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  1. World traveller
  2. Israeli Flying Ace, retired Brigadier General, Israeli Air Force
  3. Lz xray Vietnam/Decorations include Silver Star, Legion of Merit (1 OLC), Soldier's Medal, Bronze Star (1 OLC), Meritorious Service Medal (3 OLC), Air Medal (3OLC), Purple Heart, & Distinguished Unit Citation/Served twice in Vietnam between 1962 and 1965
  4. WWII: PTO. Battle of Okinawa, Battle of North Borneo. US Navy, Landing Craft Support LCS(L)(3)-45
  5. WWII: Survivor of the failed Operation Jubilee ('Dieppe Raid') on 19 August 1942, when 60% of the mostly Canadian landing force were either killed, wounded or captured
  6. Maurice Nadeau French literary critic, editor, and historian, 'The History of Surrealism'Born: 05/21/1911
  7. US Army General
  8. WWII Veteran, U.S. Army
  9. Writer and award winning journalist. Co-wrote WE : A Manifesto For Women Everywhere with Gillian Anderson. Co-founded the campaign group Compassion in Politics. Contested several elections as a candidate for the Green Party
  10. Pearl Harbor survivor (7 Dec 1941), USS Nevada
  11. Ww II pilot
  12. Japanese WWII Veteran
  13. Afghanistan and Iraq War US Marine Corps Veteran. Received the Silver Star for actions during Operation Enduring Freedom. Silver Star and Purple Heart Recipient
  14. WWII vet. WASP (Women Army Service Pilot)Flew the at-10, uc-78, at-6, pt-17, C-47 sky train and B-24
  15. Astronaut
  16. Retired General
  17. (born 31 October 1943) is an Indian space scientist and a former Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organisation, and Secretary to the Department of Space, Government of India
  18. Civil Rights Icon
  19. Japanese fighter ace from WW2, 75 kills
  20. Japanese-born American professor. Together with Isamu Akasaki and Hiroshi Amano he was one of the three recipients of the 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics
  21. 17th Oldest Person in the World Lives in Japan Born 1894
  22. Four-star general in the United States Army who currently serves as the Commander of United States Cyber Command
  23. Nobel laureate physics 2008
  24. US WWII veteran, born 1918, served in the 'Ghost Army' program
  25. Indian writer and historian of science, who has authored several works critiquing the influence of Hindutva, postcolonialism and postmodernism on science, and the flourishing of pseudoscience and vedic science
  26. WWII: ETO. 504th PIR, 82nd AB. Anzio, Battle of the Bulge. Bronze Star
  27. Judge, Author, and Senior Legal Analyst for FOX News
  28. US Army General
  29. The oldest living person in France and in Europe. She is now 113 and lives in Argelès-Sur-Mer
  30. Italian WWII Veteran
  31. WWII - D-Day. US Navy shipfitter who landed with LST (Landing Ship Tank) 501 at Utah Beach, after being redirected while approaching Omaha Beach due to heavy resistence
  32. US WWII Army veteran, born 1916. Tank mechanic with 276th Armored Field Artillery in Patton's Third Army. Ardennes, Luxembourg, the Rhineland, Battle of the Bulge
  33. WWII: PTO. Battle of Tarawa. Battle of Iwo Jima. USMC
  34. Pioneer Civil Rights Movement/1960 chairperson of student sit-in movement in Nashville?the first southern city to desegregate its lunch counters/arrested for civil rights activities culminated in imprisoned 30 days in 1961 while pregnant
  35. Jennifer Nash  (2)
    Illustrator for British children's writer Enid Blyton books. She is now 103 years old and lives in London, UK
  36. Mathematician, Professor at Princeton U, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics - 1994 - for game theory, Subject of the Academy Award winning film, 'A Beautiful Mind' starring Russell Crowe as Nash
  37. WWII: PTO. Battle of Okinawa. USS Topeka
  38. Crew member on the Memphis Belle. Birth name Casimer A. Nastal.
  39. Ralph Natale is a former American mobster. He was the leader of the Philadelphia crime family from 1995 until 1999, when he became the first American Mafia boss to turn state's evidence.[1][2] Described by himself as a friend of former Philadelphia bos
  40. navy admiral
  41. Italian centenarian and one of the worlds oldest people (Born: 1907) She was also the last known survivor of the 1908 Messina earthquake that struck on 28 December in Sicily, southern Italy. She lived in San Donato. Milanese, Italy
  42. navy admiral
  43. 507th p i r - ww 2
  44. Former NASA's Associate Administrator for Space Science and Chief Scientist
  45. Retired German general, most highly decorated general from Germany after World War 2
  46. Member of the WW2 761st Negro 'Black Panthers' Tank Battalion that worked with General George Patton. Recieved Silver Star & Purple Heart! Featured in book 'Brothers in Arms'!
