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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Actor/Actress , A-Z Filter: C
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  1. Born on June 12, 1986 in A Coruña, A Coruña, Galicia, Spain as Mario Casas Sierra. He is an actor, known for SMS, sin miedo a soñar (2006)
  2. Film actor starred in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels & voice actor
  3. Actress
  4. Actor
  5. Actor - The Godfather, Misery, Brian's Song, Rollerball, Funny Lady, Thief, Alien Nation, Cinderella Liberty, The Gambler, The Killer Elite, Freebie & The Bean, Chapter Two, Mickey Blue Eyes, Honeymoon In Vegas, Eraser, Games, Rabbit Run, Las Vegas
  6. Actor: Hawaii Five-0, Bongwater, Enemy of the State, Varsity Blues, Boiler Room, American Outlaws, Ocean's Eleven, Into the Blue // Son of actor James Caan
  7. Actress
  8. Hey Soos on 'Rawhide'
  9. Actor
  10. Actor
  11. Actress
  12. Actor
  13. Actress
  14. Actress
  15. Canadian Actor, 'Danny in the Sky', 'L'Escorte'
  16. Puerto Rican telemarketer, actor, 'Linda Sara'
  17. Voice actress
  18. Actress
  19. beverly hills 90210, dark angel
  20. Actor
  21. Voice actor in YuYu Hakusho
  22. Actress
  23. Actress
  24. Actress
  25. French actress
  26. Actress
  27. Actor
  28. Actor
  29. Actor
  30. Actor
  31. Actor
  32. Actress
  33. Actor - King Kong, The Big Trail, The Last Of The Mohicans, co-starred in 11 films with good friend John Wayne
  34. The youngest daughter of jazz trumpeter Joe Cabot and singer/actress Cindy Lord. Actress was in Pride and Glory, The Incredible Hulk, 'The Sopranos', 'Cold Case', 'Six Feet Under', Fight Club, & 'King of Queens' to name a few of her projects
  35. Son Of Sebastian Cabot
  36. Actress
  37. Actor
  38. Actor - Family Affair (as Mr. French), Checkmate, The Time Machine, Kismet, Johnny Tremain, Westward Ho The Wagons, Twice-Told Tales, Ghost Story (host), Winnie The Pooh shorts (narrator)
  39. Actress - The Wasp Woman (title role), Carnival Rock, Sorority Girl, The Saga Of The Viking Women & Their Voyage To The Waters Of The Great Sea Serpent, Machine Gun Kelly, Son Of Ali Baba, On The Isle Of Samoa
  40. Actor
  41. Actress-Life In Pieces,All My Children,Guiding Life,Happy Endings,The Mentalist,Enlisted,
  42. Actress-Sam,Free The Nipple,Enchantments
  43. Actress
  44. Actor American crime
  45. Male Model
  46. Equilibrium / The Passion of the Christ / Spaghetti Requiem
  47. Actor
  48. Actress
  49. Actor
  50. Actor
  51. Actor, plays Brian on 'Gilmore Girls'
  52. Actress
  53. Actress
  54. Ryan Cabrera  (2)
  55. Actor, 'Haven' & 'Empire' (ABC Miniseries about the Roman Empire) Isaac Mendez on Heroes
  56. Actor
  57. Actress-Eyewitness,Fortunes
  58. Actress in Zone Of The Dead
  59. Actor
  60. Actor
  61. Actor
  62. French radio/TV presenter, actor, humorist and comedian
  63. Actor
  64. Actress
  65. Actress
  66. Actor
  67. Threat Matrix
  68. French actor
  69. Actress - Remington Steele, retired
  70. Lost
  71. Actor
  72. Dimitri on MTV's 'Spyder Games','House,M.D.','7th Heaven'
  73. Actor
  74. Comedian
  75. Actor
  76. Played Clunk (Biker) in Mad Max 1 - The Road Warrior
  77. Columbian actress, played in 'Yo soy Betty, la fea'
  78. Actress
  79. Actress
  80. Actress in Deadtime Stories Volume 2
  81. Actor
  82. US Actor
  83. Actor
  84. Actor
  85. Played Sly Winkle in tv show California Dreams
  86. Actress
  87. Actress
