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Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Voice Actor/Actress , A-Z Filter: P
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  1. Voice Over Talent
  2. Female Voice Over Talent
  3. Male Voice Over Talent
  4. Actor, Blake's 7
  5. Female Voice Over Talent
  6. Actor; 'Beginners', 'Without Men', 'CSY: NY'
  7. Voice Of 'Daphne' in the video game, 'Dragon's Lair'
  8. Actress
  9. Male Voice Over Talent
  10. Female Voice Over Talent
  11. Actress
  12. Actor, Voice Over Talent
  13. Voice Over Talent
  14. Actress
  15. Actor - Final Destination 2, Snow Day, I Alway Know What You Did Last Summer
  16. Voice Over Talent
  17. Female Voice Over Talent
  18. Voice Over Talent
  19. Actress-I Kissed A Vampire
  20. Male Voice Over Talent
  21. Female Voice Over Talent
  22. Greg Page  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  23. British/Welsh actress: Stacey in 'Gavin and Stacey'. Also 'Mine All Mine', 'From Hell', 'Love Actually'
  24. Joey Page  (2)
  25. Actor (b: 1954) - The Nightmare Before Christmas (v/Oogie Boogie), All Dogs Go To Heaven (v), Torch Song Trilogy, Sable, South Central. Broadway - original casts of Cats & Ain't Misbehavin'
  26. Voice actress: Captain Caveman, Monchhichis
  27. Actress
  28. Voice Over Talent
  29. Actor
  30. Voice Actor
  31. Voice Actor
  32. Actress
  33. Singer/Songwriter - Madilyn (16 at the time) auditioned for The Voice singing David Guetta's 'Titanium', turning Shakira and Usher's chairs. She elected to join Team Usher, and continued with him to the Battle Rounds
  34. Voice Over Talent
  35. Voice Over Talent
  36. Female Voice Over Talent
  37. Female Voice Over Talent
  38. Maria Jackson in 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'
  39. Actor: The Eagle, Flawless
  40. Actress-Duncanville,The Powerpuff Girls
  41. Voice of Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog video games, Sonic Riders, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic Rush. Voice Tails in the animated Sonic X show
  42. Female Voice Over Talent
  43. Voice Over Talent
  44. Actress-The Walking Dead
  45. Male Voice Over Talent
  46. Actress
  47. Female Voice Over Talent
  48. Emma Pallant  (2)
  49. Actress - plays Jo Stiles in TV's Emmerdale
  50. Actor, 'Dr. Dunwoody' in 'Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking'
  51. Actor - NCIS
  52. Actress
  53. Actress
  54. Actress
  55. Actress
  56. Voice Over Talent
  57. Actor - As Time Goes By, Butterflies, Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Doctor Who, Fawlty Towers, Clockwise, Tomorrow Never Dies
  58. Actor - The Creature Walks Among Us, Zombies Of Mora Tau, Magnificent Obsession, To Hell & Back, From Hell It Came, The Female Animal, The Rare Breed, True Grit, Gunsmoke (guest star - 20 episodes)
  59. Male Voice Over Talent
  60. Male Voice Over Talent
  61. Bianca Jackson in EastEnders
  62. Robert Palmer  (3)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  63. actor
  64. Voice actor in Red Dead Redemption 2
  65. Tom Palmer  (5)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  66. Female Voice Over Talent
  67. Actress
  68. Male Voice Over Talent
  69. Male Voice Over Talent
  70. Male Voice Over Talent
  71. Male Voice Over Talent
  72. Voice Over Talent
  73. Actor - NCIS, 30 Rock
  74. Actor
  75. Female Voice Over Talent
  76. Male Voice Over Talent
