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  1. Bishop of Ripon and Leeds
  2. Cardinal
  3. Ministry
  4. Cardinal- Archbishop Emeritus Of Palermo (Italy)
  5. Cardinal, Secretary of State of Vatican
  6. Senior Pastor of New Life Church
  7. Patriarch of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church
  8. Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church
  9. Aussie christian band - Dip, Run, Turn, Serious Fun, Sun Stars Moon, Gloria
  10. 01 Templeton Award winner
  11. Cardinal
  12. Cardinal
  13. Guy Allen Penrod is a gospel music singer. He is known for his work as the lead singer of the Gaither Vocal Band, a position he held from 1994 to 2008
  14. Bishop of Gloucester
  15. Reverend, founder of Metropolitan Community Church
  16. French Priest Theologian
  17. Drummer for the newsboys
  18. American Episcopal Bishop. Author. One of the first mainline religious figures to appear regularly on television
  19. Cardinal
  20. Is a Chilean prelate of the Catholic Church. He was born in Paris, France. At the age of 101, he is the oldest living Catholic bishop in the world
  21. Founder of 'The Basement'
  22. Pope of the catolic Church 1922-1939
  23. Pope of the catolic church from 1939-1958
  24. Bishop of Wakefield
  25. Canadian Rabbi
  26. Cardinal
  27. 02 winner Templeton Award
  28. televangelist
  29. writer/artist
  30. Cardinal (President of Pontificio for cultre)
  31. Played by Susan Sarandon in the film 'Dead man walking'
  32. Bishop of Oxford
  33. Cardinal
  34. Cardinal