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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts , A-Z Filter: A
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  1. Actress and producer, Sete Pecados (2007) and Da Cor do Pecado (2004)
  2. Broadway show
  3. tv show on fox
  4. Broadway Play
  5. A&E tv show
  6. Arts & Entertainment network - cable TV
  7. Actress, Stand-Up Comedian
  8. Australian actress. Born 7 December 1989. She is well-known for her roles on television shows, including, The Sleepover Club, McLeod's Daughters, Out of the Blue, Don't Blame the Koalas, and Double Trouble
  9. Exotic dancer/Costume Designer
  10. 80s series
  11. TV series on NBC in 2018
  12. Actress
  13. American Actress born 1943. She had a highly publicized relationship with Errol Flynn. Beverly Woods in 'Cuban Rebel Girls'(1959),'Death of a Salesman','South Pacific','Marjorie Morningstar'
  14. Actress-Midnight Movie,Crappy Holidays Presents
  15. Spokesperson
  16. Actor brother of child actor Lee Aaker appeared in Played 'Russell the Muscle' on tv in The Adventures of Spin and Marty and others
  17. Actor, Rusty from Rin Tin Tin
  18. US actress made only one movie 'US' (1991) and in 3 short parts in TV Serials 'Alice' 1984.
  19. Actress; Played Uncle Red's Girl in Stephen King's Silver Bullet
  20. The Aalbu Sisters, Young Man Of Manhattan (1930)
  21. Actress
  22. Actress
  23. Actress
  24. Actor
  25. Actress. Played Vlad on 'Lexx'
  26. Actress: Chopping Mall, Scarface, Bachelor Party, HOTS, Basic Training, The Lost Empire
  27. former Child Actress - 'Luella Parris' in The Best Years of Our Lives
  28. Actor: Eight is Enough, Charles in Charge, Zapped!, Bibleman, The Edge of Night, Swiss Family Robinson, Dungeons & Dragons, Scavenger Hunt / Also appeared on Celebrity Fit Club
  29. Australian General Purpose Actor - Popular in Crawford Productions of the 1970s
  30. Actress-Death Race 4,Our Girl.Tracy Ullman's Show
  31. Actress
  32. Director/writer - Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, The Courier
  33. Voice Over Talent
  34. Reporter for WNBC-TV,NY
  35. actress - primary colors, sleeping in seattle
  36. Actress in The Sopranos, By the Sea,
  37. Actor - NCIS
  38. British actor, 'Touching The Void', 'Band Of Brothers' (2001)
  39. Voice Over Talent
  40. filmmaker - A Force Of One (1979), Made In America (1982, t.v.), Maxie (1985)
  41. Actor: The Blind Side, Be Kind Rewind, Paranormal Movie, The Appearing, Left Behind, Traded, Hero of the Underworld
  42. Actor played Old Man #1 in Simon Birch
  43. Actor-Dreammaker
  44. Jazz Vocalist
  45. Actor-Flubber
  46. Actor/Cinematographer- Chuck,How I Met Your Mother,Life,Desperate Housewives
  47. Author, novelist, scriptwriter (Doctor Who)
  48. Author. Regular columnist for The Times. 'Paddling to Jerusalem: An Aquatic Tour of Our Small Country', 'Voodoo Histories: the role of Conspiracy Theory in Modern History'. He won the Orwell Prize for political journalism in 2001
  49. Played Jon Lindsay in Coronation Street
  50. Consumer Advocate/Photographer
  51. American actress, starred as the Demon Nun in 'The Conjuring 2'
  52. Former Child Actor - The Pied Piper Of Hamelin, The Donna Reed Show, The O. Henry Playhouse, Underworld U.S.A., Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse: The Comeback, The Party Crashers
  53. Actor-John Adams
  54. Actor-Cabin Fever
  55. Actress/Singer
  56. Actor: Urban Legends 2, The Skulls, Summer Storm, Rated X, Resident Evil-Apocalypse
  57. Noted writing fiction in media in the 90s, several novels for the Star Trek franchise. Also co-wrote four novels associated with the game Doom/A Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk', was nominated for the Hugo Award and Nebula Award