  77. Voice Over Talent
  78. Actress
  79. German voice Actor (dubbing Brent Spiner)
  80. Voice Actor
  81. German Voice Over Talent
  82. Voice Actor
  83. Male Voice Over Talent
  84. Actress
  85. Animator and famous YouTuber ( Domics) with over 4,000,000 subscribers and 480,000,000++ views
  86. Actress (Bend it Like Beckham; Entering the Blue Zone; Cross My Heart; Bideshi; East is East) plus loads of TV and Radio guest appearances and performances 'A good year'
  87. Actor: Dinosaurs!, Honey We Shrunk Ourselves, Nick Freno Licensed Teacher, Not Necessarily The News, The Golden Girls, Night Court, Fatal Attraction, Congo, Arachnophobia, Second Sight, The Commish
  88. actor (mad about you, the doctors, talk radio)
  89. Male Voice Over Talent
  90. Female Voice Over Talent
  91. Female Voice Over Talent
  92. Sydney White and the Seven Dorks
  93. Actor: The Sopranos, Bound, The Matrix, Risky Business, The Goonies, Bad Boys 1-2, La Bamba, The Fugitive, Memento, L.A. Law, Baby's Day Out, Beethoven, The Mean Season, Empire of the Sun, Midnight Run, The Idolmaker, The Handler, The Squeeze, Sense8
  94. 'Flash Gordon'
  95. Male Voice Over Talent
  96. Voice Over Talent
  97. Male Voice Over Talent
  98. Actress
  99. Voice Over Talent
  100. Male Voice Over Talent
  101. Female Voice Over Talent
  102. Actor
  103. voice of Rito Revolto and Deviot on Power Rangers
  104. Voice Over Talent
  105. German TV Host (Sat.1 am Abend)
  106. Actor (b: 1950) - Newhart (as First Darryl), Factorum, Holiday Beach, Foxfire, Escape From NY, Star Trek: DS9 (1), Seinfeld (1)
  107. Actor
  108. Female Voice Over Talent
  109. Female Voice Over Talent
  110. actress -- one half of the Arguing Couple in Ghostbusters II, voice of the Ghost Bride in the Extreme Ghostbusters episode 'Till Death Do Us Start'
  111. Voice Over Talent
  112. Actor
  113. Actor-The Walking Dead
  114. Male Voice Over Talent
  115. Voice Actor
  116. actor - Remember the Titans, Driven, But I'm a Cheerleader
  117. Actress
  118. Actress, Voice Artist
  119. English theatre, film and television actress (born 1935), best known for her roles in 'Dolores Claiborne' (1995), the BBC adaptation of 'David Copperfield' (1966), Tony Richardson's 1969 'Hamlet', 'Call the Midwife' and 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' (2003)
  120. Male Voice Over Talent
  121. bonnie in 'West Wing'
  122. Actor: No One Could Protect Her, The Boondock Saints, Jason X, Two If by Sea, Canadian Bacon, The Stupids, PSI Factor, Tracker, The Firm, fargo, The Expanse
  123. Actress/voice actress: Valerie on 'Josie and the Pussycats'
  124. Actress: W1A, Doctor Who, Broadchurch, Cutting It, Merlin
  125. Minty Peterson in EastEnders
  126. Female Voice Over Talent
  127. Actress: As the World Turns, Law & Order, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, National Treasure, Third Watch, The Following, The Pacific, Rubicon, Unforgettable, Vinyl, Person of Interest, The Looming Tower, the First, Friends from College
  128. Actress
  129. Jane Park  (2)
    Female Voice Over Talent
  130. Actress
  131. Actress-1600 Penn,Revenge,The Unusuals,Red Band Society,Fargo,Life In Pieces,Ghostbusters,The Mick,Fresh off The Boat,Vice Principals
  132. Female Voice Over Talent
  133. Actress: Children of the Night, The Princess Academy, House 2, Knots Landing, Friday the 13th 7, Fatal Charm, City of Justice, From the Dark
