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  1. Australian business billionaire and sister to James Packard
  2. Australian billionaire businessman
  3. Australian Business Tycoon & Media Magnate
  4. Co-Founder of Google
  5. Artist and Game Designer who worked with Tom Fulp to make several games, including Sack Smash 2001, Chainsaw the Children , Dad n' Me, and most notably, Alien Hominid
  6. Mexican chef, businesswoman, aunt of actor Roberto Palazuelos
  7. Socialite, actress
  8. Founder of Intel
  9. (1838-1905) was an American theatrical manager/ Palmer's Theatre at Broadway and Thirtieth Street
  10. Clive Palmer  (2)
    Australian business billionaire
  11. President and CEO of Palmer Candy Company
  12. Entrepreneur, and partner with his son, founder of Panoz Auto Development and Panoz Motorsports
  13. Commissioner of the Futures Collegiate Baseball League (summer collegiate baseball)
  14. Entrepreneur, Millionaire on BBC Dragon's Den
  15. Animation company
  16. Doug Parker  (2)
    CEO, American Airlines, USAirways
  17. Chairman of Nike
  18. President of Belfast Titanic Society
  19. Currently a senior fellow at the Whidbey Institute, speaks and consults nationally, and is principal of Leadership for the New Commons. Publications include Leadership Can Be Taught: A Bold Approach for a Complex World
  20. President of the University of Rhode Island
  21. Attorney for Donald Trump who played a key role in the Mar-a-Lago documents investigation
  22. Billionaire heiress. Parry-Okeden's wealth derives from Cox Enterprises
  23. Bob Parsons  (2)
    Former Mariner, entrepreneur, billionaire
  24. CEO of AOL Time Warner
  25. Spanish (Basque) mountaineer. First woman to climb all fourteen eight-thousanders peaks
  26. Judge on Dr Conrad Murry Trial
  27. Canadian Businessman: His company, the third largest privately held company in Canada owns numerous car dealerships, Overwaitea Foods and Save-On-Foods, Ripley's Believe It or Not!, Guiness World Records and radio & TV stations in Canada
  28. Director/Co-Founder of the Clown Roncalli, professional Clown
  29. Hedge fund manager author
  30. Born 13.02.1972 in Innsbruck, Germany is an Auctionator, Member of the TV Show Cast Bares für Rares in german TV, also he is an Book Author
  31. Extreme cleaning specialist on Hoarders
  32. Business, Driver
  33. Vice-President of Blizzard
  34. President - Maple Leafs
  35. Great Granddaughter Of Winston ChurchillBorn July 17, 1954
  36. Hockey owner of the Buffalo Sabres
  37. Chairman of Wendy's Company
  38. President of J.C. Penny Store Chain
  39. American businessman & entrepreneur involved in professional auto racing. A retired racing driver. Famous for his ownership of Team Penske, DJR Team Penske, the Penske Corporation, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IndyCar, and other businesses
  40. Politician
  41. buisessman ceo procter & gamble
  42. businessman perdue farms
  43. Commissioner of the Hamptons Collegiate Baseball League
  44. Chairman and CEO of Revlon
  45. Current Police Chief of Providence,RI Police Department
  46. Stephen Perez  (2)
    President of California State University, Chico
  47. Belgium business billionaire
  48. Former Wall Street litigator. Has appeared on NPR, Marketplace, Bill Moyer's Journal, and CNBC. Author of the leading treatise on the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act, Securities Litigation After the Reform Act
  49. American hedge fund manager, film producer and high stakes poker player from Houston, Texas
  50. Australian business billionaire Forbes
  51. Australian billionaire Forbes
  52. Founded Cannabis Byers Club, Wrote CA's Prop 215
  53. former third party presidental candidate
  54. French entrepreneur, businessman (e.g. former manager of Cartier group)
  55. Toaster strudel inventor
  56. Matt Perry  (3)
    Owner of the Coastal Plain League baseball team, Wilmington Sharks
  57. Founded the video game company, Mojang. Creator of the well-known game 'Minecraft'
  58. 17th richest in the world
  59. CEO of Walgreens boots alliance
  60. News Correspondent
  61. Billionaire businessman
  62. Co-CEO of Netflix with Ted Sarandros
  63. American businessman who was employed by the Ford Motor Company for 40 years, most notably as its chief executive officer from 1985 to 1990
  64. CEO and owner of the Coastal Plain League - a summer collegiate baseball league
  65. Lead prosecutor in robert pickton trial
  66. businessman ceo compaq computer corp.