  58. Actress-Life is Wild
  59. Presenter
  60. Actress-The Roldans
  61. Actor-Dakota
  62. Was a bodybuilder who played a weightlifter in Sextette
  63. Actor - Chuck
  64. Actress/Dancer/Singer
  65. Actress
  66. Actor-Batman Fights Dracula
  67. Nigerian author. 'Masters of the Board', Winner of the Agatha Award 2010, Best First Novel 'The Long Quiche Goodbye'
  68. Actor-Backyard Basketball
  69. Actress/Model-Miss World 1998,Smachot
  70. Actor-Doc Martin
  71. Actress-Love Bites
  72. Model/Actress - Bananas, Playboy July 1971, Fashion Editor
  73. Director: Paparazzi, Tales from the Crypt, The Sentinel, Complete Savages, Nash Bridges
  74. Actress-Piratas
  75. Italian Actor of Academy Award movie 'Mediterraneo'
  76. Hip Hop Artist/Actor-Waist Deep
  77. Italian Actress-Maternity Blues
  78. Director/Actor-Babylon 5
  79. Actor
  80. Actress - string of popular Filipino movies, Superheroine Darna in 1994 & Model. Former Raiders Cheerleader / Bb, Filipinas Universe title 1991
  81. Actor-LOST
  82. Actress-Bambou
  83. Screenwriter
  84. Male Voice Over Talent
  85. Pakistani model and actor
  86. German TV Actress - So Schnell du Kannst
  87. Actress: The Visitor, The Red Tent, Exodus, Rock the Casbah, Inheritance, A Bottle in the Gaza Sea, The Source, Persécution, Amreeka
  88. Actress
  89. Actress played a Nursing Home Resident in Jersey Guy 2003
  90. Actress-The Office
  91. Actress-Demonium
  92. Actor - Daredevil
  93. Actor - Waterloo Road
  94. Mouseketeer (1955), Artists & Models (Martin & Lewis 1955, in the 'The Lucky Song' scene)
  95. Actress
  96. Actor-Devil in The Flesh
  97. Actress-Star Wars/Ewoks:Battle For Endor(Ewok)
  98. The Border, Murdoch Mysteries, DeGrassi the next Generation
  99. American actor-played CBS reporter in 2006 film The hoax,also starred in Saru Gecchu 2, also is the voice of Raphael in the current Ninja Turtles series
  100. Australian Actress
  101. Actress-Threshold
  102. Actress
  103. Actor-Press Gang
  104. Actress - The Bill, Dream Team, A&E, 20 Things To Do Before You're 30, The Robinsons, The Booze Cruise, Man Stroke Woman, After You've Gone
  105. True Blood (TV Series) ... Bar Patron The Dark Knight Rises ... Gotham City Police Officer
  106. Actress
  107. British Comedian,Actor and TV-Host born 1947.'The Russ Abbott Show'(1988-95),'Madhouse','Heartbeat','Doctors','Hotel Babylon','Mrs.Marple','September Song','The Comedians'
  108. Male Voice Over Talent
  109. Director & Screenwriter: State Property
  110. Dancer
  111. Model/Actress-The Womb Raider,The Model Solution,Son of the Beach
  112. British Actor-Doc Martin,The Bill
  113. Actor: Re-Animator, Bride of Re-Animator, House of Re-Animator, Dark Justice, The Demolitionist, The Prophecy II, Black Scorpion, TAG, Bad Dreams
  114. Actress-Lost Love,Kissing Strangers
  115. Actor-The Lives of Hamilton Fish
  116. Crossfit Competitor, Model, 1st ever female Nascar Pitcrew member CBS Big Brother 19 Houseguest
  117. Actor- 'Girls' as Charlie; 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'; 'As I Am' and others
  118. Actress - Taxi Driver, The King Of Comedy, Welcome To L.A., New York New York, Jo Jo Dancer..., Crime Story. Married to actor Robert DeNiro (1976-1988)
  119. Actress
  120. Rosemary - Gilmore Girls
  121. Female Model
  122. Tosh.o (The Risky Business Girl)
  123. Actor who has appeared in many TV series and Films such as 'Revenge of the Pink Panther', 'The Hellfire Club' and 'Prisoner: Cell Block H'
  124. British Actor-Holby City,Doctors
  125. Broadway showman
  126. Actress-Precipice,Nobody
  127. Liv Tyler's riding double in Lord of the Rings
