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StarTiger - Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Costume/Set Designer , A-Z Filter: T
Browsing Category Home->Performing Arts->Costume/Set Designer , A-Z Filter: T
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  1. Wardrobe: costume designer for 'Tom Corbett, Space Cadet' (1954)
  2. Animaton director - family guy, The simpsons
  3. Art director for the Netflix Comedy: Big Mouth
  4. Animation writer & story artist
  5. Art Director - Waking Ned Devine, Saving Private Ryan
  6. Jason Taylor  (2)
    Stage Lighting Designer
  7. Production Designer
  8. Production Designer
  9. Costume Designer
  10. Designer
  11. Broadway Costumes: Escape to Margaritaville, Hamilton, The Color Purple, In The Heights, Memphis, A Streetcar Named Desire TV: The Wiz-LIVE (Emmy winner)
  12. A group who pays tribute to women who love gaming, manga, and science fiction. The group released their debut parody song 'G33k & G4m3r Girls' a.k.a. the 'Geek and Gamer Girls Song',online in September 2010. The music video, spoofing Katy Perry's 'Cal
  13. Production Designer
  14. Costume Designer
  15. Costume Designer
  16. Animation storyboard artist / retake director - bob's burgers
  17. costume designer (pink panther, bound for glory)
  18. French production designer and art director, won one Oscar for his work
  19. Animation layout artist
  20. Storyboard Artist
  21. Animation art director
  22. (concept Artist) For Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
  23. Costume Designer - This Is England
  24. Animation storyboard artist
  25. Property Master worked on the tv show Perry Mason
  26. Sound Mixer on Charlie's Angels
  27. Animation timing dir. - housebroken
  28. Production Designer: Resurrection Man, Wonderland, The Claim, 28 Days Later, Code 46, The Constant Gardener, 28 Weeks Later, The Killer Inside Me, Snowden
  29. costume designer (looking for mr. goodbar)
  30. Production Designer
  31. Hair/Makeup Artist
  32. Animation storyboard artist
  33. Production Designer
  34. Artist
  35. Property master for Star Wars films Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi
  36. Animation director
  37. Works of the Disney era Star Wars films
  38. Artist
  39. Broadway Lighting Designer
  40. Costume Designer
  41. Production Designer
  42. Artist
  43. Set / Costume Designer
  44. Artist
  45. Senior model maker with WETA Workshop - worked on LORD OF THE RINGS, THE HOBBIT, many others
  46. co-star/interior designer - 'Anna Nicole Show' (reality t.v. series, E!)
  47. BBC costume designer who worked on TV shows such as 'Doctor Who' and 'The Onedin Line'. He designed the original costumes for both The Master and the Seventh Doctor. He is now retired and lives in the UK
  48. Designer (Film/TV/Threatre)
  49. Thunderbirds
  50. Story artist and voice actress for Disney
  51. Animation storyboard artist - warner bros. animation, Disney, Universal
  52. Costume Designer
  53. Production Designer
  54. Artist
  55. Model; 'Phil T' from the hit BBC design show 'House Invaders'
  56. Modelmaker for 'John Carpenter's The Thing'
  57. Retired British costume designer, now resident in Australia. Under the name Sandra Reid, she designed the original Cyberman costumes for 1960s Doctor Who
  58. Swedish Costume Designer worked on 1944 film Hets (Frenzy)