  47. Public Affairs Office Commentator. Artemis I
  48. Last living male Titanic survivor (1908-2001). French child, sailed with a brother and father. Father went down on the ship, the brothers were called 'the Titanic orphans' until reunited with their French mother
  49. WWII: CBI Theater. 3rd Battalion, 5307th Composite Unit Provisional aka Merrill's Marauders, a long-range penetration special ops warfare unit. Fought in the jungles of Burma, witnessed massive casualties and endured machine gun wounds
  50. Former Alcatraz Inmate. Released From Texas State Prison About 7 Years Ago. AZ-1547 Was His Alcatraz Prison ID
  51. U.S. Brigadier General, Desert Storm
  52. Singer and political and cultural activist for world peace
  53. WWII: PTO. USMC, 27th Marines. Severely wounded on the 6th day of the Battle of Iwo Jima
  54. WWII Army 42nd Division - Wounded at The Battle Of The Bulge
  55. nobel physics laureate 1970
  56. NASA pilot - flies the Lockheed ER-2 high - altitude science jet, SOFIA, Gulfstream III, C-20A (G - III) science aircraft carrying NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's synthetic aperture radar and the TG-14 research motorglider
  57. WWII: PTO. USS Birmingham
  58. Nobel prize
  59. WW2 Veteran 128th Armored Division Field Artillery (Born 1924)
  60. Born 1895 One of Oldest people in world lives in Italy
  61. nobel med. laureate 1991
  62. Chief Federal Prosecutor, Germany
  63. WWII: ETO. D-Day, Omaha Beach. 29th Infantry Division
  64. WW2, Battle of Britain pilot and ace in the RAF.
  65. British serial killer
  66. Rocket Scientest, 'Dr. Wernher Von Braun's Team'
  67. Member of the Band of Brothers, 506th Easy Company WWII
  68. WWII - D-Day: Navy corpsman on a landing ship during the D-Day invasion
  69. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  70. Bill Nelson  (6)
    former Senator/Astronaut from Florida
  71. Bill Nelson  (7)
    Flight astronaut sts-61C
  72. former U.S. Senator (born 1942) from Florida (2001-19); Former Astronaut
  73. Craig Nelson  (2)
    Historian and award-winning author of the NYT bestseller, Rocket Men, as well as, The Age of Radiance (a finalist for the PEN Award). Former VP and executive editor of Harper & Row, Hyperion, and Random House
  74. David Nelson  (5)
    WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. USS Whitney (AD-4)
  75. WWII: PTO. Pearl Harbor survivor. Schofield Barracks, 24th Infantry Division
  76. WWII: PTO. Navy, USS Ticonderoga CV-14
  77. astronaut
  78. US WWII Army veteran, born 1915. Campaigns included Sicily, Anzio, and Rome. At 107, oldest known Colorado WWII veteran
  79. NASA pilot - flies NASA's high-altitude ER-2 Earth science aircraft and the C-20A, a modified Gulfstream III business jet that carries a sophisticated synthetic aperture radar on environmental science missions
  80. Test pilot
  81. JFK related/Officer J.D. Tippit's Partner
  82. Georgia Athletics Association Professor of History at UGA. formerly the Legum Professor of History at William and Mary. historian of the American Civil War and the Gilded Age. specializes in African-American history and Labor history
  83. (Born 1948) US Marine Corps Vietnam Veteran. Captured as a POW in 1966 until escaping in 1968. Purple Heart Recipient
  84. Born 1895 #50 oldest documented person in the world. Lives in Texas
  85. WWII: PTO. USMC. New Britain, Peleliu, Okinawa
  86. WWII: Radio man in the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, the 'Ghost Army'. They deceived enemies into thinking that there were unaccounted divisions out there. Less than 30 of the 1100 Ghost Army men are still living as of 2017
  87. Swedish /Estonian SS officer wounded in battle with the russians
  88. astronaut
  89. WWII - Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941, USS Solace
  90. Won an American Book Award for her memoir, A Woman in Amber: Healing the Trauma of War and Exile, the story of her family's flight from their native Latvia, survival through the horrors of World War II, and immigration to the United States
  91. Astronaut
  92. Flight scientist NASA
  93. Medal of Honor recipient, World War II
  94. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  95. Archaeologist, found tomb of King Herod
  96. American integrated circuit designer, video game designer, and programmer. contributed to the logic design of Atari's POKEY chip, 1979 video game Star Raiders.