  128. Jane Abbott  (2)
  129. Jeff Abbott  (3)
    MacGyver,Thirtysomething,Murder,She Wrote,Amen,Simon & Simon
  130. MLB pitcher 1989-99 for Angels, Yankees, White Sox, Brewers. Best in 1991 (3rd place for Cy Young Award) going 18-11 with 2.89 ERA. Tossed no - hitter in 1993 for Yankees against the Indians. Born without a right hand. College Baseball H.O.F. (2007)
  131. Actor - Gigi, The Woman In White, Mrs. Miniver, Madame Bovary, Jane Eyre '44, Cry Of The Werewolf, The Vampire's Ghost, The Merry Widow, The Mask Of Dimitrios, The Web, Deception, Gambit, Jungle Book (v), lots of TV including Star Trek (1)
  132. Avengers: Age of Ultron ... Party Guest The Dark Knight Rises ... Irish Street Thug Men in Black 3 ... Civilian The War Within ... Police Officer The Great New Wonderful ... Man in Park
  133. Broadway actress. Daughter of the Broadway Playwright and Director George Abbott
  134. TV producer 'Reba' and 'Roseanne'
  135. Playwright
  136. Nephew of Bud. Director of many tv shows from the 50's to 2001
  137. Actress-Parallax,Wild Kat
  138. Paul Abbott  (2)
    English television screenwriter and producer. Shameless, Touching Evil, Clocking Off, State of Play & Reckless
  139. Actor - The FBI, The Invisible Boy, Sweet Bird Of Youth, The Bachelor Party '57, The Spiral Road, Hangar 18, The Young & The Restless, General Hospital, Rich Man, Poor Man Book 2, Iron Man & Spider-Man (voice of Col. Nick Fury), many TV guest star roles
  140. Stuntman
  141. CBC Personality
  142. Actress as (1) the voice of 'Penny' in Walt Disney's '101 Dalmatians' (1961), and; (2) as the 'Mexican Girl' in Ty Hardin's 'Bronco' TV series in 1962 of the episode entitled: 'Rendezvous with a Miracle'
  143. Writer - wrote the story that became the movie C.H.U.D.
  144. Actor
  145. TV Presenter
  146. Writer For 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno'
  147. Comedy Duo
  148. Actor - Daredevil
  149. Actress
  150. Actor
  151. Actor
  152. Screenwriter/Director-Yes We Can,Territories
  153. Actor-Taxi 3
  154. Actress
  155. Female Voice Over Talent
  156. Actress
  157. TV series featuring Rupert Grint. Is currently filming. The Writer and Executive Producer is Sarah Phelps
  158. tv-network
  159. German TV-Host and actress
  160. Personal Trainer-Barry's Bootcamp
  161. Actor, United 93
  162. German tv host - galileo
  163. Actress-All About Me
  164. Actress-Shahada,Bounderies
  165. Presenter
  166. Actor-Speakers Bureau
  167. Actor-Blood on the Docks
  168. Actor - Captain Phillips
  169. Voice Over Talent
  170. Engish TV Moderator for Soccer
  171. Peformance Artist,Writer,Painter
  172. Actress
  173. Actress
  174. Plays Senorita Rodriquez on 'That's So Raven'
  175. Actor-Halal Police d'Etat
  176. movie director
  177. Singer/Judge on 'American Idol', sang 'Opposites Attract', 'Rush, Rush', 'Cold Hearted Snake', 'Straight Up', ex-wife of Emilio Estevez, choreographer, former 'Laker Girl'
  178. NBA All Time Leading Scorer, Basketball Hall of Famer, Was in the movie 'Airplane', 'Game of Death'
  179. Actor-Aquaman,The Get Down
  180. Actor-Wild Cats,Amen,Ernest Goes To Camp
  181. Actor in films & tv 1956 - 1981 Played Arab Foreman in The Mole People
  182. Actor-A Most Wanted Man,The Peppercorns
  183. Actor-Underbelly,The Day Hollywood Died
  184. Screenwriter/Playwright
  185. Actress-Ideal,My Phone Genie
  186. 'Still Walking' (movie)
  187. Actor
  188. Actress/Model-Prisoners of War,Rani
  189. Screenwriter
  190. Director of Photography
  191. Film Producer, Academy Award 2018 Nomination for 'Last Men in Aleppo'
  192. Assitant to Producer-The Young Americans
  193. Actor
  194. Actress in Bloodlust
