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  1. Former Secret Service Special Agent/COO of Teneo Risk and serves as the Global Head of Security for Teneo/ CNN Law Enforcement Analyst/News Media Contributor
  2. Retired lieutenant general in the United States Army Reserve who last served as the Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2018 to 2021.Served as a Deputy National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump
  3. Fmr Pennsylvania State Senator
  4. Mayor of Wellington, New Zealand
  5. 06/12/1905 - 03/13/1984) American politician & diplomat from New York..1965 LBJ appointed him to Federal Communications Commission AKA FCC. graduated from St. Mark's School & from Yale University in 1927, where was member of Skull & Bones
  6. Former United States Ambassador to Singapore (2013-2017)
  7. U.S. Representative from Missouri (2013-??)
  8. Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Intelligence and Analysis (2010-2012)
  9. Mayor, Irvine California. (2016 - )
  10. Three Time Mayor of New York City 1954-1965
  11. Former Governor of Hawaii (1986-1994)
  12. Served as the first Assistant Attorney General for National Security, and later as the Homeland Security Advisor to United States President George W. Bush
  13. U.S. Representative from Michigan (2007-2009 and 2011-present)
  14. U.S. Representative from Oregon (1999-present)
  15. White House Director of Speechwriting (1995-1999)
  16. American physician-scientist who is the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the administrator of the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
  17. 2016 Socialist Party USA nominee for Vice President, 2020 Green Party nominee for Vice President
  18. Bill Walker  (2)
    Governor of Alaska, USA
  19. Daniel Walker  (3)
    Former Governor of Illinois (1973-1977)
  20. Former U.S. Comptroller General, Founder & CEO of Comeback America Initiative
  21. Secretary of State of Kentucky (2011 - )
  22. US Ambassador to Hungary (2003-2006)
  23. American politician, U.S. Senator from Wisconsin. Born: November 2, 1815, Died: March 29, 1872
  24. Mark Walker  (2)
    United States Congressman from North Carolina
  25. Grand-daughter of President Benjamin Harrison
  26. Mayor of Aurora Colorado 1965-67. First female mayor of a city larger than 60,000
  27. Former Governor of Utah (2003-2005)
  28. Fmr. Director of National Park Service January 7, 1973 - January 3, 1975
  29. Scott Walker  (8)
    Governor of Wisconsin (2011-19)
  30. First Muslim woman elected to serve as a Judge in the United States and is the first Muslim elected to serve as a Judge in the State of New York
  31. Mayor of Tucson, Arizona (1999-2011)
  32. United States Ambassador to Chad (2004-2007)
  33. 2020 candidate for VP
  34. Governor of Alabama (1963-67, 1971-79 and 1983-87); former presidential candidate
  35. Governor of Alabama (1967-1968)
  36. 2022 Green nominee for Maryland Governor
  37. American historian and author, as well as the Inspector General of the Central Intelligence Agency
  38. Former Governor of Mississippi (1972-1976)
  39. United States Ambassador to Tunisia (2012-2015)
  40. Mayor of Flint, Michigan (2009-15)
  41. Former White House Counsel
  42. Former U.S. Senator from Wyoming (1977-1995)
  43. United States Congresswoman from Indiana
  44. Governor of Massachusetts (1914-1916); U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (1919-1925 and 1926-1947)