  97. German climate activist - Fridays for Future
  98. Astronaut & Test Pilot, selected in 1963 as a Military Astronaut - Class-3, later selected as MOL (Manned Orbiting Laboratory) pilot in 1965, when the MOL program cancelled in 1969, became Vice Commander, Tactical Air Warfare Center, Eglin AFB, Fl.,
  99. Author, German WWII Veteran, Waffen-SS
  100. German journalist, found of 'Gruenhelme e.V.'. Famous for saving thousands of vietnames at cape anamur in 1979
  101. Scientist
  102. German politician & WWII Veteran, Wehrmacht
  103. President for the League of Women Voters
  104. German lawyer, tv host of 'streit um drei'
  105. Knights Cross Recipient WWII
  106. Hiroshima survivor. Japanese schoolgirl pressed into making combat boots for soldiers, she was on her way to work when the bomb hit. Mother died days later. Married an American soldier and moved to the US
  107. Women's Royal Naval Service veteran who witnessed the surrendering of Hitler's Atlantic fleet of U-boat's on the banks of the River Foyle in Londonderry at the end of WW2. (Born:1924) She lives in Derryhale, County Armagh, Northern Ireland
  108. Last veteran of the Battle of Kufra. The battle from 31 January - 1 March 1941, resulted in the capture of Kufra by Free French Forces and the British Long Range Desert Group from the Italian and Libyan garrison
  109. WWII: PTO. USS Yorktown CV-5, USS West Virginia
  110. American inventor and microscopist (Born: 1915) He invented the shadow X-ray microscope and is one of the founders of the Microscopy Society of America
  111. English epidemiologist and statistician
  112. marine corps general
  113. WW I Vet United Kingdom
  114. American game designer, best known for being the designer and lead developer of the 1982 pioneering arcade game Joust. He designed, animated, and produced multiple games for Williams Electronics, Midway Games, Cybiko, and MumboJumbo
  115. Oldest living West Point Graduee, class of 1939
  116. Atheist Activist
  117. WWII Veteran-Battle of the Bulge
  118. Palaeontologist/geologist
  119. Author, journalist, and multifaceted scholar who has published a variety of works that present multidimensional portraits of African American life. in 1992, she was on the NY Newsday reporting team awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Spot News
  120. Saboteur from U.S.S. Barb WW II
  121. WWII: Navajo Code Talker, 1st Battalion, 21st Marines, 3rd Marine Division. Saw action in the Battles of Bougainville, Guam, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal, New Caledonia, Congressional Gold Medal
  122. WWII: PTO. Battle of Saipan, Battle of Tinian. 4th Marine Division, 23rd Regiment, 1st Battalion, B Company, 3rd Platoon. Purple Heart
  123. Recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions during World War II as a first lieutenant in the United States Army
  124. Deputy Administrator of NASA
  125. astronaut
  126. British WW One Veteran
  127. astronaut
  128. 85 year old veteran held captive in North Korea in 2013
  129. One of the oldest survivors of 'The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake'. Born in 1901, she is now 110 and lives at Pebble Beach, California, U.S.A.She is now one of two known earthquake survivors still living
