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  1. Mayor Of Irvine California
  2. American Progressive Political Activist. 5-Time Presidental Candidate. Consumer Advocate. Author - Unsafe At Any Speed
  3. U.S. Representative from New York
  4. Mayor of New Orleans, Louisiana (2002-2010)
  5. Former U.S. Representative, Democratic, from Iowa's 3rd Congressional District, from 1987 to 1993. Born April 15, 1943, currently in Private Practice
  6. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (2018-2021)
  7. United States Ambassador to Ecuador
  8. U.S. Representative from California
  9. Homeland Security Secretary; Former Governor of Arizona (2003-09)
  10. Mayor of Newport, Rhode Island
  11. Larry C. Napper served as the United States Ambassador to Latvia from 1995 to 1998 and as the U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan from 2001 to 2004
  12. Connecticut State treasurer
  13. Indiana State Auditor (1999-2006)
  14. First Woman to receive a electoral vote in a United States Presidential Election on Libertarian ticket with John Hospers(1972) Born: 02/09/1923
  15. Maryland State Delegate (1995-present)
  16. Nicaraguan-American Republican strategist and political commentator for various news outlets, including CNN
  17. Served in the Trump administration as the Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator. He previously served as a Deputy Assistant to the President
  18. U.S. Representative from Massachusetts
  19. North Carolina Democrat Congressman 1975-1995
  20. Will E. Neal (1875-1959) - US Congress, WV-4 (R) from 1953-1955 and 1957-1959
  21. JFK: Last surviving federal judge appointed by President Kennedy during his term in office, now a Senior US District Judge in Pennsylvania
  22. Politics
  23. 4 Star General, United States Commandant of the Marine Corps
  24. West Virginia State House of Delegates 1941-1944
  25. 35th Treasurer of the United States (1974-77)
  26. National Intelligence Director (2005-2007);Deputy Secretary of State (2007-2009). Former Ambassador to many countries, including Iraq (2004-2005)
  27. United States Ambassador to Benin (2003-2006)
  28. Canadian retired politician who served as a senator from 1972 to 1995
  29. Former Governor of Nebraska (1991-1999); U.S. Senator from Nebraska (2001-2013)
  30. Bill Nelson  (6)
    former Senator/Astronaut from Florida
  31. Chris Nelson  (3)
    South Dakota Secretary of State (2003-2011)
  32. former U.S. Senator (born 1942) from Florida (2001-19); Former Astronaut
  33. Governor of Minnesota (1893-95); U.S. Senator from Minnesota (1896-1923)
  34. 2020 Libertarian nominee for IL-8
  35. Politics
  36. City of Calgary Mayor (2010-2021)
  37. Attorney General for the State of Rhode Island
  38. Formerly, the US Ambassador to Madagascar, US Ambassador to Ivory Coast and US Ambassador to Namibia
  39. Served as the homeland security advisor in the Trump administration from 2020 to 2021
  40. Mayor of Duluth, Minnesota
  41. Attorney general of Michigan
  42. White House Press Secretary for President Ford (1974-1977)
  43. U.S. Representative from Washington (1995-2005)
  44. U.S. Representative from Texas
  45. American diplomat who served as the United States Ambassador to Afghanistan, Bahrain and Algeria
  46. Politics
  47. 666th Lord Mayor of London and first Master of the Worshipful Company of International Bankers
  48. Idaho Speaker of the House (1998-2006)
  49. United States Congressman from Washington, Voted for historic second impeachment of Donald Trump
  50. The judge on the Murdaugh trial
  51. Former United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs (2004-2005)
  52. One time appointee to replace U.S. Senator Judd Gregg after appointment for Commerce Secretary; Never received appointment
  53. David Newsom  (2)
    Former Ambassador to Libya 1965-69, Indonesia 1974-1977 and Philippines 1977-78
  54. Mayor of San Francisco, California (2004-2011); Lieutenant Governor of California (2011-19); Elected Governor of California in 2018
  55. Kevin Christopher Newsom United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Was on President Trump list for US Supreme Court Justices
  56. Former Michigan State Representative 1955-64
  57. U.S. Representative from Ohio (1995-2006)
  58. Mayor of Garden Grove, CA (2014-16)
  59. Former White House Social Secretary (2017-2021)
  60. Fmr Congressmen
  61. Secretary of Veterans Affairs (2005-07), US Ambassador to the Holy See (2001-2005)
  62. United States Ambassador to South Africa (1982-1986)
  63. Mayor of Seattle, Washington (2002-10)
  64. Former U.S. Senator from Oklahoma (1981-2005)
  65. American banker and government official who is the managing director and vice chairman of Morgan Stanley.
  66. Currently serves as the US Ambassador to Israel
  67. United States Secretary of Homeland Security
  68. Former Governor of Oklahoma (1963, 1979-1987)
  69. Mayor of San Antonio, Texas (2017 - )
  70. Former Sec. Of Navy
  71. Governor of Missouri (2009-2017); Former State Attorney General
  72. Former First Lady to Richard Nixon
  73. US President '69 - '74
  74. politics
  75. Former Governor of Rhode island
  76. Former Governor of Rhode Island (1973-1977)
  77. Governor of South Dakota (2019 - ), U.S. Representative from South Dakota (2011-2019)
  78. Rick Nolan  (2)
    Rep. Minn. District 8
  79. Representative New Jersey District
  80. U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan (2007-present)
  81. Former US Ambassador to Uzbekistan (2007-2010), Georgia (2012-2015), and Libya (2019-2022)
  82. United States Congressman from South Carolina
  83. Served as the 34th Deputy Defense Secretary from July 31, 2019, until Feb. 9, 2021
  84. Governor of Virginia (2018-); American physician, politician, and former Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia
  85. Under Secretary for Farm Production and Conservation (2018-2021)
  86. U.S. Representative from Kentucky (1997-2007); Commissioner on the Consumer Product Safety Commission (2009-present)
  87. U.S. Delegate from Washington DC to the U.S. Congress
  88. Former US Secretary of Interior 2001-2006; the first woman to hold the position
  89. U.S. Representative from Georgia (1995-2006)
  90. Fmr Governor of Rhode Island
  91. West Virginia State Senator 1952-1961
  92. Former U.S. Representative from California
  93. Lieutenant governor of Florida
  94. Lieutenant Governor of Louisiana
  95. Governor of Kentucky (1967-71)
  96. Former U.S. Senator from Georgia (1972-1997)
  97. Representative from Mississippi
  98. U.S. Representative from Iowa (1991-2007); Director of the Office of Management & Budget (2007-09)
  99. Mayor of Philadelphia (2008 - )
  100. U.S. Representative from Virginia