  195. Belgian director, husband of Fiona Gordon
  196. Actress-Not Dead Yet
  197. Actor
  198. Actor-10 Days to Victory
  199. Cinematographer
  200. Actor; 'Threshold', 'Go Figure', 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody', 'Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief', 'Supernatural'
  201. Actor-Paris Lockdown,Whatever
  202. Actor - National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
  203. Comedian
  204. Norwegian singer, 'Here we go Then, you And I', actor, 'Hodet Over Vannet', 'All For Egil'
  205. Professional Speaker, God's Grace In Hardships
  206. Produced tv show 'Lassie'
  207. Actor in: 'The Final Countdown'* (1980) as one of the 'USS Nimitz Crew' members
  208. Actor - 'The Three Musketeers' 1935, 'Law of the Underworld' 1938, 'Holiday Inn' 1942, 'Wake Island' 1942, 'So Proudly We Hail! 1943, 'Mr. Skeffington' 1944, 'The Kid from Brooklyn' 1946, 'Island in the Sky' 1953, 'Night People' 1954
  209. Actor-Make It or Break It
  210. Director
  211. Actor
  212. Screenwriter
  213. Actor-Valor's Kids,Not a King's Ransom
  214. Actress
  215. Actor-The Concert,Safari
  216. Actor-played in 'Little Liars','NYPD Blue',24,etc
  217. Actor-Smash,Son Of Morning
  218. Harry potter and the cursed child
  219. Actress/Voice Actress - Freddy vs Jason, guest role in Stargate SG-1
  220. Actor
  221. Male Voice Over Talent
  222. NCIS, Special Ops Forces aka Soldier of Fortune
  223. Actor-Power Rangers Jungle Fury,High Flyers
  224. Actress-Queen of Swords
  225. Male Voice Over Talent
  226. Actress-Money Buys Happiness
  227. Herec Yo soy Betty la fea
  228. Actress/ Por qué diablos
  229. German TV Presenter
  230. MASH guest star , Alice , A night at the magic castle
  231. Actor - I Shouldn't Be Alive, Coronation Street
  232. Actor-University Place
  233. Cherry Malone in Doctors
  234. Actor-Love in Paris
  235. Actor-The Coming Days
  236. Actress-The Whore's Son
  237. Model/Actress - 'Ocean Avenue'
  238. Actor: Played Richard Raymond on Stephen King's Creepshow
  239. Stunt Woman: THE ALIBI Stunt Dbl - Rebecca Romjin-Stamos, LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN Stunt Dbl - Peta Wilson, BIRDS OF PREY Stunt Dbl - Ashley Scott/
  240. Actress
  241. Actor: Army of Darkness, Sextette, Ice Pirates, General Hospital, Flicks, Mousehunt, Wild Wild West, Santa Barbara, Dynasty, Falcon Crest, Star Wars The Clone Wars, Seinfeld, Warlock, Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000, Catacombs, Puppet Master 3
  242. Actress War Room. Christian Singer, Songwriter, and artist
  243. Actor-Wonderland
  244. Actress-Book of Blood,Lip Service
  245. Broadway performer, played Sasha in the original Broadway cast of Fiddler on the Roof
  246. Theatre Director
  247. Swedish Actress And Model- TV Series - 'The Gong Show' (1976),'Batman' (1966-1967),'MASH' (1973). Movies - 'The Killing of Sister George' (1968), The Teacher (1974). Crowned Miss Sweden 1964. 3rd runner-up in the 1964 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant
  248. German Actor
  249. Actress-Supernatural
  250. Actress: Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood, Dogma, Jersey Girl
  251. Actor - Night At The Museum 2, Chuck
  252. Daughter of Reverend Ralph David Abernathy, actress in tv show Any Day Now,The Walking Dead
  253. MTV Real World
  254. Weather Channel personality
  255. Screenwriter/Director: House 4, Deepstar Six
  256. Actress-The Walking Dead
  257. Actress - 'School And Board'
  258. Actor-The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
  259. 40+ years as an NBC News correspondent. Commentator, editor, and presenter of 'Religion & Ethics Newsweekly' on PBS
