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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Magician/Illusionist , A-Z Filter: all
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Magician/Illusionist , A-Z Filter: all
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  1. Magician
  2. Hypnotist
  3. German Acrobats that appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in the 60's
  4. Las Vegas magician
  5. Magician /Comedian
  6. Mentalist
  7. psychic & paranormal debunker / magician / escape artist
  8. American close-up magician.He is recognized worldwide as one of the greatest living magicians
  9. Actor - Night Court, Dave's World, Cheers, Stephen King's IT, Harvey (TV '96 as Elwood P. Dowd). Magician
  10. Magician in Las Vegas; stars in 'Mind Freak' on A&E
  11. John Archer  (3)
  12. Magician
  13. Arno  (2)
  14. Magican
  15. Actor - McHale's Navy (as Lester Gruber), Speedway, Shakiest Gun In The West, Just You & Me Kid, Mr. Sat. Night, Penelope, My Giant, The Best Of Times, Revenge Of The Cheerleaders, Garfield & Friends (v). Comedic Magician, whose tricks always failed
  16. 2 Time World Balloon Twisting Champion / Magician
  17. Mentalist
  18. Magicians
  19. Magician and illusionist
  20. Magician
  21. Magician
  22. Illusionist
  23. Magician
  24. Magician
  25. Magician
  26. World renound Magician. Has passed away
  27. Magician/Stuntman; Froze himself in a block of ice for 3 days, lived in an aquarium for 7 days
  28. Stage Hypnotist
  29. Belgium Born, French Former Circus Performer And The Dean Of The Most Famous European Circus - Circus Bouglione
  30. Canadian Female Magician
  31. Magician; From the late 1960s to 1994, he appeared on TV on ?The Bozo Show? as Wizzo, a clown who did magic
  32. Magician/Illusionist
  33. Magician
  34. Magician
  35. American Writer,Actor,Producer and Magician Born: 08/05/1911.Michael 'The Falcon 'Waring in 'Devils Cargo','Appointment with Murder' and 'Search for Danger',Dark Venture','Gold Fever','Search for Danger','Durango Kid'.Born: 08/05/1911
  36. Actor, professional magician/illusionist; 'Veronica Mars', 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager'
  37. Illusionist - 'The Carbonaro Effect' - TRUTV
  38. Mentalist
  39. Magician
  40. Founder and President of, street magician, etc
  41. Singer - Tommy Dorsey quartet, The Sentimentalists
  42. Rudy Coby, also known as 'Labman', is an American comedic magician. He is a member of the Magic Castle in Los Angeles. In the early 1990s, Coby appeared in several small theatrical live shows, and on broadcast television
  43. Hypnotist and radio personality
  44. magician
  45. Magician, was on Americas Got Talent
  46. Jack Cooper  (2)
  47. Magician/Actor: 'Terror Train'
  48. Aaron Crow  (2)
    Belgian mentalist, magician and danger-act, perhaps best known for his spectacular appearances on 'Le Plus Grand Cabaret Du Monde', Britain's Got Talent and America's Got Talent
  49. Luke Dancy is a professional magician, creator and consultant on the hit television series â-?Criss Angel: Mindfreak'. Check out any of seasons 4, 5 or 6 to see his creations in action
  50. Master Magician/Mindreader/Actor-Star Wars Episode 1(Naboo Foot Soldier)
  51. Magician (Son of Paul Daniels)
  52. Magician
  53. Michael Davis  (5)
  54. Magician
  55. Magician/Entertainer
  56. Ventriloquist
  57. American mathematician and former professional magician and poker player. He teaches statistics at Stanford University. He is particularly known for tackling mathematical problems involving randomness