  88. Sexologist/Model/Actress-Playboy June 1989,The Hot Girls,Confessions of a Sex Maniac,Spaced Out,The Golden Lady,History of the World Part 1,Commando,Not of this Earth,Smokey and the Bandit 3,Do or Die,Hard Hunted,Amore,Fit To Kill,Return to Savage Beach
  89. actor/puppeteer - Sooty Heights (t.v. series, 1998-00)
  90. The Sword Of Honour
  91. Actress
  92. Actor- Ernest Scared Stupid, UHF
  93. Italian actress 'Troppo Belli' 'Cose da Pazzi'
  94. Actor
  95. Actor
  96. American musical performer actress
  97. Stuntman Scarface, Klingon in Star Trek The Search For Spock
  98. Actress
  99. Family Passions
  100. Actress
  101. Actress
  102. Actor
  103. Actor and Johnny Hallyday look a like
  104. Singer/Dancer/Actress, former Adult film star
  105. Actor
  106. Male Model
  107. Actor
  108. Actor
  109. Actress
  110. actor; portrayed Dr. Enys in second series of 'Poldark'
  111. Actress, plays Cavegirl in the cbbc series
  112. Actress
  113. Strangled girl in opening of, 'Beast of Yucca Flats'(1961)
  114. Actor
  115. Actress: Night of the Creeps
  116. Actress
  117. Actress: Three's Company, Three's a Crowd, Night Court, The Munsters Today, The Gambler Returns, Stewardess School, The Love Boat, Simon & Simon, The Colby's, My Two Dads, Monsters, Perry Mason, JAG, The Rat Pack
  118. Female Voice Over Talent
  119. Actor - Once Upon a Time, The Flash
  120. Actress
  121. Plays Lollys Stokeworth in Game of Thrones
  122. Actor
  123. 'Fascination'
  124. Actor - Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, Beverly Hillbillies (as Sam Drucker on all 3 TV series), The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet (as Doc Williams), Rear Window, The Bad Seed, When Worlds Collide, The Atomic City. Born: 09/08/1915
  125. British actor: Brass, Doctor Who
  126. Scottish Actress; appeared in Hamish Macbeth and currently playing Edie McCredie in BBC show Balamory
  127. Actor
  128. Actress
  129. Actress
  130. Actress
  131. Actress
  132. Actor - A Soldier's Story (AA nom.), The Color Purple, Guiding Light
  133. Actress-Bachelors,Grimm,Famous IN Love,Atlanta,Grey's Anatomy,Punching Bag,The Young & The Restless
  134. Actor
  135. Comedian & Actor: The Sid Caesar Show, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Airport 1975, The Cheap Detective, Grease, History of the World Part 1, Cannonball Run II, Amazing Stories, Alice in Wonderland, Vegas Vacation
  136. Stunt Woman
  137. Actor/comedian - MAD TV (t.v. Series, 2005-present)
  138. Kimberly on Bold and the Beautiful (1998-2001)
  139. Actor
  140. Actress
  141. Actor
  142. Actress (b: 1945) - The Ginger films (Ginger, The Abductors, Girls Are For Loving - as Ginger in all 3), Savage Sisters, Too Hot To Handle, A Place Called Today, Up Your Alley. Screenwriter - H.O.T.S
  143. Actress
  144. Actor
  145. Actor
  146. 'Lonesome Dove'
  147. Actor - played Ben Perkins in TV's The Bill
  148. Actor
  149. Actor
  150. Actor, 'Longtime Companion', 'Tour of Duty'
  151. Male Model
  152. Actress
  153. Actor, 'Drive' (2011), Stand-In for Gerald Burtler,
  154. Actress, known for Submarine (2010), Black Mountain Poets (2015) and High Tide (2015)
  155. Actor: Valley Girl, Leaving Las Vegas, Kick Ass, The Rock, 8MM, Face/Off, National Treasure, Left Behind, Adaptation, The Frozen Ground, Trespass, Snowden, Army of One, USS Indianapolis, Con Air, The Trust, The Croods, Lord of War, Ghost Rider
  156. Actress