  134. Actor
  135. Actress-Angel,The Young & The Restless,ER,Lab Rats,American Crime Story,The Strain,Runaways
  136. Actress
  137. Male Voice Over Talent
  138. Female Voice Over Talent
  139. Voice Actor Dad O! in Generation O!
  140. Female Voice Over Talent
  141. Female Voice Over Talent
  142. Actress-Blue Murder,Act Of God,Silent Witness,The Void
  143. Screenwriter
  144. Male Voice Over Talent
  145. Actor, Voice-Over
  146. Jim Parker  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  147. Julia Parker  (2)
    Voice Over Talent
  148. Female Voice Over Talent
  149. Male Voice Over Talent
  150. British actor; King David, Wide Sargasso Sea, Inspector Lynley Mysteries, Clive Healy in 'The Bodyguard', Harold Skimpole in 'Bleak House' (2005)
  151. Actor and model
  152. Female Voice Over Talent
  153. Voice Over Talent/Actor - Harold on ER
  154. Voice Over Talent
  155. Actress
  156. Actor
  157. Voice Over Talent
  158. Female Voice Over Talent, X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  159. Actor, Tony Wilson in 'Control'
  160. Female Voice Over Artist
  161. German actress 'Die Hochzeitskuh' 'Null Uhr Zwoelf'
  162. Actress - plays Jen in TV's The IT Crowd
  163. Journalist, chat show host, TV personality
  164. Child actress - plays Sian in Coronation Street
  165. Actress
  166. Female Voice Over Talent
  167. Male Voice Over Talent
  168. Actress
  169. Actress - played Linda in Coronation Street
  170. Comedian
  171. Male Voice Over Talent
  172. British/Indian Actress
  173. Voice Over Talent
  174. Male Voice Over Talent
  175. Voice Actress
  176. Canadian actor and voice actor - The Hollow, Beyblade Burst, MLP:FiM. Also sings and dances
  177. Male Voice Over Talent
  178. Voice Over Talent
  179. Male Voice Over Talent
  180. Female Voice Over Talent
  181. Male Voice Over Talent
  182. Actor
  183. Voice Over Talent
  184. Voice of Kanga and Christopher Robin's Mother in Winnie The Pooh Movies
  185. Voice Over Talent
  186. Male Voice Over Talent
  187. Female Voice Over Talent
  188. Actor (b: 1960) - Adam-12 (as Off. Gus Grant - 31 episodes), Knight Rider (as RC3 - 21 episodes), Young & The Restless, One Life To Live, As The World Turns, Star Trek: The Next Generation (1)
  189. Male Voice Over Talent, Degrassi Junior High
  190. Male Voice Over Talent
  191. Female Voice Over Talent
  192. David Parry  (2)
  193. Voice Over Talent
  194. Actor
  195. Voice Over Talent
  196. Male Voice Over Talent
  197. 'Space:1999','Aliens','Doctor Who','9/11:The Twin Towers','Lovejoy'
  198. Voice Over Talent
  199. Actress
  200. uk radio host
  201. British TV Host and actor born 1923.Host on'Just a Minute'(1994-99),'The Benny Hill Show'(1969-74),'Countdown','Too Many Crooks','Brothers in Law','The Wrong Box','Murder Ahoy','Doctor in Love','Carry On Regardless'