  58. Born Oct 31,1969Called The Female Houdini
  59. Celebrity Psychic
  60. Magician
  61. Magician
  62. Circus
  63. German Magicians - Andreas and Chris Ehrlich
  64. Has a show in Pigeon Forge TN as magic
  65. Glamorous In Magics Biggest Secret's Finally Revealed
  66. Siegfried and Roy
  67. 2014 America's Got Talent winner
  68. Full time magician, more known as dynamo
  69. Magician
  70. Americas sexiest Magician as seen on David Letterman, Ripleys believe it or not and even Jerry Springer!
  71. Hypnotist
  72. Magician
  73. Escapologist
  74. Actress in 'The Mentalist and 'All The Cheerleaders Die'
  75. Hypnotist
  76. Glamorous In Magics Biggest Secret's Finally Revealed
  77. Magician
  78. German magician of the 80tys
  79. Magician
  80. Magician & Actor: The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Idle Hands
  81. Magician
  82. Magician
  83. Psychic
  84. Magician
  85. Siegfried and Roy
  86. Great Great Grandson of Harry Houdini
  87. Performance Artist
  88. A multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and record producer, as of 2013 he is the current lead singer and second guitarist in King Crimson and also pursues a solo career
  89. Anthony James  (2)
  90. Illusionist/actor,played Henry Gupta in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies
  91. Comedian Magician
  92. comedian, illusionist - penn & teller
  93. Magician, contestant on America's Got Talent
  94. Mentalist
  95. Magician/Mentalist
  96. American psychic known for wildly inaccurate predictions. played Criswell in Plan 9 From Outer Space
  97. Kevin King  (2)
  98. Comedian/ Magician
  99. Dutch famous Illusionist
  100. Son of Jack Klugman. Appeared The Magic of David Copperfield III: Levitating Ferrari 1980
  101. US multi-instrumentalist, Grammy Awards Winner 2017
  102. Magic Master
  103. Female magician
  104. award-winning female illusionist and porn director
  105. Magician
  106. Magician
  107. Magician
  108. British born internationally acclaimed illusionist and actor who appeared as Renfield opposite Bela Lugosi in the 1951 British tour of 'Dracula' on stage
  109. Magician
  110. Memory-training specialist, Magician
  111. Psychic
  112. Illusionist
  113. French magician
  114. Escape Artist
  115. Magician/Comedian
  116. magician mindreader
  117. Magician / Illusionist. He has a show called 'Don't Trust Andrew Mayne' on A&E tv
  118. Professional Magician
  119. Magician's Assistant {Paul Daniels}
  120. Glamorous In Magics Biggest Secret's Finally Revealed
  121. Magician
  122. Magician
  123. Moi-Yo Miller was the stage name of Mona Loretta Miller (born 24 April 1914), an Australian who became the principal assistant to the stage magician Dante
  124. Magician
  125. Pantomime
  126. Magician
  127. Magician
  128. Comedy magician - Red Skelton impersonator - only student of Red Skelton
  129. Steve Murray  (2)
    Mime Artist
  130. British environmentalist specialising in biodiversity
  131. Television Mystic
  132. Is a former child actress who performed under the name of Nell Potts. She is an environmentalist, biologist, and a prominent supporter of sustainable agriculture, who became an entrepreneur when she founded an organic food and pet food production company,
  133. magician
  134. Mentalist
  135. Comic Hypnotist
  136. Illusionists
  137. Magician
  138. Comedian / Magicians
  139. Illusionist
  140. Hoola Hoopist
  141. Magician. Actor
  142. Magician
  143. Broadway Musical
  144. Fire Dancers/Band
  145. Hypnotist & Regressionist
  146. Comedy Magician
  147. Magician
  148. Master magician
  149. Americas Got Talent Magician
  150. Peter J. Reveen - 'Reveen the Impossibilist' Born 1935 in Adelaide, Australia - stage hypnotist and illusionist.Reveen is one of the founding members of the Magic Castle in Los Angeles
  151. Broadway Performer and Magician
  152. The first and only protégé of world-renowned magicians Siegfried & Roy, Romeo currently appears six days-a-week at The Smoky Mountain Opry? Theater in Pigeon Forge, TN. Romeo is known for his combination of live singing with the art of m
  153. Magician
  154. Celebrity medium. TV's 'The Haunting Of...'
  155. Jerry Sadowitz is a Scottish card magician and stand-up comic known for his offensive humour
  156. Hypnotist/Mentalist
  157. Hypnotist
  158. Magician, 'First Lady Of Magic'
  159. Magician/Voice of 'Tai' on 'Digimon'
  160. Magicians famous for their white tiger and white lions magic act in Las Vegas
  161. Magician
  162. Hypnotist
  163. Illusionists
  164. The last surviving woman to have flown on the Hindenburg, born in 1925. Her flight was in Sept. 1936, her mother named it's 1,000th passenger. She grew up to be one of South Carolina's leading environmentalists
  165. Hypnotist
  166. Hypnotist
  167. Professional Regurgitator
  168. Magician
  169. Magician & writer
  170. Street magician
  171. magician
  172. Penn & Teller
  173. Magician
  174. Norwegian magician
  175. magician
  176. Ventriloquist who performs with his longtime sidekick Lester
  177. Masked Magician In Magics Biggest Secret's Finally Revealed
  178. Magician
  179. Puerto Rican television clown, 'Payaso Remi'
  180. Magician
  181. magician
  182. Magician performer
  183. Fire eating World Record Holder
  184. Hypnotist
  185. Magician, host of Cupcake Wars on Food Network
  186. Larry Wilson  (2)
  187. Paul Wilson  (2)
    The real Hustle
  188. illusionist
  189. Harry Houdini's personal stage assistant from 1925-1926
  190. American magican, singer for the band 'Possum' Dixon and actor
  191. Italian born (in 1894) circus entertainer in america.Famous for inventing the 'Human Cannonball' (first act in 1922)together with his brother Hugo
  192. Italian born (in 1898) circus entertainer in america.famous for inventing the 'Human Cannonball' together with his brother Edmondo
  193. British magician with a TV-Show on Yorkshire TV named 'Countdown'