  157. Actor
  158. Actor
  159. Serial Mom as 'Melvin Pickles', 'Pecker', 'Cecil B. Demented', 'A Dirty Shame'
  160. Actress
  161. Actor
  162. Actress
  163. Actor
  164. Actor, Malcolm in the Middle
  165. Actor
  166. Actress
  167. Actress
  168. Actor - won an Oscar in 1942 for 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' Died in 1986
  169. Child actor in 10 commandments (1956) film now 66 yrs old
  170. Actor
  171. Actress
  172. Actor
  173. Actor, born: Vancouver, B.C., Canada, married to Rachel Ames, in 99 movies and TV series from 1957-86, the westerns: Centennial, Gunsmoke, Alias Smith and Jones, Wild Wild West, The Virginian, Laramie, Bonanza, Tales of Wells Fargo, and Hang 'Em High
  174. Actor
  175. actor - CSI: NY (t.v. series, 2004-present); Jim Craig in the movie Miracle, series Glory Days, Tag on Friends
  176. plays Jen the Pink Time Force Ranger in Power Rangers Time Force)
  177. actor
  178. Actor
  179. Actress-The Walking Dead
  180. Actress
  181. Actor
  182. Actor
  183. Actor
  184. Male Voice Over Talent
  185. Broadway actor- 'Wicked' and 'Memphis', among others
  186. Actress
  187. Actor - NCIS
  188. Actor; 'Watch Over Me', 'Nip/Tuck', 'Desperate Housewives', 'Surrogates'
  189. Actress of the 1930's
  190. Actor
  191. Child actress, 'The Meg'
  192. Actress
  193. Actress
  194. Actress
  195. Actor
  196. actress (angeles, mexican, charle's angels)
  197. Actress
  198. Actor
  199. Actor
  200. Actor
  201. Actress
  202. Actress
  203. French actress
  204. Actress
  205. Actress
  206. Actress
  207. French movie director
  208. Actress
  209. Actress
  210. Actress
  211. Actress
  212. French actress-Spiral,Haven,Tomorrow is Ours,Hard
  213. Actress
  214. Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo
  215. Actress
  216. Actor
  217. Female Model
  218. Actress-The Walking Dead
  219. Actress - munchkin in The Wizard of Oz; retired reporter for KTVU-TV in Oakland, CA
  220. Actor: Lois & Clark, Beverly Hills 90210, Hope & Faith, Clubhouse, Las Vegas, The Division, Futuresport, Christmas Rush, The Broken Hearts Club, Lost, Rat Race, Phase IV, Out of Time, The Perfect Husband - The Laci Peterson Story, Burn Notice
  221. Actor, 'Whiteout'
  222. Starred in films such as The Pornographer, Trouble With Lou, The Distraction. Her theatre works include 'Ghetto,' 'Our Town,' 'Downtown,' 'Jesus Christ Superstar,' 'Evita,' and 'L'il Abner.'
  223. Actor
  224. Actress
  225. 'Dead End'
  226. Actress
  227. Zombiegeddon, Werewolf in a Women's Prison
  228. American Stage and TV Actor born 1931.Founder of the Trinity Square Playhouse in Providence.'Ice Storm','Kennedy','Mirror Has Two Faces','The Betsy','Kane&Abel','Emma and Elvis'
  229. Actor:The Chase,Army Wives
  230. Actor-LOST
  231. Days of our Lives, That Summer in LA , Landspeed, Something Borrowed and Mind Games
  232. Actress
  233. Adult Model/Actress-Erotic Witch Project 1-2,Daughter of Darkness,Sexy Sixth Sense,Erotic Survivor,Lord of the G Strings,Mummy Raider,Sexy Scary Movie,Erotic Time Machine,Satans School For Lust,Sexy American Idle,Vampire Vixens,Kinky Kong
  234. Major Hochstetter on 'Hogan's Heroes', appeared as Manson's defense attorney in 'Helter Skelter'
  235. Actress
  236. Actor-Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,A Muppet Christmas Carol,Dressed To Kill,Austin Powers Goldmember,Blame it On Rio,Jaws 4,Alfie,Deathtrap,Get Carter,Batman Begins,The Dark Knight,Bewitched,Cocktail,Cider House Rules,Educating Rita,Hannah & Her Sisters, Pulp
