196. United States Ambassador to the Czech Republic (2006-2009)
  197. Former U.S. Senator from Florida (1987-2005)
  198. U.S. Representative from Florida (2015-17)
  199. U.S. Senator from South Carolina (2003-present)
  200. Mayor of Spring Hill, Tennessee, USA
  201. Libertarian nominee for Georgia Lt Governor 2022
  202. Former U.S. Senator from Texas (1985-2002)
  203. U.S. Representative from Minnesota (1993-1995); U.S. Senator from Minnesota (1995-2001)
  204. Executive assistant to Ronald Reagan for 10 years. Author of The President Will See You Now, and keynote speaker to corporate executives, political organizations, executive assistants, and student groups
  205. Former actor best known for his role as 'Gopher' on the sitcom The Love Boat and who became a member of the United States House of Representatives
  206. Representative From Texas
  207. Fmr Governor of Michigan
  208. Author and Chairman and CEO of Centurion Holdings LLC, a company that advises private and public companies. Served in the U.S. Special Forces (Green Berets). Served as the Chairman of the Homeland Security Advisory Council under Bush, Jr
  209. U.S. Senator from Iowa (1981-present)
  210. Fmr Governor of Connecticut
  211. Former U.S. Senator from Alaska (1969-1981); Declared Candidate for President in 2008
  212. Former Governor of Kansas (1995-2003)
  213. Representative from Louisiana
  214. U.S. Representative from Missouri
  215. U.S. Representative from Georgia (2010-??)
  216. Former White House Counsel, Co-Founder of Freedom Works
  217. Former Assistant to the President, Cabinet Secretary, and a Senior Advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama
  218. Gordon Gray  (2)
    U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia (2009-present)
  219. Mayor of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  220. Jim Gray  (2)
    Mayor, Lexington Kentucky. (2011 - )
  221. Jim Gray  (3)
    2012 Libertarian nominee for Vice President, 2020 Libertarian candidate for President, Judge on Superior Court of Orange County, 2004 Libertarian nominee for US Senate from California
  222. Former Acting-FBI Director - Watergate Figure.
  223. Current Lieutenant Governor of Vermont
  224. Vincent Gray  (2)
    Mayor of the District of Columbia (2011-15)
  225. U.S. Representative from Florida
  226. Kentucky Secretary of State (2004-present)
  227. Mayor of the city of Pawtucket,Rhode Island
  228. Newspaper editor, politician and reformer. Encouraged readers to "Go West"
  229. Al Green  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Texas/Called for impeachment of Donald Trump on house floor December 2018
  230. Gene Green  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Texas
  231. Josh Green  (4)
    Lieutenant governor of Hawaii
  232. Mark Green  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Wisconsin
  233. Mark Green  (4)
    United States Congressman from Tennessee
  234. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1964-1977); Mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1980-1984)
  235. US Representative for Georgia's 14th District since 2021
  236. South Dakota Republican state senator
  237. South Dakota state legislature representative
  238. Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve (of the USA)
  239. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1993-2005)
  240. Iowa Lt. Governor
  241. Former United States Ambassador to South Korea (1989-1993)
  242. Governor of New Hampshire (1953-55)
  243. U.S. Representative from New Hampshire (1981-1989); Governor of New Hampshire (1989-1993); U.S. Senator from New Hampshire (1993-2011)
  244. Governor of Washington (2005-2013)
  245. Governor of Missouri (2017-18); Resigned due to political scandal
  246. NYC City Council Member- Democrat from the 3rd District 1975-1991- Pro Choice and Women's Rights Advocate Born 1/3/1925
  247. Served as Acting Director of National Intelligence in President Donald Trumps Cabinet in 2020.Served as the United States Ambassador to Germany from 2018 to 2020 and as the Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotions
  248. Mayor of Wheaton, IL since 2007
  249. New Jersey Attorney General
  250. Mayor of Lexington, Kentucky
  251. Mayor of Washington, D.C
  252. James 'Jimmy' Griffin (1929-2008)served in the New York State Senate (56th District, 1967â-'77) and as Mayor of Buffalo, New York (1978â-'93)
  253. 11th Administrator of NASA, American physicist and aerospace engineer, Former U.S. Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (2018 to 2020)
  254. Associate Justice of Louisiana Supreme Court
  255. Former U.S. Senator from Michigan (1966-1979); Currently on the Michigan State Supreme Court
  256. Tim Griffin  (3)
    Lt. Governor of Arkansas
  257. Representative from Virginia
  258. U.S. Representative from Alabama
  259. U.S. Representative from Arizona
  260. Mayor of Archbold, OH
  261. Michael Grimm  (2)
    New York Congressman/former FBI agent & Marine
  262. Former White House Communications Director (1987-1988)
  263. Representative New Mexico District 1
  264. Press Secretary for President Trump
  265. Mayor of Russellville Alabama
  266. 25th Governor of Nebraska 1941-1947
  267. Secretary of State of Colorado
  268. Survivor of 1944 Hartford Circus Fire/born February 1, 1938 was elected the first female lieutenant governor of Connecticut in 1990
  269. Former Director of the Domestic Policy Council (2019-2020)
  270. Wisconsin state commissioner of taxation and served as the United States Postmaster General from 1963 until 1965 under Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson
  271. Former member of the North Dakota State Senate.
  272. Maryland State Senator (2003 - 2007)
  273. Employee of US Aid for International Development (USAID), was held prisoner in Cuba for over five years
  274. U.S. Ambassador to Tajikistan (2009-present)
  275. South Dakota Republican state legislature representative
  276. Former US Ambassador to Turkey
  277. 2006 Candidate for U.S. Senator from North Dakota
  278. United States Congress from Wisconsin
  279. 2006 Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate from Wyoming
  280. Former Principal Deputy Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (2017-2021)
  281. Obamacare Architect
  282. 1st Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey, She is also concurrently the Secretary of State of New Jersey (2010 - )
  283. Mayor: Corpus Christi, TX (1/2021 - )
  284. Mayor of Atlantic City, NJ
  285. Member of the House of Representatives from New Jersey 1979-1993
  286. California Congressman 50's to 70's
  287. The 9th Governor of Guam (2019- ) (D)
  288. United States Congressman from Mississippi
  289. Former Mississippi state representative
  290. Governor of Nevada (1999-2007)
  291. Mayor of Ocala, Florida (2011-)
  292. Congressman
  293. Mayor of Upper Hutt, New Zealand
  294. American civil rights attorney. She is the president and chief executive officer of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights
  295. U.S. Senator from South Dakota (1939-1951)
  296. Fmr United States Senator
  297. South Carolina Republican state legislature senator
  298. U.S. Representative from Kentucky (2009-??)
  299. Former Governor of Guam (1995-2003)
  300. Secretary of Commerce (2005-2009)
  301. US Ambassador to Nicaragua (1996-1999) and former US Ambassador to Argentina (2003-2006)
  302. U.S. Representative from Illinois
  303. U.S. Representative from Minnesota (1995-2007)
  304. Former Governor of North Dakota (1961-1973)Born: 09/30/1919
  305. Isabel Guzman  (2)
    Administrator of the Small Business Administration