  202. Narrator for Pokemon The Animated Series Member of Voices For Fosters Also goes by Ken Gates
  203. Australian actor - Water Rats
  204. Actor - Remington Steele, Star Trek, Dallas
  205. Voice Over Talent
  206. Female Voice Over Talent
  207. Male Voice Over Talent
  208. Original Roger from Rent and Radames in Aida
  209. Actress/ French voice of Olivia Wilde : Nadia in 'Titeuf' ; Trina Vega in 'Victorious' (...)
  210. UK Voice Actress
  211. Actress
  212. Actress in Moxie and Saved By the Bell
  213. Male Voice Over Talent
  214. Voice Over Talent
  215. Female Voice Over Talent
  216. Female Voice Over Talent
  217. Voice Over Talent
  218. Voice Artist
  219. Actor - NCIS
  220. Actor, 'Skins', 'Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome', 'Casualty', 'The Apparition'
  221. Actor:'Friends','Charmed'
  222. US Actor - The Watcher, Temporary Girl, Chain Reaction
  223. Male Voice Over Talent
  224. Male Voice Over Talent
  225. Female Voice Over Talent
  226. Male Voice Over Talent
  227. Voice Over Talent
  228. Dutch Voice Actor Spongebob Squarepants
  229. Voice Over Talent
  230. Voice Over Talent
  231. Voice Over Talent
  232. Voice Over Talent
  233. Voice Over Talent
  234. Comedian
  235. Actress
  236. Voice actor in YuYu Hakusho
  237. Actress, Voice Artist
  238. Male Voice Over Talent
  239. Actor
  240. Male Dancer
  241. Actress known for Everybody's Talking About Jamie and Lloyd of the Flies
  242. plays Dev's daughter Amber in Coronation Street
  243. Male Voice Over Talent
  244. Actress
  245. British Actor - Law & Order: UK, Little Dorrit, Criminal Justice, Sea Of Souls, Miss Potter, Trust, Ed Stone Is Dead, Swallow, Wives & Daughters, Melissa, Shrinks, Auf Wiedersehen Pet, The Killing Fields, Adv Of Baron Munchausen, The Witches
  246. Female Voice Over Talent
  247. Kids Voice Actress
  248. Mark Paterson  (2)
  249. Voice Over Talent
  250. Actress
  251. Female Voice Over Talent
  252. Actor - Homeland, The Princess Bride, Criminal Minds, Chicago Hope, Wonder, Alien Nation, Yentl, Dead Like Me
  253. Female Voice Over Talent
  254. Actor - Speed 2: Cruise Control, Sleepers, The Lost Boys, Solarbabies, Rush, Narc, After Dark My Sweet, Your Friends & Neighbors, Denial, Frankenstein Unbound, Geronimo..., The Alamo, In The Garden Of Elah, Incognito
  255. Voiced the caracter Elinor Knox in the video game the 7th guest from 1993
  256. Actor: Terminator 2, The X-Files, The Unit, The Sopranos, Striptease, Cop Land, Fire In The Sky, The Faculty, From Dusk Till Dawn 2, Spy Kids, Elvis, Walk The Line, Flags Of Our Fathers, Balls Of Fury, Lost, Zero Tolerance, We Are Marshall
  257. Female Voice Over Talent
  258. Voice Over Talent
  259. Actress
  260. Broadway Actress - Jagged Little Pill
  261. Voice actress - Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles, Barbie, MLP:FiM
  262. Voice Over Talent (Male)
  263. Actress-The Walking Dead
  264. Male Voice Over Talent
  265. Male Voice Over Talent
  266. News Anchor
  267. Female Voice Over Talent
  268. Female Voice Over Talent
  269. Female Voice Over Talent
  270. Actor
  271. Geordie Shore and Im a Celebrity
  272. Male Voice Over Talent
  273. Joe from Blue's Clues
  274. Female Voice Over Talent
  275. Female Voice Over Talent
  276. Voice Actress - voice of Peppermint Patty in the Charlie Brown (Peanuts) cartoons
  277. French actor, voice actor
  278. Voice Over Talent
  279. Male Voice Over Talent; did a lot of work for WPIX in NYC throughout the 80s and 90s
  280. Actress
  281. Actor known for The Sopranos,Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, Black Sails, Life on Mars
  282. Voice Over Talent
  283. Female Voice Over Talent
  284. Robert Paul  (4)
  285. Female Voice Over Talent
  286. Xavier Paul  (2)
    Male Voice Over Talent
  287. Female Voice Over Talent
  288. Actress
  289. Actor
  290. Voice Actor - Yakko Warner in Animaniacs, Pinky in 'Pinky and the Brain', Spike in 'Land Before Time' and 'Carl' on Jimmy Neutron: Kid Genius