  237. Actress
  238. Model/Actress, wife of Michael Caine - The Man Who Would Be King, Son Of Dracula '74, Carry On Again Doctor, UFO
  239. Actor
  240. Is an actress, known for Human Beings (2012) and Sweet Maddie Stone (2016)
  241. Actress
  242. Actor
  243. Actress
  244. Actor
  245. UK-Actor born 19230 / made 26 movies and 10tv Serials from 1957-1999
  246. Grip Of The Strangler and Stolen Assignment
  247. Racetrack on the new Battlestar Galactica, Godiva's, Blood Angels
  248. Actor
  249. Actor
  250. Actor
  251. Actor
  252. Actress
  253. Actor
  254. Actor
  255. Actress-Wicked City,Castle,2 Broke Girls,Confessions of A Nasty Woman
  256. Australian Actor
  257. Actor
  258. Italian Actor
  259. Actor
  260. Actress
  261. British actor -'Desperate Housewives', Ned Ridley in Catherine Cookson's The Girl, The Swap, Noah's Ark, First Knight & Rebecca
  262. Actor
  263. Actor
  264. Actor
  265. Actress
  266. Actor
  267. Actress in Vicious Lips
  268. Actress
  269. Actor
  270. Actor-Star Wars:Ewoks/Battle For Endor(Marauder)
  271. Actor
  272. Actress
  273. Actor- Michael Mancini on Melrose Place
  274. Italian Actor
  275. Actress-A World Without Women,Staying Vertical,Ava,Holly Weed,Call My Agent
  276. Actress
  277. Actor, known for Swadhisthana (2014) and Hot Guys with Guns (2013) and The brothers Sinclair
  278. Actor
  279. Actor
  280. Actor in 'Belphégor'
  281. actress, broadway's 'chicago'
  282. Actress
  283. Actor
  284. Actress (Dr Tricia Summerbee in 'Heartbeat')
  285. Italian actor
  286. Actor
  287. Italian Actress
  288. Star Trek Voyager, Desperate Housewives, Glee
  289. Actress
  290. Actress
  291. Actor
  292. Actor, James Bond
  293. Actor - NCIS
  294. scottish actress, plays in BBC Scotlands
  295. Actor: War of the Worlds, Due South, Le Femme Nikita, Hannibal, The Saint, The New Avengers, The Associates, The Dark Hours, Earth Final Conflict, TekWar, Forever Knight, Night Heat
  296. Actress
  297. Male Voice Over Talent
  298. Survivor Cook Islands
  299. Actor
  300. Actress
  301. Actor - Pulp Fiction, Sea Of Love, Q&A, Bad Lieutenant, Girlfight, CrissCross
  302. Mexican actor
  303. Star Trek Ent,The Shield
  304. Actor - 24
  305. Actress 'Trophy Wife' 'How I Met Your Mother' Writer, Producer, Director
  306. Actor
  307. Actress born 1927, known for Kipps and Glad Tidings
  308. British Actor - Faversham in the Beverly Hillbillies episodes set in the UK
  309. Kra in 007 The Man With The Golden Gun, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Arabian Adventure, The Fifth Element Ice Warrior In 'Dr. Who' (1967-74)
  310. Actress
  311. Italian Actress
  312. Actress
  313. Actor
  314. played Billy Leotardo in The Sopranos
  315. Actor- Hannah Montana, College, Shredderman Rules
  316. Actress/Singer
  317. Porn actor
  318. American drag queen, comedian, actor and reality television personality. Best known for winning the eighth season of RuPaul's Drag Race
  319. Actor
  320. Actress
  321. Actor
  322. Stage Actress Bombo [Broadway] Original Broadway Production, [Broadway] Broadway Revival, 1915 Phoebe Meryll Trial by Jury [Broadway] Broadway Revival, 1915 Plaintiff The Mikado [Broadway] Broadway Revival, 1913
  323. Actress/model appeared in movies like 'Son of Sinbad' (1955), 'Ten Tall Men' (1951), 'Tarzan and the Slave Girl' (1950), and 'Two Tickets to Broadway' (1951). She also played in 'Loving You' with Elvis in 1957