  130. First person to walk around the world solo, and is now an author and speaker
  131. With Wife Gayle and two kids they witnessed the shooting of JFK
  132. Witness to JFK John F. Kennedy Assassination with his family/Age four at the time/Suspect he still lives in Texas
  133. Pearl Harbor Survivor, Submarine Sqd!
  134. WWII: ETO, pilot of B-17 Chow-Hound (Serial # 42-31367), 91st Bomb Group, 322nd Squadron
  135. Designed the NSA ECHELON surveillance system
  136. Invented the PureWick external female catheter
  137. Physicist
  138. US Air Force 4 star general (retired). Flew F-4, F-15, F-16, F-117 Member of USAF Thunderbirds 1974-1978
  139. Last of the original WWII Navajo Code Talkers; he lives in Albuquerque NM. Born: May 25,1921
  140. American serial killer who committed his crimes with Leonard Lake
  141. First African-American Military Pilot
  142. North Vietnamese Fighter Ace, with 9 air-to-air combat victories, born 1943
  143. WWII: PTO. Served on the USS Bunker Hill (CV-17); survived the Kamikaze attack on May 11, 1945 (Battle of Okinawa) when 390 sailors and airmen were killed and 264 wounded
  144. US Marine Sgt./Vietnam/Last out before the fall of Saigon/sent to attache office to guard millions of dollars before cash was burned & compound blown up by the Americans to keep the enemy from raiding it and obtaining classified documents
  145. Nature on PBS, Arachnologist, consultant on 8 Legged Freaks
  146. WWII: D-Day paratropper, 101st AB, 502nd PIR
  147. USS Indianapolis Survivor
  148. John Nichols  (4)
    Member Early Birds of Aviation/devoted to history of early pilots. Started 1928 & membership totaled 598/Membership limited to the pilots of glider, gas balloon, or airplane, pre-12/17/1916. Time of Wright Bro's 1st flight-1916 when many trained 4 WW1
  149. WWII/PTO: Wake Island Defender: Battle of Wake Island, 8 Dec - 23 Dec 1941. POW until September 1945
  150. WWII - D-Day. Survivor of USS Corry (DD-463, the destroyer that led the armada into D-Day), which was sunk on June 6 near Utah Beach by German guns
  151. A reporter for KLIF Radio in Dallas , Roy reported from Love Field and outside Parkland Memorial
  152. Oklahoma City Bombing
  153. Former Central Intelligence Agency officer, who in 1997 was convicted of selling U.S. intelligence to Russia. He is the highest ranking CIA official ever convicted for spying for a foreign country
  154. Retired Navy Admiral
  155. Retired United States Marine Corps Lieutenant General
  156. #32 oldest person in the world Lives in Australia Born 1894
  157. WWII: Atlantic. Served on the USS Block Island
  158. USMC General
  159. The play 'Spend, Spend, Spend' is based on her.
  160. Step-great-grandfather was possibly the sundance kid
  161. Flight scientist NASA
  162. astronaut
  163. Assistant Attorney General During Pamela Smart Case
  164. Officer of the Waffen-SS during worldwar IITank Fighter
  165. Polish WWII Veteran
  166. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor, 7 December 1941. Marine Corps
  167. Navigator Crew # 6, Doolittle Raiders
  168. South Pole Breast Cancer Survivor
  169. WWII: Pearl Harbor survivor. USS Solace
  170. WWII: Atlantic. Served on the USS Block Island (CVE-21)
  171. WWII: Veteran of D-Day, the Battle of the Bulge, the Battle of Remagen
  172. Finnish homesteader and politician. He was a member of the Parliament of Finland. He was born in Kemijärvi. He served in the Finnish Army during WWII
  173. US WWII WAAC/WAC, Army Air Corps ('Air WAC') veteran, born 1920. One of the first 200 US women to be selected for Officer candidate school
  174. Finnish WWII Veteran
  175. Former East-German Politician, Member of the Central Committee of the East-German party SED, former Deputy Foreign Minister of the GDR
  176. Content director for Densho and editor of the Densho Encyclopedia. Formerly a curator and administrator for both the Japanese American National Museum and the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai'i
  177. (1929-2004) was a Soviet cosmonaut. He was an ethnic Chuvash. Nikolayev flew on two space flights: Vostok 3 and Soyuz 9. On both, he set new endurance records for the longest time a human being had remained in orbit
  178. Serial Killer - 15 Murders. Britain's Jeffrey Dahmer
  179. 5-Star Fleet Admiral
  180. WWII submarine Skipper and Rear Admiral
  181. Retired Bolivian General and pilot of the helicopter that transported Che Guevara's body after his execution
  182. German ww2 pilot
  183. Nobel medicine laureate 1968
  184. Flight aviator
  185. Japanese WWII Veteran
  186. WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Kamikaze pilot
  187. 24th oldest person in the world lives in Japan born 1894