  260. Actor- Home and Away, Beastmaster, Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance
  261. Appeared in 6 Herschel Gordon Lewis films of the 60's. Played Sonny Halitosis in Boin-n-g.
  262. Actor - Chuck, G.I. Joe: Rise Of Cobra
  263. Director of live action sequence of Yellow Submarine also an episode of Robin Hood in 1986, 3 episodes of She-Wolf of London 1990 and 1991 as well as others
  264. Actress-Hex,Eastenders
  265. German Actress - DEFA, Polizeruf 110, Tatort
  266. Screenwriter
  267. Screenwriter
  268. Actress-R.I.S. Police Scientifique
  269. Director of Photography
  270. Actor-The Assault
  271. Actor
  272. Actress
  273. Actor
  274. Indian actress, model
  275. Actress
  276. Actress
  277. English actor-Moses Jones,Injustice
  278. australian actor and singer, Jake Sanders in Retour to Eden
  279. Actor - Sherlock Holmes
  280. Actress-Unter Uns
  281. Actor - Get Smart
  282. Actress
  283. Actor-Seducing Cindy
  284. Actress
  285. Actor
  286. Actor
  287. Actor-Ultranova,Malson Close
  288. Actor-Fatal,Tour De Force
  289. French actor, played Alex Dimitrios in 'Casino Royale' (2006)
  290. Actor; Sav on 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'
  291. Actress Stars in the film, 'All The Boys Love Mandy Lane'
  292. Voice Over Talent-NBA Ballers
  293. Actor: Charmed, Angel, Will & Grace, Las Vegas, The Shield, and Additional Voices in 'The Hobbitt' video game
  294. Animation director
  295. Playwright
  296. Actress-Nicole
  297. Talk Show Host/Psychatrist
  298. Actress - Saint, Hollands Hoop, De Marathon, Goeden Tijden Slechte Tijden, Flodder
  299. Devon on The Office, Star Trek ENT
  300. Actress. Star Trek ENT
  301. Actor
  302. Egyptian actor-Heliopolis
  303. Actress-The Seasoning House
  304. Star of films 'Anxiety', 'Hypnotized', 'Halo' and 'Tis Better As It Is'
  305. Choreographer
  306. Actor-One Man's Show,Highlander
  307. Actress-Turbelences
  308. Female Voice Over Talent
  309. Mixologist
  310. Actor
  311. Modern Humorist - Best Week Ever (t.v. Series, VH1, Guest Panelist)
  312. Director and writer and is married to Mary McCartney
  313. Director
  314. Actress
  315. Actress-The Debt,Breaking and Entering
  316. 'Gar' in The Pretender, Star Trek ENT
  317. Participated in on Top Chef and Top Chef: All-Stars; now co-owns Gorge in West Hollywood
  318. Actress-Kermesse
  319. Actor-Spiral
  320. 'Journey To The Center Of The Earth','CrashBurn'
  321. Actor-Man of The House
  322. Actor-The Conquerors
  323. Actress
  324. Actor: NCIS, Rambo 3, The Dark Knight Rises, Streets of Yesterday, The Order, Body of Lies, Fringe, Castle, Low Winter Sun, Legends, Mermaids
  325. Actress-Docklands
  326. Actor
  327. Model/Actress-Anna
  328. Actor-Tatort
  329. Model/Actress-The Girl From Monday
  330. Director
  331. He's The EX Bin Man Who Came 2nd On The 2005 X Faxtor
  332. Actor known for 'The Young and the Restless,' 'Brooklyn Nine- Nine,' 'Good Fortune,' 'Drake & Josh,' 'The Shield' and 'As the World Turns' as well as numerous theatre credits. Currently performing in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway
  333. Actress-Robert in Berlin
  334. Author - The Juggler's Children
  335. Director
  336. Voice Over Talent