  324. Actress
  325. John Caldwell  (2)
  326. Actress
  327. Evil Bong
  328. Actress-LOST,Dutch,Without a Trace,The Fugitive,The Net,Devil in A Blue Dress,Mystery Alaska,Judging Amy,Queens Supreme
  329. Actress
  330. Actress - Sullivan's Travels (1941), Take the High Ground! (1953) and Stars in My Crown (1950), Another Part of the Forrest(1948)
  331. Actor - Monk
  332. Child actor from 40's in films such as Daughter of Rosie O'Grady, One Foot in Heaven, My Heart Belongs to Daddy, and more
  333. Ryan Caldwell  (2)
  334. Actress played Drinka in The Cheetah Girls film
  335. Actor
  336. Four time Tony winning actress: Masterclass, The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Medea,Road To Avonlea
  337. Actor
  338. Joanie Hansen on Providence
  339. Actor
  340. Actress
  341. Actress
  342. Actor, starred in Mac and Me
  343. Voice Actress
  344. Actor - Played an Enterprise Crewman in the Star Trek original series episode, 'The Alternative Factor'
  345. Actor
  346. Actress - Doctor Who
  347. Actor: Dead Cool, The Murder Room, Pride and Prejudice, Holby City, Straightheads, New Tricks, Dracula, Trinity, The Madness of King George
  348. Actress
  349. Actor, starred in many roles on the tv sitcom Barney Miller, Foul Play and Return Of The Living Dead
  350. French Actress
  351. One of the last living castmembers of the 1939 Mickey & Judy MGM musical, 'Babes in Arms.' Shown briefly playing Mickey Rooney's character' as a toddler at Christmas
  352. Actor
  353. Actor
  354. actress ('Players Club', 'The Best Man')
  355. Actor - The Texan, That Hagen Girl, With A Song In My Heart, How To Marry A Millionaire, River Of No Return, Dawn At Socorro,The Spoilers,The Big Caper, Treasure Of Pancho Villa, Colossus Of Rhodes, Marco Polo (title role), Night Of The Lepus, Motel Hell
  356. Actress in Santa Claws
  357. Actor; 'The Eves,' 'You, Only Better ...'
  358. Actress
  359. Male Voice Over Talent
  360. Actor - Saturday Night Fever, Port Charles
  361. Actress
  362. Actress
  363. Italian Actor
  364. Actor/Comedian/Impressionist: Mad TV, Frank TV, Fox NFL Pre-Game Show
  365. Actress
  366. Actor: played Sean Hunt in Holby City.
  367. Voice actor, Paw Patrol
  368. Actor: Square Pegs
  369. Actress, The Firm Tv series 2011,Held Hostage
  370. Actor
  371. Actor
  372. Actor - Brookside, Hollyoaks
  373. Actress
  374. Actress
  375. Actor
  376. Life with Eddie Murphy....7th Heaven
  377. Actor (1940) - Guiding Light '72-'76, One Life To Live '78-'93, Edge Of Night '70-'71, The Twilight Zone (The 30 Fathom Grave), Star Trek (The Corbomite Maneuver), Gunsmoke, Alfred Hitchcock Hour, formerly married to actress Elizabeth Perry
  378. Actor: Step By Step, Baywatch, The Charmings, Santa Barbara, The Black Cauldron, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Blind Fury, Warlock, Magnum PI
  379. Actor - Gossip Girl, Rescue Me, Fringe, Mercy
  380. Mr. Lantz in A Nightmare on Elm Street
  381. 'Santa Claus Conquers the Martians' Santa Clause
  382. 'Actor/Stuntman' 'Lonesome Dove' 'Near Dark' 'Silverado'
  383. On Lifetime's Little Women NY
  384. Actor
  385. Actor: Young Guns 2, Murder By Numbers, Other People's Money, Follow the Prophet, Into the Wild, Waterworld, I Am Sam, Babel, Malaika, Logan's War, EZ Streets, Last Man Standing, Golden Years, Born on the Fourth of July, At Close Range, Colors, 48 Hrs