  45. U.S. Representative from New York - 25th District (1989-2009)
  46. United States Ambassador to Argentina (2000-2003)
  47. John Walsh  (3)
    U.S. Senator from Montana
  48. Former Ambassador to Kuwait
  49. Served as White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Implementation in the Trump administration
  50. Mayor, Boston (2014 - )
  51. Former Governor of Oklahoma (1991-1995)
  52. US Drug Czar
  53. Former White House Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Press Secretary
  54. U.S. Representative from California (2015-??)
  55. Governor of Minnesota (2019-??); U.S. Representative from Minnesota (2007-19)
  56. U.S. Representative from Tennessee (1995-2011)
  57. William C. Wampler Sr. (1926-2012) - US Congress, VA-9 (R) from 1953-1955 and 1967-1983
  58. Currently a Judge of U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado
  59. First Asian American woman to serve on the Vermont Supreme Court
  60. Herbert B. Warburton (1916-1983) - US Congress, DE-AL (R) from 1953-1955
  61. Cam Ward  (2)
    Alabama State Senate (2010- present)Alabama House of Representatives (2002-2010)
  62. American lawyer and judge. He become known for his efforts to challenge the racially discriminatory practices at the University of Georgia School of Law
  63. U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria (2010-present)
  64. Former Secretary of the Navy (1972-1974); U.S. Senator from Virginia (1979-2009), was married at one time to actress Elizabeth Taylor
  65. Governor of Virginia (2002-06); U.S. Senator from Virginia (2009-present)
  66. U.S. Senator from Georgia (2021-)
  67. US Supreme Court Chief Justice (1953-1969), and previously the 30th Governor of California. Led the Brown v. Board of Education decision, and headed the Warren Commission investigation of the Kennedy assassination
  68. U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (2013-present) Special Advisor for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; Attorney & Law Professor
  69. Mayor of Rochester, NY
  70. Idaho State Attorney General (2003-present)
  71. Non-lineal descendant of President George Washington's family
  72. President of George Mason University (Fairfax VA)
  73. Mayor-Commissioner of Washington, DC (1967-1974); Mayor of Washington, DC (1975-1979)
  74. Fmr United States Congressmen
  75. Mayor of Fremont, California
  76. U.S. Representative from Florida (2005-present)
  77. Fmr Lt. Governor of Kentucky
  78. U.S. Representative from California (1991-present)
  79. Secretary of Energy 1989-1993, Former Chief of Naval Operations
  80. Steve Watkins  (2)
    Representative from Kansas
  81. Congressman from South Carolina
  82. U.S. District Judge of U.S. District Court for the District of Hawaii
  83. U.S. Representative from California (2001-2011)
  84. Member of West Virginia House of Delegates 1953-70
  85. White House Chief of Staff to President Carter (1980-81)
  86. Pennsylvania State Representative (2001-present)
  87. Mayor of Austin Texas
  88. Tom Watson  (4)
    Author and draws the original sketches for all the Stick Dog stories. His first jobs out of college were in politics. He worked for U.S. Senator John Glenn and as the Chief Speechwriter for the Governor of Ohio
  89. Former White House Chief of Staff (1965-1968)LBJ White House Administration; Postmaster General (1968-1969)
  90. Representative New Jersey District 12
  91. U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1981-1983)
  92. U.S. Ambassador to Panama (2002-05)
  93. Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (2014-??); U.S. Representative from North Carolina (1993-2014)
  94. Tim Watters  (2)
    Bill clinton look-a - like
  95. U.S. Representative from Oklahoma (1995-2003)
  96. U.S. Representative from California (1975-present)
  97. Former Solicitor General of the United States (1997-2001)
  98. Former US Ambassador to Argentina (2007-2009) and US Ambassador to Mexico (2011-2015)
  99. Former Aide to President Reagan; U.S. Senator from Virginia (2007-2013)
  100. Former Mayor of Denver (1991-2003)
  101. Retired Senator from Va
  102. United States Congressman from Texas
  103. Secretary of State of California
  104. United States Congressman from Florida
  105. Inventor on 14 U.S. patents related to online financial services
  106. Former Governor of Connecticut (1991-1995)
  107. Mayor, Glendale Arizona (2013 - )
  108. U.S. Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare (1973-1975); U.S. Secretary of Defense (1981-1987)
  109. Mayor of Burlington, VT
  110. U.S. Representative from New York (1999-2011)
  111. Mayor of Independence, MO, USA
  112. Candidate for U.S. Congress in Ohio's 5th District
  113. 39th Attorney General of Colorado
  114. United States Attorney for the United States District Court for the District of Delaware,
  115. Former General Counsel of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (2011-2013)
  116. Peter Welch  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Vermont (2007-present)
  117. U.S. Representative from California
  118. Former Governor of Massachusetts (1991-1997)
  119. Mayor of Juneau, Alaska
  120. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania (1987-2007)