  291. Voice Over Talent
  292. Voice actor. played the villain alister on yu-gi-oh season 4.
  293. Voice Over Talent
  294. Male Voice Over Talent
  295. Male Voice Over Talent
  296. Actress: Cupid, Happy Family, Ready to Rumble, Joey, True Jackson VP, Notes from the Underbelly, Saving Mr. Banks, Cougar Town, The Real O'Neals, Descendants 2, Trollhunters, American Dad, Dealbreakers
  297. Voice Over Talent
  298. Actress - Wynonna Earp
  299. Voice Over Talent
  300. Voice Over Talent
  301. Singer
  302. Voice Over Talent
  303. Actress
  304. Female Voice Over Talent
  305. Actor
  306. Actor - Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis
  307. Actress (daughter of the actor John Payne)
  308. Female Voice Over Talent
  309. Actress
  310. Male Voice Over Talent
  311. Actress-Hollyoaks,Vikings,Vandetta
  312. Broadway actor
  313. The Temptations, U.S. Marshals
  314. Female Voice Over Talent
  315. Female Voice Over Talent
  316. Voice Over Talent
  317. Actor, 'Survival Of The Dead',Paradise Falls
  318. Toast Of London, Porridge, Doctor Who
  319. Actor
  320. Actor Vicar of Dibley (Jim Trott)
  321. Voice Over Talent
  322. Actress
  323. Female Voice Over Talent
  324. Male Voice Over Talent
  325. Actress
  326. Actress
  327. Actor
  328. Female Voice Over Talent
  329. Musician
  330. Male Voice Over Talent
  331. Voice Over Talent
  332. Actor- 'Buckley' on Dead Man On Campus
  333. Actress
  334. Female Voice Over Talent
  335. Actor
  336. Actor
  337. Voice Over Talent
  338. UK Actor
  339. Actor, Bernard Sumner in 'Control'
  340. Male Voice Talent
  341. Female Voice Over Talent
  342. Voice of 'Casper'
  343. actor, drop the dead donkey, between the lines, fever pitch
  344. Voice Actor
  345. Lost
  346. Male Voice Over Talent
  347. Actress - Hollyoaks, Holby City
  348. 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'
  349. Male Voice Over Talent
  350. Actor: Return of the Living Dead, Like Father Like Son, Last American Virgin, Growing Pains, Children of the Corn 3, Public Enemies
  351. Female Voice Over Talent
  352. Male Voice Over Talent
  353. Female Voice Over Talent
  354. The Amanda Show,Figure it Out,Max Keeble's Big Move, Drake and Josh,Ice Age:The Meltdown, The Wackness, Drillbit Taylor
  355. Female Voice Over Talent
  356. Actress, Broadway: Mary Poppins
  357. Male Voice Over Talent
  358. Male Voice Over Talent
  359. Voice Over Talent
  360. Female Voice Over Talent, Karen Baccalieri on The Sopranos
  361. Male Voice Over Talent
  362. Actor
  363. Actress
  364. Actor
  365. Voice Over Talent
  366. Actor
  367. Male Voice Over Talent
  368. Actress
  369. Female Voice Over Talent
  370. Male Voice Over Talent
  371. Voice Over Talent
  372. Voice actor Ren and Stimpy
  373. Actress
  374. Emily Taylor in Hollyoaks
  375. 'Space:1999','Lovejoy','Doctors'