  188. Translator/TV programs in Romania under Communist regime, known for secretly dubbing over 3,000 banned movies on VHS tapes smuggled from West. During Cold War, tapes spread throughout Romania, her voice became known throughout the country
  189. WWII: US Army. Landed at Omaha Beach on D-Day+3
  190. Witness to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. His filming of the event is considered nearly as important as the more famous Abraham Zapruder film
  191. Youngest Brother and last surviving brother of Former President Richard Milhouse Nixon
  192. Governor of Missouri (2009-2017); Former State Attorney General
  193. Former First Lady to Richard Nixon
  194. army general
  195. WWII - D-Day, C-47 pilot who flew paratroopers into Normandy
  196. Descendant of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the famous English civil engineer who built the first major British railway, the Great Western Railway. He lives near Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK
  197. held the land speed record in 83
  198. German political scientist12/19/1916
  199. Former hostage Negotiator
  200. Youngest person to climb Mt Everest, at age 25 in 1999
  201. Astronaut Born 15, 1965
  202. celebrity coroner
  203. WWII: 837th Bomb Squadron, 487th Bomb Group, 8th Air Force. 33 missions (22 in B-24,11 in B-17) from 9 May to 9 September 1944. One of the few pilots to fly both the B-17 and the B-24. DFC w/ 4 Oak Leaf Cluster
  204. Texas Highway Patrolman in '63 , Bobby was assigned security duty at the Trade Mart on Nov. 22 and then took Gov. Connolly's sister to Parkland
  205. WWII: PTO. USMC, 12th Defense Battalion. Battle of Peleliu
  206. German ww2 pilot
  207. WWII: Tuskegee Airman
  208. Singer who communicates with whales through music
  209. WWII - 101st Airborne, 506th PIR, F Company. Paratrooper that landed in Normandy together with Easy Company. Fought at Carentan, Bastogne, Battle Of The Bulge. Completed his duty in Austria. Wounded twice. Pictured in a famous D-Day photo
  210. Domenyk Lattlay-Fottfoy (birth name Dominic Noonan, born 1964) is an English gangster. With his brother Desmond 'Dessie' Noonan, he headed a criminal organisation or 'crime firm' in Manchester, England during the 1980s and 1990s
  211. army general
  212. United States Air Aces
  213. One of six teens that went to JFK Airport to see the Beatles in 1964 and Ringo Starr took a picture of them. Pictured in Starr's book 'Photograph'
  214. Yeoman aboard the USS Enterprise
  215. American economist and Sterling Professor of Economics at Yale University. He is, together with Paul Romer, one of the laureates of the 2018 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
  216. astronaut
  217. Historian and author of A Pilot's Journey: Memoirs of a Tuskegee Airman - Curtis Christopher Robinson
  218. Peruvian born NASA astronaut and a retired U.S. Marine Corps lieutenant colonel
  219. Flight astronaut
  220. WWII veteran of Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian. Later served as a Presidential Honor Guard in the last days of FDR. FDR cancelled a dinner with the Guard members days before his death in Georgia
  221. Vietnam veteran that served from 1967 to 1969
  222. WWII: PTO. B-17 pilot. He was the last of MacArthur's personal pilots; among other flights, he flew Gen. MacArthur to the surrender ceremony in Tokyo Bay
  223. (Born 1935) US Navy Vietnam Veteran. POW from 1968 to 1973. Recipient of 4 Legion of Merits, 2 Bronze Stars, and 2 Purple Hearts
  224. WWII: PTO. Battle of Peleliu. First Marine Division
  225. British woman and first female to be awarded the Military Cross for of her actions in Iraq on 11 June 2006
  226. medal of honor navy vietnam
  227. 'Commanding Officer Royal Air Force Marham'
  228. American general officer U.S. Army &Air Force/assistant chief of staff for operations (A-3) of the Twelfth Air Force, going to England with it the following month in support of Operation Husky, and to Algiers, North Africa in October 1942
  229. 4 Star General Born May 5, 1954
  230. WWII: Hobo in the 1930s, then 2 years at the CCC. In 1940, he was at the USS Oahu, a Yangtze River Patrol boat stationed at Shanghai, China. Departed for Corregidor end of 1941, was sunk by enemy gunfire 5 May 1942. POW, Hell Ship survivor
  231. First female engineer to work in NASA's Mission Control during Apollo 8
  232. ww 11 rhodesian army hero (vc)
  233. Retired General
  234. 10/4/1981 Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin removed from grave & Dr. Linda Norton, headed team who examined remains at Baylor University Medical Center determined body's identity mainly by comparing its teeth with Oswald's Marine dental records