  121. U.S. Representative from Florida (1995-2009)
  122. Navy veteran, author, and candidate for Congress from NJ
  123. U.S. Representative from Illinois (1995-2009)
  124. 2020 Candidate for US President
  125. U.S. Senator from Minnesota (1991-2002)
  126. United States Congressman from Ohio
  127. New York Assemblyman, Candidate for U.S. Congress
  128. Mayor of Gatlinburg, TN
  129. U.S. Representative from Florida (2011-2013), Author
  130. Professor At Princeton And Formaly Of Harvard. Author, 'Democracy Matters', 'Race Matters' And 'Cornel West Reader'
  131. Jason West  (2)
    Former Green Party mayor of New Paltz, NY
  132. Governor of South Carolina (1971-75)
  133. 2022 Green Party candidate for Arizona Governor
  134. U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs (1998-2000)
  135. Represtentative from Arkansas
  136. Former Director of the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs (1992-1993)
  137. Former Director of the Office of Public Liaison (2001-2005)
  138. U.S. Representative from Georgia (2005-17)
  139. Mayor, Baton Rouge Louisiana (2017 - ). Formerly Louisiana State Senator (2004-2016)
  140. U.S. Representative from Florida (1997-2010)
  141. United States Congresswoman from Virginia
  142. Lt. Governor of Rhode Island (1993-1997); U.S. Representative from Rhode Island (1997-2001)
  143. Mayor of Dayton, Ohio (2014 -)
  144. Fmr United States Congressman
  145. Mayor of Memphis, Tennessee (2009-present)
  146. Former United States Deputy Secretary of State (1993)
  147. American attorney who served as the 15th administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from 2019 to 2021
  148. U.S. Senator from Montana (1923-1947)
  149. Mayor, Portland Oregon. (2017 - )
  150. Former acting AG
  151. Former Governor of Indiana (1969-1973)Born: 11/06/1917
  152. Mayor of Lewisburg, wva
  153. Bill White  (2)
    Mayor of Houston, Texas (2004-09)
  154. Former Associate Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court
  155. Charles White  (3)
    Indiana Secretary of State (2011-present)
  156. Jesse White  (2)
    Illinois Secretary of State (1999-present)
  157. Mark White  (5)
    Governor of Texas (1983-87)
  158. Former Mayor of Cleveland (1990-2002)
  159. Fmr United States Congressman
  160. Secretary of the Army (2001-03)
  161. Georgia State Senator (2004-present)
  162. Senator from Rhode Island (2007-)
  163. Former Congressman from Virginia
  164. Former Congressman
  165. U.S. Representative from Kentucky (1995-2016)
  166. Former Governor of New Jersey (1993-2001); EPA Administrator (2001-2003)
  167. Governor of Michigan 2019-current
  168. South Carolina House of Representatives
  169. 2006, 2010 Green Party nominee for Illinois Governor
  170. Acting Surgeon General from July-September, 1993
  171. American Politician
  172. U.S. Senator from Mississippi (2007-present)
  173. Film Score Composer & Songwriter
  174. American politician and a member of the California State Senate. A Democrat, he represents the 11th Senatorial District, encompassing San Francisco and parts of San Mateo County
  175. Mayor of Lakeland, Florida (2013-17)
  176. United States Congresswoman from Pennsylvania
  177. 2020 Green nominee for IL-5
  178. Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee (1971-2007)
  179. Korean Vet, Battle of Pork Chop Hill/Governor of Virginia (1990-94); Mayor of Richmond, Virginia (2005-09); first African American to be elected governor of a US State
  180. Former Principal Executive of National Intelligence (2020-2021)
  181. Born March 13, 1932 Great Granddaughter Of Franklin D. Rosevelt
  182. United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs for President Trump
  183. U.S. Ambassador to Canada (2005-2009)
  184. Former United States Ambassador to Canada (2005-2009)
  185. Former Secret Service
  186. Former White House Communications Director (1988-1989)
  187. Donny Ray Willett is a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. He was previously appointed by Texas Governor Rick Perry to serve as a Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas Possible Supreme Court Judge
  188. Mayor of Washington, D.C. (1999-2007)
  189. Clayton 'Claytie' Williams, Jr. (b. 10/8/1931), businessman from Midland, Texas, was unsuccessful Republican gubernatorial nominee 1990 against Democratic State Treasurer Ann Richards even though Williams initially led in opinion polls by 20 points
  190. Pennsylvania State Senator (2001-2009)
  191. Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island, a notable Abraham Lincoln scholar and author, and a justice of the Military Commission Review
  192. Jack Williams  (2)
    Fmr Governor of Arizona
  193. Representative from Alabama
  194. Jeff Williams  (10)
    Mayor, Arlington Texas. (2015 - )
  195. Former US Congressman
  196. South Carolina Democratic state legislature senator
  197. Principal Deputy Director U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Jan 2021 - current
  198. Steve Williams  (10)
    Mayor of Huntington, WVA
  199. US Fish and Wildlife Service Head Under George W. Bush
  200. Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona (2018-??)