  376. Voice Over Talent
  377. Actress
  378. Pharmacist in House M.D.
  379. Actress (b: 1984) - The Mommies (Kasey -'93-'95), The Pretender (Young Miss Parker -'96-'99), Guiding Light (Marah - '89-'91), Connected (Amy - 9 eps.), Drop Dead Fred, Deceived, The Lemon Sisters, Stella, Child Of Rage, Black Scorpion
  380. Actress: Chrissy Costello in Family Affairs, Maggie Bolton in Heartbeat, Anna Wolska in Brookside, DAC Georgia Hobbs in The Bill
  381. Voice Over Talent
  382. Female Voice Over Talent
  383. Actor: No Holds Barred, Prayer of the Rollerboys, Lethal Weapon 3, The Cherokee Kid, The Big Lebowski, Say It Isn't So, The Beast, NYPD Blue, The Hunted, Twisted, Dexter, Lost, The Closer, Being Human, The Return, Quantico, Supernatural, 13 Reasons Why
  384. Emily of New Moon (Ilse Burnley), voice of Eckhart in the Eckhart cartoon
  385. Actor
  386. Voice Actor/Pastry Chief on Polar Express
  387. Appeared as Professor Rubeish in the Doctor Who story The Time Warrior
  388. Male Voice Over Talent
  389. Male Voice Over Talent
  390. Female Voice Over Talent
  391. Actress
  392. British actor: The League of Gentlemen, Benidorm, Doctor Who
  393. Actress (b: 1961)- La Bamba, Blue Steel, Lone Star, Rush Hour, Down & Out in Beverly Hills, *batteries not included, Jacob's Ladder, Shannon's Deal, The Waterdance, The Incredibles (v/Mirage), Justice League (v/Paran Dul), Tough Cookies, I Married Dora
  394. Actor
  395. Female Voice Over Talent
  396. Male Voice Over Talent
  397. Female Voice Over Talent
  398. Female Voice Over Talent
  399. Female Voice Over Talent
  400. Male Voice Over Talent
  401. Actor: Days of Our Lives, Mission Impossible, Santa Barbara, General Hospital, Altered States, The Bell Jar, Slow Dancing In The Big City, Sadat, Tribes
  402. Voice Over Talent
  403. Actress-Santiago,The Booth At The End,The Selfish
  404. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, Van Wilder, Malibu's Most Wanted, Superman Returns, House M.D
  405. voice of Bluto on Popeye
  406. Female Voice Over Talent
  407. Actor
  408. Voice actress for the game 'League of Legends'
  409. ABC's Extreme Home Makeover, Former TV show host of 'Trading Spaces'
  410. Stargate Atlantis
  411. Female Voice Over Talent
  412. Male Singer
  413. Voice Over Talent
  414. English actor (born 1970), known for his roles in the BBC series 'Spooks' and 'Silk', and as policeman DI Joseph Chandler in the ITV series 'Whitechapel'. He also played Mr. Quinlan in the FX horror series 'The Strain' and Blake in 'Stan Lee's Lucky Man'
  415. Actor
  416. Voice Actor - Narrator in POV Skits on CollegeHumor
  417. Male Voice Over Talent
  418. Actress
  419. American baseball writer and radio voice who spent more than five decades covering sports in New York City
  420. Actress
  421. Male Voice Over Talent
  422. Actor - Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, Enemy of the State, 61*, Highlander, Battlefield Earth, We Were Soldiers, Flags Of Our Fathers, Seven Pounds, True Grit 2010, Casino Jack, The Lone Ranger
  423. Female Voice Over Talent
  424. Actress - comedy partner of Melanie Hudson, Getting On, Life Of Riley
  425. Voiceover Actress
  426. Female Voice Over Talent
  427. Actor
  428. Actress
  429. Male Voice Over Talent
  430. Voice of Fabiana in Max Payne 3
  431. Actress
  432. Actor:The Chase
  433. Actor: XTRO
  434. Actress/singer
  435. Day of the Dead (2008)
  436. Male Voice Over Talent
  437. Miguel Pérez  (3)
    Actor - NCIS
  438. Female Voice Over Talent
  439. Actress
  440. Voice Over Talent
  441. Actress, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
  442. Actress- Cake, Hannah Montana
  443. Actress
  444. Male Voice Over Talent
  445. Actress: About Last Night, Big, Sweet Hearts Dance, Love at Large, Avalon, He Said She Said, The Doctor, Indian Summer, The Flintstones, Miracle on 34th Street, Moonlight and Valentino, From the Earth to the Moon, Crazy in Alabama, Weeds, This Is Us