  386. Actor
  387. Former Studio C actress, now does JK! Studios
  388. Actress
  389. Actress
  390. Actor
  391. Stars in the CBBC hidden camera show 'Stitch Up!'
  392. Actress/Voice Overs
  393. Actor
  394. Actor: played Peter Hodges in Holby City.
  395. Actor
  396. One of the final contestants in The X Factor
  397. Voice actor
  398. Actor, known for David Copperfield (1935), The Pigskin Palooka (1937) and Dulcy (1940) and The White Cliffs of Dover(1944)
  399. Actress
  400. Actress in All Hallows Eve
  401. Actress, Anchor/Reporter
  402. Actor
  403. Actor
  404. Actor: Charles on Charge, Dr.Kildare, Return of the Living Dead 3, Lady Sings the Blues, The Burning Bed, Hero, Golden Girls, Knight Rider, Lou Grant, Perry Mason, Twilight Zone, Invanders, Picket Fences, The A-Team, Remington Steele
  405. John Callahan  (2)
    Actor (b: 1953) - Falcon Crest (66 eps. as Eric Stavros), All My Children (164 eps. as Edmund Grey 1992-2005), Days Of Our Lives, Gen. Hospital, Santa Barbara, The Bay, Marvin's Room
  406. Actor. known for voice acting in Pixar
  407. Playboy Playmate-Miss November 1957. Actress-The Magic Sword. Photographer
  408. Actor
  409. Actor
  410. Actress
  411. Louis on 'Romeo!'
  412. Actor in Revolution tv show
  413. Actor, 'Nine Lives'
  414. Actress, played Mrs. Olson in The Luckiest Girl in the World (1936), elderly woman in Mark Twain (1948)
  415. Starlet in 1947s If you knew Suzie
  416. Actress: Hill Street Blues, Evergreen, Dream West, The Deliberate Stranger, Let's Get Harry, Who's That Girl, The Bronx Zoo, Guilty by Suspicion, The Neon Empire, Star Trek - Voyager
  417. Actor
  418. Actress: Joe's World, One Day at a Time, American Gigolo, Dallas, Carnivale, Lois & Clark, How I Met Your Mother, The Unborn, Meet the Browns, Coach, Veep
  419. US Actress - Midnight Clear, Nine Lives, Crazylove
  420. Actor: The Interns, Because They're Young, Cat Ballou, Mysterious Island, The Victors, The Mysterians, They Came To Cordura, Gidget Goes Hawaiian, The Magnificent Seven Ride!, Lepke, Superboy, Leprechaun 3, Hardcastle & McCormick, Murder She Wrote
  421. Actor
  422. Actress in tv's Coronation Street
  423. Canadian Actress born 1933.Liz Parrish in 'Knight Errant Ltd.'(1959-60),'Fighting Wildcats','The Mailbag Robbery','Cat Girl','Electronic Monster','Woman Possessed','Top Floor Girl','Great Van Robbery','The Vise'...
  424. British Actress, Beverley Callard's Daughter
  425. Actor/Bodybuilder 1970's-90's 'Sextette' (1978) Born: May 4, 1950
  426. Andy Williams Show; 'The Big Mouth'. Voice of Elliott in Disney's Pete's Dragon 1977.
  427. opera singer / actress
  428. Actress
  429. Child actress in 31 appearances from '54-'66
  430. Actress
  431. Broadway Musical Actress: Cats, Merrily We Roll Along, Follies in Concert 'Lion king 2'. Singing voice of Anastasia in 'Anastasia' (1997)
  432. Actor
  433. Actress
  434. Actor: Falcon Crest, The Alamo - Thirteen Days to Glory, Somerset, Washington, Young Guns, Cowboy Joe, The Absent-Minded Professor, Diving In, V - The Series, Dallas, WKRP in Cincinnati, Hill Street Blues, M*A*S*H, Airwold, Remington Steele, Cheers
  435. Actress
  436. Actor - Touch Of Evil, After The Thin Man, For Whom The Bell Tolls, My Little Chickadee, Juarez, Algiers, Cross Of Lorraine, Jungle Book, Golden Boy, Monster & The Girl, The Alamo, The Caddy. Coppola's 1st choice to portray Don Corleone in The Godfath
  437. Actress
  438. Actress
  439. Comedian
  440. Actress from the 1930's
  441. Actor -'Reba','7th Heaven', mad tv (t.v. series, 1995-97),Smoking Gun Presents:Worlds Dumbest Criminals
  442. The Hobbit
  443. The real Gilligans Island
  444. Actor, singer and dancer was in 'Leprechaun 3'
  445. Actor-The Walking Dead
  446. Actor
  447. Female Model
  448. Actor - NCIS
  449. Actor - Power, The Breaks
  450. Actor
  451. Actress
  452. Actress
  453. Actress