  201. Former Los Angeles Police Chief (1992-1997)
  202. psychotherapist writer
  203. District attorney of Fulton County, Georgia, first woman to hold the office
  204. U. S. lawyer and a dark horse who became the Republican Party nominee for the president in 1940. Wrote 'One World', a travelogue of his travels and meetings of the then-Allies heads of state. Indiana University graduate
  205. Alan Wilson  (2)
    South Carolina State Attorney General (2011 - )
  206. Attorney
  207. Democrat-Texas; US House of Representatives (73-97), subject of book/movie 'Charlie Wilson's War'
  208. U.S. Representative from Ohio (2007-2011)
  209. Representative Florida District 24
  210. United States Secretary of the Air Force, U.S. Representative from New Mexico (1998-2009)
  211. Mayor of Levinworth, KS
  212. U.S. Representative from South Carolina (2001-present)
  213. Justin Wilson  (5)
    Mayor of Alexandria, VA
  214. Former U.S. Senator from California (1983-1991); Governor of California (1991-1999)
  215. Acting Governor of Missouri (October 2000-January 2001) following the death of Governor Mel Carnahan
  216. Ross Wilson  (4)
    American diplomat who has served as the acting United States Ambassador to Afghanistan since 2020
  217. Ambassador to the Vatican 1984-86
  218. Was the 28th President of the United States, from 1913 to 1921
  219. American politician serving in the Delaware House of Representatives for district 26 as a Democrat
  220. Former Congressman from Kansas
  221. United States Secretary of the Navy (2006-2009)
  222. Former Governor of Mississippi (1980-1984)
  223. Mayor of the city of Newport,Rhode Island
  224. Former U.S. Senator from Colorado (1987-1993)
  225. Former Secretary of Labor (1962-1969) under Kennedy and LBJ
  226. Governor of West Virginia (2001-05)
  227. Former Dallas Mayor/helped federal agents prepare JFK's Dallas security for the next month's visit. Covered the presidential motorcade, played a double role at the president's aborted luncheon, encountered Jack Ruby day before Oswald shot
  228. Former Ambassador to the Philippines (91-92) and US Ambassador to India (94-97) . Former US Ambassador to Zambia (1979-1982), US Ambassador to Egypt (1986-1991)
  229. Former U.S. Ambassador to Rwanda
  230. U.S. Ambassador to Albania (2007-2010)
  231. U.S. Representative from Virginia (2007-present)
  232. Former U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania (1991-1995)
  233. U.S. Representative from Wyoming (1969-1971). Born: 08/31/1916
  234. Former Acting Secretary of Homeland Security by President Donald J. Trump
  235. Former Governor of Delaware (1992-1993)
  236. Frank Wolf  (2)
    U.S. Representative from Virginia (1981-present)
  237. Governor of Pennsylvania
  238. Director of the Office of Manpower during the Kennedy Administration(1962-1965)
  239. Former Congressman from New York
  240. Mayor of San Antonio, Texas (1991-95)
  241. Former Governor of South Dakota (1978-1979)
  242. Representative from Arkansas
  243. John Wood  (5)
    Florida State Representative
  244. Lucian Lincoln 'Lin' Wood Jr. - American attorney, political commentator and Social media personality
  245. U.S. Ambassador to Colombia (2003-07); U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan (2007-09)
  246. United States Congressman from Georgia
  247. 2006 Candidate for Governor of Maine
  248. Mayor, Birmingham Alabama (2017 - )
  249. Personal Secretary to the President (1969-1974)
  250. U.S. Representative from California (1993-present)
  251. Director of CIA 1993-95
  252. Former US Under Secretary of the Navy (2009-2013) and US Deputy Secretary of Defense (2014-2017)
  253. U.S. Ambassador to Estonia (2004-06)
  254. Director of the FBI since 2017
  255. U.S. Representative from Texas (1955-1989)/ introduced John F. Kennedy, Jr, for Kennedy's first televised speech/In JFK's final speech before being assassinated, praised Wright's service in the Congress
  256. Joe Wright  (6)
    Director of the Office of Management and Budget (1988-1989)
  257. Director of the Office of Management & Budget (1982-85 and 1988-89)
  258. Texas Ranger, drove Mayor's car in JFK's Dallas motorcade. Helped remove the President's body from the limo on arrival at Parkland Hospital. Later served 16 years as a county sheriff
  259. Ron Wright  (4)
    United States Congressman from Texas
  260. Attorney General of North Dakota
  261. U.S. Representative from Oregon (1999-present)
  262. American lawyer and politician who is a member of the Boston City Council and the mayor-elect of Boston
  263. 'Joe the Plumber' the undecided voter featured in the 2008 election by Senator John McCain as a tool to win the election
  264. Served as Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky from 1941 to 1945 and as the 43rd Lieutenant Governor of Kentucky from 1959 to 1963. He was a member of the Democratic Party
  265. U.S. Senator from Oregon (1996-present)
  266. Fmr United States Congressman
  267. Fmr United States Congressman
  268. Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut (2011-present)
  269. Los Angeles City Council Member. Youngest member and 2nd women to serve on the Council. First elected in 1953. She was instrumental in the Dodgers leaving New York and coming to Los Angeles
  270. U.S. Representative from Maryland - 4th District (1993-2008)
  271. Mayor of Austin, Texas (2003-09)
  272. Former United States Secretary of the Air Force (2005-2008)
  273. Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice Patrick Wyrick, who is on President Donald Trump's list of possible U.S. Supreme Court choices