  67. Youtube makeup guru
  68. 2006 Nobel Prize in Economics
  69. Chief Marketing Officer Of NASCAR
  70. Vietnamese businesswoman, owner of Vietjet Airlines, Southeast Asia's first woman billionaire in history
  71. Pichai Sundararajan, also known as Sundar Pichai, is an Indian American business executive. Pichai is the chief executive officer of Google Inc
  72. An American astronomer, physicist, inventor of the bolometer and pioneer of aviation; Secretary of the Smithsonian (1887-1906)
  73. Businessman/Former Ambassador to Mexico 1986-89
  74. American philanthropist and a daughter of the industrialist Charles W. Engelhard Jr. and his wife, Jane (the former Marie Annette Reiss Mannheimer)] Pingree is a sister-in-law of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta
  75. Indian Billionaire
  76. American lawyer and entrepreneur/Won huge Civil Rights Case/In 2009 Pires co-wrote, produced and directed the film Mayor Cupcake with Lea Thompson
  77. President of Gearbox Software
  78. Former CEO and President of MTV Networks and former CEO of AOL
  79. Animation company
  80. Operation Repo
  81. Under armour owner president
  82. Writer/Lawyer
  83. businessman ceo hewlett-packard
  84. Co-Owner of the baseball team, Trenton Thunder
  85. hockey executive
  86. Aridis Chairman
  87. President of Cornell University
  88. CEO of Unilever Company
  89. Ronco, does a lot of infomercials
  90. Ukrainian businessman and politician who served as the fifth President of Ukraine from 2014 to 2019
  91. Businesswoman - BBC2's Mary Queen of Shops
  92. Socialite
  93. American academic known for his theories on economics, business strategy, and social causes. He is the Bishop William Lawrence University Professor at Harvard Business School, and he was one of the founders of the consulting firm The Monitor Group and FSG
  94. Founder of E-Trade (first ever electronic stock brokerage)
  95. David Portnoy, nicknamed 'El Presidente' or 'El Pres', is an American businessman who is the founder of the satirical online sports and men's lifestyle blog Barstool Sports
  96. Co-owner of the Northwoods League baseball team team, St. Cloud Rox
  97. Tom Potter  (2)
    Co-founder of Brooklyn Brewery
  98. Swiss businessman, founder/CEO
  99. President, Disney Parks Western Region
  100. Owns Powell's bookstore in Portland(World Largest Bookstore)
  101. Jim Powers  (3)
    Ceo Of United Van Lines
  102. Thomas Powers  (2)
    Ph.D Audiologist, VP Siemens, provided hearing aids to Reagan in '88
  103. Co-founder and Vice President of Special Projects for Revision3
  104. Haitian businessman, CEO of Salsa D' Haiti Airlines
  105. Australian business billionaire
  106. Australian business billionaire
  107. former Disney and Anaheim Angel chairman, now Gap Inc. chairman
  108. NBA Executive
  109. Founder, owner, chairman and CEO of Life Care Centers of America
  110. American businessman, FedMart and Price Club1916
  111. Insomniac Games
  112. President & CEO of Build-A-Bear
  113. Agatha Christie's grandson
  114. Owner of the minor league baseball team, Winston-Salem Dash
  115. Gearbox Software
  116. Heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune. Managing partner of the Pritzker Group
  117. EVP of 20th Television Animation
  118. Associated Press CEO
  119. CEO, Southwest Airlines, Braniff