  337. American Actor born 1939.won Oscar for Antonio Saleri in 'Amadeus'(1984),'The Grand Budapest Hotel,'Thir13en Ghosts',.'Mimic','Finding Forrester','Nostradamus','Last Action Hero','Mobster','The Name of the Rose','Mighty Aphrodite','StarTrek:Insurrection''
  338. Reality Show Teen Mom & Celebrity Sex Tape
  339. Production Designer
  340. Voice Over Talent
  341. Voice Over Talent
  342. Actress Tom & Harry
  343. movie director
  344. Actor
  345. John Abraham  (2)
    Indian actor, model
  346. Actress-Waking Up
  347. Professional Speaker
  348. Actor/Editor:Girlfriend from Hell, Vice Academy, Terror Night, Hobgoblin, 21 Jump Street, Vampire Knights, Ministry of Vengeance, The Forgotten
  349. News - ABC12
  350. Actor-Maneater,Haunted Holiday
  351. Actress
  352. Director
  353. Actor-The Adversary,Black Venus
  354. Actor
  355. Director & Cinematographer
  356. Actress-Bones,To Jennifer
  357. Actress-The Number One Girl
  358. Secretary of Energy (2001-05)
  359. Female Model
  360. Costume Designer
  361. Actor-The Squad,Monte Carlo
  362. Director/Screenwriter
  363. Big Brother 18 Houseguest
  364. Actress-Genie in The House
  365. Actor: Fantastic Four, The X-Files, 21 Jump Street, Millennium, MacGyver, Highlander, The Commish, Double Cross, Road Rage, Supernatural, Man of Steel, Tin Man, Stargate, Bordertown, Evil Feed
  366. Francis on The Fairly OddParents, Buffy guest star
  367. Production Designer
  368. writer/filmmaker, part of 'ZAZ' team (Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker) - The Kentucky Fried Movie (1977), Airplane! (1980), Ruthless People (1986), Hot Shots! (1991), Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993), Jane Austen's Mafia (1998)
  369. scary movie, meet the parents, Dj on the 'Ellen Degeneres show'
  370. Author-The Man Who Tried To Clone Himself
  371. Associate Producer of the 'Planet of The Apes' film series, co-writer of 'Beneath The Planet of The Apes' with Paul Dehn
  372. Director
  373. News - KTRK TV
  374. plays Joanne Jackson in Coronation Street
  375. Actor-Starship Troopers 3
  376. Actor on Doc and musician
  377. Theatre Director // Officer of the Order of Canada
  378. Actor-Thano Spa
  379. Actor - Fear the Walking Dead
  380. Screenwriter
  381. Actor
  382. Master Carpenter on 'This Old House' and host of 'The New Yankee Workshop'
  383. Actress-Emmerdale
  384. Actor-Folle Duece
  385. American former lobbyist and businessman, Author
  386. Actor-Beauty and The Beast
  387. Actress-30 Rock,Ugly Betty
  388. Director of Photography
  389. TV Producer & Screenwriter: Highlander, V - The Series, MacGyver, Jake and the Fatman
  390. Screenwriter
  391. Actor, formerly of'Rookie Blue'
  392. Actor-Psych
  393. Actress-True Blood,Veronica Mars
  394. Actor - Gangster Squad, The Inbetweeners, The Walking Dead
  395. Cinematographer: Friday the 13th
  396. Animator, artist. Worked for Disney in the 50s, then later with Hanna-Barbera, Looney Tunes, and other studios
  397. Host of A&E's reality series, LIVE PD & Grace Vs. Abrams, Chief Legal Affairs Anchor for ABC News, co-host of Nightline
  398. Actor
  399. Deputy National Security Advisor (2005-2009)
  400. Director-Alias,Lost,Mission Impossible 3/Producer-Forever Young,Joy Ride/Writer-Taking Care of Business,Gone Fishin,Armageddon, Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed
  401. Tony award winning Broadway producer - Kinky Boots & A Time to Kill among many
  402. Writer - Just Shoot Me!, The Bernie Mac Show
  403. Actor
  404. Jennifer Walkens in Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1992 movie
  405. 'Roommates','What We Do Is Secret'
  406. Film Producer
  407. Actor - LOST, The Practice
  408. CNBC Anchor/Reporter/Contributor
  409. Meteorologist
  410. Award-winning writer and director in both film and television. Abrams shared a 1992 Emmy Award for the children's television series, Rugrats
  411. Actor - Monk
  412. Comedian
  413. Author-Executive Editor for The New York Times
  414. Creator of CollegeHumor
  415. movie director/writer
  416. Actress - Chuck
  417. Actress
  418. Author-Changing a Troubled Ship's Course
  419. Actress-Friday Night Lights
  420. Model & reporter
  421. Worm Guy from the film Men in Black
  422. Actor - Monk
  423. Parkour Athlete, Host of TBD's The Link, Atomic Ant on Ultimate Tag
  424. Actor-Corazon Esmerelda
  425. Actor-Dernier Recours
  426. Actor-La Soupiere
  427. Actress-R.I.S. Police Scientifique
  428. Actor-Reporters
  429. Deal or No Deal Model
  430. Actress-Divinos
  431. Actress-Obsesion,Dona Perfecta,El Puente,Change of Sex,La Barraca,The Bastard,The Witching Hour,Tie Me Up Tie Me Down,Kika,Johnny Hollywood,Bushwacked,The 7th Day,Incautos,Blue Helmet,Ada in the Jungle,The Caged Heart
  432. Actor
  433. Actress-As the World Turns,Battle Of Los Angeles,The Have and The Have Nots,
  434. Actress
  435. television director
  436. Actor
  437. Actress
  438. Actor: The Sopranos, The Practice, Dynasty, Night Court, LA Law, Mad Men, Bones, Law & Order, Doogie Howser, House of Sand and Fog, Boston Legal, The Death of Socrates, In Plain Sight, Hot in Cleveland
  439. Actor-Slaves of New York
  440. TV Presenter CBBC, Eurosport
  441. Poet-Speak Old Parrot
  442. Model and actor
  443. Female Voice Over Talent
  444. Matthew Rose In EastEnders, Film - Long Time Dead
  445. Actor-Weeds
  446. Director
  447. German Actress-The Sidekicks
  448. Actress
  449. Actor - NCIS, Catching Fire
  450. Actress-Tatort
  451. Actor
  452. Actor
  453. Palestinian Director of of the film: Paradise Now
  454. Actress-The Unlucky Woman
  455. Actor
  456. Actor in trust me
  457. Voice Actor
  458. Author of 'I shall not hate'
  459. Actor-Degrassi:The Next Generation,Pompeii
  460. Male Voice Over Talent
  461. Male Voice Over Talent
  462. Actress-Baywatch,Beverly Hills Cop 3
  463. Actor-Time:Ancora Sessanti Secondi
  464. Italian Actor:Fratelll
  465. Actor-The Berlin File
  466. Actress-The Contract
  467. Comedian
  468. Actress
  469. Actress-No Et Moi
  470. Contestant on Hells Kitchen
  471. Actress-#ActorsLife,Adults,The KIller In The House,Pie
  472. Actor-The Mob Doctor,Boss
  473. Actor-The Chef
  474. Actor-Complicity
  475. TV-Show at NBC
  476. Actor
  477. Actress-Don Matteo
  478. Actor-Cicacitri
  479. Actress: Vampire Diaries, On the doll, X's & O's
  480. Actor-Babar,Maximum Risk
  481. ABC TV Show
  482. Actor-The Double Hour,Remake
  483. Italian Actor, 'His Secret Life', 'Giovane Casanova, Il '
  484. Actress
  485. Dutch Actor/Musician - Penoza, Jeuk, Lek