  446. Female Voice Over Talent
  447. Male Voice Talent
  448. Female Voice Over Talent
  449. Male Voice Over Talent
  450. Comic And Presenter - Late Lunch, Light Lunch, Celebrity Big Brother.
  451. Actress
  452. Female Voice Over Talent
  453. Actor: 'Avenging Angelo', 'The War Next Door', 'Redwall', 'Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends'
  454. Canadian actor: 'Franklin', 'Anne of Green Gables: The Animated Series', 'Redwall', 'Mythic Warriors: Guardians of the Legend'
  455. Actor: Vincent on 'Beauty and The Beast', also appeared in 'Hellboy', 'Sleepwalkers', 'AlienResurrection', 'Blade Trinity', 'Masters of Horror: Pro-Life', Desperation, Sons Of Anarchy
  456. Voice Actress
  457. Actress, Voice Over Talent, Voice of Bulma in Dragon Ball Z, guest appearances on Stargate: Atlantis and the Dead Zone
  458. Actress
  459. Actor and musician: The Flash, iZombie, Hikaru no go, My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. Also a musician; part of indie band Winsome Kind
  460. Voice Over Talent
  461. Actor: Fame, Shakedown, I'll Fly Away, Blood and Wine, Romeo + Juliet, The Edge, OZ, Matrix Reloaded, 28 Weeks Later, Lost, Blade, Sons of Anarchy, Zero Dark Thirty, Constantine, Goliath, Criminal Minds, Claws, Star
  462. Voice Actress
  463. Actor: The Grifters, Storyville, Body of Evidence, L.A. Law, My So - Called Life, Nash Bridges, Wild Things, The Human Stain, Prison Break, Scandal, Lizzie, Dirty John, Grey's Anatomy
  464. Female Voice Over Talent
  465. Actress
  466. Male Voice Over Talent
  467. Voice Over Talent
  468. Actor - 90210, 8 Seconds, The 5th Element, Jeremiah
  469. Actor
  470. Actress
  471. Male Voice Over Talent
  472. former lead singer/songwriter of journey
  473. Presenter
  474. Actress - APB, How To Get Away With Murder, Suits, Dare Me
  475. Actress
  476. romance author/voice-over actress - Poison Ivy in 'Batman: The Animated Series'
  477. Animator,Director, and voice actor (wreck it ralph as Gene)
  478. Mr. Parker on 'The Pretender'
  479. Actor: The Untouchables, Al Capone, Some Like It Hot, Marty, The Harder They Fall, The Wild Party, The Wrong Man, Day Of The Outlaw, An American Tail, Twilight Zone, Wild Wild West, Gilligan's Island, Twins, Hunter, MacGyver, Magnum PI
  480. Voice Over Talent
  481. Female Voice Over Talent. Born: 07/27/1910
  482. Female Voice Over Talent
  483. Actor: Gotham, Tale of the Mummy, Event Horizon, Shopping, Blue Juice, Soldier, Equilibrium, Dog Soldiers, Elementary, The Prophecy Uprising, When Evil Calls, Camelot, Howl
  484. Actress
  485. Actor-8 Heads in a Duffel Bag, Goodfellas, Casino, Home Alone 1-2, Gone Fishin, Lethal Weapon 2-4, Easy Money, Raging Bull
  486. Actress: Saturday Night Fever, Angie, Even Stevens, Out of this World, General Hospital, Jake Speed, Glory Years, Dead Husbands, The Flash
  487. French voice over
  488. Actor
  489. Actress
  490. Actress - Doctors as Lauren Porter
  491. Ex Presenter CBBC now Producer of Top Of The Pops
  492. Andrew Peters  (3)
    Voice Over Talent
  493. Actress