  235. British Officer who was awarded the George Cross for his service in Iraq in 2005
  236. Historian, Author.
  237. 1906 San Francisco Earthquake survivor
  238. Austrian-born Australian research biologist. He is famous for his contributions to the fields of antibody formation and immunological tolerance
  239. Dutch Arctic and Antarctic explorer. First Person to ski to all 3 poles in one year. First Dutch person to reach the South Pole
  240. WWII: ETO. Battle of the Bulge. Rhine River crossing. 17th Airborne Division
  241. NatGeo TV show 'Meteorrite Men'
  242. One of the last survivors of The Tri-State Tornado (Missouri, Illinois, Indiana), the deadliest tornado in American history, which occurred on March 18, 1925
  243. JFK/RFK - RFK's secretary
  244. first women and hispanic surgeon general/1990
  245. Is an American historian, best known for writing That Noble Dream: The Objectivity Question and the American Historical Profession and The Holocaust in American Life
  246. Oleg Viktorovich Novitskiy, lieutenant colonel in the Russian Air Force, is a Russian cosmonaut
  247. medal of honor army vietnam
  248. Nobel Prize 2004
  249. Fighter ace ww2 born 2/22/1920. 317th FS, 325th FG. He is credited with 8 confirmed victories. Awards include Distinguished Flying Cross and 15 Air Medals
  250. astronaut
  251. WWII: PTO. USS Hornet (CV-8); Doolittle Raid witness (Apr. 1942); Battle of Midway (June 1942); Battle of Santa Cruz (Oct. 1942) when the Hornet was sunk (part of the salvage team who were the last men to leave the ship)
  252. British air ace from WW2 with 16 victories
  253. (Born 1945) US Army Vietnam Veteran. POW from 1969 to 1973. Recipient of the Army Distinguished Service Cross
  254. German fighter pilot
  255. nobel chem. laureate 2001
  256. WWII: PTO. Battle of Okinawa. Survived the sinking of his Landing Ship USS LSM(R)-190 by Kamikaze on 4 May 1945 while on the radar picket line
  257. (Born June 21, 1921) is an American former field hockey player and a pilot in the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) during World War II. Flew Stearman and AT-6 Planes
  258. Great, great, great, granddaughter of President Andrew Johnson, 17th President of the United States
  259. Former Trump Aid subpoenaed from Mueller seeking Nunberg's appearance before a grand jury and records of years of correspondence with people associated with Trump
  260. WWII Vet, Mexican Air Force. Last surviving pilot of the Aztec Eagles
  261. Spanish veteran (Born 1904) and the last surviving veteran of The Rif War of the 1920's, and one of the last of the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s. As of August 2017, he became the world's oldest living man, and the 21st longest living man in documented h
  262. nobel med. laureate 2001 cell cycle studies
  263. Holocaust survivor
  264. WWII: 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, the 'Ghost Army'
  265. Scientist
  266. WW2 B-17 Flying Fortress (Royal Flush) Navigator
  267. Is a centenarian and an American dancer, model and huntress who later became a promoter, educator, marketer, commercial pilot and philanthropist
  268. army general
  269. WWII: PTO. Battle of Okinawa. 6th Marine Division
  270. Documentary filmmaker, motivational speaker, and peace activist
  271. astronaut
  272. T.V. show(Bill Nye the Science Guy), Guest on Stargate Atlantis and was in the historic Nye vs. Ham debate which was on international news
  273. US Air Force Major General. Combat Pilot World War 2
  274. Political Scientist
  275. marine corps general
  276. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1995