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  1. Author/Professor IESE (Business), Harward business school famoso por el informe Ninja de Economia en Espa├▒a. Libros : 'La crisis ninja y otros misterios de la economia actual .English :
  2. economist
  3. An American astrophysicist and astronomer; Secretary of the Smithsonian (1928-1944)
  4. Creator of Trivia Pursuit & hockey owner
  5. Deputy Surgeon General, Womens HOF, 2000 for her work in science
  6. Vermont millionaire
  7. CEO of Donato Pizza. She is the founder's Daughter. She lives in Columbus Ohio
  8. publisher
  9. Former CEO Of Ogden Corp
  10. Russian owner of Chelsea Football Club
  11. CEO of Energiya Global Capital
  12. American attorney and advocate
  13. Creator of CollegeHumor
  14. CEO of Abt Electronics
  15. Businessman-CEO Bell South Corporation
  16. Businessman-CEO of Corning
  17. Australian Fashion Doyen
  18. New York Times Bestselling author of six books including his most recent Wall Street Journal #1 Bestseller, Finish: Give yourself the gift of done
  19. A U.S. antropologist; Secretary of the Smithsonian (1984-1994)
  20. CEO of K-mart
  21. economist
  22. 16th wealthiest person in the world
  23. Business Man-Activision Blizzard
  24. CEO Reuters
  25. Glasses creator
  26. Fiat Chairman
  27. businessman
  28. businessman
  29. President Of Chiquta Bananas Was On Undercover Boss
  30. Media mogul
  31. khon program director
  32. nobel economics laureate 2001
  33. buisnessman
  34. Ceo of GM
  35. Owner of Harrod's, Father of Dodi Al Fayed, Princess Diana's lover before she died
  36. CEO Al Jazeera Americ
  37. Qatari businessman, CEO, Qatar Airways
  38. Classic Bodybuilder, business partner with Glenn Bishop who published and distributed Physique magazines
  39. Forbes richest people list
  40. Businessman - BASF
  41. 2016 inductee into National Inventors Hall of Fame
  42. Chairman and CEO of HBO
  43. 15th richest in the world
  44. Disney Legend, founder of Magic Kingdom Club and Grad Night
  45. 2015 inductee into National Inventors Hall of Fame
  46. businessman
  47. Billionaire Businesswoman
  48. nobel economics laureate
  49. Founder, politico
  50. Former Chairman of Pitney Bowes
  51. Paul G. Allen  (2)
    NFL - Owner Seattle Seahawks (1997 - present). Co-Founder of Microsoft (W/ Bill Gates)
  52. U.S. telecommunications businessman
  53. Ceo of john deere and company tractors
  54. businessman
  55. Womens HOF, 2003 for Business
  56. President of McDonalds
  57. 14th richest in the world
  58. computer engineer businessman
  59. '05 genius award recipient
  60. St. Maartener businessman, owner of AVA Air airlines
  61. businessman
  62. CEO of Best Buy
  63. Ex Actress. Now a Glass Art, and Jewellery manufacturer
  64. CEO, Delta Air Lines
  65. businessman
  66. Chairman and CEO of PARADE Magazine
  67. businessman
  68. editor publisher
  69. Inventor of Ramen noodles
  70. businessman
  71. Co-creator of Ultimate Ninjago, Legends of Chima, NEXO Knights, and LEGO Ninjago
  72. American entrepreneur, event producer, and humanitarian. He gained distinction for his involvement in charitable events in the Southern California area, and through his family business Angelini Trading Company
  73. businessman
  74. Paul Anka's ex- wife, model
  75. Philanthropist, Widow of publisher Walter Annenberg, and former Chief of Protocol under Ronald Reagan
  76. publisher
  77. publisher diplomat ambassador to uk (69-75)
  78. businessman
  79. businessman sports executive
  80. Nephew of general Charles de Gaulle
  81. businesswoman
  82. boat racing driver businessman
  83. businessman
  84. businessman
  85. businessman
  86. Disney Legend, VP of Buena Vista Pictures International
  87. businessman basketball executive
  88. Sports TV innovator, former president of ABC Sports and ABC News
  89. CEO of AT&T
  90. businessman
  91. Current master distiler for jack daniels
  92. American chemical engineer, biological engineer, and biochemist. She is a recipient of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for pioneering the use of directed evolution to create enzymes
  93. Advertising executive. Ran in the Democratic primaries for Vice President 1972 and for President in 1976.
  94. model/publisher of extra hip magazine
  95. beauty consultant
  96. COO of Roto-Rooter... was on undercover boss
  97. nobel economics laureate 1972
  98. businessman
  99. Cosmetic Company Founder
  100. American scientist and Nobel laureate who worked at Bell Laboratories and Lucent Technologies. He is the oldest Nobel Laureate in history. Ashkin has been considered by many as the father of the topical field of optical tweezers, for which he was awarded
  101. Lawyer: Represented David Milgaard, who was wrongfully convicted of murder in 1970. With Asper arguing the case before the Supreme Court of Canada, Milgaard's conviction was overturned in 1992. // Former Executive Vice President of CanWest Global
  102. Director and corporate secretary of CanWest Global Communications, president of the CanWest Global Foundation, and managing director and secretary of The Asper Foundation
  103. Canadian Business Man. CanWest Global
  104. Ethiopian-German political analyst, consultant and author
  105. Beverly Hills Fabulous
  106. Former French first lady as the former wife of Nicolas Sarkozy until 2007
  107. Gene Autry's widow; former anaheim angels owner(with Gene Autry)
  108. Businessman, author and philanthropist
  109. businessman
  110. businessman
  111. Canadian builder, designer, architect, developer and philanthropist. Member of the order of Canada